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Zodiac Lives ✬ [PDF] ✓ Zodiac Lives By Rhoda DEttore ✹ – Thomashillier.co.uk A child begins having dreams of things she could not possibly know Things of another life When her nightmares fail to subside her mother researches the events and names the child keeps repeating Unbek A child begins having dreams of things she could not possibly know Things of another life When her nightmares fail to subside her mother researches the events and names the child keeps repeating Unbeknownst to her the daughter is remembering a past life A life where she crossed paths with the infamous Zodiac Killer who terrorized San Francisco in the s s The problem The Zodiac was never caught and he soon learns someone is online with intimate details about his identity The Zodiac comes out of hiding to hunt down the mother and daughter who know too much.

  • Zodiac Lives
  • Rhoda DEttore
  • 24 January 2016

About the Author: Rhoda DEttore

I come from a large family in the Philadelphia suburbs of New Jersey I have always loved history true crime and biographies Very rarely have I dabbled in fiction unless it was James Patterson or Danielle Steel and of course some naughty stuff as wellI once did my family tree and found the followingMy family had postal workers going back to My great great uncle has an FBI file fo.

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  1. Kayla Howarth Kayla Howarth says:

    Zodiac Lives is one of those books where you really want to get to the end so you know what happens but are then disappointed when it's over because there's no story left to readIt was hard to put down although after a night of dreaming about a serial killer trying to murder me I decided it would be best to finish reading during daylight hoursEven though the subtle signs were there I didn't peg who the murderer was It was so well done I was surprised and that's hard to do with me I'm the annoying person who watches a murder mystery and says He did it about twenty minutes in My husband kind of hates me for itI loved how it all played out and particularly enjoyed the ending A great story that will have you wondering who's going to be Zodiac's next victim? It won't be me I'm locking my freaking doors and hiding under my blanket

  2. Silas Payton Silas Payton says:

    This was a great read It is my first book by this author and I was captivated by the first paragraph The introduction was bang on It pulled me in took me for a ride played with me and spit me out This was entertaining from the first page Without giving too much away the story involves a young girl who knows than she should Through some keen investigation and publicity a serial killer who has been dormant for many years goes back to what he does bestkilling people The killer wasn't revealed until the halfway mark allowing something for mystery fans and the last half created tension and suspense as the story unfolded for suspense fans The story wraps up in a tight conclusion that left me satisfied yet wanting which made me very happy when I read the epilogue and it hinted of a follow up story Well done Rhoda D'Ettore

  3. Thom Swennes Thom Swennes says:

    For the last six months three year old Jennifer Miller has been haunted by terrible dreams almost every night The dreams started just after Jennifer and her father Jake were involved in an accident with a drunk driver The crash left Jennifer all but unscathed while killing her father Monica Jennifer’s mother is trying to build their shattered life up again and is at her wit’s end with the nightmares that have her daughter screaming in fright and despair When Jennifer wakes up she talks about being shot and speaks in a way far beyond her years describing people places and events that she couldn’t possibly know about When the aftermath of a nightmare sees her going into cardiac arrest professionals are called in to figure out whyThis story is remarkable All the boxes are checked From the first page on it is packed full of action drama and suspense The premise is solid using the reincarnation card pooled with a real serial killer that has never been caught forming the perfect combination for a best seller What could be frightening than a murder victim returning to life as a potential witness to a killer that has managed to stay hidden from us for the last thirty years? Will the person known as the Zodiac Killer come back to silence this most unlikely witness of deeds long passed? In the late 1960’s and early 70’s a psychopathic murderer by named the Zodiac Killer terrorized San Francisco and the Bay Area Everyone was walking on eggshells and looking over their shoulders as a killer walked among them Suddenly the killings stop As time goes on so does life and the murders move into history; gone but not forgotten Approached from an entirely new angle Rhoda D’Ettore writes a gripping story of a serial killer lurking among us undetected This combination of fact and fiction forms the perfect formula to spur your imagination keep you glued to the book and awake at night long after the story is told Man and woman have a macabre fascination with murder and the infliction of pain on another as long as these acts are of a factious nature or far far from our homes and daily lives Brace yourself when reading this book; you will be attuned to every whisper and creak of the night

  4. Anne Scott Anne Scott says:

    A RIVETING MYSTERY WITH NON STOP ACTION AND PARANORMAL ELEMENTSI received a free copy of this e book for an honest review“Zodiac Lives” by Rhoda D’Ettore takes you into the deranged mind of a serial killer and doesn’t let up Even when the other characters step in and we see events unfold through their eyes Zodiac is always there in a small dark corner of your head waiting to kill againBecause “killing is fun”Still Zodiac has been silent for years Until a tragic accident triggers nightmares in a young girl She sees her murder in a previous life is terrified that the killer is coming for her again When of the dead woman’s memories surface in the girl Zodiac launches back into the hunt to stop her from revealing his identityEveryone is a target now The girl’s family a doctor who tries to draw the dead woman’s memories further to the surface through hypnosis into past life regression An aging has been reporter looking for a comeback to his career The brother of the woman murdered all those years ago Members of law enforcement intent on flushing Zodiac outSome die a grisly deathAt times in the story Zodiac regrets the gruesome murders he has committed but then snaps right back into the cold hearted killer he was born and bred to be The author does a fantastic job portraying these swings in temperament by giving us a spooky look into the black world of SchizophreniaWhen this monster finally comes face to face with the girl her past life identity shocks him to the core and he sinks back into deep remorseI like that Ms D’Ettore adds a paranormal element into this story Reincarnation gives the mystery an interesting twist away from the standard fictional crime thriller Fiction that is jump started with an authentic feel when the author includes in her Dedication facts on “The Zodiac Killer of San Francisco” and how those murders have an uncanny resemblance to the “Phantom Killings of Texarkana”After reading this book you may get the crazy idea that Zodiac is still lurking somewhere waiting to come out of hiding Because evil never really dies does it?If you like a fast paced mystery with plenty of twists I guarantee that “Zodiac Lives” by Rhoda D’Ettore will keep you glued to the story

  5. Melanie P. Smith Melanie P. Smith says:

    A thriller that does not disappoint ‘Zodiac Lives’ is a fictional novel based on a real non fictional monster The premise had me intrigued the moment I heard about it The real Zodiac killer operated in northern California in the ‘60s and ‘70s He sent taunting letters to local law enforcement and newspaper personnel with encrypted messages and claimed to have as many as 37 victims Only seven were actually confirmed The Zodiac was never apprehended and the case remains open today; creating the perfect backstory for a modern day thrillerMs D’Ettore masterfully weaves her own tale with historical facts to create a gripping novel that keeps the reader guessing until the very end As each new character is introduced the reader is left wondering Could this be the bad guy? Suspicion is cast on everyonefriends family and even law enforcement Who can be trusted? Nobody I really liked the way this author used the innocence of a child to reveal clues to the mystery a little at a time It made the story believable because you were dealing with the idiosyncrasies of an adult trapped in a four year olds mind Yes there is a slight paranormal aspect to the story but it’s believable enough to work without distracting from the original premise Because information was funneled through a child clues and impressions were muddled and unclear; forcing the players and the reader to try to decipher them and solve the mystery a little at a time I also liked the way the killer’s backstory was revealed through his memories as he uestions the Zodiac’s rebirth We get a clear glimpse into his childhood and can almost sympathize with him This too makes the conclusion and the killer’s actions believable Most psychopaths are cold calculating and unconscionable The Zodiac is no exception However at the conclusion of the story we realize he actually does have a heart and is capable of lovein a sick twisted and narcissistic way This book kept me interested until the very last page and I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy a good thrillerMelanie P Smith

  6. John Hennessy John Hennessy says:

    Well Sit me down In fact pick me up off the floor Before you think that's a bit over the top let me just say that I do like serial killer stories but they need to be clever engaging engrossing Some go over the top with gore or other explicit details and it can spoil the enjoyment of the taleThe author has crafted an excellent tale of the mysterious and very frightening Zodiac Killer He reminds me a bit of BTK Bind Torture Kill a real murderer who killed many and laid low for a while until he was found out and after many years prosecutedI have no interest in acting out what they do in fact what they do repulses me but in the world of fiction a well drawn character like Z makes the story utterly enthrallingIt's hard not to rave about this book I write as an honest reviewer and I can only say that each page was an utter joy to read The characters are ones you feel for even ones that are only in a few paragraphs their existence cut short by Z But the author pays attention to modern day ways in her tale too the serial killer chat room for instance where one of our heroines Gail may or may not be chatting to the actual Zodiac Killer Even his online name KillingIsFun really creeped me outThere's another story about the woman's young daughter inhabiting the soul of one of Z's victims This is all plausible well constructed and believable in its execution I would argue that even if police crime serial killer mysteries aren't your typical genre this could be the book to change your viewWhilst reading this book over two days it's that readable I felt I could guess who the killer really was I will leave it to you to make your own discoveryThe story has its brutal and shocking moments but it is always in context and I loved thatI've read some excellent books this year but if you only have time money to get a handful of books make sure this is is amongst them

  7. Tom Benson Tom Benson says:

    At the outset I must confess that for me to enjoy a thriller the suspense must work This author managed to provide that level of entertainment early in the tale and then with consummate skill continued to add suspense in layersThe story is inspired by a truly barbaric serial killer of modern times It takes place in twentieth century USA and is not a tale of a shadowy figure in a cloak wandering the narrow cobbled foggy streets of London Having said that this perpetrator could have been Jack the Ripper’s offspring but I digressThere are sufficient suspects to draw the reader in different directions which takes effort on behalf of the writer When I found a hint of the paranormal in the story I almost stopped reading but I accepted the particular case because I’d heard of a similar incidentWhat were impressive areas for me? Characterisation realistic dialogue thoroughness in scene setting and enough blood and violence to satisfy a Tarantino fan Still on the topic of impressive aspects I liked the police scenes from radio voice procedure to general banter between officers Action scenes were well thought out and choreographedAs an aside although it has nothing to do with the rating or review of a story I was pleased to see good formatting by way of paragraph breaks and sign posting on arrival into a new scene If you like your serial killers to be heartless and to be kept guessing right to the end – get on Zodiac’s case and see if you can spot who it is The ending is superb too Kudos Ms D’Ettore

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    Thriller this book truly lives up to that tag There’s a thrill rippling through every page that makes your heart beat faster and your mind is gripped by the images flashing through it Serial Killers Our society is entranced by them We eat up every bit of news every graphic description So what happens when it’s the smallest most innocent of us that is suddenly plagued by these horrific events that she could know nothing about A child No not a child Is she? Can they believe it? Can she truly be one of the victims of the infamous Zodiac killer? only years later and in the body of a kid Can she give them the leads they so need on the case that has gone so desperately cold?No one is safe He will kill your family your friends the random bell boy “Killing is fun” he says and the killer in him has awakened yet again after being dormant for so long I honestly couldn’t put this book down It was crisp and fast paced It wasn’t like so many other crime novels where you can guess what’s going to happen There was surprise after surprise There were chapters that I paused after and had to tell myself to breath Empathy is not something you feel much when you read about these killers but I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness for the Zodiac The fact that it was based on a real killer made it all the astounding

  9. Reviews from the Heart Reviews from the Heart says:

    Zodiac Lives has to be the most exciting gripping thriller I have read in a long time I found myself holding my breath at times with the suspenseThis is a very well written what if spin on the Zodiac story full of red herrings that up until the big reveal had me blaming everyone The little girls character was amazing and had me in fits of laughter at times just picturing herI would totally recommend this book to anyone that loves a gripping thriller as it picks you up from the start then gets you in a choke hold and only slightly loosens it at the end It was absolutely brilliant

  10. Anna-marie Anna-marie says:

    My review will be on Reviews From The Heart

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