Lopsided How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really

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  1. Matthew Matthew says:

    This book made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a long time I laughed so hard at points that it made me cry I laughed through the first half of the book and was engrossed in the whole thing She is a smart ass who is great with irony as the title impliesThe narrative bounces around in ways that are hard to follow at times but she gives great and fun insights into ordinary life and relationships over time with family and friendsYou may have to have a smart ass sense of humor to really love this book but her wise cracking take on things is refreshing Well worth the uick read

  2. Nilchance Nilchance says:

    I have weird feelings on this memoir I have an academic interest in and addiction to women's disease narratives I also love books that are funny This book is both to the point that I had to stop the audio book because I was laughing too much to listen well For the first five CDs the book was a 55 star kind of book Then the last CD came along and she said something about a bully from her childhood being a fourteen year old bulldyke and I was like wait what? Yeah I don't know whether I should be offended by this book or not basically I'm a lesbian; the author is either heterosexual or bisexual with a male partner for the entire book Norton is African American and she speaks bluntly about her experiences with race and as a part of a biracial marriage including her own internalized racism And yet I draw the line here at 'bulldyke'? Is that a fair line for me to draw? I don't knowAnyway That distracted me from the last parts of the book which is sad because maybe there's no message to cancer maybe it just sucks is one of the wisest things I've heard any memoir sayThe bit with the woman using taxidermy as a mice repellant is still freaking hysterical though

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This book was so funny that I ended up working out for an extra 20 minutes Unheard of for me I just kept compulsively reading and reading and pedaling and ellipticallingThere have been complaints about how the author wanders off on tangents into unrelated but funny anecdotes of her life To me that was one of the reasons I kept reading Maybe because that's how my brain works and it's nice to have validation that other people's brains work in the same wayAll in all an amusing and uick read for those who love uniue uirky voices telling stories

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    From a magazine reviewThere we were she concludes at the end of the 20 month ordeal she and her husband endured with the same annoying habits and bad manners ungrateful pessimistic undisciplined and bored We were just as mediocre as when this whole drama beganUngrateful pessimistic undisciplined and bored What can you say about a writer like this except that she's fresh and adorable and you hope she sticks around to produce at least another dozen surly lovely books? Michelle Owens

  5. Sandra Heinzman Sandra Heinzman says:

    One of the best memoirs I've read This woman is funny honest irreverent smart and someone I would love to be friends with For anyone who has been touched by breast cancer I highly recommend this book

  6. Robin Robin says:

    With smart ass sass Norton's memoir about her breast cancer treatment is humorous sincere and intimate This book has been helpful and comforting than anything else I've read while undergoing treatment myself

  7. yoli yoli says:

    If I were a professor grading this book it was get a B It's a fairly solid work and Norton's personality definitely comes through but there is a wildly scattered plot More than once I would have commented in the margin a separate paragraph does NOT mean a completely separate and wholly unrelated anecdote that is what multiple line breaks or those weird centered symbolslines are for Norton's personality around which this memoir is centered can also become a little trying She is a strong and fierce woman unafraid to showcase her flaws but at the same time that leaves you wondering things like what the hell were you doing marrying a Frenchman and living in France if you couldn't even communicate on a rudimentary level?? You ever hear of FRENCH LESSONS woman? I am skeptical that there was no ex pat community in PARIS that she could reach out to It hasn't been that long since Stein Toklas and Hemmingway were all hanging out there having a merry old time But then again she does admit to being somewhat lazy and having entitlement issues that only the daughter of a doctor who went to private high schools and Columbia University could I can safely say I know nothing about that and therefore cannot with any veracity speculate on what the was thinking thenIt's mentioned on the back cover but I have to agree with them one of the best things about Norton's memoir is how she fights against the Lance Armstrong paragon of cancer survivor He rode for miles on one testicle and pumped full of chemicals hooray for him She however would really love to just be able to care for her infant son and maybe take care of herself? It's not that Norton sets the bar low; she keeps it attainable

  8. Arminzerella Arminzerella says:

    Meredith Norton was living in France with her French husband and their new baby boy Luca when she noticed that one of her breasts was much larger than the other Initially attributing the discrepancy to lactation and breast feeding Meredith decided to have it checked out while she was visiting friends and family in the states After dealing with the French medical system during her pregnancy Meredith was surprised by how seriously she was taken and how uickly she was diagnosed once she returned to the states Unfortunately her doctors discovered a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer which necessitated aggressive forms of treatment Meredith was not an ideal patient – she often did her own research and canceled her mastectomy at least 5 times before finally going through with it She suffered a host of serious side effects from various treatments but managed to keep her sense of humor not exactly a ‘positive attitude’ throughout or at least in her memoir This is not just a cancer memoir It’s the story of Meredith’s life Her descriptions of the French are hysterical and stories about her family and her young life transcend her experience of her cancer making this a very rich experience My first thought upon finishing this was “I hope she survived” because what a funny wonderful woman Meredith Norton is So when I tracked her down on Facebook her website was inconclusive as were my attempts to Google her and saw that she’d posted as recently as earlier this January 2012 I was relieved Good Very good Maybe she’ll write some I certainly hope so

  9. Carmen Carmen says:

    I heard Meredith Norton on the radio a few weeks back getting interviewed about this book and reading passages of it I was somewhere on 280 and I remember the moment so clearly that the side of the freeway wall is now unforgettable Her wit humor and skewed perspectives were so funny and inspiring that I ordered the book almost as soon as I was not driving Now that I have read the book I am a tiny bit disappointed Although I enjoyed it very much in fact I laughed so loud in bed that Dutch had to put the pillows over his head so he could continue sleeping It wasn't a long book and it ended suddenly so the overall effect was that I only read half the book I wanted to know what happened to her husband Thibault because her auther's blurb only mentioned herself and her son living in Sonoma Co and he didn't even get a mention in the acknowledgements even though he is a constant supportive presence in the book I was also irritated by the jacket's constant comparison of her to David Sedaris which I really didn't think was fair or true Sedaris comes off in his writing as having a teflon slightly non human core while Norton's vulnerable self is clearly evident I eagerly look forward to any books she choses to publish

  10. Bridget Bridget says:

    Meredith is trying to figure life out She's a free spirit who is constantly following her whims When she finally decides to settle down she's in Paris with her husband and they have a child Desperate for a change of scenery Meredith and her baby boy fly to the US to spend time with her parents While she's there she pulls out her boob for her mother's inspection Her mother's reaction scares Meredith into seeing a doctor The good news is Meredith hasn't lost her sense of humor and allows you to ride shotgun on the story of her lifeThis book is a really fun read Meredith is an extremely likable person and I truly hope that she uses her writing talent to tell many stories If you have boobs you should read this book And this isn't a book that's just for the ladies I actually knew a guy in his early twenties who passed away because of breast cancer

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Lopsided How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting [Read] ➪ Lopsided How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting Author Meredith Norton – Thomashillier.co.uk A hilarious and wickedly irreverent look at life with cancer Lopsided is not your ordinary cancer memoir Meredith Norton chronicles every step of her experience starting with her bizarre symptoms whil Having Breast PDF/EPUB æ A hilarious and wickedly irreverent look at life with cancer Lopsided is not your ordinary cancer memoir Meredith Norton chronicles every step of her experience starting with her bizarre symptoms while living Lopsided How eBook á in Paris to moving back home to California and living with her compulsive parents and their five television sets Irreverent and incredibly funny Norton rails against self pity and victimhood and rants about How Having Breast Epub Ù the innumerable copies of Lance Armstrong’s cancer survival book pressed on her by well meaning family and friends Alongside the harrowing portrait of her treatments Norton offers eually amusing memories from her offbeat How Having Breast Cancer Can MOBI :↠ life We see her childhood time during a somewhat racist ski trip a family reunion at a Florida alligator farm and her life in a tree house with a neighbor who despite being vegan hates mice enough to taxidermy them into miniature versions of racecar drivers Jesus a UPS delivery man and Sally Jesse Raphael Like David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs Norton’s razor sharp wit is at once riotous and excruciating Lopsided is the remarkable debut of a masterful humorist.

  • Hardcover
  • 213 pages
  • Lopsided How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting
  • Meredith Norton
  • English
  • 10 March 2014
  • 9780670019281

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Having Breast PDF/EPUB æ This irreverent account of a battle with breast cancer is also a riotous memoir of family friends a life unusually lived.