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Angel Bait [Reading] ➶ Angel Bait By Tricia Skinner – He's not that kind of angel Jarrid is a “Bound One” half angel half human trained from childhood to enforce Heaven’s laws on earth An assassin with no remorse And no choice When he discovers an He's not that kind of angel Jarrid is a “Bound One” half angel half human trained from childhood to enforce Heaven’s laws on earth An assassin with no remorse And no choice When he discovers an ancient ritual called Ascension which might give him a shot at freedom he can’t resist his lifelong dream He only needs to find one last Renegade angel and take him downusing a certain woman to flush the angel out of hiding She's not what he's expecting News reporter Ionie Gifford has no clue an outlaw angel wants her dead much less why but she does know one thing the enigmatic Jarrid with his penetrating silver eyes and his worship worthy body is her ticket to the city's supernatural underworld where she might finally be able to locate her mother's killer For that kind of information she's willing to risk everything They can't be together but can't keep apart Blindsided by Ionie's beauty and tenacity Jarrid finds the millennia old glacier around his heart melting But when he's faced with a choice will he sacrifice Ionie for freedom from his brutal servitude—or agree to be bound for eternity to protect the life of the woman he's falling in love with From novelist Tricia Skinner comes a story that will have fans of action packed love stories applauding Seamlessly combining elements of paranormal romance and gritty urban fantasy the Angel Assassins series is a heart pounding spin on angel mythology.

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  1. BBMoreB ~ BBMoreB ~ says:

    Tricia Skinner set the bar ridiculously high with her debut novel Angel Bait I even searched under the assumption that she was potentially a seasoned writer publishing under a pseudonym Her writing style was remarkable I felt engrossed throughout the entire story mostly due to her ability to generate a varying amount of clarity pace and flow – but mainly it was her extraordinary vivid descriptions The author never broke stride in the story; the character and world development came naturally though dialogue All of the characters were given eual treatment – with interesting uirks and great dialogue Only one suggestion – and you probably have already heard this but WRITE FASTER Disclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge by Bewitching Book Tours for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my own

  2. Alex Alex says:

    This book reminds me of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward Decent writing but the characters fell flat which is a pity because I think the story had potential I was interested in the history of the nephilim and the angels than in Jarrid and Ionie's relationshipI found it weird that there were only 2 women in this book and unfortunately view spoilerone of them died at about 66% hide spoiler

  3. Cathy Yardley Cathy Yardley says:

    I loved this book It had a great actionUF vibe with some very smexy angels and some steamy escalating tension I also loved the world building It's set in an alternative present Detroit and you can feel the grit nothing pretty or safe here folks It gives it a nice sense of groundedness instead of a fictional Gotham esue city Her take on Angels and Nephilim is a neat twist too I see this being a fun series sort of like BDB by JR Ward or Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series I'm going to keep my eye out for the next book definitely

  4. Nikki Nikki says:

    Angel Bait while so like a lot of things on the market right now still blew me away in parts and will have me talking about it for some time I love a good paranormal romance especially one with memorable characters and uniue aspects Angel Bait gave me everything I wanted and though it did drag until about 30% in with a huge informational dump after that it blew me away with the action emotion and intricate story line I’m really glad I stuck with itA news reporter in a world where many beings walk along side humans generally doesn’t leave a dull moment for Ionie She wants a story to land her on the map and she gets exactly that when she meets Jarrid The only group of paranormals to be unreachable are angels and a near mythical faction of half angels called nephilim Cast out of heaven because of their mixed angelhuman heritage and forced to work as assassins without any of the perks Ionie may think he’s giving her access in exchange for letting him talk to her sources in search of information on a classified case Jarrid has other plans though and they include using Ionie as bait to catch a fallen angel a RenegadeThe parallels drawn between Ionie a mixed race human and Jarrid a mixed race paranormal were pretty stark They were alike in so many ways and yet totally different in others Jarrid had to deal with obvious racism from the angels for his entire life If not for their scarred angel leader Tanis the other angels would have wiped the “abominations” from the earth long ago I instantly liked him because he stood up for them so long ago and felt for the kids they once were Now battled honed warriors they are a band of brothers and loyalty is extremely important to them They felt very much like the Black Dagger Brotherhoodyou know before that series got way to intricate and I had to start taking notesIonie was such a fierce female lead She didn’t have powers and was essentially a normal human but she was smart truthful and she didn’t allow insurmountable odds to get her down for long She wormed her way right under Jarrid’s tough exterior and before he knew it she was a major part of all their lives I loved how effortlessly she became such a huge part of their group and how they all surrounded her when she needed help Especially Jarrid the toughest of the warriors I do love a virgin hero His confusion was constantly warring with his protection instinct and he didn’t understand any of the human emotions he was feeling Ionie brought out everything he had been denying himself and he soon found the idea of using her as bait as unacceptableThe last half of the book is filled to the brim with emotion and action and a plot that should continue on into the next installment I am really looking forward to following each brother into their own story and seeing the heroines that will bring them to their knees I really hope Tanis gets a book as well His strength has been the glue for these brothers for so long and he deserves to make amends for his past and find a woman who can give him what he needs Love and redemptionThis definitely did not feel like a debut novel This is written with the excellence of a seasoned writer For a reader like me who has gotten bored with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward this is exactly what I have been looking forI give Angel Bait by Tricia Skinner 450 stars

  5. Michelle& Michelle& says:

    I was very surprised at how much I ended up liking this book It has the fun paranormal elements that I like with a great story I was not even aware of what age group this is for but think now after reading it its for sure got to be adults It does have some very explicit sex scenes but at least it does not take over the story like sometimes will happen in books Something I do not likeAnyway overall its written very well I really got to care for the characters especially Jarrid and his group of angle assassins but I liked Ionie a lot too I also really felt her pain at one point won’t say what but it was written so well it made me want to cryI don’t want o spoil anything you can learn the summary of it from the blurb I never feel I should repeat the blurb Anyway there are some twists in this book I didn’t see coming and actually liked a lotWe have all sorts of supernatural creatures in this book we have the werewolves vampires half angel assassins’ fallen angels that are evil the divine angels elves and some others I had not heard of but also some Fae and It made the story really interestingThere is some major steam in this book too but is tastefully done I didn’t mind it too much not as much as I usually do when surprised with it in a book not knowing it’s a very adult book lol But like I said I still loved itThis whole idea was a lot different than lots of books I have read and I only read books that are paranormal except some dystopia kinds So for it to be a new idea for me is saying a lot I can say I have never read a book about Angel assassins before well half angel anywayHere is a part I found funny when Ionie first meets Jarrid and is taken by surprise by his hotness and her co workers too lol She leaned back and studied him taking in the casual way his thigh rested against a chair Her throat closed smothering her clever retort Jarrid angled his chiseled face to study items on her desk and Ionie caught the awed stares of her passing colleagues One woman tripped over her own feet Another face planted into a wall Jesus Christ The half angel was so handsome it hurt Jarrid didn’t seem to notice the attention directed at him Or maybe he didn’t care I won’t say much You need to just go read it lol Hot half angel with many hot team members yeah a great fun read Several swoon worthy scenes too and tons of action5 out of 5 stars If it’s a series for sure I will read the next book for sureI received a copy of this book for my honest review

  6. Jesse Jesse says:

    Before I start this review I must admit that I don’t generally read romance novels Ever Unless you count reading the occasional paragraph out loud for the amusement of others In that case I’d have to admit that I have read the odd passage from a romance novel but never one from start to finishPersonally I find this rather impressive as I work in a public library and romance novels make up a large chunk of our paperback collection We have them all Vampire romance Scottish Highlands romance Scottish Highlands Vampire romanceBeing as ignorant and scornful of the genre as I am Angel Bait has been a pleasant surprise The premise and characters are intriguing Ionie Gifford our heroine is strong and smart without being abrasive and annoying The supporting characters are a diverse and interesting group—a group that I care about and want to see of If The Angel Assassins series continues and I hope it does there are plenty of interesting directions to go and characters to explore This is definitely a world with stories to tellIn fact my biggest criticism of Angel Bait is that I wanted The plot moves uickly and there is plenty of action to keep you reading but it isn't a long novel and I would have loved to slow down a bit and spend time exploring the characters their back stories and the world they live in I'm one of those odd people who love exposition But perhaps that was part of the author's wicked plan all along—to keep us asking uestions and wanting I received an ARC of the novel from the author in exchange for my honest review

  7. All Things Urban Fantasy All Things Urban Fantasy says:

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyANGEL BAIT is a really fascinating story packed full of gripping action and sensual romance That aside I loved the exploration of the nephilim half angel half human and the world in which they exist The plot is thick and juicy with stunning revelation after revelation While the story is serious and has life altering conseuences for the characters there is also a sweet silliness to ANGEL BAIT in the interactions between Jarrid and his brothers These guys are hilarious and they had me smiling anytime they were in a scene together I hope the next books feature each of Jarrid's brothers as I really need to know about themIt can take some time to warm up to characters in books but with ANGEL BAIT I warmed up to everyone immediately In regards to the main characters I loved Ionie She is smart curious witty and just a generally fun person I loved how she just takes things in strides as yet another strange paranormal thing pops up in her life Jarrid is the most sarcastic of his nephilim brothers these two just click which makes their romance feels so genuine from the get go I also liked the parallels between Ionie being mixed race blackwhite and Jarrid being mixed angelhumanI have found my new paranormal romance series featuring badass angels to follow For being a preuel to a series that is just starting ANGEL BAIT has my attention piued I will most definitely be checking out ANGEL KIN the first in this series and any other book to see where we go from here in this series

  8. Aaron Aaron says:

    I was very excited to be offered the chance to say “I received an ARC of the novel from the author in exchange for my honest review” With that being said Angel Bait the first in hopefully a long line of novel is worth your time and attention It did take a chapter or two to get me hooked and wanting to sit down and read but when it did catch me I felt like someone had locked me down with daggers Yes I did look up the world nephilimI’m not normally browsing books with angels or vampires these days and not sure I’ve really looked for books with ‘gritty romance’ – but at the base of most stories isn’t romance involved somehow? So at the end of the day while this isn’t something I’d normally pick up I did enjoy this unvisited genre It’s a very detailed and vast world enough like our own so that you don’t need to rub your brain to just try and figure it all out; amiss with all types of fantastical beings; a lot of funtrouble for the characters in the future I’m sure The characters are diverse enough that they don’t meld into one big slab and I’m hoping we get development and background story type of fun in the future – but that’s something I think I want out of any good series which is a good sign The book went by fast in the end but like any good book or tv show the better ones fly by and you look forward to the next installment Looking back at the trees I killed the print this out I want and so will you

  9. Amy Braun Amy Braun says:

    Really enjoyed this novella The story was interesting the characters were fun and the action and romance were intense I liked the way the world was built and the way angels were portrayed The final battle was wild and I really didn't know what was going to happen Ionie was a great heroine and impossible not to love Jarrid was the definition of broodiness but I really liked how he developed with Ionie in his life You could actually see the changes rather than have the author state they happened rather than simply be told that was the way it was I also loved the angles the story took to keep it uniue That said my only complaints were that it was a little cliche I mean we've all heard this romantic story before A broody warrior falls in love with a woman who changes his world That said I didn't mind the cliches– the story was just too good The romance wasn't heavy handed throughout the plot and only seemed to affect the main characters which was nice I like romantic stories as much as the next girl but I need something else to keep me reading I also wish we knew about the villain He was pretty dangerous but I wanted to know of his history All in all this was a sexy wild ride and cliche or now I will definitely be continuing with the series

  10. GothicMom& GothicMom& says:

    Being re published on Halloween what better way to unwind after peeling kids out of costumes washing off layers of face paint and dealing with kids bouncing off the walls with sugar highs than curling up with a fun short bloody supernatural read that puts a whole new twist in the Fallen Angel genre?Many who have read Angle Kin without having had the benefit of reading Angel Bait may have wondered who the mysterious Ionie was and just how she became an honorary member of the team or appropriately what Turns out her ties run deeper than her relationship with JaridReferred to by the Others as a Scribe reporter Ionie Gifford has always been bound and determined to find her mother's killer So when she finds one of the infamous Bound standing in her boss' office needing her help she believes its the answer to her prayers and strikes a deal in her favor But she is far from naive and is also determined to discover the real reason Angels half or not would need to seek her out of all people When she learns the truth it may shatter than her heartAfter being saved from an imminent death Jarrid and his brothers learn the hard way at a very tender young age they were saved only to serve Years of servitude belittlement disrespect and punishment has lead to the teams utter hatred of Angel kind When Jarid learns a piece of information that could lead to The Bound's freedom he sets up what he feels is a concrete plan What he hadn't planned on was falling in love with the baitIn exuisite detail Tricia Skinner shows the city of Detroit in a whole new light One in which the murder count is still high but far beyond just random Angel Bait sheds light on the history of the Bound Ones their punishment and the Directorate that sees them as nothing than abominations that should not be allowed to live I highly recommend this book to both lovers of Urban Fantasy and Fallen Angels but only to those who are not the faint of heart More than a little bit of blood violence loyalty and love Angel Bait is one of those preuels that should not be skipped Review by Tiffany

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