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Gideon's Night [Download] ➹ Gideon's Night ➾ J.J. Marric – On this particular night Commander George Gideon has to deal with a couple of psychopaths who trail pain and blood in their wake One targets infants and the other young women on London’s foggy stree On this particular night Commander George Gideon has to deal with a couple of psychopaths who trail pain and blood in their wake One targets infants and the other young women on London’s foggy streets There’s also an explosive gang war in the offing and one way or another all of these cases are coming to their breathtaking conclusions at the same time Can Scotland Yard’s finest deal with such a nightmarish scenario with what would ordinarily be months of time consuming police work crammed into just one night.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Gideon's Night
  • J.J. Marric
  • English
  • 07 November 2014
  • 9780821727348

About the Author: J.J. Marric

John CreaseyThe Gideon series was continued after Creasey's death by.

9 thoughts on “Gideon's Night

  1. Michael P. Michael P. says:

    Creasey writing under the name Marric begins deeper characterization with this the third Gideon book A well done Scotland Yard procedural This is the book that convinced me to get the rest of the series rather than go one book at a time

  2. Gary Gary says:

    Ensemble cast with multiple plot lines Interesting Like the ensemble television series

  3. Hans Hans says:

    35 stars This year is about reading some of the random books that have ended up on our shelves at home JJ Marric was a pen name for the prolific author John Creasey who wrote than 600 books using 28 different pen names It looks like this series continued with a new entry almost every year or two until there were 26 books In this case I am yet again going against my normal method of reading by not going back to start with the first book in the series Book 3 of 26 focuses on a single night shift where Gorden Gideon aka Gee Gee is running the show at Scotland Yard Over the course of the night he handles a half dozen main cases Gang warfare baby stealing murder along with some personal matters with his son and one of the police officers In some ways the continual barrage of cases felt like it was a good representation but of course Gideon manages to be on the front lines a few places and times than someone in his position probably would be It's a solid police procedural but I enjoyed it as it was picking up steam and winding down Somewhere in the middle I started to get tired of yet another new storyline popping upI have too many other series that I really want to read so this is not going to start me on the 26 book cycle That said if I ran across another of Gideon's adventures I wouldn't turn it away

  4. C. John Kerry C. John Kerry says:

    It is a foggy night in London and Gideon is spending it at Scotland Yard He is hoping a criminal known as The Prowler who has been attacking young women on just such a night will be active again When he does Gideon and his men go all out to catch him The other major case involves three babies snatched from their parents With these two cases and other minor matters we get to see the Yard in action at night As well as the police matters we also deal with personal matters in the lives of both George Gideon and his assistant Inspector Lemaitre As always these are not strait mysteries but rather procedurals although in this case we have no idea who The Prowler actually is All in all a good read

  5. Nora Blue Nora Blue says:

    J J Marric aka John Creasey has written one of his signature stories about George Gideon Commander one of The Big Five at Scotland Yard Marric layers on crime after crime bringing the novel to a deft conclusion

  6. Steve H Steve H says:

    Really enjoyable series so far Atmospheric and a great cast of characters 👍🏻

  7. Joy Joy says:

    Commander Gideon is working the night shift for a week His reasoning is that this way he will be on duty when the Prowler strikes This book covers the first night He gets not only the Prowler but a baby snatcher case a gang war and a suspenseful missing husband situationGideon is such good relaxation reading that when I finished this book I pulled the rest of the stack out from behind the shelves and arranged them in order for anticipated need for relaxation

  8. Delores Alger Delores Alger says:

    creasey's gideon

  9. Regine Regine says:


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