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Bloody Mary ✫ [PDF] ✑ Bloody Mary By J.A. Konrath ✸ – Feisty female police officer Jack Daniels is back to solve her most compelling case yet From major new mystery talent J A Konrath comes the latest intoxicating cocktail in the Jack Daniels series Bloo Feisty female police officer Jack Daniels is back to solve her most compelling case yet From major new mystery talent J A Konrath comes the latest intoxicating cocktail in the Jack Daniels series Bloody MaryStart with a tough but vulnerable Chicago cop Add a hyperactive cat an ailing mother a jealous boyfriend a high maintenance ex husband and a partner in the throes of a mid life crisisStir in a psychopath littering the city with body parts Mix with eual parts humor and suspense and enjoy Bloody Mary the second novel in the funny frightening world of Lieutenant Jacueline Jack DanielsJoin Jack as she struggles to repair her train wreck of a personal life while tracking down and convicting one of the scariest serial killers in recent memory a killer for whom getting caught is only the beginning.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Bloody Mary
  • J.A. Konrath
  • English
  • 15 September 2016
  • 9780786890743

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10 thoughts on “Bloody Mary

  1. Stephen Stephen says:

    JA Konrath aka Jack Kilborn writes unhinged serial murdering nutbagaloons as good as anyone in crimemystery and that’s what elevates this series above just another standard “also ran” of the genre His bad guys jar you with their killings They torture They mutilate They dismember They even EAT They are designed to shock and they do their job proficiently while Konrath enthusiastically delivers color commentary on the festivities like a hometown football announcer hopped up on caffeine The killer in this one is several shades of sicko worse than “The Gingerbread Man” from Whiskey Sour which is saying something Our psycho du jour suffers from debilitating headaches that only moderate after he has savagely ripped apart a human being which he seriously loves to do Add to this personality uirk that our mental case has a deep seated hatred for our main character and the stage is set for another tension filled gruesome murder investigation Beyond that this is an entertaining but very formulaic garden variety crime series with an engaging but stereo typical protagonist in the form of smart hard working no frills Chicago homicide detective Jacueline “Jack” Daniels Jack is certainly likeable but I wouldn’t tune in just to see what she’s up to as she constantly strives to balance her 80 hour work weeks with some semblance of a social life with her very understanding boyfriend This series isn’t about the main character like it in when I pick up the next Matt Scudder novel by Lawrence Block or Burke novel by Andrew Vachss The Jack Daniels mysteries so far at least have all been about the bad guys Along with Jack and the truly excellent villains the story includes a host of your usual genre staples The overweight good natured partner with the heart of gold; The politically incorrect coroner making inappropriate stiff jokes; Healthy doses of police procedural and witness interrogations; Cat and mouse shenanigans between the cops and the killer; The career minded DA looking for the next high profile case; and The lewd shady ex cop turned private investigator that seems to alternate between friend and foe Of course even the to the standard fare Konrath drops in his own little touches of depravity like the mild mannered corpse banging mortician You know just to spice things up with a little kink Overall this is a fun fast well written thriller with some mood lightening humor that is kept a cut above standard by the exceptional “nightmare inducing” bad guys Konrath inflicts on us The man has problems and I am a fan 35 stars Recommended

  2. Pat Pat says:

    Woo hoo now you're talking You can say whatever you like about this book except that it was boring From the blurb we have the tough but vulnerable Jack a hyperactive cat actually I'd say it was channelling Cujo at times an ailing mother a jealous boyfriend a high maintenance ex husband and a partner in the throes of a mid life crisis Chuck is a really nasty serial killer are any serial killers nice? who has his sights set on Jack and you're in for a high octane and very funny romp indeedOh that cat it made me laugh I've had cats for many years although now we are a one dog household That's because my two dearly departed cats used to terrorise that poor dog until they died Now I just can't do it to her again Whenever she sees a cat its panic stations Mr Friskers from this book had elements of some of my cats I love a cat with attitude or is that cattitude?Anyway I really enjoyed this book High art it is not but there's a lot going for it I'll certainly be continuing this very entertaining series

  3. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I really enjoyed the first Jack Daniels book but this one hit it big timeMaybe it's because so much happens in Jack's life this time or maybe it's because the bad guy is seriously bad Whatever the reason this story is cooking with gas An ex husband a boyfriend a former partner and a mortician with seriously bad behavior This book also has a perfect example of why I'm a dog person I really like Jack In many ways she reminds me of my other favorite policewoman Eve Dallas

  4. Tonya Tonya says:

    This is the second book of Jack Daniels mysteries series This is the first time ever reading this author I really enjoyed it I will be reading the entire series

  5. Jordan Anderson Jordan Anderson says:

    If you thought “Whiskey Sour” was too violent although this was tame compared to Blake Crouch or if it was too graphic seriously? Read Ed Lee if you want to be grossed out then “Bloody Mary” is most assuredly not the book for you Like any GOOD seuel Jack is back and this time there’s blood gore and enough action to keep even the most severe cases of ADHD entertained There’s always that worry about a “Sopho slump” when it comes to seuels and new books but that worry should be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind because “Bloody Mary” is not only a solid 2nd book in this series it’s even better than the firstLike I said Jack Daniels is back and better than ever As is my style I won’t give away and plot secrets or too many details that’s why YOU need to READ this but I will say that the villain in this one is bigger literally better and badder I know not really a word than the Gingerbread Man from “Whiskey” Jack is better as well She’s till dealing with her insomnia and personal problems but like any tweaked protagonist she’s the anti hero you can’t help but root forWhat also makes “Bloody Mary” better than it’s predecessor is it’s pacing it’s content and it’s plot “Whiskey” had all of those things no doubt but with this one all of those characteristics are better The writing is the same but even uicker as is the content although “Bloody Mary” lives up to it’s name in the bodily fluid factor I enjoyed the plot on “Mary” better because what Konrath presents here albeit a bit stretched and amped up can be something totally plausibleLike the first book “Bloody Mary” will have it’s haters but as I said in my last review don’t take soccer moms and uber conservative critiues as anything serious This novel was a powerhouse that is impossible to put down and keeps you wondering until the last second how Konrath will conclude I cannot wait to read “Rusty Nail” because if these 2 are any indication Konrath will deliver yet again

  6. Mort Mort says:

    I'm rewriting this because it doesn't matter what I put down it doesn't come close to the blurb for this bookIt was great very entertaining interesting and a pleasure to read What can I say?

  7. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    What can I say here? Over all on the whole I like this book and the one that came before it I like the chase I like the investigation I MOSTLY like JackI like Jack's new catI plan to get the next book in fact I've already sent for itThe problem is there are so many things I don't like that I can't justify giving than a three star ratingMr Konrath has a gift for giving us the thought processes of his maniacs This doesn't bother me I don't however enjoy detailed descriptions of what said maniac is doing with his tools of the trade Long detailed scenes of bloody gory perverse murder rape etc aren't what I read for I tend to skip over much of this On the brighter side I think there was a bit less of the graphic stuff here than there was in Whiskey SourAside from this we moved WAY over into the realm of romance and emotional angst here view spoiler we get treated to Jack in a romantic triangle Herb leaving his wife Jack having an almost complete nervous and emotional breakdown She does something that always drives me up the wall whether it takes place in fiction or in real life She dumps a descent guy who loves her for the creep who left her shattered back when Yes she goes back to her ex husbandwho dumps her again I get so sick of the bad boy thing Ever have a friend relative etc who was emotionally andor physically crushed and abused by someone they think they love? hide spoiler

  8. Susan Susan says:

    I love this book I find the humor that comes from Jack and her co worker amazing Jack had a hard decision to make when her mom fell and broke her hip Her mom didn't talk to her for a long time When Jack was injured on the job trying to stop a killer her mom come from Florida to move in with Jack When her mom showed up at the apartment she had Jack's ex husband with her and tried to hook them back up Jack had to go to court to testify against a fellow cop and killer He was set free and come after Jack and hurt her mom pretty badly and killed her mom's boyfriend Jack manages to kill Fuller and save her partnerbest friendI'm enjoying the series and can't wait to read the next one

  9. Vicki Willis Vicki Willis says:

    The second book in the series about Jack Daniels It was a good one A new villain in this one with another good storyline It was a thrillercomedy but not too much graphic violence I literally laughed out loud and thought Mr Friskers was hysterical I also enjoyed the inclusion of her mother and all those escapades The ex husband Alan found his way in as well but the author didn't really do the whole love triangle thing I will have to read on to see what happens there Recommended

  10. Freda Mans-Labianca Freda Mans-Labianca says:

    WOW What an intense storyIf you like graphic thrillers then you really need to read this series but especially this book Everyone gets their asses kicked in this one Many people die There is some graphic nastiness that goes on but it's a real page turner for me I just couldn't get enoughJack Daniels is bad assHerb her partner is bad ass tooBut Jack she really is smart and can figure out things that other cops just don't see Herb has a set of balls on him and is fiercely loyal They make a great teamI have the next one in the series and I really look forward to reading it

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