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  1. ❥ Azzurra ❥ Azzurra says:

    ★★★½The second part of this mini series is waay hotter than the first oneI undestand better the kinky covers ;but I hope the story will progress uikly because it is starting to be repetitive

  2. Lisa Filipe Lisa Filipe says:

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  3. Melanie Melanie says:

    This is book two in Desire Me series and I must say that because this book picks up where the first left off you may want to read them in order I believe it would better explain the plot and the characters' motivationsOnce I have to say that regardless of how well this story is written I'm still of the opinion that the series so far has way too many erotic scenes and very little substantive contentIf you're of a mind to read a story with hot sex by all means get this oneMelanie for b2bGift ARC provided by the publisher

  4. Melody May (What I& Melody May (What I& says:

    Posted on What I'm ReadingOkay Desire Me More isn't a story you can pop into in the middle because will be picking up pretty much where the first part ended We are pressing forward and there is no looking back At the end of Desire Me Now we have Amelia's brother popping in towards the end causing problems and spoiler he ends up dead at the beginning of the story I'm not going to lie I didn't believe he was dead for a while Anyway we have the building of Nick and Amelia's relationship However Nick's past starts to make its way into the story The past starts to threaten Amelia and Nick's relationship in a couple of ways and causes a bit of a rift between the two Part of the problem is Nick doesn't want to share his past with Amelia but I think it's the shame that is associated with it The shame threatens the unity That's not the only thing that threatens them but guy from Nick's past Shauley We get a sinister from him but we don't know the extent until the story developsI liked this part a little because we have danger that is lurking Yet we don't fully understand the extent Nick starts to reveal his past and we start to understand why he's out for vengeance on a particular character that we have yet to see Again we are left hanging on what's going to happen next Yes we get answer to somethings but on the same token we have uestions popping up We see Nick and Amelia's relationship progressing Even though we are left hanging on a cliff we do see a change in Nick that no one expect to happen He's a pretty decent guy even with his ruthless tendency I'm curious how are they going to get their happy ever after and I also would like to see justice dealtCopy provided by Avon via Edelweiss

  5. Carra Carra says:

    After reading the first book of this series Desire Me Now I was eagerly looking forward to this second installment in the series The author did not disappoint and in these pages I was greeted by the familiar characters a continued intense storyline some added suspense and plenty of sizzling passionate erotic scenes the kind that you need a bucket of ice nearby to help cool you down after readingThings between Nick and Amelia grow stronger and much intense not just in their emotions and feelings but also their intimate sceneswhich become adventurous While these scenes are uite numerous they never feel gratuitous and do have a place in and contribute to the storylineThe added pressure of what happens to Amelia's brother along with the obvious underhanded actions of some other undesirable characters ramp up the tension and suspense This when added to the already riveting carnal scenes between Nick and Amelia makes for a thoroughly engaging read that you won't want to put downAnd just when you thought things were about to settle downthere's that conversation between Nick and Amelia at the end that will have you hooked and waiting for the next book Desire Me AlwaysHot sensual and totally absorbing Desire Me More was a solid 4 star read for me and has me desiring the next book Recommended strictly for 18 due to erotic intimate scenes that will steam up your windows right from the pages and some adult coarse language

  6. Has Has says:

    Full review to be posted soon at The BookpushersThis is the middle installment in Tiffany Clare's erotic historical romance trilogy Unlike other trilogies the second book has kicked things up a gear with the plot and the romance I really enjoyed how Amelia and Nick's relationship evolved I especially like his desire for her which went into overdrive which created some uber sexytimes between and her tenacious efforts into learning about his past Only niggle I had was the climactic ending with the ongoing suspense plot I felt that it was kind of vague and I would have liked details but overall this was a very enjoyable sexy historical romance with a very possessive hero who falls hard for the woman he loves

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Desire Me More ➻ Desire Me More Free ➱ Author Tiffany Clare – He was her loverand her employerFrom the moment Amelia Grant accepted the position of secretary to Nicholas Riley London's most notorious businessman she knew her life would be changed forever For Nic He was her loverand her employerFrom the moment Amelia Grant accepted the position of secretary to Nicholas Riley London's most notorious businessman she knew her life would be changed forever For Nick didn't want just her secretarial skillshe wanted her complete surrender And she was than willing to give it to him spending night after night in delicious sin As the devastatingly insatiable Nick teaches her the ways of forbidden Desire Me Kindle - desire Amelia begins to dream of a future togetherBut in the light of day sinister shadows lurk determined to tear them apart.

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  • Desire Me More
  • Tiffany Clare
  • English
  • 06 March 2016

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