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Lady Maybe ✵ [BOOKS] ⚦ Lady Maybe By Julie Klassen ✿ – In the new novel by the three time Christy Award winning author of The Maid of Fairbourne Hall a woman’s startling secrets lead her into unexpected danger and romance in Regency England  One final In the new novel by the three time Christy Award winning author of The Maid of Fairbourne Hall a woman’s startling secrets lead her into unexpected danger and romance in Regency England  One final cry “God almighty help us” and suddenly her world shifted violently until a blinding collision scattered her mind and shook her bones Then the pain The freezing water And as all sensation drifted away a hand reached for hers before all faded into darkness Now she has awakened as though from some strange suffocating dream in a warm and welcoming room she has never seen before and tended to by kind unfamiliar faces But not all has been swept away She recalls fragments of the accident She remembers a baby And a ring on her finger reminds her of a lie But most of all there is a secret And in this house of strangers she can trust no one but herself to keep it.

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  1. Lynda Edwards Lynda Edwards says:

    Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors among the best in the Regency genre a trusted name on my “automatic buy” list I knew when I reuested this novel that it was published by Berkley Trade but was hoping Klassen was simply doing as many before her have done broadening her reach into mainstream romance I know there has been some backlash in the past for those who have done so but I personally don’t feel as if the author is abandoning her faith or core audience simply because they publish with a secular printer—it’s about the writing What if anything changes with the storyline characters or situations?I expected a toned down spiritual component but was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the case At first most of the references were similar to the one in the back cover blurb prayers uttered uickly references to God but little depth or content But about 70 percent of the way through we get a Gospel presentation and Jesus is how we obtain forgiveness for the sin we commit Wow Didn’t see that coming even from a secondary character There is also a scene towards the end of incredible grace and forgiveness completely undeserved that was the best part of the novel in my opinion It’s never called grace not necessarily lauded but it is there as a strong witness to those who may uestion why she would do such a thing I credit the publisher and author for not feeling as if God must be stricken from her writing I love Klassen’s writing and that remains the case in this book at least as far as the writing itself goes The prose is always well done and the dialogue sounds natural but I found that I struggled to like the characters in this particular novel The heroine is caught between two men both of whom are taciturn and unpleasant fellows the majority of the time Just when I thought we were getting somewhere and one or the other of them said or did something wonderful he would immediately undo all of my goodwill by behaving hurtfully again I know real life works that way sometimes but for both of the potential heroes to act this way left me frustrated As for our heroine attracted to two men is understandable but waffling between them to such an extent that even she begins to lament that her indecision will cost her both of them just left me feeling everyone would be better off going separate waysI really did not care much for how the plot developed either This book really is a series of unveiling various secrets and lies from the first chapter through the ending Everyone seems to be hiding something and it is largely the revelations that propel the action along; everyone acts according to the latest news and how they must modify their lies to still obtain their desired end Growth in characters is hard to gauge as I was never sure who the real person was beneath all of the layersIt is unreasonable to expect to like every book by an author but unfortunately I think a lot of my dislike of this particular novel also stems from the increased sexual content in this book Inappropriate touching occurs several times and a flashback describes a sexual encounter between unmarried individuals It doesn't get overly detailed but it was enough to make this married mother of three uncomfortable reading it I know what goes on behind closed doors—I prefer not to read it described even if it stops before delineating the actual act One of the reasons I read almost exclusively Christian authors is to avoid scenes that go beyond passionate kisses even if the characters I’m reading are married which these weren’t I admit that I fall to the far right side of the conservative spectrum but I don’t think I’ll be the only one of Klassen’s core audience of Christian women who will likely be a bit surprised by this novel from her though there are some similarities to her debut Lady of Milkweed Manor There are also stark differences however especially as relates to the topic of infidelity or what the characters assume is infidelity based on what they know at the time There's no way for me to really explain what bothered me except through the use of spoilers I won’t do that but I will say that even after important secrets are revealed the ending still doesn’t make up for the way we get there I am afraid that by trying to please both the secular and inspirational markets Klassen will have everyone unhappy; Christian readers will likely find this novel too risué while secular romance readers may find it too tame or complain about the spiritual content Honestly I am torn about how to rate this novel and that’s why I chose to go middle of the road On one hand it’s a novel from a secular publisher and it was fairly “clean” even if I didn’t much care for the story; on the other this is an author whose name I trusted and the content disappointed me greatly but it doesn’t feel right to hold it to the same standards that I would if it came from a Christian publisher From the author's name I trusted the content This is not the one foot on the floor romance however and I really struggled with this uncomfortable tale of mistaken identity and infidelity I am a bit surprised that her Christian publishing house did not insist on a pseudonym for the publication of this novel—I am afraid it may create a bit of a branding problem for her I will still read Klassen’s work going forward but only as long as it comes from a Christian publisher I trust I’m sorry—I’m just not willing to go there even for a favorite authorI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review

  2. Jamie Jamie says:

    Once upon a time I didn’t think I could enjoy a new Julie Klassen book any than her previous releases then Lady Maybe came along After I finished this book I wanted to immediately re read it To go back to Regency England to follow the characters to enjoy it all over againA few pages into this book and “bam” a curveball was thrown One of those that causes the reader to sit up a little bit straighter maybe even rub their hands together and say “alright then Let’s do this” I get why the description is a bit vague because this book is a delightful mix of surprisesThroughout the book there were many thoughts including but not limited to“Say wha???”“Hold up”“Oh no she didn’t”“Can’t say I saw that coming”“Wait did I read that right?”“Le sigh”I can say that without a doubt this book was not what I expected but that made it all the entertaining and captivating I would love to say about specific characters but I shall refrain Sneakysneakyright? But I don’t want to ruin plot lines or anything like that so just read it Internet But I promise the plot is intriguing I appreciated honest and real life characters who struggle with decisions made the conseuences and the changesIf you love Regency England books are a fan of Julie Klassen or love reading then I recommend this bookWhat’s the last book you read that wasn’t what you expected?Thank you to the author for a copy of the bookOriginally posted at

  3. Staci Staci says:

    Lady Maybe was good very good There were several plot twists some predictable and others not which had me uickly turning pagesThis is definitely a 45 star read I enjoyed Julie Klassen's beautiful writing the vivid imagery and the compelling storyline Conversely the romance wasn't uite strong enough for me Perhaps that was done purposefully to keep the reader engaged and guessing to where the story was going In the end though I didn't feel the sense of Ahh these two fabulous characters made for each other are now together Thus the 4 star ratingI highly recommend this novel for fans of Regency era novels I look forward to Julie's next novel which is scheduled to release at the end of the year

  4. Shantelle Shantelle says:

    I love the Regency era novels and Julie Klassen writes them with rich detail and intrigue However despite that and Julie Klassen being one of my favorite historical authors I had a few personal problems with Lady MaybeSubtly hinting at the dark scandalous classic of Jane Eyre this story centers on Hannah a lady's companion who is suddenly thrust into a world of riches and secrets and deception She longs to save the one person most precious to her but doesn't know how long she can go on before she's found out Lady Maybe was thoroughly entertaining It had completely unexpected plot twists Shocking secrets Bizarre love triangles With danger fear tenderness and long hidden misdeeds this novel kept me wondering and guessing until the very endThat being part of the problem If you know me you know I don't prefer love triangles I definitely don't like them when you have no idea which young man the lady will choose until the end of the book How does the romance mean anything to the reader then? All those sweet moments and those one or two stolen kisses I just read them with a perturbed feeling knowing that she's on one hand giving away kisses and having tender moments with a man she won't marry It just bothered me to no end I realize readers are all about suspense and crazy unimaginable plot twists these days; but I would way rather have a big hint at which man she's going to choose and watch their romance blossom into something than just infatuation and physical attraction view spoilerAnd there was no such hint The man she didn't marry was a POV character The man she DID marry was not hide spoiler

  5. Deanne Patterson Deanne Patterson says:

    This is the first Julie Klassen book I've read What I want to know is why no one said to me years ago I need to read this author's books ? Lol Some needed to put some of her books in my hands and tell me to read them I have heard glowing reviews about her books and I had to see for myself how true it was or not I absolutely loved this book It was a book I wanted to gallop along reading it to see what happened but yet didn't want it to end It was very different from the usual book I read and my first regency but obviously now not my last If I could give it than 5 stars I would

  6. Hope Hope says:

    Lady Maybe was an intriguing suspenseful read that had me literally shocked at times The plot twists were COMPLETELY unexpected but truly added to the excitement of the story I enjoyed the plot and the characters and was truly thinking about the story even when I was not reading itHowever there are a few things that I am concerned about with the author and this book and the path that it is taking that caused me to give it only 4 starsWhile I mostly enjoyed all of the characters in this novel I found Hannah to be an unstable double minded woman when it came to the two men vying for her affections I can understand the angst that comes with having to choose between two men who love you but going back and forth so much that you almost lose both of them? I feel that this is what Hannah almost did to an extent While she is packing in her room one of her lovers comes in and bemoans her decision to marry another man and not him An excerpt from the book reveals thisHe ran his hands up her arms lowered his head and kissed her exposed shoulder prickling her skin into gooseflesh “Don’t go yet Stay and give me a chance Give us a chance” For one moment she considered it Ch29I couldn't believe that Hannah would be that wishy washy to even consider that It also seemed that her relationship with him was lust driven There is an instance in which he sees an almost fully exposed Hannah after her bath many steamy kissing scenes and night time rendezvous There is no mention or even contemplation of the fact that their relationship would not be wise because it was not based on any real substance Lowden's only reason he voiced to Hannah about why he would be sad to not marry her was because I could not bear to never touch you againAnother thing I had a problem with was the fact that Klassen did not present as strong a message of the Gospel as she usually had done in her previous books Yes there is an element of Christ's forgiveness and the grace only He can give but overall it is subtle and not presented clearly enoughPerhaps this is due to the author's wish to reach both the secular and Christian audiences In my observation of musicians authors and artists who try to accomplish this they either end up not pleasing either party or they go completely secular and abandon all Christian principles I am not saying that Julie Klassen is or will ever do this but I do see that it is a slippery slope for her to change publishing houses for this reasonWhen we as Christians try to please the world we end up not being edgy or graphic enough for secular audiences and unfortunately are too much towards the inappropriate side for conservative Christians to read Therefore the author pleases nobody in the attempt to reach both audiences I do not think that it is wise to try to draw in a secular audience with secular things such as graphic sexual scenes or a secular publishing house to get them to like Christianity The problem with this is that the secular audience will not be attracted to Christianity for its Biblical principles instead they will attracted temporarily to Christianity only because of the secular hints that they see and want to be aroundI am not going to be dishonest and say that I did not enjoy this book because I did I am also not going to say that I will disown Julie Klassen as one of my favorite authors because she still is I just see the dangerous path that Klassen is taking to present watered down Christianity and duplicitous standards to secular audiences that will not cause them to come to Christ but will eventually cause them to become deceived and disillusioned with the whole idea of Christianity I pray that Julie Klassen will realize this and continue with her Christianity inspired Regency romance novels

  7. Becky Becky says:

    There's good news and bad news Which to start with? I'll start with the good news I supposeThe good news is that there is very little distinctively Christian content within Lady Maybe Why is that good news? Well you don't have to be unChristian to have disdain for Christian romances Some Christians avoid it perhaps for the reason that Christian fiction is preachy Some perhaps for the reason that Christian fiction rarely contains realistic content characters that are actually genuinely sinners or so they sayI can honestly say that there is nothing within Lady Maybe that could be considered preachy The first slight evidence of Christian content comes in at around three hundred pages The main character Hannah prays or speaks of praying And another character reminds her that Jesus forgives all who ask I can also say that the characters are certainly sinners living in a sin filled world For example the main character is a fallen woman view spoilerHannah the heroine is a fallen woman During her employ she was seduced by Sir John who was angry and hurt by his wife's cheating He arranges another job for her so they do not continue to fall into sin He's worried that so long as she's in the house she'll be a constant temptation to him to commit adultery He also chooses that time to move with his wife Hannah keeps her pregnancy a secret and has Sir John's child with him being no wiser for it Hannah's sudden re entry for their lives is a bit of a shock for him But what can he say when his wife surprises him within two or three minutes of them getting into the carriage to leave for their new home? Readers of course know nothing of their past As I said this is a secret driven romanceThe carriage tumbles off a cliff and Sir John and a woman are recovered Everyone assumes that the woman by his side is his wife And she is in fact clutching a ring belonging to Lady Mayfield As you might have guessed as I guessed almost right away Hannah is that woman Sir John does recover but he finds it wonderfully fun to have a new Lady Mayfield And he's beyond thrilled to learn that he has a son Danny Danny was brought to their home while Sir John was still in a coma He loves putting Hannah in tricky situations Asking the doctor when he can start sleeping with his wife again Insisting that she sleep by his sideBut Sir John is not Hannah's only temptation James Sir John's solicitor comes around He is anxious to prove that Lady Mayfield is TROUBLE But he falls in love with her himself It doesn't help that he ever so accidentally comes across a just finished bathing still very extremely exposed Hannah James becomes a little lust driven to say the least He learns her true identity and is relieved that she isn't Marianna after all He has heard too many stories about herThe book has dozens of twists and turns and yes I've spoiled a small number of them It isn't so much the fact that Hannah is a fallen woman who has had a child out of wedlock that is objectionable It is the amount of graphic detail involved in the storytelling past and present Now this graphic detail might be laughable compared to other SMUTTY ROMANCES published secularly But for any reader who finds such content undesirable it will be disappointing or frustrating hide spoiler

  8. Angie H Angie H says:

    This book is really hard for me to review Now first off let me say that Julie Klassen is on of my favourite Christian Historical Fiction writers I've read many books by her and they have all had high ratings Which brings me to this bookI was very excited to read Lady Maybe but I have to admit I was disappointed This book had a plot that involved a situation that I am not very keen on reading about I read about view spoiler adultery hide spoiler

  9. BlueJeansAndTeacups BlueJeansAndTeacups says:

    •°o••LUSTY•• o°•Rom 1312 14 ESV 12 The night is far gone; the day is at hand So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light 13 Let us walk properly as in the daytime not in orgies and drunkenness not in sexual immorality and sensuality not in uarreling and jealousy 14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to gratify its desiresI have been putting off the writing of this review because it is with a heavy heart I do so While this book is well written with lots of mystery and twists it is not at all what I would expect from a well known Christian author I realize I will be in the minority for my opinion but I cannot in good conscience lay the book aside without giving fair warning to other conservative Christians This book has a strong love triangle that pulls back and forth at Hannah I found her to be uite wishy washy I was surprised at how steamy the intimate scenes were Where my friend and I who share books are usually fine with handing books down to her teenage daughter I have warned her not to do so with this book Perhaps utilizing Penguin Publishing instead of Bethany house gave the author freedom While she does not cross the line completely I know I felt disturbed reading the materialGod church scripture are hardly present at all in this book In one of the much later chapters maybe 23 or through Hannah finally has a repentant heart and prays to God She is encouraged by a kindly staff member and reminded of God’s forgiveness She even shows incredible grace to her nemesis However shortly after that she still seems wishy washy about which man she will choose After being out looking for one man and then packing and paying the remainder of her rent to continue to look for him she receives the other into her room “But Hannah I want to be with you I could not bear to never touch you again” He ran his hands up her arms lowered his head and kissed her exposed shoulder prickling her skin into gooseflesh “Don’t go yet Stay and give me a chance Give us a chance” For one moment she considered it Ch29 Uuuugh That was hard to read Even though she had been careful to not let him in her room previously for the sake of propriety for this scene she did She did not come off very repentant And allowing him to get that close to her and touch her was just cruel The Bible is clear that lust is a sin Rather than just being a casual observer of what the character was going through as related to simple alluded to explanation I felt drawn in with explicit detail than was necessary Sadly I believe reading the romantic scenes in this book can easily promote the reader to feel lust I can only pray that her next book The Painter’s Daughter scheduled for release in December through Bethany House will be a cleaner read2 stars© 2015Berkley Books a div of Penguin Random House Publishing384 pages Readers Study GuideI received an advance copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion

  10. Laura Laura says:

    I feel like the oddball for not loving this book I admit the last 100 pages were redeeming compared to the majority of the story but I never felt drawn to the characters I never felt like the characters emotions were sincere There were so many lies and deceitful motives that I lost count I also didn't enjoy the style of writing For example many chapters ended with the heroine asking herself uestions that the reader should have simply understand based on the circumstances implied They just felt condescending On a positive note I did feel like the writing much improved during the final chapters I only wish the book was written like that in its entirety

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