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SINERGY [Reading] ➿ SINERGY ➶ Iris Bolling – Xavier Davenport creates homes and communities for underprivileged families His goal was clear Make his brother proud by reaching out to help others Women were for fun period That was until he witness Xavier Davenport creates homes and communities for underprivileged families His goal was clear Make his brother proud by reaching out to help others Women were for fun period That was until he witness the passion of his brothers’ marriage Xavier wanted the same for himself His first step into a serious relationship turn out bad with a capital B The woman was beautiful smart and sexy The sex was goodbutthere was no passion In walks Nicole Brooks With a multi billion dollar deal on the table that will establish her in the international real estate world Nicole Brooks has no time for drama As a member of one of the wealthiest families in the country her life is spread out on the front pages of magazines variety television and blogs The last thing she needs is a scandal Xavier Davenport Nowthere is sensuoussexyeven scandalous When architect Xavier Davenport meets real estate developer Nicole Brooks they cross the line of all three to create a new word in sexual tension SINERGY The problem Woman Money Media To add to the mix Xavier and Nicole are in the crosshair of someone out to destroy the Brooks’ name and they are taking no prisoners.

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  1. Kelly Murphy Kelly Murphy says:

    Wowwww Iris Boling does it again sinergy was so amazing I am already looking forward to the next book by Iris

  2. KBeautiful1 KBeautiful1 says:

    Now this is exactly how a spin off should begin Lots of fire and all about the SinergyXavier Davenport is the younger brother of Zack Davenport who by the way is married to Diamond Lassiter there story is book of of the Teach Me of the Gems and Gents series Xavier Davenport is a serious architect that creates homes and communities for underprivileged families His goal is to create and make his big brother proud of him But now he wants what his brother has Xavier wants a love of his own and he meets her in the most unlikeliest places and under crazy circumstancesNicole Brooks of the Brooks Dynasty is the only girl with 3 brothers she is the twin to Nicolas and big brothers High Powered Attorney Vernon and One of the Highest Men in the White House and the Country James Brook So what is a girl to do but work to show her worth and not be looked upon as a spoiled daughter of Billionaire Parents Nicole is a force to be reckoned with who has no time for relationships She is all about making her family proud of her and pushing the boundaries of expanding the Brooks empire But Nicole is in for a big surprise her heart is about to be capturedXavier and Nicole's story is complete Sinergy they are explosive together two halves who were waiting to finally meet to become one But before the happily ever after can come into place Xavier and Nicole must deal with enemies trying to destroy the both of them and their families They will have to deal with an unknown enemy who seems to always be 1 step ahead of them They have to deal with a betrayal that will rock the Brooks family but will show the enemy that the Brooks are not a family to be trifled with And we get to see James Brooks and Ashley from the Heart Series in this story which was greatXavier and Nicole's Sinergy leaped right off of the pages you could tell that these two were not a couple forced together it was definitely rightly meshed Two passionate people who love their family and friends and will move heaven and earth for them and each other I really love these two it makes you want the same thing for your own relationship there was no unnecessary drama meaning she didn't know if she wanted to be with him or not Nicole knew she wanted and needed to be with Xavier And Xavier wasn't waffling back and forth on whether he wanted to be in a relationship or not Xavier wanted and needed to be with Nicole They both completed each other and you didn't know where one began and the other ended Xavier was very clear in his intentions with Nicole and expressly it aptly to her family Which was clearly evident because the Patriarch and Matriarch clearly approved of them being togetherThere are major bombshells dropped toward the end of the story that had me clutching my pearls And we shall see it revisited hopefully in Book 2 which will be Nicolas story Fatal Mistake Brook's Family ValuesWell Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas

  3. Loretta Loretta says:

    When Xavier Davenport and Nicole Brooks met the dictionary opened up and allowed a new word to be etched into the minds of all readersOne charity event brought forth a chain of events and love abound like it or notIris Bolling decided on exploring the world containing the Brooks family and what a tour it is From the soft but stable Nicole superstar Taylor her twin Nick the parents Gwen and Avery the sinister Constance and ever candid Vernon Bolling held no punches showcasing the layers of the characters even revealing a vulnerable side if one paid attention between the banter on the battlefield James and Ashley make an appearance or two for a nice balanceTrish Hargrove delivers plenty of havoc including pushing Nicole's buttons to a point of no return She's one of a few that will raise eyebrowsThe growth in Bolling's writing ability is heightened by the unexpected twists and turns delivered ever so smartly throughout the novel and the ending will have you demanding 5 star reading and highly recommended for those that enjoy romance suspense drama and adventure

  4. Lyn Lyn says:

    Well good grief This is my first read by Iris Bolling and let me tell ya I liked to passed out The uality in her writing was excellent The storyline flowed and you could not help but keep turning them pages I have said it this book needs to be a movie I loved the characters Nicole and Xavier Shoot I loved all of the characters they were each powerful in their own right This book read like Carl Webbers Family Business The power the love the family unity the sneaky and the redemption I hooped when Nicole knocked home girl bully on her behind And I loved how Xavier stood by her from the beginning to the end I hope these two characters come back on the scene I won't give it all away you just have to get your hands on a copy and settle down for the ride Outstanding

  5. Marcia Marcia says:

    As a big fan of Iris Bolling I was thrilled to read another installment of her cast of characters The main focus in this story is the amazing chemistry between Xavier and Nicole and how it evolves into a beautiful relationship of love and trust However we cannot have a good story without some drama Enter the supporting characters that bring adultery blackmail bullying family loyalty and values dysfunctional behavior and greed WOW It's like one big thrill rideread seeing how the author manages to intertwine the main and background stories into a nice neat packageDid I mention the steamy love scenes? Yes they are there too along with the playful sexy banter as in true Iris Bolling's signature style without the use of profanity

  6. Yasmin Yasmin says:

    Great start to the Brooks Family ValuesI have to say I didn't think I would even like it as such as I did The Heart Series but I'm hooked now I liked Nicole's character when she was introduced in the second book of The Heart Series so it was certainly nice to learn a little about her I guess there has to be a 'Carolyn' character in all of these books huh? Lol well Carolyn definitely plays the fame better than Trish so far but I imagine this is only the beginning I can't wait to see what's in store next

  7. Kim Kim says:

    I like the story of Xavier and Nicole It was cute There were a few different story lines going on Although they were semi related to Xavier and Nicole I would have liked to read about their interactions The book was short enough already all the other drama going on around the main characters caused me to get to know them less I think Vernon has a juicy story waiting in the wings I'd love to read that

  8. Stacey Williams Stacey Williams says:

    Ms Bolling you have done it again This was an awesome read SINERGY I so love your writing style you captivated my mind from the first page to the last The Harrison's The Davenports now THE BROOKS You are spoiling me I hope you are writing the next book now I read this book in one day and was mad when it ended I wanted You are a wonderful writer #TEAMIRISBOLLING

  9. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    SinergyXavier was doing an auction for charity when her meets Nicole The chemistry and attraction was immediate Xavier knew from the beginning that Nicole was the woman for him From the beginning their relationship had some obstacles but Xavier was determined to not let any harm come to his woman I loved this book from the very beginning Unless could not put it down I can't wait to see what is going to happen next in this series

  10. Rana Borden Rana Borden says:

    Well alright nowMs Bolling has done it again This is a great intro to a new series with a look into a few of our favorites from the Heart series It has romance drama and family camaraderie GREAT JOB Ms Bolling I hope it won't be a long wait before the next bookhinthint

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