Too Much Information... or Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a

Too Much Information... or Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think ❅ Too Much Information... or Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think kindle Epub ❥ Author Dave Gorman – Nowadays the world is full of people trying to tell us things So much so that we have taught our brains not to pay much attention After all click the mouse tap the screen flick the channel and it's on Nowadays the world Information... or MOBI ☆ is full of people trying to tell us things So much so that we have taught our brains not to pay much attention After all click the mouse tap the screen flick the channel and it's on to the next thing But Dave Gorman thinks it's time to have a closer look to find out how much nonsense we tacitly acceptSuspicious adverts baffling newspaper headlines fake twitter endless cat videos insane TV shows where Too Much PDF or the presenters ask the same uestions over and overCan we even hear ourselves think over the rising din Or is there just too much information.

  • Audiobook
  • 6 pages
  • Too Much Information... or Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think
  • Dave Gorman
  • English
  • 03 March 2014

About the Author: Dave Gorman

David James Gorman Information... or MOBI ☆ is an English author stand up comedian and presenter He has performed comedy shows on stage in which he tells stories of extreme adventures and presents the evidence to the audience in order to prove to them that they are true stories He was a stand up comedian before he became famous for Are You Dave Gorman then took a break from normal stand up He returned to stand up in.

10 thoughts on “Too Much Information... or Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think

  1. Paul Reid Paul Reid says:

    Badger glove puppets Badger glove puppets Badger glove puppetsLoved this book it's basically laughing at the absurdity of modern life especially the internet and the ridiculousness of how advertisers and some normal people try to manipulate twitter and the like to dance to their tuneDave dissects adverts thinking outside the way we are told to think and laughs at the whole damn lot of them and I was laughing too it could be an installment from Grumpy old men but that's not a criticism he is spot onBadger glove puppets Badger glove puppets Badger glove puppets

  2. Dan Dan says:

    An interesting and unexpected divergence into the world of badger glove puppetry maybeI became a fan of Dave Gorman after enjoying the first series of his show on UKTV channel Dave Modern Life is Goodish I've since enjoyed various other Gorman works but this is very much in the vein of his TV show In fact it is pretty much the TV show in book form which is a good thing In the book Dave Gorman rattles through various subjects of modern life mostly focusing on annoying things on Twitter and that newspapers do No matter what it is Gorman makes is funny in a way I find difficult to describe He manages to take the mundane and the mildly frustrating and mine them for laughs whilst at the same time managing to make some serious points along the way Perhaps the biggest different from the TV show is how serious parts of this book are Gorman is allowed to divulge into some philosophical moments between the jokes and he does this wonderfully There's some proper philosophy and sensible thinking here which you don't necessarily expect from a comedian but for me it added something to the book The reason it lost the final star is that the book something felt very moany In his TY show Gorman is far from moany and is very upbeat but in written form some of the warm tone he speaks in is lost It feels like a less cheery Dave Gorman wrote this book despite the fact I know that if he read it out it would sounds less moany If you like Modern Life is Goodish or Dave Gorman's stand up work then you will certainly enjoy this Other than that it is difficult to select an audience that will like it but I think like a new food stuff Dave Gorman's style of wittily unpicking modern life is something that most definitely be tried I for one love it

  3. Gergana Gergana says:

    Next customer dividers I will never look at you the same wayThis book is as funny as it is thought provoking I highly recommend checking the audiobook version narrated by the author himself

  4. Paul E. Morph Paul E. Morph says:

    This book was a birthday present thanks Blake and Kat and my first significant exposure to Dave Gorman I was vaguely aware of him due to some adverts on the telly a subject he covers in this book actually but I'd never watched any of his showsThe book is undeniably funny; I laughed out loud uite a bit which always gets me in trouble with the missus when I'm reading in bed and she's trying to sleep You might think this is the only criteria for a comedy book and be wondering why I've not given it five stars The reason I've dropped a star is because most if not all of his targets are what you might call 'low hanging fruit' They're easy targets that have all been addressed before by other comediansThis may sound like nit picking but having now read the book I can't help but feel nit picking is something Mr Gorman would whole heartedly approve ofAlso there wasn't as much discussion of badger glove puppets as I'd been lead to believe

  5. Brian Clegg Brian Clegg says:

    This book can often seem like a specialist version of the TV show Grumpy Old Men on the topic of information IT and the media and there certainly are some funny parts to it but just as the subtitle suggests that Gorman is trying to think in a deluge of often unwanted 'information' itself of dubious nature so it gives the reader the chance to do the sameWhat comes through as is usually the case with Gorman is an obsessive fascination with detail which if you're a geek like me you will probably share He picks up on a piece of information and pulls it apart to destruction So for instance he riffs there is really no other word for it about the oddity of the band Scouting for Girls putting out a 'greatest hits' album in which clearly and he has a chart to prove it most of the tracks weren't hits at allSome of the content of Too Much Information is pure grumpiness as in the plea for Twitter users to gain some perspective and stop thinking it's funny or clever to change words by prefacing them with 'tw' to make them special to Twitter People he assures us remain people not 'tweeple' or shudder 'tweeps' Elsewhere he comes up with a fascinating analysis of why all HTC mobile phones show a particular time in adverts uncovers the bizarre ways that celebrities are exploited by and exploit the media and ponders the social impact of the 'next customer' separators we use on supermarket conveyor beltsThe stories as they effectively are range in length from just one page to at least ten and often hit the spot though with 40 different loosely collected topics the book can feel too bitty and lacking cohesion as you read through it Even so I found many of the subjects fascinating some informative and almost all of them enjoyable If you've never taken the time to step back and think about what being in such a connected information rich world does to us and how people and companies try to manipulate us through that information it really is time you did so And Dave Gorman is here to be a grumpy guide to that voyage of discovery

  6. Xanthi Xanthi says:

    I listened to this on audiobook Read by the authorI have read Dave Gorman's other books and have enjoyed them This isn't his best Not even close It focuses on advertising and media especially online and how crap it is basically And although I have to agree with him on that account I found a lot of it went into the nit picking range which got a bit tedious after a while There is one piece about the use of those checkout conveyor belt dividers in supermarkets and how much he hates them What this had to do with the theme of the book is beyond me Plus I totally disagree with him on that one The laughs were sparse I found myself giggling once I learnt a few things but overall this book fell kind of flat for me

  7. Diocletian Diocletian says:

    A good toilet book I like Gorman's style analysing popular culture systematically to ridicule its values This book reads like a literary extension of his TV programme Modern Life is Goodish unlike the TV programme which is mostly average the book is entertaining though it does have an undercurrent of the same sort of mischief he does in the showHe calls out The Daily Mail's abject voyeurism of celebrities and their children The fallacy of matching outfits which are no matching than a reptile and mammal are matching creatures being members of the kingdom of Animalia His swipe at the gutter press this means you The Mail is appreciated as this shitrag is not even worth wiping your arse on given that your shit is noble and would be defiled by such an act Mail online is all about getting clicks on their stories veracity or content comes later So this leads to a picture being on every story even if it's a picture of an apple not even the same apple in the story just a random one Ok rant overI felt nostalgic on the section about Killing in the Name being downloaded to prevent the X Factor winner from getting the number 1 spot I also felt slightly silly finishing this chapter as I was all for this scheme I didn't buy any records at the time but Gorman argues well that such an act is ultimately pointless and probably pushed up the sales of the rival single than they would have been otherwise That aside it was uite pleasurable delivering a Fuck you I won't do what you tell me to Cowell's smug reptilian faceI also liked his gripes with the make up industry who use dodgy statistics to back up their spurious claims something which I have also noticed They small sample sizes which are rather strange eg 99 or 84 women They probably massage the figures by removing women who didn't like the product improving the percentage Often the surveys aren't even backing up the products attributes but stating that women want a foundation that lasts long Woefully in one ad less than half of the women agreed that their lips were voluptuous after using some lipglossI agree with his frustration at the Buzzfeedification of news sites Journalists writing click baity titles and pointless ranking lists to attract those precious ad clicks Spam and dishonest ads have definitely made the internet a lot worseAs an aside the chapter entitled Some Things Can Be Put to a Public Vote and Some Things Really Can't was ominously prophetic view spoilerBrexit hide spoiler

  8. Samuel Tyler Samuel Tyler says:

    The modern philosophers Blur taught us many years ago that Modern Life is Rubbish but why dwell on the bleak? If you want to get depressed you only need switch on the news or look out the window Reading should be an escape from the politics and the opinions a daft place of high fantasy and new lives Reading an increasingly grumpy comedian’s petty observations is not what I want to be doing with my free timeDave Gorman is back and this time he is staying put His days of dashing hither and thither are over He is now a man of a certain age and wants just to stay put and tell the people how it is ‘Too Much Information’ is his soapbox on which to stand and rail against the machine that is life Why is the internet? Who is the website? This is a book of seemingly random rants on all the petty things that get on Gorman’s wickHark back to the days of ‘Are you Dave Gorman?’ and you may remember a book about an eccentric and fun young man looking for his namesake in the days of the early internet As time has progressed Gorman has Googlewhacked and been on an adventure in American Each book has been later in his life and traces his decline into grumpy old man ‘America Unchained’ in particular suffered greatly from being a little bad natured and curmudgeonly ‘Much Information’ takes Gorman’s bleak outlook even further and with no “fun bet” narrative to lighten up the mood this is a slightly depressing read for a book that is meant to be comedic‘Much Information’ is like the modern collections of articles you get; a series of better magazine clippings put together Gorman may spend 4 pages highlighting an incongruity in website design The type of thing that you would see on ‘Grumpy Old MenWomen’ back in the day The problem is that these issues seem so petty If Gorman is really bothered by this stuff he must spend a lot of his life moaning The dark clouds that gathered in ‘Unchained’ have become a permanent raincloud by this pointThe book is also not helped by how rapidly it has dated Technology dates fast and so does observations on it Although only 3 years old this book already feels like it is talking about some topics that are no longer relevant I hope that Gorman takes a walk outside sometime soon and smells the fresh air; perhaps then he can get some perspective and enjoy life a little

  9. Jacob Chinchen Jacob Chinchen says:

    This is a laugh out loud funny book which covers a variety of different aspects of modern life and the way in which information is presented to us the masses Set across 40 chapters a few postscripts numerous footnotes an epilogue and an epi epilologue the subjects covered range from advertising to Twitter to the Daily Mail I've always been a fan of Dave's work whether it's any of his shows or books and I always find him easy to relate to He's very much the voice of an ordinary man and where once he would be in extra ordinary situations he's now settled into a role of Information Overseer Someone who takes the time to watch what's going on around him and ask the uestions that need to be askedYou will have seen some of it to a certain extent if you've watched any of Modern Life Is Goodish but that doesn't ruin any of the fun in the same way that the book of the Googlewhack Adventure is different to the show of the Googlewhack Adventure this expands on things you may have seen as well as delivering fresh new thingsAs someone who enjoys this sort of thing no end this book is so far up my street that it has moved in next door and has already come round to borrow some sugar and is eyeing up my lawnmower Each chapter is a nugget of joy and many of them have left me thankful that I am not the only person who has been troubled by a particular facet of modern lifeThis is very much a book for anyone who lives now As much as Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman was seen as a guidebook to understanding female life this one should be essential reading for anyone who uses the internet watches TV or has ever read a newspaper Excellent stuffNow if you'll excuse me I'm just off to do a Google Image search for Jesus

  10. Anne Anne says:

    Really enjoyed this book A uick read and mirrors a lot of my own thoughts about the information we receive in print and electronically on a day to day basis I especially enjoyed his view on the Daily Express headlines as I often felt the same but Dave Gorman explained it in such a brilliant way along with back up The crazy way we all share information how mad spamming actually is and how social media now impacts livesThis book shows up the craziness we are currently living in with the technological age we are finding ourselves in Yes some aspects of life with technology are great but there is also a flip side are we sharing too much information? Are we taking on too much information? In this current age are we at at point where we cannot actually concentrate and focus on one thing as that may be deemed 'boring' or 'slow' or we are seen unable to 'multi task' I started to think how this will impact on the next generation as en educator I often see that children expect to be entertained that they often cannot focus for long wanting to switch activities before giving the first activity a chance Children are often in a place where they cannot make their own entertainment and then are 'bored' A huge worry as we move forwardOk so this review is deep but I think it is always healthy to reflect after a book and this showed up some flaws in my own life as an avid lover of information and tech I could see the path I was heading downWorth a read

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