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  1. Sleepless Readmore Sleepless Readmore says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewWhat defines us is how well we rise after falling 5 Stars Arianna Jack ♥ ♥beautiful things happen at the right timein the right placeand with the right person My heart had been his for so long My whole heartBut the shattered pieces weren't hisThose were mineMy third ARC generously provided from the talented Jessica Wilde I am so unbelievably thankful always a surreal experience I've read a series by the author prior to this one and absolutely LOVED it So going into this I was like nope The Brannock Siblings will ALWAYS be my first and favorite BOY WAS I WRONG Even though this is the first in the series I see potential and have a feeling this will be yet ANOTHER series I'll fall in love with I JUST FINISHED it and knew the first thing I had to do was write my review It was well written and I loved reading in Arianna's perspective and it was a special treat to read in Jack's The plot was well constructed with that being said I can honestly say it's not remotely close to one I've read before Speaking of plot WOW Domestic Violence is a sore subject and should have attention brought to as well as awareness Jessica Wilde did a phenomenal job with incorporating it appropriately Arianna is stronger than she believes she is I admired her strength and determination Jack why HELLO book boyfriend ENOUGH SAID These characters were created marvelously and I wouldn't change a thing about themThe world breaks everyone and afterwardmany are strong at the broken placesWhat is that from? I askedWhat? You don't think I could come up with something so profound by myself? He teasedI know damm well you could JackIt's Ernest Hemingway he said thatI do recommend if you've read Jessica Wilde work before because it constantly exceeds expectations If this is a first then it's a great new author read then check out THE BRANNOCK SIBLINGS I'm hoping there's a novella with regards to these two characters because I NEED MORE If not as long as they are in the next one speaking of I CANNOT fathom the idea of not having Jake's story sooner I can't just stop caring about youYou're my AriYou're my you're my everything Generally after reading a book I'll glance at the playlist if it's included From time to time I may listen to the odd song or two if I really enjoyed the novel and want that least piece to fully connect with it and have a better understanding As soon as I saw this playlist I knew I had to listen The three songs that I've heard before and LOVED were the ones I had to listen to and reminisce They were so fitting to the novel and the title itself is mentioned as a lyric from one of the three songs listed below Demons Imagine Dragons ♫ Titanium David Guetta ft Sia ♫♪tell me what you want to hearsomething that’ll light those yearssick of all the insincerei’m gonna give all my secrets away Secrets One Republic ♫ Mark those calendars for the RELEASE DATE FEBRUARY the 23rd 2015 RicochetJessica Wilde Sleepless Read

  2. ~♡AB♡~ ~♡AB♡~ says:

    ★★★ 35 Stars ★★★A very emotional and disturbing read about a woman escaping domestic abuse Arianna West suffered 3 years with a man named Roger who beat and abused her regularly She has finally managed to escape and is being taken care of by her brother Jake in small town Milestone Always fearing that Roger will find her and never allow her to be free Arianna is the shell of the woman she once wasWhen Jake's best friend Jack finds Arianna on Jake's doorstep beaten and desperate he and Jake make it their mission to never let anyone hurt her again Jack and Arianna have a past she has always loved him from afar and they were a close nit group of three whilst growing up Arianna harbours bitterness towards Jack for leaving her and Jake when she turned 18 for reasons that she assumes were selfish ones when in actual fact he has never stopped thinking about herRoger is not about to give up on his control over Arianna and the three live in fear of what he is capable of The first half of this book was a bit slow on the romance front it really focuses on the healing process involved in coming out of an abusive relationship Arianna has two men constantly looking after her but she really wants and needs to take steps towards gaining self confidence and strength in order to move forward with her lifeWhilst told in Arianna's point of view it is uite obvious that Jack has strong feelings for her and there is never a uestion that they will start a relationship once she is ready to admit that she deserves a good man like JackOverall it was a very emotional and well written book PS Jake and Jack are names that are far too similar for my poor brain and I often got confused between the two as I did whilst writing this review ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

  3. booklover4life booklover4life says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewReview 5 Strong at the broken places Stars This was my beautiful At the right time In the right place With the right personThis book captured me from the first page I felt the emotions of the heroine Ari as if I was living that hell with her She was a woman who would do anything for those she loved Someone who had given up parts of herself over the years but was determined to come out stronger in the end I really felt for this character She had a rough life but no matter how much she might have wanted to give up at times she kept fighting She was a strong independent woman with a big heart Though at times she forgot her worth and didn't feel worthy of love she yearned for the ability to open up her heart to someone who truly cared for her The same can't be said for all of us We often close ourselves off and remain incapable of trusting and loving someone else after we have been betrayed Seeing Jack look at you seeing the way he longs for you Ari? That's the kind of love that makes the world keep turning The kind of bulletproof love that nothing and no one can stop not even the girl who is shattered to the point she thinks she could never heal again Jack doesn't care how many pieces you are in my beautiful broken friend He just wants to make sure he has them all in his handsJack Oh how I loved Jack He was a man with a heart of gold Someone who was willing to give up what he loved in order to protect those around him To give them a better life He was a man who took care of what he cherished He pushed Ari to become stronger for herself and supported her in any way that he could Though he was a strong man in every regard he wasn't afraid to be gentle and tender with Ari He was loyal to her without fault Jack is the type of man who you want to have your back as well as put you on it You know you don't need to pay for something like that he shrugged I'd be happy to strip for free and dance a bit in the privacy of our homeI thought Jake Ari's brother was great He is exactly the type of brother that you want One who looks out for you and protects you without stifling you One who would give his left arm if you were in trouble He is so caring and compassionate towards his sister and his family Not just his blood relatives but the family that he has made along the way I enjoyed him and I can't wait for his story as well as the other characters that we have come to know and loveThis is a very thought provoking book in my opinion because it deals with abuse For many this can be a trigger and many don't understand the mindset behind those who stay in an abusive relationship Though there are numerous reasons for this and while many take an attitude that a person who stays is weak or stupid I thought this book did a great job of painting another side Ari was neither weak nor stupid This is a hot topic so understandably some may not care for the story but I commend authors who are not afraid to tackle topics that others may avoid We all make decisions in our lives that affect our future in both good and bad ways This is a perfect example of how we may find ourselves in a position that we never saw coming that we never intended and that we never wanted I appreciate the author's ability to write about such a tough and touching subject with grace and vulnerabilityOverall this book was intense heartbreaking and beautiful The writing was phenomenal with well developed characters and an interesting story line that was well thought out I highly recommend it This is an author with a gift for sharing a story that will make you laugh and cry while reminding you of the power of love courage and redemption It is a must read

  4. Danielle Danielle says:

    I read A lot I know not really a huge revelation but I have a point I swear And I've met a lot of heroes but never have I ever met a hero as perfect as Jack I mean whenever there's a broken heroine there's a hero that promises they'll be there they'll never give up on her etc but in almost every story the hero get's frustrated or overwhelmed or tired of being the heroine's punching bag and they walk away But Jack That man stood by Ari fought for Ari and not once did he give up on her Seriously he takes swoonworthy to a whole new levelOkay now that I've got that off my chest let's get to the story shall we? Ari has spent the past three years living in fear of her abusive boyfriend and the threats that he holds over her and her family but when she wakes up in the hospital and realizes that he isn't there she finally gets away She moves to the town where her brother Jake lives gets a job and her own apartment and is finally starting to get her life under control Until the boyfriend Roger shows up to take back what's hisYou can tell from the beginning that Ricochet is going to keep you on the edge of your seat and I was not disappointed In fact it was so much than I was expecting to be completely honest Watching Ari learn to defend herself watching her actually stand up to Roger when the time comes and watching her heal with the help of Jack Jake and their friends It was beautiful reallyBut what really adds to the beauty of it is the love story between Jack and Ari Yes I know I already said how perfect Jack is but when Jack opens up to Ari about his feelings Sigh Jack and Ari have loved each other since they were kids but since Jack is so much older than Ari by about 5 years was my guess though no actual ages were mentioned he was waiting until she was 18 to make his move Unfortunately some stuff went down that forced him and his family to move away on her 18th birthday which resulted in Ari hating Jack for the past 6 yearsBecause of everything Ari has been through the romance is slow building but it was totally worth the wait It was great to see Ari move past the hate that she felt toward Jack for all those years and to be able to watch them fall in love all over again as adults And of course the sexual tension definitely made the sexy times that much hotterThere were definitely a few times where I found myself getting nervous about how everything would play out and OMG The courthouse scene I was full on ugly crying But luckily everything worked out in the end and I absolutely cannot wait for Jake's book to see how he's coping with everythingSeriously I could go on and on about how great Ricochet is but I think I've rambled long enough So just read this book so you can experience the awesomeness for yourselfARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

  5. Romance Readers Retreat Romance Readers Retreat says:

    Wow What a ride this book took me on It's the stuff that both dreams and nightmares are made of Arianna has barely survived the last three years of her life Forced to live in a hell she sees no way out of she knows only fear Wishing it would all just end even if that means giving up on her so called life she awakes to find that she may just have a chance at starting again With the help of her brother Jake Ari moves to be near him and the protection he is offering her even if deep down she doesn't believe that she'll really ever be safe again Her body may have healed but the emotional scars continue to bring her down and she's forced to face than her recent horrific past when the one person who betrayed her is back in her life JackJust when she thinks she may be making progress her nightmares become her reality once  Old feelings of both love and hatred are resurrected but a crushing blow is delivered that may see her future crushed before it's ever really begunI thorough enjoyed this book It's well written and the characters are well thought out drawing empathy hope and hatred in eual measures The sub characters are great too and as this is the first book in the Rise Fall series I look forward to hearing Jake's story as well as Reggie'sbet there's one hell of a story there If I had to give any criticism of this book and it's only a tiny little thing it would be that the two male leads are called Jake and Jack which were so close that at first I found it tricky to distinguish who was who However I soon fell into the rhythm of the book and overcame this little thingI highly recommend this tale 5 stars from me 

  6. Carra Carra says:

    Intense Emotional Heartbreaking and yetstill full of love devotion and sacrificeThere are characters who will blow you away and topping that list is Jack Garrett There is so much to him than what you first see Protective caring strong totally devoted unbelievably hot and sexy the you read about him the you love him He will do anything for Arianna and the pure raw emotion that flows from him is breathtaking Arianna is broken a shell of her former self But through the love and help from her family and friends she grows into a strong woman with some relapses into her former timid self The friends and family that surround her Jack included help piece her back together and show her what love and friendship is really all aboutThe writing is superb with the story sucking you in from the beginning and between the emotion and the suspense it never lets you go Almost the entire story is told from Arianna's point of view giving it the depth and heart it needs to tell the tale A big thank you to the author for giving us some Jack POV at the end and in the fantastic bonus contentThis story covers topics of a sensitive nature including domestic violence from the point of a survivor so may not be for everyone But it is a gripping look at one woman's fight to reclaim her life and love no matter the costStrictly for the 18 readers due to the adult topics and sex scenes which are hot raw and very well done Ricochet is a 5 star read and I highly recommend it

  7. Jamie Sadler Jamie Sadler says:

    Ari loved Jack Jack left when she was finally old enough to have him He left her and her brother Jake his best friend Ari found what she thought was love She was wrong Now back with her brother Jake and running from her abusive boyfriend she runs into Jack where she never expected too Together Jack and Jake save Ari The love Ari and Jack have for each other is obvious to everyone but each other When Ari's ex continues to haunt her Jack steps up and finally shows her how much she means to him Jessica Wilde hits another home run with the beginning of a great series

  8. Shanoff Reads Shanoff Reads says:

    5 STARSI received an ARC for an honest reviewThis book is such an emotional story but it is also a story of how a woman broken by her past can be mended by the people who love her and are willing to do any and everything for her Ari the woman broken by her past and never believes that she can be fixed unless it is on her terms and in her way She has a brother who loves her and has vowed to keep her safe but when she realized that his best friend that she thinks abandoned them years earlier is apart of her brother's life now all of her plans for her future go out the window She knows that she will never be able to ignore her feelings for Jack but boy does she try I think she takes most of her aggression out on him but never does he waver in his promise to help her Jack a man that was a victim of his past and had to lose everything in order to build his future A future that he had given up the hope of being with his only love But things happen that he never thought would and he gets another chance I loved his patience with Ari and the way he always put her first I loved that no matter what she threw at him he was so strong and helped her heal I love that everyone around him in his new life new the significance of who Ari was to him and the fact that he seemed to never hide it except from her But he was waiting for that right time and that right place and for the right person to be open to his feelings This story is pretty intense and isn't something that should be taken lightly It is on a very touchy subject and the author did a fantastic job executing it Never once did I feel that is was rushed or that anything wasn't dealt with as it should be The characters were well written and even though Ari felt like she wasn't strong she was The author did a great job in portraying that with Ari The same goes for Jack His character is strong and I really respected the fact that their relationship even though you knew it would happen it wasn't rushed and it was oh so satisfying Now the end of this book was something that I did not see coming and I actually teared up I felt the pain of all the characters and I was thinking please please please don't let this be how this book ends I won't say how it ends or what happened but again the author did phenomenal with that scene and made be connect even to this story Another thing that I really loved about the end of this book was the bonus material in Jack's POVI love a good male POV and Ms Wilde delivered not that This is a must read but be prepared It isn't sunshine and roses with sweet romance It is gritty and dirty and will make you cringe many times but it will also make you feel so much for the story and the characters I look forward to of this series

  9. Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend says:

    I am a BIG fan of Jessica's work but I didn't see this coming at all It has 2 of my favorite things childhood friends in love reunited and told in the female POV with a treat of male POV at the end Such a huge real life issue is dealt with in this book and it was handled in a way that we get the ugly but never lose hope that we will have the beautiful Ari spent 3 years in an abusive relationship Separated from her family and friends living alone in misery and physically broken beyond anything I had imagined The details the horror the effect it has had on Ari is just devastating When her and her brother's best friend Jack and his family left town without word Ari was crushed and felt robbed of her HEA She chose to hate Jack for leaving her brother to take a fall for something and in trying to move on she ended up with Roger Of course she just wanted to feel loved and for a brief minute she had that but it uickly turned into a horrific relationship that almost took her life than once Now that her family knows how she has spent the past few years there is no way her brother Jake will let her out of his sight Now recovering and living in the town where Jake owns his tattoo shop Ari is about to discover not everything about her past was as it seems Everyone has secrets who will be the first to shareJake and Jack have a troubled past They have both moved on and made something great of themselves and for themselves Most importantly they are together again as best friends should be Jake has known about Jack's feelings forever Ari is the only clueless one in town The journey for Jack and Ari is not easy there are many hurdles and it gets pretty scary at times They have fun they reunite and remember their friendship and special times you get their past you fill in the blanks and you get a glimpse of how good it could be With the threat of their pasts looming over will they be able to get through this last hurdle and finally have their HEA ??OK I will stop rambling now and try not to spoil What I love the past references of Ari and Jackthe girls from Ari's work and ReggieJack's tats and their meanings SWOONTHE TAT OMG perfectAri's determination although a BIG hurdle once she turned it into the right thing it was beautiful Jack's LOVE Jake's LOVE That scene outside before the hearing HOLY WOW talk about edge of your seat blow your mindI cried like a baby Beautiful ending and cannot wait for

  10. Jennifer Pierson Jennifer Pierson says:

    I'm bulletproof nothing to loseFire away fire awayRicochet you take your aimFire away fire awayYou shoot me down but I won't fallI am titanium This song was going through my head the whole time I read Ricochet I had not have the privilege of reading any of Jessica Wilde's books until now so I had to ask her where she's been hiding Ricochet is nothing short of brilliant in my eyes and it floored meArianna West is a beautiful protected girl that lands in a bad relationship Everything is going well until that first hit and then it rapidly gets worse from there She finally is discovered unconscious by one of her neighbors after a bad beating and ends up in the hospital She decides to go home to her big brother Jack has been in love with Ari since they were kids After a series of bad choices has him leaving town with no word he finds that she is gone when he came back After Ari comes back to town Jack literally picks her up as they are reunited He wants to show her that he's in it for the long haul Will he prove his love to the one he never stopped loving?Jessica's writing style pulled me in from the first sentence and didn't ever let go of me The characters were very well developed and I loved how she started in the present tense but allowed us to have glimpses into the past throughout My emotions were a serious roller coaster ride and I cried big ugly tears The twists that I didn't see coming kept me on the edge of my seat and my nails are bitten off I thought long and hard about whether or not I would put this in the review but in order to state how brilliant this story is I have come to the realization that I have to Ricochet is a powerful story about domestic abuse and the feelings that go along with it I was in a abusive relationship like Ari and Jessica is spot on with the feelings she wrote in the book the fear blame trust issues and a broken shattered soul I only wish that this book had been out when I was going through it because it showed how we can get through it and forgive ourselves for staying in the situation It also showed that we can let light get rid of the darkness and let love heal the broken pieces of our heart I pray that women like me find this story and know that it's possible to heal Thank you Jessica Wilde for such a powerful story of healing

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Ricochet Rise Fall #1 [PDF / Epub] ☉ Ricochet Rise Fall #1 Author Jessica Wilde – Thomashillier.co.uk FearIt's the last thing I rememberedI was afraidAfraid to fight afraid to run afraid to breatheThen everything had gone dark As if life was finally hearing my pleas my cries to end the torment To end FearIt's the last thing I rememberedI was afraidAfraid to fight afraid to run afraid to breatheThen everything had gone dark As if life was finally hearing my pleas my cries to end the torment To end the fearBut even in the dark I still felt itI always felt itRoger was supposed to be the one He was romantic and charming And for the first little while I thought I could be happy with him But I was just the fish nibbling at that delicious bait and he Ricochet Rise Kindle - was holding the rod ready to rip me away from everything I had ever known They said I was lucky to get away Luck has nothing to do with it If I was lucky I would have never met the man who almost killed me I would have never lost my grasp on the woman I used to beI'm trying to get her back but time just doesn't seem to be enoughMy life had been a ricochet of one event leading to the next Bouncing back and forth from good to bad Happiness to despair Hope to fearMy name is Arianna West I'm stronger now Steady AliveI can find a way to survive on my own I can see what is coming for me I can channel my fear into strength Except I didn't see JackAnd Jack changed everythingFor readers due to language violence and sexual content This book deals with aspects of domestic abuse and violence Some content may be triggering to certain individuals.