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Natalie's Art [PDF] ✍ Natalie's Art ✸ Susan Fleet – ART HEISTS MURDER and REVENGE In 1990 two robbers stole paintings worth 500 million from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston Twenty years later a ruthless man plans to steal several He force ART HEISTS MURDER and REVENGE In two robbers stole paintings worth million from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston Twenty years later a ruthless man plans to steal several He forces Natalie to help him but after the heist he intends to kill herNot only that NOPD Detective Frank Renzi is hot on her trail Will Natalie escape Don't miss the explosive showdown between Frank and Natalie Feathered uill Book Awards named Natalie's Revenge Best Mystery of Natalie's Art is the thrilling seuel.

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  • 275 pages
  • Natalie's Art
  • Susan Fleet
  • English
  • 09 August 2016

About the Author: Susan Fleet

Music Mayhem is my game Started my trumpet career in my teens got into the mayhem later My print journalist father taught me how to play pool in the police station Maybe that's how I discovered my dark side After gigging on trumpet in the Boston area for many years while teaching at Brown University and Berklee College of Music I moved to New Orleans which became the setting for my crim.

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  1. Diane Diane says:

    To call Natalie's Art a 'mystery' would do it a disservice though mystery is one element of its story To call it a 'thriller' would be too vague though there are many plot twists and plenty of intrigue that would appeal to fans of this genre 'Psychological suspense drama' is a much accurate descriptor; though even this doesn't begin to scratch the surface of complexity that is Natalie's Art Book 5 of the Frank Renzi series Natalie's Art is not for the reader of light whodunits or espionage tales but for readers who enjoy psychological depth and complexity A young woman inadvertently falls into an association with a deadly character and a dangerous career A ruthless art thief plans to use Natalie to steal two priceless paintings from Boston's Isabella Steward Gardner Museum before he kills her Detective Frank Renzi is no stranger to danger He is a dark warrior fighting demons of his own not your usual cut and dried investigator but a man whose checkered background leads to both his gritty powers of determination and sometimes his downfall Natalie comes to realize that two thieves have placed her in the middle of their very dangerous game and there is no easy way out from a chosen path of crime There are many uestions in Susan Fleet's Natalie's Art Where are the stolen paintings? Who will die? Can Natalie truly be free from the choices she has made in her life?The real tests of a superior thriller mystery or novel are enough characterization to make protagonists feel real and enough compelling unpredictable twists to keep readers interested right up to the end Natalie's Art embraces all these facets and steers readers directly to a logical yet surprising conclusion And that's fine art indeed

  2. Sally Malkowski Sally Malkowski says:

    Let me tell you about Natalie’s Art a Frank Renzie book It’s a seuel to Natalie’s Revenge which I hadn't read but am reading now I know in backward order but that makes no difference Natalie’s Art is a standalone as well as a follow upI thought this book about career art thieves was coming to a big finale about midway Nope It was just the starting point for action that continued to build until the very last line And hoping that last line means yet another Natalie book will followFrank Renzie is a New Orleans detective who is familiar with Natalie’s criminal history and is obsessed with catching her Is it possible? She’s a likeable thief who is street smart and than savvy in eluding capture Throw into the mix her wealthy “employerescort” who arranges her heists a plethora of evil men folks and the Gardner Museum where in 1990 masterpieces were actually stolen and never retrieved and you’ve got a hard to put down readIf you like detective storiesmysteriesthrillerswho done its etc and haven’t discovered the writing talents of Susan Fleet I encourage you to do so ASAP You won’t be disappointed

  3. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    This is one of those books that a romance between the two main characters cannot be yet there is something theresomething between themand I am sticking with the Frank Renzi series until I find out how Susan Fleet is going to end itSusan Fleet supplies plenty of action Natalie is a thief but if she has to she will kill to save herself She finds herself in the UK forced to be a call girl a whore a thief stealing paintings for her lover to sell How in the hell did she ever get herself into this situation? And how is she going to get out?Frank Renzi has his own life and it has made it a full one but there is still NatalieNatalie’s rough life does not excuse what she does but I do feel for her i understand her motivation Even making a bad choice can be better than letting someone make the choice for youWill she run forever? Will she ever be able to stop running?The ending was a surprise and I loved itI voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Natalie’s Art by Susan FleetSee at fundinmental

  4. Jim Jim says:

    New Orleans Detective Frank Renzi returns once again to battle his nemesis Natalie Brixton in author Susan Fleet's Natalie's Art The fifth book in the Frank Renzi series picks up a couple of years after Renzi had been tracking Natalie Natalie's Revenge was third book in series A very compelling read NOPD detective Frank Rezi gets wind that Natalie is returning to the states Natalie it seems has become involved in several high dollar art heists across Europe In Boston The prestigious Gardner Museum is having an art show to show off it's two new Vermeer's Gardner's was previously and badly robbed in 1990 and lost what Vermeer's they had the last time a showing of this magnitude was promoted Renzi sees red flags galore and whistlesbells going off knowing Natalie will venture across Atlantic to steal this new art Meanwhile Natalie now going by Valerie Brown has promised super rich London businessman Jonathan Pym she'd go to Boston for heist Pym has set up mastermind Gregor Kraus in Boston to assemble the needed parts for the theft Gregor has hired an inside man at museum Nicholas Kwan and disgraced Boston cop Jamilla Wells for his plan Gregor knows it is vital that he gets Natalie Valerie for this caper to come off Natalie Valerie is the most important player in Gregor's little gang of thieves I have to say the secondary characters from this book in series may be the very best developed of any of previous four outings Author Susan Fleet has created some very imaginative players to go between Renzi and Natalie Valerie Also Frank is still holding onto New Orleans girlfriend Kelly O'Neill in the romance department After some very depressing times for Frank in the first four books Kelly is an excellent asset for Renzi Also as the book goes along Natalie Valerie seems to grow a new conscious about her life style Packed with plenty of action and intrigue this book's plot moves along very well for a nice pace When author Susan Fleet keeps Renzi going back home to Boston her stories just read much better than the New Orleans locations I'll have to admit the first two books in series were not appealing to me while reading However books three through five have been a complete turnaround I think it's from using the Boston locations than anything else Renzi a longtime cop in Boston until his life fell apart just seems suited for a northeast city police department Without giving away too much it's nice when a veteran detective has a nemesis to interrupt his normal case load As Bobby Goren had with Nicole Wallace in Law Order CI The ruthless criminal who you seem to fall under the spell of Four stars out of a possible five stars for Susan Fleet's Natalie's Art The ending was missing one thing If you read see if you agree with me But an enjoyable read nonetheless I'd now have to say I'd recommend author Susan Fleet's Frank Renzi series Just get through first two book of series and it'll payoff Check it out

  5. Julia Julia says:

    Natalie’s Art is Susan Fleet’s latest crime thriller the fifth in the Frank Renzi novel series This time Frank is tracking Natalie Brixton his foe from the third book in the series Natalie’s Revenge This story first finds Natalie in England trapped and coerced into stealing priceless works of art and committing acts of violence; then later in Boston USA the one place she really doesn’t want to be the place where she knows the cops are still looking to capture her for her previous crimes Compelled by her ‘benefactor’ and intimidated by his henchman Natalie is forced to take part in an audacious heist on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum but she is only one cog in the machine and a complex web of other accomplices is needed to pull it off Will she manage it will she escape or will Frank finally catch his prey?I really enjoyed reading Natalie’s Art and I love Susan Fleet’s writing; the story is strong the dialogue realistic and the plot complex It is a serious and dramatic book; it contains violent scenes in context and builds confidently to a series of exciting climaxes Frank is still a compelling character although he does not feature as much as one might expect the real star of this book is Natalie herself; she is multifaceted thoughtfully written and very sympathetic The supporting characters are all three dimensional some are clearly ‘good’ some are clearly ‘bad’ but there are many layers to Natalie which is what makes her so fascinating The book starts with a bang goes out on a high and is an exciting read throughout For Readers' Favorite

  6. Surendra Nath Surendra Nath says:

    An awesome crime mystery I loved Natalie’s character forever wishing she shouldn’t get caught The story kept me hooked – first about how the heist would be executed and next about the bloody chase Susan Fleet has made all of the characters come out lively especially Natalie and Gregor She has done good research on art art thieves police procedures weapons and many other subjects This was my first novel by Susan Fleet and I enjoyed reading itOne part that sounded disjointed to me Why did Frank not arrest Gregor aka Stefan Haas earlier when he knew he was living under a stolen identity It would be good enough reason at least in my country India to lay in wait for him and nab him whenever he turned up in his Global office and grill him After all he came into that office uite a few times and lived in there Knowing that a girl from that office Ursula had probably been killed and knowing that he had probably killed Stafen Haas too the police was not pursuing that angle at all except for making a few intimidating visits to that office The inefficiency of the police was showing in many parts of the story Of course the story wouldn’t have progressed well if Gregor had been arrested earlierThe ending was very satisfying for me

  7. Beverly Mccollum Beverly Mccollum says:

    I would actually rate this book a 35 it's the fifth book in the Frank Renzi series and a seuel to Natalie's Revenge A fast paced and very entertaining read A mystery a thriller a character study this novel has it all And as an added bonus there's uite a bit of interesting info about famous art heists I do hope Susan Fleet will continue writing in this series I'm a fan Recommend it

  8. Kathy LeJeune Kathy LeJeune says:

    I have read everything Susan Fleet has written I have never been disappointed with her books Natalie's Art was just as awesome and a page turner I wish she published a new book every day

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