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  1. Ginger ♥ Ginger ♥ says:

    I read this book as a youngin' and I still read it now every so often It never gets old The emotions are always there and they adventure are always there This is a book you should really get into

  2. Emma Bozarth Emma Bozarth says:

    It was really good I liked that Sally Biddle was back not because I actually like her as a person but because she brought certain emotions with her that the other two books didn't have It was as all the other books from Jennifer Holm really well written and the characters were awesome I only gave it four stars though because the way all of Janes friends apologised to her was a little bit too unrealistic for me

  3. Marianne Marianne says:

    I’m not overly critical when it comes to books I was entertained There were parts I liked and parts I didn’t but overall it was a nice easy read that I enjoyed

  4. Clara Chen Clara Chen says:

    Jane Peck has lived on her own in Shoalwater Bay a place where whites and Chinooks live together in 1850s Washington Territory Jane has come to love Shoalwater Bay and she has made many friends She works as the concierge at the hotel and her pies are the best on the Bay She is good at her job and the people appreciate what she does for them Jane grew up in Philadelphia and she originally came to Shoalwater Bay to get married to William Baldt When she arrived she found that he had already married and left Instead of returning to Philadelphia she stayed and learned to survive in the “wilderness” About two years later Sally Biddle a girl who had tortured Jane while they were in school moved to Shoalwater Bay Sally immediately started making Jane’s life miserable again and everyone began to love Sally and dislike Jane Sally always presented herself in a charming way but inside she was a terrible person To Jane’s dismay William also returned to Shoalwater Bay and began to cause trouble for Jane and the entire community The community that Jane had loved was disappearing before her eyesThe Chinook Indians and the whites live together in the Washington Territory but many of the whites dislike the Chinook Many of them believe that it isn’t right to raise a child in the Chinook style In theory when the community is making decisions the Chinook should have an eual say in the decisions that are made Unfortunately that isn’t always the case and the Chinook often become victims of discrimination This is a great story that regards the lives of people living in Shoalwater Bay in the 1850s You can feel the emotions of the people and imagine yourself going through the events of their lives Jennifer L Holm cleverly weaves the life of Jane and the lives of the entire community into one story Readers interested in the uniue lifestyle of these people will take pleasure in reading this novel

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Oh the memories I loved the first two Boston Jane books when I was still in middle school I've always meant to read The Claim but just never got around to it This year I was bound and determined to read it I loved being reunited with all these great characters From Mr Russell and Mr Swan to Keer ukso and Sootie It was so great to be backI loved that Jane continued to grow despite having accepted Shoalwater Bay as her home in the other books She isn't afraid to speak her mind and help those who can't help themselves I love that about her Sally Biddle is THE WORST I got SO angry when her lies influenced Jane's relationships with all the other Shoalwater Bay folks Baldt is no winner either Yikes What a jerk My favorite aspect of this series is Jane and Jehu SIGH He built her a house 3 I was a little worried with all the tension towards the end but of course love wins Ah he's the cutest sailor ever So glad they got their Happily Ever After

  6. Sophie Sophie says:

    Αn enjoyable read like the other books but a the characters were all acting a little too stupid for me and b in the end the conflict was resolved a little too uickly But Boston Jane is a great character although considering what she's accomplished already her behavior here was a little out of character or rather uneven and this was definitely fun

  7. LibraryLaur LibraryLaur says:

    A wonderful conclusion to the trilogy Must remember these when asked for good historical fiction

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    Sally Biddle Jane's Philadelphia nemesis ends up in Shoalwater Bay with her family Sally's goal is to destroy Jane's life because she feels that Jane is the cause of all of her problems She has everyone fooled into thinking that Jane is a terrible person I don't understand how it was so easy to manipulate all of Jane's friends and associates into thinking she's terrible so uickly William get elected the Justice of the Peace and makes some terrible decisions because he is still a garbage human M'Carthy dies and Judge William agrees that his half Native daughter should be taken from her mother to be raised by white people who end up using Katy as a child laborer by having her wash clothes and abusing her Only Jane is strong enough to stand up to William in front of the town and takes Katy away so that Mrs Frink can take her and her mother Coulomb to live in the hotel Jehu gets a plot of land for Jane William finds out and tries to take it from her because she can't have a claim as a single woman and the land has good timber Jehu claims that the land is in Jane's father's name and now that he is dead is belongs to Jane This isn't a true story but it is believed by Mr Biddle and William is forced to accept it because the claim is signed with Dr Peck's signature and Jehu tells Mr Biddle what William did to Jane Turns out that Dr Peck's signature was forged on the claim by Hairy Bill Keer ukso and Jehu want to start a lumber mill Jane finds a letter where Sally writes to her friend about how simple and fat and vulgar she finds all the ladies in the town and Jane exposes her for the lying manipulator she is Jehu proposes to Jane and she accepts Mr Swann decides to leave Shoalwater Bay to go back to his wife and children after his wife sends him a letter Jane receives a letter saying her inheritance from her father has arrived in San Francisco She agrees to invest in Jehu and Keer ukso's lumber mill as long as she is their partner Jehu and Jane make plans to sail to San Fransisco

  9. Ali Ali says:

    This was the third and final in the Boston Jane series I greatly enjoyed the first and second books The third book made me angry Jane had a nemesis in the first book who showed up with her rich family in this third book She immediately made Jane's life miserable lied to everyone about Jane and her family was sneaky and underhanded in trying to take over the townAll of the people who had known Jane for years became infatuated with Sally and how wonderful she was They immediately believed her lies about Jane even though they had no reason to Jane being vindicated was a flukeI felt that the third book was written to cause spiteful drama in Jane's life I liked the first two books because they included life drama losing the boat falling through the roof of the new home cooking drama The same type of happenings could have occured in the third book but instead the author just made everyone horrible

  10. Kaitlyn S. Kaitlyn S. says:

    The perfect ending the the Boston Jane trilogy although I must say that I wish there were This heroine is so funny and feisty uite a little terror actually yet so very lovable In this comical conclusion Jane Peck has to face down a myriad of challenges Sally Biddle a fatherless Indian child a drunk man mud pies and a thief But through it all she remains the ever stoic slightly dramatic indomitable frontiers woman While it was kinda predictable towards the end this was a light read that didn't take nearly any time at all to read and it was a wonderful distraction from a few heavier reads I have in progress As a caution there was several mentions of kissing and drunkenness contained within these pages While this was intended for younger children I would recommend for parents to pre read for children under 16

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Boston Jane: The Claim (Boston Jane) [PDF / Epub] ✅ Boston Jane: The Claim (Boston Jane) By Jennifer L. Holm – Jane Peck is a nineteenth century girl with a mind of her own and a handsome suitor who loves her for it She's outwitted wild animals vengeful ghosts and a disloyal fiance but when her finishing schoo Jane Peck is a nineteenth century girl with a mind Boston Jane: PDF or of her own and a handsome suitor who loves her for it She's outwitted wild animals vengeful ghosts and a disloyal fiance but when her finishing school nemesis Sally Biddle invades the Washington Territory Jane finds everything she holds dear threatened including her true love a rakish sailor named Jehu As the Biddles of Philadelphia charm their way into Jane's frontier community it will take all of the spunk and spit she can muster to protect her land and preserve her dreams Will Jane's claim on happiness slip away.

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  • Boston Jane: The Claim (Boston Jane)
  • Jennifer L. Holm
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  • 27 March 2016
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