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Wings in the Dark (A Jake Laura Mystery #3) ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Wings in the Dark (A Jake Laura Mystery #3) By Michael Murphy ❤ – Witty and stylish in the classic Dashiell Hammett tradition Michael Murphy’s latest high flying Jake Laura mystery features a Hawaiian honeymoon that’s interrupted when their friend Amelia Earhart Witty and stylish in the classic Dashiell Hammett tradition Michael Murphy’s latest Wings in PDF or high flying Jake Laura mystery features a Hawaiian honeymoon that’s interrupted when their friend Amelia Earhart is accused of murder Hawaii Mystery novelist Jake Donovan and actress Laura Wilson are in gorgeous sun soaked Hawaii but their best laid plans for canoodling on the beach are interrupted by a summons from famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart It seems a local businessman has been gunned down next to her plane In just days the famous pilot intends to fly from Honolulu to Los Angeles making aviation history over the Pacific But now without Jake and Laura’s help Earhart’s flight might never take off Trailing a killer the newlyweds’ sleuthing leads to a jealous pilot a cigar chomping female officer of the “Royalist Militia” and a notoriously disagreeable lieutenant colonel named Patton With a sinister killer lurking in the shadows it’s safe to say the honeymoon is over and the danger has just begun.

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back to the bright lights and dark alleys of Prohibition era New Wings in PDF or York City in the first Jake and Laura mystery The Yankee Club.

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  1. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    Mystery novelist Jake Donovan and actress Laura Wilson are back in Wings in the Dark the third book in the Jake Laura mystery series The newly wed couple are are in Hawaii on a honeymoon when they get pulled in to investigate a murder at a hanger Hank Kalua a businessman has been shot and the police are suspecting Amelia Earhart and now they must find proof that she is innocentAfter reading All that Glitters the second book in this series was I really looking forward to reading the seuel and I was especially happy that Amelia Earhart that showed up in the end of All that Glitters was part of this book Jake and Laura are a wonderful couple and they have finally tied the knot and are on a honeymoon with no planes whatsoever to get involved in a murder that is until a man dies close to Amelia Earhart plane and she was the only on there Still Jake has promised Laura no dangerous cases but Amelia husband will not take no for an answer and pressure Jake's agent to make Jake take the case So now Jake and Laura must put their honeymoon on hold to find out who really shot Hank Kalua Why did the man get shot is someone trying to frame Amelia and is there a spy in Hawaii? It was nice to read a new Jake and Laura book but I found the case in this book less interesting and much easier to crack than the previous book I knew from the beginning who the spy was and that in many ways ruined the books story for me It is one thing to suspect a character in a book it's another to be uite sure of the identity of the one everyone is looking for For one thing there wasn't that many people in the book to suspect not enough red herrings and that made the identification of the spy easy to figure out But I was a bit surprised in the end when Jake figured out something in the case that I hadn't though of Also even though the case was not the strongest part of the book is it always nice to read about a time I'm really fond of And the cameos of Shirley Temple and General George Patton was a nice touch Also the appearance of another famous person towards the end was uite interesting Makes me wonder what the next book will be aboutSo in my humble opinion not as good and charming as All that Glitters but a decent read I still have the first book unread and I'm looking forward to reading that one I received this copy from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review Thank you

  2. The Shayne-Train The Shayne-Train says:

    A new location the same old brillianceJake and Laura could go anywhere anywhere and the results would be the same They could be in Utah Istanbul or goddamned Narnia Regardless they'll have a rollicking noir adventure that I'll be delighted to share with themThis time it's the beautiful and exotic Hawaii It has three vowels next to each other at the end of the word Exotic BoomAll the swell things that I've come to expect from Mr Murphy are here the twisty turny murder mystery the famous name dropping the white knuckle action and the exuisitely written dialogIn addition to all that there's some really interesting background stuff about America's slow trod into WWII and about Hawaii's entry into the USI'd love to throw back a few bourbons with Jake Donovan And if he gave me a sock in the nose for making eyes at Laura it'd still be than worth itYeah it's officially official I'll follow these two anywhere and will until the last word is written

  3. Bill Bill says:

    Travel to Hawaii in 1935 to join mystery writer and former PI Jake Donovan and actress Laura Wilson as they try and help their friend Amelia Earhart take her historic flight from Hawaii to CaliforniaIn Hawaii for their honeymoon Jake and Laura get a call from their friend Amelia Earhart; someone has murdered one of her backers in her hanger feet from her planeWorried someone is out to stop her historic flight Jake and Laura despite their honeymoon decide to help their friend and begin to uncover than one who wants to stop Amelia Earhart – perhaps permanentlyThis is another page turner mystery steeped in the paradise of Hawaii and the romance of the time – witty and rich in the people and the emerging World War conflict of the times

  4. Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed says:

    Review WINGS IN THE DARK by Michael Murphy A Jake and Laura Mystery #3Prolific novelist Michael Murphy is also a research mavens bringing past eras vividly to life In this installment of his delightful Jake and Laura Mystery series the dynamic couple enjoy a gorgeous tropical vacation in Hawaii Remember this is 1935 the height of the Great Depression 6 years before Pearl Harbor 2 years before pilot Amelia Earhart s disappearance Speaking of Amelia the female pioneer pilot is a great friend of Laura and when she is accused of murder well who else to enlist but mystery writer and former Pinkerton detective Jake and actress wife Laura?

  5. Lynx Lynx says:

    Mystery author Jake Donovan and Hollywood starlet Laura Wilson have decided to spend their honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii lazing in the sun going out dancing and visiting their good friend Amelia Earhart It’s a fresh start with Jake promising Laura he’s through with Detective work That is until a man is murdered and the finger is pointed in Amelia’s direction While both aren’t too happy to be thrown into the middle of things it doesn’t take long for the duo to team up Nick Nora style and solve the caseThis is the third book in the Jake and Laura Mystery Series something I wasn’t informed of until I found myself reading spoilers of previous cases As a stand alone mystery I didn’t find it all that compelling and without the connection that I’m sure others feel for the characters after two previous books I didn't find it as enjoyable as I had hoped I would The characters were charming though and maybe in the future when the spoilers have been wiped from my mind I'll give the series another shot starting from book oneIf the premise interests you make sure you begin at the beginningThank you Random House and Netgalley for this review copy

  6. Debbie Debbie says:

    I love the Jake and Laura mysteries There's always some parts of nonfiction mixed in with the fiction And the name dropping is all over the place The stories put you back in the glamorous Hollywood days and add a lot of fiction to events actually going on during that time Sometimes Jake can be a little cheesy as well as the story but they are still both very entertaining Jake's wisecracking thoughts are at times laugh out loud hilarious You always know what he's thinking I stumbled onto these not too long ago and can't wait for the next one in the series Thanks Alibi and Net Galley for providing me with this free e galley in exchange for an honest review I found it very entertaining dahling Ha

  7. Cindy Cindy says:

    Once again Mr Murphy concocts a compelling story with eminently likeable characters The plot is wonderfully twisty the story is multi layered and addictive I personally can't wait for the next Jake Laura story

  8. Donna Davis Donna Davis says:

    Michael Murphy’s Jake and Laura series is both engaging and interesting the best blend of historical fiction and detective fiction I’ve seen in a long time Until I got halfway through it was headed for the land of five stars and I am not sure how objectively I’ve been able to review it since that point But I went with my gut and ultimately when it comes to fiction that’s what every reader uses to judge a book Thank you to Random House Net Galley and the author for permitting me a sneak peek; this title will be available to the public August 31 I rate this 35 stars rounded upJake Donovan our intrepid detective turned novelist is working on his latest Blackie Doyle novel but he takes a break from work to honeymoon with his bride the famous actress Laura Wilson He has sworn off detective work at her insistence and has decided he likes being a novelist better anyway Fate intervenes however when Laura’s good friend Amelia Earhart finds a man dead near her plane It’s shaping up to be a really great story At this point I am noticing the level of historical detail and thinking of this as potentially great classroom material A number of public schools teach language arts and history in a block simply titled “Literacy” and since so many young folks have reading skills that aren’t up to snuff sometimes the best way to teach history is by partnering it with historical fiction The book is clean enough that no one is going to race to the nearest school board meeting to complain; no explicit sex The possibility is exciting for teenagers and perhaps also for the author and publisher There are some wonderful positive depictions of women who were active in non traditional roles during this time period What a great book for teens as well as adults It was then that I ran into the “J” word Here once I got past the slapped out of nowhere feeling that racist terms generally evoke I asked myself whether the historical circumstances of the novel merited the inclusion of this term in place of the correct term “Japanese” I also reminded myself that the rest of the book might be free of the term and I could just push past it as sometimes one must and return to an appreciation of the story’s period flavor and nicely woven plot The problem here is that the word kept popping up in nonessential places as if it were a bit of window dressing and it was accompanied by some rather nasty language about that group And again it was a word used commonly during the time period by Caucasians and some others For that matter so was a lot of racially and ethnically derogatory language; even in the early 1960’s I can recall hearing casual conversations peppered with anti Black anti Jew anti Italian terms when nobody was angry; it was just the way some white folks talked without even thinking But most writers today would not choose to evoke that part of history in their writing The harm outweighs the usefulness In Wings in the Dark the only place that it might have been contextually useful is when General Patton enters and leaves again spewing his trademark xenophobic profanity behind him But neither Patton nor his profanity is really key to the story line eitherI think about what I like to read; here on the west coast of the USA most cities have a fairly hefty number of Asians and Pacific Islanders and this was true of the district in which I taught history and literature until my recent retirement I could never put this in their hands What a terrible thing to do to them And it’s a shame because they would have enjoyed reading about Amelia Earhart In fact there is a magnet school dedicated to aviation and partnered with Boeing Less the anti Japanese slurs they might have made great use of this book; with it I could see students looking down and away; I could see parents coming to school or to board meetings looking for an explanationApart from the term—which hit me harder than it will most Caucasian readers—this is a strong piece of fiction The pacing dialogue and character development are all strong There are red herrings that I nibbled on and was fooled by and the ending is about right; at least I think it is Again I struggled with objectivity But I think without the four places that hit my ouch button I would have enjoyed the second half of this novel as thoroughly as I enjoyed the first half

  9. Daniel Daniel says:

    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 475 of 5Jake and Laura who have become my favorite detecting couple are up to their necks in another mystery in Michael Murphy's Wings in the DarkNow married and off to have some alone time for their honeymoon Jake and Laura are trying to enjoy their anonymity when their friend Amelia Earhart who is planning a record breaking feat which could do much to galvanize a country that's been rocked by the depression asks for their help when she's surrounded by murder and sabotage Anonymity was nice when they were trying to lie low and relax but when they get involved in helping their friend seeking assistance from the local police becomes a challengeAuthor Murphy does an absolutely fantastic job of taking historical moments and figures and blending in a mystery story that has all the excitement and toughness of a period detective story while appealing to the modern reader In this book Murphy shines by placing the action in a confined area the island of Hawaii while presenting a much broader story arc; and the savvy reader will understand the implications and how Jake and Laura have been placed at the precipice of the second world warIt's difficult to pin point just what it is about a Jake Laura Mystery novel that appeals In the first book I think I was definitely attracted to the characters specifically the real figures in history and how much fun Murphy had with them Though real historical figures appear in the second book I was definitely attracted to the story and the development of the main characters This third book builds on all of these things as well as building on the historical events of the period and weaving in Jake and Laura making them integral to history as we know it It is fascinating and it is funI read a lot of good books but there are very few books or authors for whom I will buy their newest release without uestion Michael Murphy and the Jake Laura series has joined that rank of 'must buys' The only downside? The books appear to only be released in electronic format meaning I can't very easily share them with friends and get them hooked on the series as wellLooking for a good book? If the Jake Laura Mystery series isn't already on your must have list it should be and Wings in the Dark soars at the top of a crowded field of mystery series'I received an electronic copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  10. Crittermom Crittermom says:

    With a nod to Dashiell Hammet's iconic Thin Man Michael Murphy's Jake Laura mystery series are a treat for those who enjoy their mysteries with a splash of wit a dash of old Hollywood glamor and a large dose of chemistry While not a screwball comedy Wings in the Dark has many of the classic elements that made The Thin Man a beloved legend – a charming couple a thrilling mystery shady suspects action humor and than a touch of romanceHawaii 1935 Jake Donovan is a full time mystery writer having put aside his past as a PI and Pinkerton agent Hollywood has made Laura Wilson a household name known for her beauty and her talent as an actress The chemistry between these charming newlyweds is clear as is their shared talent for landing in and getting out of sticky situations When Laura's friend Amelia Earhart calls asking the two for help Laura and Jake put their honeymoon plans on hold One of the backers for her flight a local Hawaiian businessman has been found dead at the foot of her plane The murder threatens to prevent Earhart from making aviation history – a direct flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles Jake and Laura agree to investigate They uickly discover that the victim had than a few secrets and than a few enemies – an angry mistress a brother jealous of his inheritance Royalists angry at his American connections and Far troubling is that he might not have been the intended victim Not everyone wants Amelia Earhart's flight across the Pacific to be successfulMore than a few famous figures play a role in Wings in the Dark much to my delight The novel is a fun read with a nice dose of history thrown in I highly recommend Wings in the Dark to anyone who enjoys light mysteries with a dose of humor and romance55Wings in the Dark is the third Jake Laura Mystery It is available for preorder and will be released July 14 2015I received a copy of Wings in the Dark from the publisher and Netgalleycom in exchange for an honest review Crittermom

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