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  1. Ken Ken says:

    Melissa Brady and her friends are excited for the Homecoming ueen contest at Westdale High School it’s the first time that the contest has been held for 25 years So it’s a really big dealAs on the previous occasion Brenda Sheldon had been killed in a car accident But it’s not long before the other Homecoming ueen contestants start having horrible accidents Is the contest cursed or is Brenda coming back from the grave?Even though this Point Horror treads familiar ground it does have some really great creepy cliffhangersThe ending was a little obvious but with likeable characters and with a genuine level of threat sustained throughout it makes one of the better stories in the series

  2. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    I shook the Kindle Unlimited tree and this vintage gem came tumbling outThe bloody scepter is chef's kiss

  3. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    Just re read this for Teenage Scream podcast lovingly dissecting the best and worst of 90s teen horror

  4. Nat Nat says:

    Not as bad as the one about the sisters but still bad enough to earn 15 stars I'm not usually the type to point out how dated a book is from a different time as I expect it to be but John Hall did himself a disservice by mentioning everything under the sun that was popular in 19951996 There is no way they could slap an updated cover on this book and fool anybody who didn't look at the copyright date The Smashing pumpkins were mentioned as a hot band Sassy was the must read teen magazine and Melrose place was still on the airMost of the books in the teen horrorthriller genre had gone down the hill by the mid 90's and had completely fallen off by the end of the decade It seemed that authors no longer cared about anything close to uality RL Stine appeared to give up all effort by 1996 A new style of teen books took over in the 2000's and nothing was ever the same again Very sad SighMoving alongHomecoming ueen is nothing new It's filled with cheesy lingo meant to sound with it The characters are typical as you have your nasty snobs your edgy girl who wears mini skirts with vintage plaid shirts and platform boots and then your wannabe popular girl and a nerdy typeWestdale high hasn't had a homecoming ueen in 25 years since the last one was killed That would have been 1971 but for some reason the last homecoming ueen is on the cover wearing a 1930's dress I believe someone in the art department got their decades confused 1971 is way back but not that waaaay backThe most popular girls in the school Laurel and Betsy are out to win the title but are rooting for each other Melissa's friends are rooting for her Bad things start to happen Melissa goes into the auditorium one Sunday when the school is closed to put up her posters for homecoming ueen she sees a throne and a crown and a scepter and a robe on the stage She wonders if the drama club is about to start a playit does not enter her mind that it might be for homecomingMelissa is nearly killed in the auditorium but once she was back out in the sunshine with her friends she hardly seemed to care all that much just enough to relate the story More things like that happen and though Melissa is scared and even goes to the police she continues to run around by herself even making a trip to the Laundromat an hour before closing There's no attendant in sight after the last customers leave but that doesn't bother Melissa she starts her wash Washing and drying apparently only takes less than half an hour in Westdale because Melissa finishes both that uickly Betsy and Lauren pop up from out of nowhere and play a prank on her She leaves but then has to go back to get an assignment she left on the dryer Things do not go well upon her returnOne problem I had was that Laurel and Betsy were popping up everywhere Melissa was If she went to the gym Betsy was there if she went to the mall Betsy and Laurel were there As mentioned above Melissa went to the school on a Sunday both Betsy and Laurel were there Betsy and Laurel were around every single corner I was expecting she would go home and use the bathroom and Betsy and Laurel would be behind the shower curtains It's than obvious who is behind the incidents though this person would have to be a psychic and have some kind of special powers to pull off even half the stuff they did it just couldn't have happenedI think I have another John Hall book in one of my storage bins but I won't be dusting it off anytime soon

  5. Heather Heather says:

    A fun romp through high school politics with a fair bit of camp I read this for our podcast Teenage Scream which dissects the best and worst of 90s Teen Horrorhttpssoundcloudcomteenagescream

  6. Sati Marie Frost Sati Marie Frost says:

    It's a new autumn and time to finish the Point Horror reviews Homecoming ueen is one that I always think I like than I do I've always been a huge fan of Homecoming for one I love the cover for two That scepter thing on the front cover? I get happy chills every time I see one of those and feel highly cheated that we don't get Homecoming in England One of the many things I missed at English high schoolSo this leads me to think I really like the book whereas I read it and find it just OKWe start off with Melissa meeting her two best friends Izzy and Celeste on the first day back at school Over the summer Melissa has got her braces off got a tan acuired golden sun streaks in her hair and swapped her glasses for contact lenses Oh and she's shed those pesky five pounds of baby fat she was carrying A cute little exchange occurs when Iz and Celeste see her and immediately exclaim You're so thin I did wonder while reading this if the book was supposed to be a spoof I probably wouldn't even notice if a friend lost five pounds let alone remark on what a difference it had made Unless she was like 95lbs to start with which would hardly ualify her for overweight at the beginning However I don't think it's intended to be farcical; perhaps it's just how teenage girls were in the nineties Or perhaps it's a satirical jab at teen stereotypes by the author We will never knowSo Mel no that doesn't seem like it suits her how about Lissa? goes to school on the first day and everyone comments on her new look including these awful beeyatches called Laurel and Betsy who are jealous that Laurel's ex Seth is making googly eyes at Melissa Seth really seems to be into this new Lissa and he asks her out To her credit she asks why he never noticed her before and he categorically denies this giving her a slightly stalkerish list of the things he's noticed about her This convinces her that he's not just after her for the sun streaked hair and five pounds thinner body Although he never actually says why if he noticed and liked her last year he never talked to her just fobs her off with something about Laurel the ex being crazy jealous if he talked to other girls Righty o thenIzzy decides to nominate Melissa for Homecoming ueen which doesn't please Laurel and Betsy although the other two contestants Faith and Tia are friendly and niceOh I forgot to mention this is the high school's first Homecoming in 25 years since the last Homecoming ueen was in a car crash and died the night of the dance Apparently the school cancelled it in her honour 25 years is a lot of honourSo weird stuff starts happening to the Homecoming Court Melissa gets a bouuet of dead flowers in the mail Faith gets burned by a malfunctioning tanning bed at the health club and Tia gets stung by a load of bees that were put in Melissa's locker Rumours abound that Brenda Sheldon the last ueen is back from the dead and wanting revenge for what? and Melissa can't decide if she's being haunted or if there's a prosaic explanationThis wasn't awful and wasn't great There weren't a lot of scares even during the ghost scenes I wasn't jumpy I'd also pretty much worked out the murderer from the first chapter on the first reading last year although not the motivationSome of the details didn't uite ring true to me for example I've NEVER known a health club at least here in England that lets 1617 year olds use tanning beds It's rare to find a health club that allows 1617 year olds to have memberships In addition my own gym which is basic and does not come with luxuries like a swimming pool running track and jacuzzi spa costs £40 a month maybe 80 I can't imagine schoolkids affording eighty bucks a month or the euivalent of eighty bucks in 1996 for the gym like so many of them seem to do in this book Sure the parents could pay but there's no mention of their families being loaded This may of course be different in AmericaThat all said I had some fun reading Homecoming ueen It didn't have the emotional punch of a Cooney book or the atmospherics of Cusick but John Hall credited inside as John Scognamiglio I wonder if he's the editor John Scognamiglio? has created something fun that kept my interest just about to the endVerdict A modest but decent addition to the Point Horror series

  7. Kylie Kylie says:

    I had a great ache of nostalgia for the Point Horror series recently and so decided to make a bit of a personal project out of rereading them This one was one of my favourites and so I decided to start with it I'm glad I did because it auits itself pretty well even to an adult reader's standards Oh it's never going to be than a fun light breezy read for an adult really as it's a short book and the plot is rather brisk and to the point; but horror lovers may well enjoy something which s basically a celebration of many of the standard horror themes and tropes I know I love that sort of thing as long as it's done well There are rather strong overtones of Scream in certain parts of the plot which is pretty unsurprising considering the first Scream film came out the year before this was published The idea that you can't trust even your own friends that you may not even really KNOW them is something of a universal concern for people and still a touch unsettling though personally I feel the ending loses some of what impact it may have had because it arrives and plays out so uickly If ever there's an option to make a TV series out of these books which I would love to see then I'd be rooting for this one to make an appearance

  8. Sarah Chambers Sarah Chambers says:

    I love this book classic point horror at its best But why are all the men writers better than the women in this series? I do have over 100 books to go so maybe it will even out in the end This book was so 80s90's and so American if you love point horror this is going to be one of your favourites Highschool drama and I actually didn't guess the killer until about 3 uarters of the way through new record for point horror

  9. Emily Emily says:

    loved this when I was in middle school

  10. Robyn Drummond Robyn Drummond says:

    Ah Homecoming an important event in every american teens life But the fight for homecoming ueen can be deadly And this had a surprise ending

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Homecoming ueen Point Horror ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Homecoming ueen Point Horror ✩ Author John Hall – Thomashillier.co.uk There hasn't been a Homecoming ueen at Westdale High for twenty five years Not since beautiful ueen Brenda Sheldon was killed in a gruesome car accident Now the school has brought the tradition back B There hasn't been a Homecoming ueen at Westdale High for twenty five years Not since beautiful ueen Brenda Sheldon was killed in a gruesome car accident Now the school has brought the tradition back But is Brenda back tooOne by one the contestants start having nasty accidents Deadly accidents Could Brenda Sheldon's ghost be out for revenge or is it someone else The truth is terrifying than anyone could ever imagine.

  • Paperback
  • 209 pages
  • Homecoming ueen Point Horror
  • John Hall
  • English
  • 02 June 2015
  • 9780590196390

About the Author: John Hall

As a teenager John Hall devoured a diet of classic horror movies such as Halloween Friday the th and A Nightmare on Elm Street Some of his recent favorite horror movies are the Scream and Saw franchises When he began reading adult horror his instant favorites were Stephen King John Saul and Dean Koontz Most recently he's a fan of dark suspense authors such as Gillian Flynn Ruth Ware.