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  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    This is a good one Heroine has amnesia there's an evil step father a blackmailing step sister and an evil brother who let's the good brother go to prison for a crime he didn't commit The hero is tortured The heroine is tortured They have glimpses of happiness and passion together but there is a sense of dread and waiting for the other shoe to drop view spoiler The heroine had been in a secret marriage when she was 19 to Julius Her jealous stepsister and Julius's brother Edmund broke them up with a pack of lies Heroine was in a car accident with Edmund and was told Julius was dead After that she lost her baby and then her memory Julius thought the heroine had been unfaithful with Edmund and because he didn't care about anything any he took the rap for Edmund's drug possession and went to prison The story opens five years later when the hero now calling himself Elliot finds the heroine living with her stepfather virtually under lock and key with her memory gone It's uickly established that she is a pushover helping her step sister out of being blackmailed Hero at first out of revenge offers to help her with her amnesia and they retrace the steps of their honeymoon in Morocco Heroine still doesn't remember and hero doesn't know if she's playing games or not The tension ratchets up nicely Until hero accuses her of awful things and she runs away and finds herself in another car accident Hero pulls her to safety and while the car explodes into a huge fireball they finally get the story straight HEA hide spoiler

  2. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars This is a can't put down rollercoaster of a romance Ms James has crafted a compelling and intensely emotional story filled with betrayal lies secrets and wrongful accusations She reveals the truth shrouded in intrigue and meandering misleading paths until the right one finally comes to lightIsabel is a young woman who suffered a trauma five years before which left a two year hole in her memory She was told her amnesia is the result of a head injury from a car crash where the driver Julius had died Her step father isolates her and keeps her medicated so that her memory stays in a blurred mist And as she devotes herself to caring for him while his health ails she's none the wiser Days before his death her step sister drunkenly lets slip that Isabel had been in love with Julius and some how to Isabel this has a ring of truth Over the past few weeks she'd been weaning herself off the meds and flashes of her past try to come through Eliot is a banker who presents himself to Isabel upon the death of her step father Apparently there is no wealth only debts secured by the house and all it's contents This is a problem for Isobel's step sister Bobby who has a blackmailer needing to be paid off So Isobel goes to Eliot hoping his bank can lend her the money but of course he tells her he can't as she has no assets Over dinner he slowly uizzes her on her amnesia but Isobel knows only what her family has told her He suggests that if her past won't come to you you should go and look for it and he offers to help her They start with the country home where it all happened and when that yields nothing they follow the clues on her passport showing she'd been in Morocco just weeks before Eliot seems to have a personal stake in this and as we learn that around the time Isobel lost her memory he'd been wrongfully accused of a crime that landed him in prison for a year He'd been forced to give up his goal of being a lawyer and had gone into banking It's seems there is a woman at the center of this who betrayed him While this makes it obvious that Eliot is actually the man Isobel had been told died in her accident she is totally in the dark This frustrates Eliot to know end and as they follow the clues on her passport Eliot tries very hard to shake her memories loss The time spent with Eliot the deeper Isobel falls in love with him Their closeness feels so right to her When Bobby's blackmailer seeks her out Eliot believes it's Isobel being blackmailed And suddenly he's back to believing the lies that had been told to him years ago that she had been using him and cheating on him with his brother With his accusations Isobel flees distraught taking his car and speeds away in his car And as she races on the same route from years ago flashes of what truly happened come to herThat last chapters are flashes back to the events seen by both Eliot and Isobel And the truth is finally revealed The depth of the deception is evil Both Eliot's family and Isobel's had strived to keep them apart Ms James cleverly kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what came next One thing that was constant from the beginning was that though Eliot was bitter he'd never stopped loving Isobel This is one for the keeper shelf

  3. Leona Leona says:

    I am definitely in the minority on this one An overly dramatic convoluted plot with unredeemable characters starting with her immoral family to the hero who was in no way ever a hero If I were the heroine I would run for the hills tout de suite

  4. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    RE Try to Remember VJ ends with an HP gothic The h is a 24 yr old amnesiac whose evil and controlling stepfather has recently died The H is a banker who plotted behind the scenes to ruin the man and seems to hate the h though she doesn't know why Five years earlier the h was in a very bad car accident where the love of her life died She has been a shadow of herself ever since She also has an extremely manipulative step sister who has been caught in some nasty photos and the step sis manipulates the h into helping her out by getting £10000 to buy them backThe h asks the H for a loan and he indicates that she can only get the money if she provides a payment in kind the h refuses the trade and we find out the H spend a year in prison because of an unknown woman's manipulations which might be why he seems to hate the h so much Yet there is an underlying attraction on both sides and the H seems determined to spend time with the h The H also spends a lot of time probing the h's memory of the past he seems to uestion that her amnesia is really the truthThe h starts getting flashbacks and they frighten her she goes to another doctor who specializes in memory problems and he tells her that certain things can trigger memory recovery such as participating in a bout of lurve clubbing The h is hesitant to go that route but the H is getting physically closer and the h is very attracted so when the passionate kissing comes about she calls the H by her dead lover's name He doesn't take to that too well Then the H decides to take the h to places in her past hoping to get her memory back It doesn't work completely the h is just getting fragments and getting and frightened by the sense of doom that seems to come with the fragments Then the man that was blackmailing the step sister over the photo's comes to the H's house and confronts the h The H finds out about the blackmail and thinks it is photos of the h He pays the man off burns the pictures and then takes the h to bed The lurve clubbing is epic and awesome but the h still doesn't remember anythingThe H accuses the h of faking her amnesia and being a cheating tart He explains that five years ago he and the h married The stepfather tried to break them up but they stuck together until the H had to go out of the country for his Uncle's funeral Then the h stopped answering his calls and letter and when the H returned he found the h had run off with his shady brother leaving her wedding ring behind The shady brother crashed the car he and the h were in and the brother told the police the H was driving it The H is the h's supposedly dead love The h always called him by his first name and every one else knows him by his middle name The h's stepfather pushed for prosecution of the H for the accident and tried to get him on a rape charge The h was in hospital completely drugged up and near comatose so the rape charge didn't stick but the H went to prison for the car wreck The H's brother convinced him to accept the blame cause it would have destroyed their mother had the brother been convicted The H was so torn up over the h's rejection and running off with his brother that he did not protest and served a year Then he decided to ruin the stepfather and then use and abuse the h to get his revenge for her abandonment and lies The H thinks the h did all that deliberately the h's statements about the wreck blaming the H were read out in court and a large part of what convicted him The h swears she did not do it she wants to confront the H's brother but they can't cause he died of a heroin overdose two years earlierThe h can't believe that she would do such a thing She loved the H with all her heart and she was hoping for a baby with him The h takes off in the H's car and wrecks in it trying to recover her missing past As the car blows up and the H rescues her the whole story becomes clear The h had moved in temporarily with her stepsis while waiting for the H to return from the funeral The H never called or wrote and the h was getting worried The step sis had been preventing the h and H from connection When the H does return and takes her to her new home he leaves to go take care of some business and the H's brother shows up He tore off her wedding ring forced her into the car and was kidnapping her for her stepfather The stepsis lied and said the h and the brother were long term lovers and that she was using the H for money to support them and that she ran off with the brother deliberately When the car wrecked the h was taken to a private hospital and kept drugged and near comatose until she miscarried her baby and couldn't remember anything The step people told her the H died in the wreck Then she was kept prisoner by her stepfather and stepsister for five years until the stepfather died The H is in a panic because of the second wreck and when the h explains her side he goes to hunt down the stepsister They both want an answer on why she would participate in such a huge deceptionThe step sis shows up and explains that she hated the h and wanted her life ruined she wanted the H for herself and he wouldn't give her the time of day The stepfather only liked the h and hated his own child cause she was just like him The H kicks her out and he and the h avow passionate love forever and decide to not let the actions of others ruin their future and have a big HEAThis is a riveting book VJ does the suspense really well and the eerie sense of doom threading through the story is great enough to make you overlook the big jump in believability you have to make to buy the whole situation The love story and the HEA is highly believable too so if you like the wrecky with a great resolution this story is a pretty good choice and well worth the time

  5. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    This one felt pretty gothic She's been in an accident and people have been lying to her view spoilersupposedly for her own goodPretty well written albeit melodramatic and fun for my amnesia obsession hide spoiler

  6. Megzy Megzy says:

    45 starsI loved it It had all the elements I love in a good story There is a great balance of angstsuspense and romance The main characters are likable and all the secondary characters belong in the second level of hell The only reason I took 05 stars off is because the Step sister the only remaining protagonist got a way with all the misery she has caused and our wonderful couple even paid her blackmailer

  7. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    Together they searched for Isobel's pastAfter the car accident impaired her memory Isobel St Aubyn had only haunting flashbacks and the evasive accounts of her family to bring back her past Until she met Eliot RichardsonTorn between hostility and desire for Isobel the cold intimidating banker was strangely determined to help her 'If your past won't come back to you'' he said you should go and look for it'As they traveled from Devon to Morocco revisiting scenes from her past Isobel fell deeply in love But there was so much she needed to know about her life about Eliot

  8. sbf20112011 sbf20112011 says:

    This was too long especially the end but very readable if you like angsty HPs Plot was a bit confusing but interesting

  9. Christine Christine says:

    This was a re read from my teenage years For decades I couldn’t remember either the name nor the author of this book untill I posted in a Goodreads group about it This was a beautiful heart wrenching storyline that had stuck with me over the years Reading it as an adult didn’t at all diminish the powerfulness that had once enthralled me with this one; I cried just as many tears as I did the first time around I wish I could give this book than a maximum of 5 stars I just really love this couple’s storyand I can’t really say much else without giving away key reveals to the exceptional plot

  10. Cerulean Cerulean says:

    It started off well and then kind of got bogged down in the middle

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Try to Remember ❮Download❯ ➹ Try to Remember Author Vanessa James – Together they searched for Isobel's pastAfter the car accident impaired her memory Isobel St Aubyn had only haunting flashbacks and the evasive accounts of her family to bring back her past Until she Together they searched for Isobel's pastAfter the car accident impaired her memory Isobel St Aubyn had only haunting flashbacks and the evasive accounts of her family to bring back her past Until she met Eliot RichardsonTorn between hostility and desire for Isobel the cold intimidating banker was strangely determined to help her 'If your past won't come back to you'' he said you should Try to PDF/EPUB ² go and look for it'As they traveled from Devon to Morocco revisiting scenes from her past Isobel fell deeply in love But there was so much she needed to know about her life about Eliot.