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Obsidian Desire [BOOKS] ⚡ Obsidian Desire ✯ T.H. Snyder – Police Chief Tyler Randell decides to make one last stop before heading home from a long shift Before reaching his destination he comes across a woman who appears to be alone and stranded with a flat Police Chief Tyler Randell decides to make one last stop before heading home from a long shift Before reaching his destination he comes across a woman who appears to be alone and stranded with a flat tire Can one chivalrous act change a cold hearted man or will desire burn through his soul and change him forever.

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  1. T.H. T.H. says:

    Tyler and Saige take us on a ride Who says there's no hope in a second chance meetingeven if it is along the side of the road These two inspired me that anything is possible Never give up if something is meant to beit will be

  2. Traci Traci says:

    Im going to start by saying OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS NOVELLAIts hard to capture what you want to say in such a short piece I can only imagine what the author goes through to make it what THEY feel is presentable to their fans Most Novella's dont give you enough This novella gave me exactly what i needed from both charactersIts just as hard to write the review because you cant really comment much on the actual content because its a short read and its to easy to give a spoiler I'd give this Novella a 100000 stars if i could but since its not allowed im giving it 5 stars plus plus plusThe characters are phenomenal they are superbly written and im completely in love with Tyler Hell i hate women and yet im half in love with Saige Tyler is definitely your alpha but hes not in your face and up your a like some are hes broody and low key and so freakin' hot i was uestioning myself for reading this at work because HELL i was totally into that man He's so lost and i just want to hug him and love him and never let him hurt again This author has a knack for making me feel the characters and i really love that I want to feel them i want to hurt with them and i want to want to throw my kindle up against a wall when they piss me off and this author is capable of doing that to me with her menand her women dont suck either Saige not at all your typical complaining whining annoying heroine from hell she was down to earth wasnt whining and being a total bch the second he messed up and she was willing to hear him out without him having to force her to do it And she did this without being a complete pushover either both characters are so well written and they have great personalities There is a little bit of angst but just the right amount I didnt spend the entire time wanting to stab the girl in the heart you got a short piece here that is jam packed with emotionlove betrayal desire hurt anger sadness sympathy regret and maybe a little bit desire you get it smoothly and completely even though it had to be told in such a short amount of timeIt was very well written and the spelling and grammar are spot onI already know i'll be re reading this one because i cant get Tyler and Saige out of my headI would absolutely recommend this novella its amazing I would love to see their wedding or first pregnancy at some point hint hint

  3. Jody Pardo Jody Pardo says:

    This is a short novella by TH Snyder that was part of the Obsidian Collection which was in limited print and is no out of print I missed the entire collection so I was happy to get a chance to read TH's portion as a standalone novella This story is not related to any of TH Snyder's other works characters or stories Tyler is a sheriff and his marriage has just ended at the beginning of the novella He is a workaholic and even though he gets many invites from his colleagues he rarely engages Saige finds herself alone in the bar since all her friends have other plans These two paths cross and they end up connecting The wounds are still fresh from his divorce the ink isn't even dry on the papers and Tyler walks awayone night stand Fast forward three years later life happens and Tyler is now the Sheriff and crosses paths with Saige on one of the worst possible nights of her lifeneither one can deny the connection that was made 3 years prior Can they reconnect and pick up where they left off can it blossom into something new or will the wounds of a one night stand and 3 years of life experience stand in the way?TH is a master of character development and even in this short novella the characters come to life The story is short and sweet but you get the history the connection is made and since it is a novella TH had to control herself and not leave us hanging with a cliffhanger Loved it 5 stars all the way

  4. Jamie Jamie says:

    This is a story of two people broken from bad relationships Tyler thought he married his one and only but years later with out a clue she leaves So he is sour on any kind of relationship other then if he did a hook up Since his divorce all he does is work and home Till one night his friends finally get him to go out to the local bar that is where he meets Her his beautiful stranger Saige was at the local bar after work to let off stress she didn't expect for this handsome stranger to walkin and have such a strong connection They leave together only one night never knowing each other's name Years later after Saige's world comes crumbling down they meet again but it's so not how it was before Feelings come tumbling back for Tyler and he handles it all wrong Instead of helping her he gets madand leaves her stranded on the side of the road over night But guilt extant him and he has to make amends to her and see if he can fixes and make it up to her Can two strangers that had a connection and the chemistry that's off the chain can these strangers find the answers to make their lives while have they found their true Soul Mates I think this was andamazing short story

  5. Coast2Coast BookBesties Coast2Coast BookBesties says:

    Obsidian Desire by TH Snyder is a standalone novella that was part of the Obsidian Collection What no cliffhanger?? Lol Not in this one This is the story of Tyler the local Deputy Sheriff who takes his mates up on an offer to hit the town after his divorce Shaine hapoens to be at the same bar solo when her friends are all busy and she needs to unwind after a stressful day of work These two meet and hit it off and take a chance Sparks ignite in a climactic triste but Tyler bails and it ends up being a one night stand No names no numbers Three years later their paths cross again but as Sheriff and driver on a deserted road when Shaine breaks down on side of the road Tyler pulls a douche move and walks away again Even though Paul Blake graces the cover of this novella i seriously wanted to scream at this pointbut no spoilerswill Tyler man up and admit to his attraction will Sophie take a chance and forgive the sheriff douche ways? Will both their painful wounds of past failed relationships stand in their way of a second chance? This was a refreshing read after many TH inspired book hangovers Check out Obsidian Desire

  6. T.H. T.H. says:

    What happens when a one night stand sticks with you forever? Tyler has been hurt Saige has been scorned Both dealing with mixed emotions of their past relationships each is willing to run away from it all for good When a chance occurrence pulls our duo together life just seems to fall into place Can two people with torn souls find happiness again will they be willing to give a night of passion neither could forget a second chance Read this short story novella to find out what happens when life happens and chance takes over

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    I am not normally a person that loves short books They usually go to fast for me How ever I absolute loved every minute of this book A love that last over several years that started out as a one night stand Will they find each other again or will they be forced to live the rest of their lives comparing every new boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes it was a short read but it was definitely worth it I love everything written by TH Snyder so reading this wS a no brainer for me Once again I was rewarded with another amazing book Go ahead and give it a try You won't be disappointed

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    Totally cute story loved how it was written and wanted to smack one of the characters Tyler is a cop who is divorced and decides to go out one night where he runs into a beautiful women They have a connection a pull that can't be denied One night was all it took for the two to desire one another Then he left her laying in bed Years later they run into each other again only this time Tyler is an ass Will she forgive him or will she tell him to go screw himself? It is not all peaches in cream but it is amazing

  9. Rachel Hicks Rachel Hicks says:

    One night changed Tyler and Saige's life forever Fate has other plans and pulls them apartThree years later life is not what either expects and chance encounter reunites the two but will fate be in their favor this time? I can't say any other than I loved this short action packed novella I was amazed at how much info you get in this short story Such strong emotions and a powerful story of love list and the reasons why sometimes it must stay lost pick this awesome novella up today

  10. Melissa Melissa says:

    If you are looking for a novella that packs a punch in the emotions department then Obsidian Desire is the book for youThis novella will hit all emotions; love sympathy heartbreak anger desire and regret I absolutely loved the characters and the way they interact with each other It is a short story worth reading

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