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  1. Sabina Bundgaard Sabina Bundgaard says:

    Artwork The Eye by Jeff Motsinger Stranded Wings by Catherine StovallThe Passing of Time by Eada JanesAmazing poem from Eada I truly enjoyed it The things that we create of cogs and copper can be the same that destroy us with enough time BeautifulThe Bleeding of the Thief by KC FinnFollowing his greedy heart a young man goes to Egypt to rob graves only to find himself in the clutches of a man who sees him nothing than a simple slave When he’s being freed by the older woman; Maybelline he vows to make amends for his past mistakes Time will tell if he canMagnificent story by KC Finn I fell into the story fairly uickly and loved the little surprise there was in store for us in the end Loved itOne Last Dance by Nicole L DaffurnA young dancer with big dreams Will she fly or fall while she tries her wings?Nicole awed me by this story Yes she jumped a bit but it only added to the story I loved the brief glimpse we got into Catarina’s life Gruesome and beautiful story with a great twist in the endA Tale by Cory TurnerOh wow Cory has really created a gruesome and interesting tale here I absolutely loved the end I did NOT see that coming I really don’t want to say too much it might be giving away the story I will say this though Revenge comes in all shapes and sizes – but what is the cost?Aztecs by Cindy J SmithI loved this poem Cindy really put the stream into the old Aztecian belief Bloody gory and pure Sprinkled with cogs ; Uncle Tom’s Heart by Emma Michaels and Michael CrossThis story truly touched my heart It was an amazing tale that showed me good and bad hope and love greed and hatred – and where each emotion can take you as a human being There are a lot of different characters in this story and I loved following each of them and their struggles From Tom and his unwavering faith his big heart to the beautiful love between Ezra and George and their wonderful son; Henry Definitely one of my favorite storiesCandy Apple Red by Deborah DaltonA hidden treasure renegades looking for it and the protectors standing in the way All tricks are allowed in this game but who will play the game best?A very different story but I liked itClear Skies by Andrea L StatumSee this was an interested read If you have read Cogs in Time the first anthology you might remember Captive Sleep by Andrea Well Clear Skies is actually the continuation of that story Again we follow Domaroc but at home on his way to a new mission a new assignment He feels best with grease on his hands but jobs have been scarse since he got back homeI loved coming back home and see what happened to Dom and his little family Crossing my fingers for in the futureDarkened Love by Monica ReentsBeautiful poem by Monica A perfect fit to this anthologyThe Ticker by Beth W PattersonHow far will we go to erase flaws in us self? Would we lock us away to hide our imperfections? Would music and art be banished? What if machines took hold and was made perfect? Would be able to keep up or would we bury ourselves in medication to forget?The Ticker is a harsh story about a world created solely for perfection I loved it and disliked it The thought of living in a world that celebrates perfection than today that would erase art and music no Beth really made the story come alive and for me beautifully writtenIce Breaker by Aubrey DiamantWhat would you do if summer suddenly turned to winter? Would you tell anyone of you found out that a dead woman came back to life again? Or would you run?Alfred is a photographer but not just any kind No He takes pictures of the dead to give those left behind some peace of mind During a photo session everything goes wrong and Alfred soon finds himself thrown into a new world of aliens dead people walking around war and mad scientistsAubrey is a brilliant author and it was a pleasure to read his story in this anthology In a way I would’ve loved to see what would have happened if Alfred chose differently in the end but that’s another story I truly enjoyed Ice BreakerSecond Chances by Samantha KettemanHer life isn’t what she expected it to be Rosalyn isn’t happy and have great regrets about her past But what if you could turn back time and change what you did all those years ago make a different choice? Would you grab it with both hands? Or would you leave it alone for fear of changing too much of the present?Rosalyn has to make that choice and to be honest I don’t blame her for her choice Read this wonderful and amazing story by the so very talented author Samantha Ketteman and find out the secrets behind the town Rosalyn lives inTreasure of Time by Jeannette JoyalBeautiful beautiful poem by Jeannette I absolutely love it So much mystery and hints put into the few lines and the images that plays in my mind are amazing Can’t wait to read from JeannetteThe Angel by Sherwin MatthewsJorge lost his father to the war and his mother to grief Before he was very old he ran away from home unable to stand his mother’s sorrowDrifting Jorge finally ends up in the big city where he tries different things to survive; stealing begging Until he meets Mr Mortensen He gives Jorge odd jobs at odd times but pays well He makes sure they both get what they want and need The uestion is Will they be prepared to pay the price for it?Fascinating story and very well written Just not my type of storyThe Servants of Orion by Faith MarlowIf you have read Cogs in Time 1 I’m sure you will remember the amazing story; After the Flare by Faith The Servants of Orion is actually the continuation of that storyPen is trying to get the technology forth to open up for new explorations he’s found evidence of where advanced technology can be found Trouble is nobody wishes to listen to him The Dean won’t even allow him to show what they’ve already foundIn desperation Pen turn toward the only one who will listen; Hitch He was there when they found the space shuttle and he knows he can convince him to help him outFollowing a series of clues Hitch and Pen accompanied by Susie a crafty air pilot they begin a new uest but what will they find?I loved After the Flare and Servants of Orion was just as good I loved coming back to the old characters to see them again and follow them on their new journey The place Faith took them to this time was a place I’ve always found magical and I want to see one day Amazing story and can’t wait to read about Pen Hitch SusieThe Stormling’s Invention by Lexi OstrowOnce upon a time There was a Great Storm Everyone who survived it was changed They grew powers but depending on different things they got different powers Nobody truly know why some people get some powers There are speculations yes but nothing clear Although not everyone got elemental powersAnyways Meet Jase and Mia Two stormlings working together on a project but also old childhood friends Both are carrying a torch for each other but haven’t done anything about it Why? Because while Jase is noble Mia is nothing but a servant and Jase’s father would never approve of such a union This project that they’re working on could change that though Jase is well aware of that If they could succeed in time traveling then Mia would get some land and a title but importantly Jase could court her make her hisHow far will Jase go to get his true love? And will the time machine actually work?Lexi spins an amazing tale with this story and I loved every second of it The ending does seems a bit unfinished to me but the journey to the destination is well worth it Lexi did an amazing jobThe Cogs Turn by Eada JanesLoved this poem by Eada Beautiful and dangerous at the same time Times of Arrival by Wayne CareyI love this This is the third continuation of a story from the previous anthology and I think it’s plain awesome that so many have wanted to partake in the seuel and have written such amazing stories as wellTimes of Arrival is the continuation of Point of Departure In that book we met Harrison Pierce who accepted a last job for the ueen It turned out to be something else that what he had been told but he got out of itIn Times of Arrival Pierce is back with Elizabeth Fletcher and the Independence But they’re here with a warning They traveled for some time jumping through the different ports trying to find out who built the ancient temples all around the world If the ongoing war between different countries isn’t stopped the world and humanity will end as we know it Can they stop the war before it’s too late?Wayne Carey has done it again Hands down I love this universe The tesla coils Elizabeth the Independence Pierce the plot I even like how he ends this story it begs for Fingers crossed that he will write Poison by Catherine StovallMadame O was a well known Voodessa a medium and toy for the darker realm On her death bed she has one final story to tell; how she came into the services of the devil himself and how poison filled her life slowly This is her story and you better listen carefully to avoid making her mistakeIn Cogs in Time 1 Catherine told the story of Wren City a town controlled by a clock tower and machine inserted into the people’s hearts We learned about the revolution Now we’re back but some time after the revolution This is a darker side of the Wren City though one we weren’t shown as much the last time but what an amazing story I loved digging into Poison the things that Madame O did it fascinated me I really really disliked Mrs Copperbelt the I got to know about her Yes I understand her husband cheated one her but the thing she did BEFORE and AFTER shuddersAs usual Catherine has created a fantastic story that drew me in and refused to let goPiece of advice? Sometimes you really should listen to your sixth sense and your ancestorsGhost in the Machine by SJ DavisThe last story in this anthology is Ghost in the Machine There are several POV in this story all connected to each other I loved how it all twisted together but have to admit I was a bit disappointed by the ending Now don’t get me wrong The ending leaves it wide open for continuation which I’m all for I just didn’t expect it At all I was a bit put out by it actually since I wanted to know what happens All in AllCogs in Time 2 is an amazing blend with old known characters and new interesting authors It was great to come back to old world and rediscover things to dive head first into new ones and unravel every secret turn every cog and watch the steam go If you like steam punk or read the first Cogs in Time and loved it Cogs in Time 2 is definitely for you I know I enjoyed it immensely

  2. Chris Chris says:

    This was an excellent anthology of Steampunk related stories I really can't say whether any were better or worse than the others The last story an excerpt from Ghost in the Machine left me wanting so it will definitely be on my 'to buy' list when it comes out If you're looking for an anthology that will get you interested in Steampunk this is most definitely it

  3. Trey Mustian Trey Mustian says:

    This was my first foray into steam punk'literature and I really enjoyed it I most enjoyed The Ticker by Beth Patterson but there are many other excellent short stories in this book

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Cogs in Time Volume 2 [PDF / Epub] ☉ Cogs in Time Volume 2 By Catherine Stovall – The adventure continues and the cogs keep on turning as you set sail aboard magnificent airships venture into exotic times and places revisit some of your favorite characters and fall in love with new Time Volume PDF ☆ The adventure continues and the cogs keep on turning as you set sail aboard magnificent airships venture into exotic times and places revisit some of your favorite characters and fall in love with new heroes and roguesIn dusty towns remote areas thriving cities and secret worlds a strange Cogs in ePUB ½ technological revolution reigns Inventors dreamers and revolutionist rule in worlds of steam driven machines cog powered humanoids clockwork miracles and paranormal magic Dressed in corsets top hats and cog lined finery the heroes and heroines exist somewhere between futuristic technology and ancient knowledgeTwenty one talented authors artists and poets in Time Volume MOBI í have come together to bring you volume of this Steampunk Anthology series The product of this collaboration is an incredible journey through a blend of sci fi fantasy action adventure history paranormal and romance that embraces the roots of Steampunk while pushing the genre to new bolder limitsContributor List with TitlesThe Eye by Jeff Motsinger ArtPassing of Time by Eada Janes PoemThe Bleeding of the Thief by KC Finn StoryOne Last Dance by Nicole Daffurn StoryA Tale by Cory Turner StoryAztecs by Cindy J Smith PoemUncle Tom's Heart by Emma Michaels and Michael Cross StoryCandy Apple Red by Deborah Dalton StoryClear Skies by Andrea L Staum StoryDarkened Love by Monica Reents PoemThe Ticker by Beth W Patterson StoryIce Breaker by Aubrey Daimant StorySecond Chances by Samantha Ketteman StoryStranded Wings by Catherine Stovall ArtTreasures of Time by Jeannette Joyal PoemThe Angel by Sherwin Matthews StoryThe Servants of Orion by Faith Marlow StoryThe Stormling's Invention by Lexi Ostrow StoryThe Turn of the Cog by Eada Janes PoemTimes of Arrival by Wayne Carey StoryPoison by Catherine Stovall StoryThe Ghost in the Machine by SJ Davis Story.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 373 pages
  • Cogs in Time Volume 2
  • Catherine Stovall
  • English
  • 09 February 2015

About the Author: Catherine Stovall

Time Volume PDF ☆ Catherine Stovall is the author of many fiction works in the horror steampunk paranormal fantasy dark fantasy and YA genres Catherine is a fearless creature who surrounds herself with the joys of life both in and out of her fictional worlds She lives in Southeast Missouri with her Cogs in ePUB ½ husband three children and pets When not writing she spends her time riding motorcycles wearing elaborate.