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There Is No Next ❮Read❯ ➮ There Is No Next Author Sam Smith – Thirty years after Michael Jordan’s first NBA game comes an oral history of his legendary career told by the men who played with him and against him coached him and witnessed first hand the iconic g Thirty years after Michael Jordan’s first NBA game comes an There Is eBook í oral history of his legendary career told by the men who played with him and against him coached him and witnessed first hand the iconic greatness of the most dominant athlete sports has ever seenFeaturing interviews with Larry Bird • Magic Johnson • Phil Jackson • Reggie Miller • Isiah Thomas • Reggie Theus • Chris Mullin • Doug Collins • Dominiue Wilkins • Steve Kerr • John Paxson • David Stern • Gregg Popovich • Derek Harper • Bill Walton • Karl Malone • Horace Grant • Joe Dumars • Danny Ainge • BJ Armstrong • Marv Albert • Grant Hill • Jerry Colangelo • Bill Cartwright • Jerry Reinsdorf • Johnny Bach • Rod Thorn • Rick Barry • Kevin Loughery • David Axelrod • President Barack Obama • and many Written by Sam Smith—author  of the New York Times bestseller THE JORDAN RULES and recent inductee  into the NBA Hall of Fame—There Is No Next assembles a cast of Hall of Famers teammates opponents coaches and others who experienced the ferocious drive and unparalleled greatness that defined Jordan’s career Packed with previously untold stories and stunning insight into Jordan and his six championships There Is No Next is the last word on why there has never been and will never be another Michael Jordan.

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  1. Dante Dante says:

    I came across this book at the library; having read Sam Smith's previous Jordan books The Jordan Rules and Second Coming I looked forward to reading this oneVerdict if you're a fan of Michael Jordan and the Bulls for 30 years as I am there's a lot to like here and it's a uick read despite some problems I had with the writingThis book has a real self published feel to it even if it's not that I found disappointing from a professional writer like Smith Not that the writing is terrible it's functional and doesn't aspire to be poetic However at various points throughout the book I found myself having to re read a sentence multiple times in some cases to decode and comprehend whatever it was Smith was trying to say; Smith could have used an editor who could have pointed out the multiple places where he could have been clear or graceful in his sentence constructionFurther interspersed among his reportingstorytelling throughout the book are excerpts from interviews Smith conducted with various athletes executives etc even President Obama chimes in The interviews are reported verbatim apparently unedited which does a disservice to some of the people featured in the book who aren't the most elouent polished speakers I think Smith could have refined the presentation of what they said as reporters did for Jordan throughout his career which had a positive effect on the public's perception of Jordan as a public speaker though he's definitely above average without such protection from Chicago's provincial reporters without compromising his journalistic integrity It would have made for a better reading experienceFor these reasons I was convinced that Smith didn't work with an editor on this book as I didn't recall having the same reaction to The Jordan Rules and Second Coming when I read them years ago In the Author's Notes chapter that ends the book Smith states that he considers himself a journalist so than a writer compared to say David Halberstram whom Smith praises within these pages as a personal hero rightfully so which I'd say is a fair assessment given his writing in this bookThen in the last paragraph of the book Smith reveals that his son edited the book So he had an editor after all; however I'd say he was better served by the editors who worked on The Jordan Rules and Second ComingAnyway I don't think the book's flaws are crippling and Jordan fans will probably gladly suffer them while taking this trip down memory lane with Sam Smith The book is a uick read and enjoyable the aforementioned problems I had with it notwithstanding

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Realistically this is say 425 stars Given that it was a read along for Last Dance I’ll give it a bump The interviews and comments from former players is the real benefit to the book The rest of MJs story is pretty well covered elsewhere so if Sam Smith glossed over some details it was no biggy in my mind

  3. Ted Mieszczanski Ted Mieszczanski says:

    Great book Great insight from Jordan’s peers If you are a fan of the game and one of its best players you must read this book

  4. Dean Dean says:

    Proved his thesis but he was preaching to the choir I was already a true believer but good to be reminded how much Kobe and LeBron miss the mark

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