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That Sunday Afternoon [PDF / Epub] ☆ That Sunday Afternoon ✩ Veda Boyd Jones – Mike is playing ball at Ryan's house when he gets a phone call from his mom who's at friends' house telling him to head home because of an impending thunderstorm Normally he would have asked to wait t Mike is playing ball at Ryan's house when he gets a phone call from his mom who's at friends' house telling him to head home because of an impending thunderstorm Normally he would have asked to wait the storm out at Ryan's but he still has homework and it's already after five on Sunday afternoon He rides his bike to his house and goes inside when the tornado sirens start That Sunday Epub / screaming He checks the local weather on TV and sees a giant funnel cloud on the TV tower cam before the electricity goes off He and his sister run for the basement Then everything changes Although this novel is fiction the events of the F tornado that devastated Joplin Missouri are very real.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 126 pages
  • That Sunday Afternoon
  • Veda Boyd Jones
  • English
  • 28 February 2016

About the Author: Veda Boyd Jones

Veda Boyd Jones enjoys the challenge of writing for diverse readers She is the author of forty two books five children's historical novels twenty one children's biographies three children's nonfiction books three picture books nine romance novels and a coloring book Other published works include over articles and stories in children's and adult magazines Cricket Highlights Humpty Du.

7 thoughts on “That Sunday Afternoon

  1. Marie Marie says:

    Excellent fictional taleI literally could not put this book down The storyline and characters gripped me from the very beginning I highly recommend

  2. Linda Johnson Linda Johnson says:

    Gripping true story

  3. Caryn Caryn says:

    That Sunday Afternoon is a very powerful look into the lives of those touched by a killer F 5 tornado based upon the one that struck in Joplin Missouri The emotions are raw as the story begins yet I found they seemed to wane as the story progressed and I don't understand why that was The repetition of certain things such as repeated comments as they were dropped by one character and then picked up by another was confusing and unnecessary; ie Donna to Emma The tale is told from a young man's perspective and at the opening of the story I believed him to be of Middle School age Yet as the events continued to unfold his devestation over the High School being demolished had me thinking he was in High School This further led to ambiguity in the recallings of that day on the young man's part That Sunday Afternoon seemed to be told from a younger boy's view as it had a lot of uncertainty and fear showing through as he replayed the events from that Sunday forward A light at the end of all this darkness was the conception of Project Hope by the narrator and his best friend They had an idea and carried it through to fruition providing for the replenishment of the many trees that were lost while also allowing homeowners to beautify the land around their dwelling So if you ever wondered what it would be like to be caught in the middle of a destructive F 5 tornado no matter how greatly or how little you were struck this book will show you in a very real way and it will also show you how no matter how big or how small your losses were everyone feels it's effects in the aftermath

  4. Mary Mary says:

    Being that this is a fictional account on real and devastating events I don't give this book three stars lightly I did not personally go through the Joplin tornado but I was only a few minutes away from the Moore tornado of 2013 and two weeks later feared the worst when we were in the direct path of the El Reno tornado before it unexpectedly turned But tragic events such as these does not mean the story was a literary accomplishment The story gets the tornado out of the way at the very beginningas in within the first few pages There is absolutely no build up no real intensity during the tornado scene and then suddenly it is all over The entire climax of the book has come and gone in the blink of an eye and in the first few pages to boot The rest of the book becomes anticlimactic From everything I have been taught on writing throughout elementary school high school and college this is a poor way of writing regardless of the topic fiction or nonfictionOne thing that bothered me was Mike's focus on superficial things At the beginning post tornado his concern with not being able to return a library book and similar concerns are understandable because he is young and doesn't uite yet understand the concept of the conseuences of this storm He sees what his friend Ryan is going through and reminds himself he has it good in comparison as Ryan and his family have lost everything Yet he never takes these reminders to heart and his concerns remain superficial throughout the entire story like wondering when his family will finally get their cable back on I was sitting there thinking this is a GREAT opportunity to teach young readers the importance of gratitude for life but instead the author completely misses that opportunity and Mike never grows up in that regard In fact I was displeased to see how the author had Mike believing Ryan was basically brainwashed by his parents when they had to move to a town 30 minutes away so they could have a home and jobs again Look I understand wanting to portray the difficulties of having a best friend move away That's hard on any kid regardless of the circumstances But by the end of the book with Mike repeatedly telling himself throughout that Ryan lost so much you'd think the author could at least have Mike display a little compassion and perhaps even some happiness that Ryan will have a real home again while perhaps still battling his struggle at losing his best friend I'm giving it three stars because for young adult fiction I truly do appreciate that it is going the route of showing how devastating these situations can be There is loss of life Loss of homes Loss of normalcy Though the book does it in a very choppy fashion there is real grittiness to it So many YA books are too focused on PG versions of Fifty Shades a real travesty so I love that this brings real life to young readers who should not be sheltered from these things After all there is a real aftermath that follows these real storms But the book could have showed it so much better while keeping it completely realistic

  5. George George says:

    A fictionalized glimpse of the effects and aftermath of the 2011 Joplin Missouri Tornado Even though written as fiction most of the events are based on true stories The book does a great job balancing the various reactions and emotions from shock guilt feelings of dislocation and hope It also doesn't shy away from portraying some of the gruesome scenes of death and destruction But it doesn't dwell on those scenes A short book but a great read

  6. Pam Jackson-gorsline Pam Jackson-gorsline says:

    Life changingOh my gosh to live through a tornado of that magnitude would certainly change your life Even though this story is fiction the reality would be very similar to this story

  7. Stormie Stormie says:

    Awesome bookAwesome book I am a storm lover and this being a true story hits the heart Awesome job on the book

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