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Death Benefits [EPUB] ✿ Death Benefits ❄ Thomas Perry – A careful methodical young data analyst for a California insurance company John Walker knows when people will marry at what age they will most likely have children and when they will die All signs poi A careful methodical young data analyst for a California insurance company John Walker knows when people will marry at what age they will most likely have children and when they will die All signs point to a long successful career until Max Stillman a gruff security consultant appears without warning at the office It seems a colleague with whom Walker once had an affair has disappeared after paying a very large death benefit to an impostor Stillman wants to find and convict her; Walker is convinced the woman is innocent Now Walker teams up with Stillman on an urgent north by northeast race relentlessly leading to a pay off that just might shock the life out of him.

10 thoughts on “Death Benefits

  1. Jim Jim says:

    Perry's characters are always excellent but he managed to make an even better set this time Instead of one main character there are 2 with a third coming in halfway through The premise was a bit far out but very cool Who knew something as mundane as insurance fraud could spawn such a great book? While Metzger's Dog is still probably my favorite of all his standalones this isn't far behind

  2. Robert Rosenthal Robert Rosenthal says:

    The overall idea for this novel was great It immerses us in unusual world that of the insurance industry and delivers an unusual caper to be unravelled The pacing was fast with some decent action seuences though none of them stellar like in Barry Eisler's Rain series Unfortunately Walker the protagonist is a drab rather uninteresting guy Not unlikeable but nothing there to root for either Yes this is in keeping with his job as an insurance analyst but that's no excuse for a lifeless protag Fortunately the secondary characters Stillman and Serena are wonderful and it's their energy and charisma that drive the plot forward The author should bring them back in future novels; perhaps he already has My biggest problem with the book however was that the author needlessly telegraphed his big twist ending and did so in a scene that added little in the way of plot and nothing in the way of suspense Had he eliminated this one scene he could have let his characters walk blindly into jeopardy with the reader innocently following along As it was I saw the twist coming from a mile off and it made me think the characters stupid especially the savvy and experienced Stillman for not seeing it too That said the last 100 pages or so are a real thrill ride They recreate a scene familiar to the Sci Fi and Horror genres but make it fully believable Bravo For this reason alone the novel would be a worthwhile read

  3. Jim Jim says:

    What a great story The team of Stillman Walker and Mary Catherine was a blast to read Incredibly hard book to put down I enjoyed thoroughly Can't wait to read second book in Walker series Perry is master story teller whose books are chock full of suspense Perry's books always deliver in the mystery and thriller genre 5 Star yarn to be sure Be sure to pick this one up and enjoy the ride

  4. Gary Gary says:

    First half was interesting I liked it a lot A so so last half gets it three stars overall

  5. Matt Matt says:

    I listened to this on audiobook Decent This was my first Thomas Perry novel The characters were bland and forgettable The plot was not bad but nothing special and the pacing was sluggish The book could’ve been shortened and this would’ve made the plot that much interesting It’s fairly average and I was hoping for something but I’ll check out some of Perry’s work and hope to enjoy those

  6. Clark Clark says:

    3 ½ Stars Not uite a 4 but very well written with a clever plot Reminded me of a Jack Reacher novel

  7. Eric_W Eric_W says:

    This book is about insurance fraud and claims analysis Yawning yet? Be in for a surprise as Thomas Perry weaves a terrific investigative tale built around precisely those seemingly soporific plot elements Max Stillman a new character for Perry and John Walker an insurance analyst who's really good with numbers team up to discover how a man could impersonate another to make off with millions in death benefits What they uncover has much larger ramifications and leads them to a town in New Hampshire with a rather sordid past Mix in Serena aka Mary Katherine a delightfully vampish hacker and all the ingredients are there for a fun read Listened to as an audio book that had me sitting in the driveway much too much to hear what was next Read by a favorite reader Michael Kramer

  8. Jonn Jonn says:

    Fun read classic PerryThe writing style is fantastic and definately made me think of The Butcher's Boy Worth your time

  9. Cory Emerson Cory Emerson says:

    this was the only novel in English at the resort Crushed it in a day #PageTurner #DidTheJob

  10. Loy Loy says:

    This is the third time for me to read this book since it came out Just as good Great Book

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