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Pacific Burn (Jim Brodie #3) [Reading] ➸ Pacific Burn (Jim Brodie #3) By Barry Lancet – In the third book in “what will likely be a long and successful series” San Francisco Magazine Japanese antiues dealer and PI Jim Brodie goes up against the CIA FBI Department of Homeland Security In the third book in “what will likely be a long and successful series” San Francisco Magazine Japanese antiues dealer and PI Jim Brodie goes up against the CIA FBI Department of Homeland Security—and a killer operating on both sides of the PacificIn recognition for his role in solving the Japantown murders in San Francisco antiues dealer and sometime PI Jim Brodie has just been brought on as the liaison for the mayor’s new Pacific Rim Friendship Program Brodie in turn recruits his friend the renowned Japanese artist Ken Nobuki and after a promising meeting with city officials and a picture perfect photo op Brodie and Nobuki leave City Hall for a waiting limoBut as soon as they exit the building a sniper attacks them from the roof of the Asian Art Museum uick thinking allows Brodie to escape but Nobuki ends up hospitalized and in a coma Brodie soon realizes that with the suspicious and untimely death of Nobuki’s oldest son a week earlier in Napa Valley someone may be targeting his friend’s family—and killing them off one by oneSuspects are nearly too numerous to name—and could be in the United States or anywhere along the Pacific Rim The uest for answers takes Brodie from his beloved San Francisco to Washington DC in a confrontation with the DHS the CIA and the FBI; then on to Tokyo Kyoto and beyond in search of what his Japanese sources tell him is a legendary killer in both senses of the word—said to be rumor than real but deadlier than anything else they’ve ever encountered if the whispers are true.

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  1. Gail C. Gail C. says:

    What a fast paced gripping novel It plunges you right into the middle of a murder going 90 miles an hour and picks up speed from there It’s the third in a series featuring Jim Brodie owner of a detective agency in Japan and part time antiue dealer specializing in Japanese artifacts Brodie would like nothing than to leave the world of detective work and become strictly an antiue dealer; but circumstances keep drawing him back into a world of crime and intrigue This novel works well as a stand alone as I expect the other two do as wellThere are numerous fight scenes throughout the novel featuring various martial arts moves The scenes are so well written the reader can almost see them playing out in front of them even without martial arts training The glimpse into Japan and the Japanese culture is consistent although never so much the reader feels bogged down Brodie’s experience in and understanding of Japan its culture and its people is so well portrayed it translates to the reader without any additional explanation being reuiredIn this story Brodie is called to a crime scene where he encounters the only witness to murder a child who is also the grandson of a good friend Fast forward to Brodie and his friend leaving a venue where a cooperative art exchange has been created As Brodie and friend Ken exit the building a sniper opens fire striking Ken in the head This sets up a whirlwind of activity on Brodie’s part featuring globe trotting between the US and Japan as well as some travel within the US when Ken’s daughter becomes part of his concernThis is the type of novel that has the reader reading “just one chapter” until suddenly they realize it’s 200 in the morning and they have to be up at 600 to go to work Once the book has been put down it isn’t surprising to find the mind wandering back to its pages wondering what is going to happen next and getting back to reading it as soon as possible Because of that urge to find out what happens next and to finish the novel the book becomes a fast readThere is a mystery element to the novel Who is behind the killings that seem to have targeted both Ken’s family and Brodie Brodie comes face to face with the contract killer on several occasions and manages through some well honed martial arts skills to survive these attacks While he is aware there is a contract on both his life and the lives of Ken’s family he has difficulty determining who has employed the killer The killer a well known assassin with the trade name of Steam Walker has a reputation of being unbeatable and unstoppable unless the contract is cancelledMy only criticism of the book is that after several fights they seemed to become somewhat tedious It felt like some of them could have been left out without sacrificing the story or the intensity of the book as there seemed to be a few too many almost successes on Brodies part followed by a few too many unexpected setbacks Still the book is a strong entry into the crime thriller genre and is one I would recommend to anyone who likes a hard charging sometimes heart pumping read There are numerous deaths and fights so this is not one for those who prefer the gentle type of detective fictionThank you to Simon and Schuster Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an Advanced Digital Read copy of this novel in exchange for an honest unbiased review This is one I would recommend to any of my friends who like thriller type novels

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    I received this book as a Goodreads giveawayJim Brodie is an antiues dealer single father and reluctant private investigator When Brodie's friend Japanese artist Ken Nobuki's son is murdered and an attempt is made on Ken's life also Brodie resolves to find the assassin and protect Ken's remaining family members This mission sends him to Japan where Brodie Security an agency founded by his father is locatedBrodie is a likable protagonist sensitive and strong The plot of the novel includes current events like the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima Author Lancet who has lived in Japan for than twenty years is meticulous in his descriptions of all things Japanese There are wonderful references to Japanese antiuities culinary delicacies geographic locales and modern cultural phenomena like cosplay and vocaloid The many twists and turns and the unpredictable ending made the book a pleasure to read Pacific Burn is the third book is the series but it isn't necessary to have read any of the other novels to enjoy this one I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys thrillers and Japanese cultureMany thanks to Simon Schuster

  3. Meredith Meredith says:

    With an emphasis on Japan and Japanese art the Jim Brodie seriesPacific Burn presents an interesting take on the PI genre Brodie is likable and I was actually surprised by who was revealed to be the villain in the storyThis is first book in the series that I have read and I wished that I had read the two previous books before reading this one not because I was confused or needed additional information to understand the plot but because I wanted insight into Brodie's characterpast

  4. Amy Rogers Amy Rogers says:

    ScienceThrillerscom reviewBarry Lancet delivers again in Pacific Burn book #3 of the Jim Brodie series that began with his award winning debut Japantown This time Brodie’s connections in the art world entangle him in a web of violence on both sides of the Pacific when members of a famed ceramicist’s family are being murdered one by one The killer is Japan’s most secretive legendary assassin The Shadow Walker a legend born amid the hot fuming vents of a volcano near Japan’s PompeiiWhat sets Pacific Burn and the other Brodie thrillers apart from other well written suspenseaction novels on the market is the Japanese flavor Author Barry Lancet is an American who has lived in Japan for decades His intimate personal knowledge of the history language culture geography and especially the art of Japan suffuses the book As usual Lancet includes several scenes that Japanophiles will salivate over In this installment readers visit a cosplay convention and manga museum a temple a bamboo forest an active volcano and of course several different types of Japanese restaurants including a terrific scene involving fugu the poisonous pufferfish In Tokyo Kill I learned about the history of samurai swords In this volume there’s an introduction to the art of Japanese tea bowls Brodie’s life and the murders in this story are also anchored in the San Francisco area and we’re treated to a couple of scenes in NapaThe Jim Brodie character remains a reluctant hero trying to hold together a dual life as a dealer in rarified Japanese art and head of a Tokyo based security agency while raising a young daughter alone Brodie is a widower a plot line you can follow in Japantown His extraordinary prowess with martial arts combined with street fighting techniues is brilliantly described by Lancet in his fight scenes which walk the line between superheroism and human frailtyIf you enjoyed Japantown or Tokyo Kill you’ll be pleased to see that the uality continues with Pacific Burn If you’re a thriller fan who hasn’t read Lancet’s series get on board You can read the books in any order because they are stand alones though you might want to start with #1 Japantown Heck get all three books because binge reading is likely

  5. Barry Hammond Barry Hammond says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised by the third book in this so far trilogy of thrillers by Barry Lancet I was expecting a run of the mill international thriller but his stuff is definitely a cut above the usual standard The writing is brisk clean and intelligent and everything seemed well researched and believable The combination of the artantiue world with that of political corruption and assassination is an unusual combination and he pulls it off deftly Absolutely want to read his other work at some point Good stuff BH

  6. Bea Bea says:

    35 starsI've been looking forward to this book since I read the previous one Tokyo Kill If you haven't read either of the earlier books no problem; this works fine as as a stand aloneJim Brodie lives part time in the US and part time in Japan; he works as a fine arts dealer but also owns a private investigation firm in Japan Often as in Pacific Burn his worlds coincide Brodie can't help but get involved when an artist friend and his family are attacked Up against an assassin who's meticulous ruthless and seemingly everywhere Brodie is under pressure to keep his friend's family aliveFor most of the book I was clueless as to who was responsible for hiring the killer and why I had only one guess as to the identity but I was wrong When Lancet revealed the identity I was completely surprised The story was a high octane mix of action and mystery with some history and art added in But Lancet didn't ignore the characters; Brodie and the others are shaded and complex You won't find any cookie characters here The locations both in the US and Japan aren't cookie cutter either but essential t the storyDetailed fast paced twisty there were a few times when the story dragged and I missed the complexity of Tokyo Kill Nevertheless the story kept me reading wanting to know and to see how Brodie and his people would solve the mystery Along the way I learned about Japan and art always a bonus

  7. Doseofbella Doseofbella says:

    Pacific Burn Book 3By Barry LancetPublished By Simon SchusterCopy Courtesy of Goodreads GiveawayReviewed By tkAn international thriller delivered by the uniue and exceptional talent of Barry LancetPI Jim Brodie is about to embark on another incredible adventure From San Francisco Tokyo and beyond Jim has no idea how to uit He must save his friend and their family from be killed where the stand Sounds fairly easy right? Find the person or persons responsible and that should take care of the problem Brodie is now involved with CIA FBI and any other agency that wants a part of the action Continuous action and unnerving possibilities and did I mention a killer as legendary and lethal as no other human on earth Jim Brodie will be challenged at every turn Some say the writers write what they know I would have to say Barry Lancet has the true edge here His phenomenal life experiences along with an incredible mind for imagination is epic in his novels Japantown and Tokyo Burn are excellent and Pacific Burn is over the top I truly can’t hardly wait for the next adventure I am envious of his amazing talent and hope that you will enjoy them as much as I have It is not reuired that you read them in order however you won’t be disappointed to read them all55

  8. Hannah Hannah says:

    DNF but I read most of it I just skipped every 5 or so chapters because I could not continue to put effort into it I thought the characters were shallow the dialogue was weird and there were so many cliches Overall though it just wasn't my genre so if you like kind of corny detective stories you'll probably enjoy it The author put a lot of effort into the art and the setting so that was a plus

  9. Andy Plonka Andy Plonka says:

    While still a good book this one is heavy on the hand to hand combat and lighter on Japanese culture and art The mystery seems to be carrying over to the next one in the series

  10. Linda Linda says:

    My does these books getter better and BETTER I liked the way Brodie took the little boy in his arms to comfort him when he saw his dad lying dead on a art sculpture and he had been told that the boy stayed with his dad all night as he chanted over and over Brodie's name in Japanese Brodie had been the key to uniting the countries of the Pacific Rim together for a major art showing Once he learned that not only that the boy's dad was a target but his long time friend and the boy's grandfather was targeted as well I liked Jim Brodie from the moment he appeared on paper and I hungrily await his next book

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