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Unreal City ➧ [Ebook] ➢ Unreal City By A.R. Meyering ➲ – Thomashillier.co.uk Sarah Wilkes is desperate enough to do anything even make a deal with the devil—or in her case a familiar spirit After her twin Lea is murdered Sarah finds college life impossible and longs to escap Sarah Wilkes is desperate enough to do anything even make a deal with the devil—or in her case a familiar spirit After her twin Lea is murdered Sarah finds college life impossible and longs to escape Everything changes when Sarah realizes a familiar spirit is stalking her and offers to transport her to the terrifying and fantastical realm of Unreal City The payment for admission A taste of her blood Unable to resist Sarah is drawn into an alternate reality that is a dream come trueat first The deeper she explores Unreal City the Sarah’s reality becomes warped Death surrounds her as people are murdered in the same fashion as her sister She has no choice but to continue her visits to Unreal City which grows darker by the day Is finding out the truth worth becoming part of Unreal City foreverUnreal City is the winner of Gold Medal in the Horror category for the Literary Classics International Book Awards.

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  1. Harold Walters Harold Walters says:

    A GoodReads GiveAwayThis book served me well I was jaded from reading tome after tome I needed lighter fare This book hit the spot

  2. Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews says:

    Sarah's twin sister Lea was mysteriously murdered just months before they were to start their freshman year of college Instead of sharing her new university experience with her twin Sarah now finds herself going through the motions of college life and feeling hopelessly adrift Sarah can't seem to shake the feeling she is being watched even drawn towards a darkness which for some reason she is compelled to act upon When she does she is introduced to an other worldly spirit and a place which helps her find a release from the reality she so desperately wishes to escapeAt a mere 200 pages Unreal City is a powerhouse of a novel Author AR Meyering deftly builds momentum in this surreal tale which feels a bit like a young adult version of Alice in Wonderland Meyering's comfortable and genuine writing style draws readers in from the first page holding them captive as she works her literary magic upon them clear to its superb finish This book is highly recommended and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

  3. Kelly Gunderman Kelly Gunderman says:

    I saw this book listed on the giveaways section of this site and I read the synopsis and thought that it sounded like it could be good but that type of book hadn't really been something that I would normally have read I purchased the e book for a low price and I didn't expect much to be honestWow was I wrongThis bookthis book is amazing The characters are detailed the environments are so enchanting it makes you feel like you are truly a part of the story To me it had a dark dark Alice in Wonderland feel to it and I wanted to read this book constantlyI just finished it and I want to start it again alreadyThis book is so beautifully written with likeable characters especially Sarah's familiar I had such a love for him beautiful enchanting environments and am engrossing story that made me not want to put it downI'll definitely be reading titles from this author

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    This book piued my curiosity when it was submitted to me as a possibility for review last year I knew when I read the summary that a plot such as this could only go either well rendered and touching or flat and ridiculous I took a chance and I’m glad I did The book offers a look at grief in the young but wrapped in a fantastical setting that makes encountering such a big topic palatableThe fantastical plot at first seems simple A familiar spirit who reads as sinister comes to Sarah and offers her a bargain Feed him preferably with her blood but her hair will do in the meantime and he will bring her to a world where she can escape her grief It seems that he is targeting her for sinister reasons but slowly over the course of the plot the reader realizes there is to it than this This is one of my favorite types of fantasy One that reads initially as simple but becomes increasingly complex over the course of the book The fantastical plot slowly takes the reader first deep into Sarah’s grief then into her trying to solve her sister’s death and finally into forgiveness and healing It perhaps sounds heavy handed when I put it that way but the book makes it so it is not at all The reader realizes initially they are encountering a young person’s grief but then gets pulled into the fantastical world of Unreal City Sarah’s grief process then becomes part of that fantasy so it is subtleThe fantasy world is interesting It takes the basic concept of a familiar spirit traditionally a spirit that a witch would allow to suckle from her in exchange for its magical service and expands upon it There are a set number of familiars in Unreal city each of whom is correlated with a certain sector of the city They each must find a person from our world to feed them and even give them an identity and appearance That person can control their own sector and I do mean control They dictate its appearance and are able to defy all scientific laws But they can’t control what happens in other people’s sectors and that’s where Unreal City becomes complex It’s a mix of parallel universes and familiar spiritsThe mystery of Lea’s death kept me guessing and its resolution is elouent The only thing holding me back from five stars is that for me personally at the time I read this I did not have the level of experience with the book that is necessary for me to consider a book a five star read It needs to be something life changing or that I know I will think of over and over again I am sure I would have felt differently though if I was either younger when I read it or had recently experienced a close loss Interestingly I read this only a couple of weeks before my father passed I am certain I would have had a powerful experience with it if the order had been reversedOverall this is a relatable rendering of grief and loss in the young particularly in the late teen years wrapped in a fantastical world that is engaging and keeps the plot from becoming too heavy handed Recommended to readers suffering from recent loss or looking for a uniue fantastical world Especially those who are interested in a new adult settingCheck out my full reviewNoteI received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

  5. Elena Alvarez Dosil Elena Alvarez Dosil says:

    My original Unreal City audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerSarah's twin sister died just a couple of months before the start of the classes Sarah is heartbroken about it and just does not know how to continue with her life Part of it is because of how Lea died drowned but far from any body of water Sarah will meet an extraordinary creature which will show her the Unreal City in exchange for a price She wonders if it is worth it and if she could find there the answers she needsThis book got me hooked from the beginning It is beautifully written with very detailed descriptions that made me feel I was there The characters were also beautifully constructed and the dialogs were realistic It was a pleasure and I could have listened to it in one go if I had timeWe get an explanation of things and everything falls into place but I could not help but think of a parallelism between the Unreal City and getting addicted to drugs I guess the Unreal City worked in a way like a drug giving false hope and access to a new world with a new perception but taking something precious from you in return and also changing your life out of itIt was a simple story reminding me sometimes of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' but with much darker If I had to define it I would say that it is something between dark fantasy and light horrorI enjoyed Jessica McEvoy's narration She transmitted Sarah's emotions like they were her own and I could feel the despair she felt She did a good job with accents too although I had troubles with the Russian accent It felt overdone and I had to focus to understand all the wordsI loved this book It was a clever story told in a beautiful and dazzling way I am glad that I decided to listen to it and get to know AR Meyering's writing I am looking forward to listening to her other books

  6. Anna Neal Anna Neal says:

    This book starts off at my alma mater the University of California at Santa Cruz I knew it was going to be a creepy book but this really personalized it for me UCSC's campus is on a hill built in a redwood forest and A R Meyering captures it's sometimes creepy beauty I'm glad I didn't read this book while living there though or I might not have been able to leave my room I devoured this book Perhaps I need to read creepier fantasy but I think the big catch for me was the personal detailThe story itself was great too though It reminded me a bit of a creepy Alice in Wonderland but with an actual plot I love Alice in Wonderland but it's story is uite wandering and dreamlike Sarah is a grieving young woman who finds a creepy familiar and a way to be a part of this weird other dimension She was really mean to her familiar for much of the book which didn't really make sense to me Joy's terrible boyfriend was a great touch to the book What a pedant There are far too many of this type of person It's weird they aren't in booksOH And there was an awesome crossover paragraph to A R Meyering's The Angel of Elydria Good one Ms MeyeringSome parts of this book seemed to come out of nowhere or were just kinda confusing thoughview spoiler Why didn't she ask Felix uestions? What does giving blood to the familiar really do? Just bond them forever? How did she figure out the whole scenario when she was super drunk at a party? hide spoiler

  7. Cesar Cesar says:

    Sarah Wilkes is Entering college a week after her sister's Murder Sarah And her sister Lea were planing on entering college together however those plans were eradicated after Lea's body was found dead and lifeless Drowned Sarah is desperate and lost after loosing her sister She just wants to escape This wish is granted when Sarah meets a familiar spirit whom she names Felix All it asks is for a taste of blood or a piece of hair When she agrees she finds herself in another world named Unreal City in where she controlls everything she later finds there are other people among that world that have the same power as her Sarah later meets her sister Murderer And slowly she starts to unravel some secrets secrets that can only be found in the twilig I mean Secrets that can only be found in Unreal city Is finding out the truth worth becoming part of unreal city for ever? This novel was dark and exciting filled with Demons or Familiar spirits I loved how the characters kept me on edge Each chapter closer to the truth I loved every moment of this book from the beginning to the end Felix was fun as well as cunning The other familiar spirits where uite interesting as well I defenetly recommend this book to anybody who likes Dark and fantsayIT IS AMAZING NOTE Thank you goodreads for the book I won this book on a goodreads giveaway and I appreciate it Thank you to the author for sending and writing such an amazing piece of literature Thank you

  8. Kevin Hammond Kevin Hammond says:

    But is this not just everything I want from a great bookthis story is about a young girl who has lost control of her life and even herself to some extent after the murder of her twin sister she has an ominous meeting with a creature from another realm who offers her a way out the way out is a trip to the Unreal City which is a series of private garden paradise places where a person can visit in exchange for blood clippings of hair etc that was a dark creepy delight in itself the method of gaining entry to the garden is achieved by eating a petit four for the main character this poison sucks her away from her body which is left behind and in the garden she finds paradise where she is able to have total control over everything so long as she stays in her gardenbut the story takes a dark turn in that the two worlds are blending through a nightmare creature who is haunting her across both realmsto me that is perfect and sounds so much like a drug addled nightmare from which the struggle and the escape are horrifying and as the main character delves into the mystery the nightmare becomes just that the book takes a wonderful dark and creepy turn as paradise turns uickly to nightmareThat is just about everything I want from a great story for a writer to expose the crazies and demented inner workings of her own mind and craft it into a wonderful dark adventure deserved high praise very well done

  9. Sherry Sherry says:

    This is a fantasy story about a young woman after the death of her twin sister She is trying to continue on with her life the best way she can but she is still mourning the loss and can't seem to move forward A familiar spirit in animal form begins to stalk her and when they finally meet Sarah's life will change foreverFirst of all I will have to say a lot of imagination went into this book For the most part I thought it was very well written; I only found the odd spot to be a bit awkward and I had to re read it to get the full understanding of what the author was trying to explain The book kept me thoroughly and continually entranced and because it was a fairly easy read I had it done in a couple of days The only thing I felt is that I never took a liking to Felix's character as he always felt a little devious and evil to me however that could be what the author was tryng to portray A goodreads give away thanks for the copy

  10. Kristen Hansen Kristen Hansen says:

    I received this book as a free giveaway and I'm so glad I did It is not a genre that I would normally read; however I really liked this book If I had to categorize it I would say that it was light horrordark fantasy with a mystery to solve and should do well in our high school librarySarah begins college life alone just months after her twin sister was murdered She struggles with trying to be normal and live her life as if nothing has happened When that doesn't work out for her she tries to solve her sister's murder and becomes involved with a familial spirit who offers her a life of no pain through an alternate reality I thought the author did a great job making Sarah's decisions and thought processes seem very realistic and engaging I did not guess how this book would end which is always a positive to me This is a book worth reading

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