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Im Schatten der Schwestern (The Curse, #2) ✤ Im Schatten der Schwestern (The Curse, #2) Download ➸ Author Emily Bold – Ich fühlte dass das Herz unter meinen Fingern nicht länger schlug Ein Wort trieb durch meinen wirren Verstand Verrat Ich hob den Blick und sah in seine Augen Eine Träne heiß wie glühendes Eisen b Ich fühlte dass das Herz unter meinen Fingern nicht länger schlug Ein Wort trieb durch meinen wirren Verstand Verrat Ich hob den Blick und sah in seine Augen Eine Träne heiß wie glühendes Eisen brannte sich ihren Weg meine Wange hinab und fiel ungehindert Im Schatten PDF/EPUB or auf die blutige ErdeNachdem Vanoras Fluch gebrochen war schien dem Glück der beiden nun nichts mehr im Wege zu stehen Doch dann offenbart ihnen Paytons Bruder Sean eine bittere Wahrheit Es ist noch nicht vorbei Diesmal liegt Paytons Schicksal allein in Samanthas Händen Wird es ihnen gelingen das Geheimnis der fünf Schwestern zu lösenDie Reise ins Unbekannte führt Samantha dorthin zurück wo alles begann – und zurück in die Arme des Schotten der ihr Herz durch alle Zeit in seinen Händen hält.

10 thoughts on “Im Schatten der Schwestern (The Curse, #2)

  1. Debby Debby says:

    The second book in the series The Curse – Breath of YesterdaySam and Payton thought everything was done and over after Nathaira’s death which broke the curse In this story we find Payton recovering from his injuries and he and Sam are in happy land Unfortunately fate has something different in store for the couple and Sean must reveal the truth of what happened prior to Nathaira’s death It turns out that Nathaira has imposed a new curse on Payton with her last breaths which is supposed to make him painfully die and only the blood of Vanora who was killed that horrid day1740 can save his life This time Payton’s fate is in Sam’s hands and she must solve the legend about five sisters It is the key to unlocking this second curse and Sam Payton and his brother Sean set out to find out if it is possible to travel between the times Their struggle to keep Payton alive has only just begun and when hope starts to slowly vanish Sam accidentally finds a portal that takes them back in time to Scotland in 1740 But how can she get to the blood of Vanora she must adapt and finds her away around this new world she has entered to complete her mission of finding Vanora’s blood The fete will take on all the courage she can muster for the Payton who is slowly fading away for her in 2010As with the first novel the ages of the Hh and what they are taking on in my opinion are for someone of maturity and not in their teens I like the fact that EB introduces the Payton from 1740 and stirs up the conflict in Sam between the twothe Payton from the past and the Payton from the future In any case their love is so strong for each other that it doesn’t matter what era of time it is as she must save he love from certain death The author manages to take the reader into a beautiful world and I found myself wanting to listen to the end of this one too Very well written and the narration by Justine Eyre was on key45 Stars

  2. RegyShai RegyShai says:

    Second book was definitely better than the first but some moments in this book is just ridiculous Where are Sam’s family the whole book?

  3. Leigh Goldian Leigh Goldian says:

    Just as good as the first one So this is the second book in this series and to tell you the truth I’m pleasantly surprised by how good it was Normally I have a hard time enjoying seuels to books I find online but this one was just as well written and just as great of a story as the first one It totally sucked me in I definitely recommend this series

  4. Teya Teya Teya Teya says:

    I was excited for this series however upon reaching 24 per cent of the book I e upon the f bomb Now if you don't have a problem with that word by all means read it I on the other hand do like like that word I tolerate a couple others however NOT that one I may skip this page and try once and may be it won't e there It's just frustrating for me I feel that there are 're intelligent words or thing to say Even if the situation nope not even then Otherwise I think it's a great story fun and different

  5. Sandy Sandy says:

    Book 2 of the trilogy call The Curse that recommended that I would like and figured it make for some easy reading Also cheap 3 books for less than 3 Why not The book continues where it left off at the end of the first book but then starts with a twist and back to Scotland the story goes The part that I distrusted was that book then referenced to an event that happened in the Outlander series by Diana Galdabon What? Why? Well just like the series we send the main character back in time and try to fit in to Scottish living in the 1740s Deja VuYes Copycatkind of this is a teen adult book so the sex did not exist other than that pretty much the same As a result it was predicitable but with new inputs to the events that made the first books background interesting Just hard to swallow the repeat of another way better book than this one

  6. Jeanie& Jeanie& says:

    Time travel? Can you go back to retrieve a article and prevent a tragedy in the present? How can you be in the past and not affect the future? What will you learn about yourself in the past? All of these uestions and are presented and answered in this novel as Sam and her love Payton try to remove a curse that may well end him

  7. Julia M Julia M says:

    😊This is such a wonderful series I am so glad it has been translated into English I am looking forward to the last book in the series and any other books from this author that might be translated into English

  8. Suzee Suzee says:

    Meaty MiddleThe narration style of thirdalternating with first person works well for this seriesI'm too tired to write a good reviewbutjust read these threethey are wonderful so far

  9. Dionne Dionne says:

    November in Scotland doesn’t have any midgies as the first frosts in October kill them and you wouldn’t be sleeping rough outside in just a t shirt without freezing to death But other than those few facts an OK story

  10. Samantha herbert Samantha herbert says:

    ExcitingI loved the ruggedness and raw energy that I felt reading this book It made me feel young again Great story well written Thoroughly enjoyed it

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