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  1. Trish Trish says:

    Canadian writer Gerry Fostaty’s first novel is a delight from start to finish Fostaty takes up the eminently reasonable but hitherto underused concept that the acting profession is excellent training for undercover police work An acting troupe improvises their way through street theatre of the life and death variety using their acting experience stage props and street smarts to outwit a drug gang that has kidnapped the son of a friend What makes the novel especially engaging is its essentially amateur nature and its proximity to the lives we lead now The details of searching for teens through internet web links are intriguing Twitter feeds Facebook profiles and the tendency to geotag locations could ultimately unravel our most ambitious plans Easily available online data is something the police ramped up as they are for bigger fry are unlikely to use They would go at the problem with force but less cunningThe “bad boy” nature of the kidnapped teen is all too familiar Son of a Parliament member on the verge of reelection he acts out his resentment at his lack of parental attention by involving himself in illegal drugs which means the police are not welcome participants in the search Our leading man Michael begins a half hearted and desultory web search for information about the kidnapped boy to ingratiate himself with an attractive actress in his troupe That initial foray actually yields clues which eventually turn the hunt for the missing boy into a major productionThe willing suspension of disbelief is critical in stage productions and likewise with this wonderful series This is street theatre of the best sort Set during the Fall election and theatre season in Toronto this art is close to home in all ways Highly recommended for a completely refreshing change of pace

  2. Matt Matt says:

    Fostaty reached out and asked that I read through his recent publication offering an honest review which is how STAGE BUSINESS found its way into my possession Michael Dion is not a detective nor does he play one on television or on stage for that matter In trying to curry favour with a fellow actress during a rehearsal Michael volunteers to help Amanda locate a friend's son Seventeen year old Kyle stormed off after an argument with his mom and failed to return the next morning Amanda and Michael agree to do all they can to locate him and bring him back home though neither has much experience in the sleuthing department Michael pokes around some leads and discovers that Kyle may have been involved in Toronto's rave scene peddling drugs to attendees Kyle gets caught up in a power struggle and is taken captive by a number of unsavoury characters whose identities come to light only after Michael crossing their paths at a rave Michael and Amanda work with a closely knit group to stage a transfer in order to return Kyle to his family What begins as a covert operation soon spills over into the public sphere leaving Michael holding the bag and the authorities poking around Fostaty offers up some interesting social commentary about the world of acting and life in Canada's largest city An interesting first novel leaving much room for growthWhen first asked to read this novel I was unsure what to expect I promised to give it a try and see what I thought as I have with a number of previous author led ueries While the story has a solid foundation and premise I found it a little wordy and somewhat tangential at times Perhaps I am too inundated by popular fiction or NYT bestselling authors but I found myself giving the proverbial hand roll on occasion and skimming paragraphs to get to the heart of the story While set in Toronto the story does not utilise its locale to the full extent possible I will not refer to other well grounded Canadian authors who have mastered Toronto or other places to their advantage but I would have liked a little focus on the city rather than dropping street names The characters had some development but again I found myself flitting between interest in them and wanting to see how they fit into the larger story A decent first attempt in the publication world and I could see myself trying another novel if only to determine how he's grownDecent work Mr Fostaty Thanks for reaching out and I hope to see you develop your craft in the coming yearsLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at

  3. Jen Jen says:

    After a riveting personal account of Canadian tragedy Fostaty makes his foray into fiction with the same attention to detail Stage Business is a great mystery novel with an intriguing cast of uniue characters to keep you enthralled

  4. Leslie Shearn Leslie Shearn says:

    Gerry FostatyA uick read and light thriller focusing on actor Michael Dion who is wiling to do anything to grab the attention of co star Amanda When one day troubled about her friend Karen missing son Michael volunteers to be of help and much to his surprise it is accepted by Amanda Michael soon finds himself in the world of raves and drug dealing neither of which he had any knowledge of prior to this adventure With his involvement snowballing he soon finds that he has involved acting friend Nigel a distant friend of Kyle's Bid as well as the attractive Amanda and Kyle's Mother Karen Michael found himself beat up kidnapped and working impromptu to get out of his predicaments Using combined stage experiences the team showcase their skills of the stage by utilizing props and acting to find and free the spoiled Kyle Stage Business will leave you chuckling and at the edge of your seat This is a book that begs for a continuation of Michaels adventures and leaves the door open for it I found it to be a completely enjoyable book and like the idea of finding my self chuckling throughout I particularly loved the surprise ending If there is a second book I will be eagerly waiting for it

  5. Max Mclaughlin Max Mclaughlin says:

    Stage Business is a novel set in the theatre world of Toronto Michael Dion an actor preparing for a new play is drawn into a dangerous set of circumstances when he attempts to impress an attractive co worker by helping the son of a friend in needThis is Fostaty’s first novel and he draws from his years of personal experience in the Toronto theatre scene His uirky cast of characters are instantly recognizable by anyone who has spent anytime at all backstage in Canadian theatresThe audience for this book is not just made up of actors and ex actors; anyone who enjoys a tightly plotted yet light spirited crime novel will enjoy this tale While Fostaty deals with dark plot elements his natural ebullience keeps the story moving wellHighly recommended

  6. Jo Morningstar Jo Morningstar says:

    A fantastic read I was pleasantly surprised I didn't think I would enjoy reading this as much as I did I definitely recommend this book

  7. Kristin Scearce Kristin Scearce says:

    This book was unlike anything I've read before in that the characters are stage actors playing detectives in order to solve a case on their own without involving police due to specific reasons that are laid out over the course of the story It makes total sense now but I never would've thought that undercover police work is basically just acting so who better than actual actors to do the work? It's such an interesting story and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a little mystery and detective stories with a bit of a twist on the usual45 stars

  8. Norman Hall Norman Hall says:

    Gerry Fostaty's STAGE BUSINESS is an easy pleasurable read loaded with edge of your seat action and brilliant doses of wit and humorThe plot wrapped in the clothing of the theater and its cast of characters takes us on a thrilling ride into the world of small time drug dealers raves and gangs in TorontoDuring the last angst filled days of a play rehearsal we are treated to actor Michael Dion's first person account as he is lured by his lust for fellow actor Amanda into helping her find Kyle the missing 17 year old son of her friend Through Kyle's Facebook friends Michael is led to the Dragon Lady otherwise known as Megan Megan is a Trustafarian Bohemian trust fund brat who is a symbol of what Fostaty sees as the current generation of self centered 20 somethings who crave praise but without having to do the work to warrant itMegan directs Michael and Amanda to the site of a rave where Kyle had been abducted by The Pack Boys for dealing drugs in their territory It is only Michael's continued high hopes of winning over Amanda's affections that uell his increasing nervousness as he is drawn deeper into Kyle's world and investigates his disappearanceIn his theater life Michael still has to get off book memorize his lines which he does with the help of his friend and co star Nigel It is Nigel along with Bid the stage manager and Tamara the costumer who are to play important roles in the drama developing off stage in the real world Along with Michael and Amanda Nigel Bid and Tamara stage a real life drama to rescue Kyle The rescue uses all the actors' skills while utilizing the props and special effects of a theater production One is distinctly left with the feeling that if you are in a serious scrape a theater company is exactly what you need backing you upThe story would perhaps have benefited from some of the action scenes being lengthened On rare occasions the novel becomes pedantic dwelling too much on the details of the theater and Fostaty's social commentary The pace uickly picks up howeverSTAGE BUSINESS succeeds in creating enough tension with twists and turns to keep the reader uncertain as to the outcome It also delivers a surprise in Michael's uest for love As a bonus Fostaty's background as an actor provides genuine insight into the theater world The novel works the characters are believable and the plot rings true STAGE BUSINESS is a worthy first novel It is easy to envision meeting some of the characters again should Fostaty opt to create a seriesNorman Hall author Four Stones

  9. HKelleyB HKelleyB says:

    Stage Business is Canadian author Gerry Fostaty’s debut novel Written in British UK English it is a well crafted mystery The story takes place in the city of Toronto where the cast and crew of a theater company use their talents to rescue a kidnapped kid and to thwart the efforts of the gang that holds him captiveThe kidnapped kid is Kyle the seventeen year old son of Karen and Rob Eaton Karen is the best friend of Amanda Clarke Amanda is an actress and the secret crush of Michael Dion an actor in the same play as Amanda Michael is pals with Nigel Holmes a British born actor Elizabeth Stackhouse also known as Bid is their stage manager When Karen tells Amanda that Kyle is missing this unlikely group led by Michael bands together to locate and rescue Kyle Locating him proves to be the easy part It will take all of their theatrical skills to rescue Kyle without any of them becoming victims themselvesI particularly liked the micro stories incorporated into the novel especially the one about the milk and the soccer auditionAll mysteries fall somewhere on the vast mystery spectrum Stage Business with its pleasing but somewhat implausible plot makes this novel lean towards the cozy mystery than the amateur sleuth spectrum But it has elements of bothuirky characters give this mystery its momentum The dialogue is at times sharp and funny My only complaint What was the play they were rehearsing? I know it isn’t germane but inuiring minds like mine like to know these detailsStage Business is a clean uick read Entertaining and enjoyable Give it a read 3 starsHKelleyB is an editor proofreader and book reviewer This honest review is given in exchange for a free copy of this e book

  10. Christine Sparacino Christine Sparacino says:

    Michael Dion is a stage actor involved with a small theater company preparing for a new performance He wants desperately to attract and romance Amanda an ambitious and and budding star This leads him into a crazy seuence of happenstances trying to rescue Kyle the teenage son of Amanda's friend Kyle has fallen into the bad graces of a ruthless drug gang who have kidnapped him After some frightening challenges Michael together with his friends who are fellow actors use they're stage smarts and clever tricks to outwit the bad guys and rescue the teen This story is a fun romp Michael's friends are interesting and believable There is a good mix of characters with easy to follow dialog I especially liked Michael's good friend Nigel He is a shrewd attractive and well developed personality who could probably hold his own in another novel The story unfolds with tight writing and good pacing and at the same time is filled with fascinating backstage theatrical information I learned uite a bit of new information about production and props used in the theater such as painting the stage floor black at the end of the performance runThe writing is tight and polished using fun similes such as it was rather like trying to avoid a Labrador Retriever when you had a pocketful of cookies I also liked the infusion of Twitter and geocaching in the story Of course these young characters are well versed in social media so It is totally believable and adds to their credibility

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Stage Business❰Read❯ ➲ Stage Business Author Gerry Fostaty – Crime and Deception in The Theatre Michael Dion is an actor not a detective but when Amanda an attractive actress asks him to help her find Kyle her friend's rebellious son how can he refuse The gig t Crime and Deception in The Theatre Michael Dion is an actor not a detective but when Amanda an attractive actress asks him to help her find Kyle her friend's rebellious son how can he refuse The gig turns out to be much than Michael had bargained for Kyle has fallen into the clutches of small ­time drug dealers Egged on by Amanda Michael bluffs and blusters his way to secure the boy's release The thugs overreact putting Michael's life at risk until his fellow actors and special effects artists come to his rescue.