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Undressed Country Roads #45 ❰Reading❯ ➿ Undressed Country Roads #45 Author Shannon Richard – Thomashillier.co.uk She knows the rules of the game but she can't resist his movesPublicist Abby Fields's career is on the rise And with failed romances in her past she has no time for men When a job opportunity opens up She knows the rules of the game but she can't resist his movesPublicist Abby Fields's career is on the rise And with failed romances in her past she has no time for men When a job opportunity opens up with a sports team in Florida Abby eagerly packs up and heads south Yet after a work event in Mirabelle Florida Abby finds herself in the arms of a hockey player whose heartstopping smile leads her to the steamiest night of her life Logan James is hot Undressed Country MOBI :↠ on and off the ice With his team on an epic winning streak life couldn't get better until he meets Abby the fiery redhead assigned to protect his team's image Now Logan's finding it difficult to concentrate on anything other than getting Abby undressed But after a secret is leaked to the press the taste of betrayal opens old wounds If they can't learn to trust each other they may risk losing than their hearts words.

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  1. sraxe sraxe says:

    This was a first Shannon Richard read for me and I'm definitely not disappointed The novella was on the sexy side than sweet though these tow did have their moments but I guess it'd be hard to write something that was simply sweet with two characters Logan and Abby who had as much chemistry as I think these two did Although there were parts of it that were definitely predictable like the conflict I can't say I was overly bothered by itOther than having great chemistry I thought the two characters were pretty great for the most part Logan James is a pro hockey player who doesn't like his life to be all up in the tabloids preferring to keep his private life private One of the things in his past that he prefers to keep uiet is his daughter Madison who died eight years ago at the age of five And that's totally not a spoiler because that's revealed in Chapter Two Logan had gotten his girlfriend at the time Cassidy pregnant two months into dating her in his freshman year at college Cassidy's parents were pretty God fearing so she went through with the pregnancy instead of aborting but she wasn't too keen on having a child When Madison was diagnosed she basically just up and left the relationship there's no indication on how deep his relationship with Cassidy was and doesn't show up at all in this book so no OW drama He was a pretty sweet guy and totally into Abby though he'd avoided starting anything with her for the past three months since she'd started working with his teamThe only thing I wanted to be different about him is his manwhore nature Over the years he's slept with a lot of women including picking up random hockey groupies which the author refers to as rink bunnies but errthey're known as puck bunnies jsyk at games and in college He's had relationships over the years but he never really did serious When he's talking to his friend Jace he mentions that Jace goes on benders of meaningless sex which he then says he knows a thing or two about because he's done that and it doesn't work I wish the author had gone a different route with him instead of doing the same ol' tortured past leading to manwhore present tropeThen we have Abby She was a pretty strong character imo She had to deal with a lot of shit in the testosterone filled environment that is hockey She also has a very antagonistic co worker who doesn't like her at all He constantly refers to her as DC which people take to mean in relation to Washington because she'd previously worked with politicians but he means it as Damn C word She was a pretty decent character too and I have no real complaints about her Shew as interested in Logan just as much as he fancied her but she avoided pursuing him in the beginning The reason? Because unlike Logan she has a no fraternization clause in her contract so her job's on the line if she starts anything with himUnlike Logan though she doesn't really sleep around She's not a virgin and hasn't had a bad sex life with mentions of a boyfriend or two though no details and her failed romances but she hasn't slept with nearly as many people as Logan probably has and is going on one year of celibacy before sleeping with LoganThe only relationship complaint I have—and it's nit picky than anything else honestly—is that I wish Logan was as sure of Abby as she was of him in the beginning In the beginning while Abby is positive in how special he is to her mentioning that she hadn’t been this attracted to a man in well ever Logan thinks that it's been a while since he’d been able to get that lost in a woman that really he was pretty sure he’d never gotten that lost in a woman While he's the first man she's ever been this attracted to he's pretty sure when it comes to Abby I wish he'd been as sure of her as she was him in the beginning especially since they'd been pining after one another eually for the last couple of months I know I know nit picky etc It was just something that bothered me in the beginning I do want to mention that I didn't think she was second best or anything but I just wanted to note that because it bothered meThe last thing I had a complaint about was Abby's father Her issues with her father felt pretty unresolved so I was disappointed in that I wish had come of that or that there'd been a solid resolution there rather than how open ended it wasAnyway I enjoyed this book enough that I think I may pick up Richard's other books Paige and Brendan definitely intrigued me because their relationship dynamic here was adorable

  2. Shannon (leaninglights) Shannon (leaninglights) says:

    Very sweet novella side story Even though we weren't in Mirabelle for most of it it was well tied in and entertaining

  3. Dark Faerie Tales Dark Faerie Tales says:

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales uick Dirty Amazing romance that was sexy emotional and very entertaining I would highly recommend this series to anyone that is looking for a sweet romance readOpening Sentence “Truth when was the last time you had sex?”The ReviewAbby Fields just recently moved to Florida for a new job She will be working for the Jacksonville Stampede’s a professional hockey team public relations department This is a great career move for her and it comes with the huge plus of being only three hours away from her best friend Paige King It does state in her contract that she is not to fraternize with any of the players which isn’t a problem until she finds herself in a cabin all alone with Logan James on Valentine’s Day playing a game of Strip Shoot or Truth This leads to one of the best nights of her life but if she wants to keep her job it better not happen againLogan James is at the height of his professional career His hockey team is on an epic winning streak and things seem to be going perfectly for him Then Abby Fields walks into his life and for the first time in a long time he finds himself attracted to someone for than one night She is a gorgeous fiery redhead that he can’t get out of his head but them being together needs to stay a secret Logan is no stranger to keeping secrets — his past is full of them but when one of his most heart wrenching memories is splashed all over the news he blames Abby for the leak If he can’t learn to trust her how can they ever take their relationship to the next level?Abby is an adorable character that was easy to love She appeared sporadically throughout the rest of the series and even though she wasn’t around much I always liked her She seems like a put together person and she has been uite successful in her career as a publicist But I loved that underneath her business suits she has insecurities just like everyone else Her past relationships with men have never been all that great and her family life from growing up was far from perfect I enjoyed her witty personality and thought that she was a great character I am so glad that I got to read her story and see her get a happily ever afterLogan was seriously so SEXY First off he is a professional hockey player so he has a killer body and a gorgeous face to go with it But the thing that is most sexy about him is how humble and giving he is He obviously has a lot of money and he is could easily be one of those sports guys that flaunts what he has but he doesn’t He is a very private person and doesn’t like to have his personal life splashed in the media I love that he volunteers at the children’s hospital and helps make sick children’s dreams come true He seriously is such a great guy and I loved everything about him His romance with Abby is electric and adorable at the same time In some ways I wish we could have watched them meet and get to know each other but I will admit that their story started out with a bang I think they are perfect for each other and I loved watching their relationship developUndressed had everything I wanted from a novella It was sexy fun emotional and the perfect uick read I was so excited to read Abby’s story and this did not disappoint I will admit that there were a few moments where I wish Richards would have gone a little bit in depth but after finishing the story I can see why she didn’t This is a novella not a full length novel so to keep it at a shorter length some things just can’t be explored as much but this in no way made me enjoy this book any less I loved the characters the plot was interesting the romance was perfection and honestly I think this was a very entertaining read I have read the entire Country Roads series and I loved all of the books While you can easily read this as a standalone I would suggest you read the rest of the series because it will make you appreciate seeing all of the characters from the previous books I do remember reading in other reviews and they thought that some of the other books in this series really dragged out and far too long Personally I didn’t feel this way but if you did I wouldn’t worry about that in this story It is short and to the point so you get all of Richards’ wonderful story telling without the lengthily book I am pretty sure that this is probably the ending to the series since most of the characters have gotten their story now but whether it is or not I look forward to whatever Richards comes out with next I would highly recommend this series to anyone that is looking for a sweet romance with great sexy timesNotable SceneThe next two things Abby did shocked the hell out of both of them as evident by the fact that his eyebrows climbed up his foreheadOne She reached across the table and grabbed the shot taking it in one fell swoopSecond she scooted the chair back and stood She unzipped her skirt and pushed it down her thighs adding it to the pile that included her hair clip blazer shoes and blouse There were now just as man y of her things littering the floor as Logan’s—he’d lost his jacket tie socks shoes and beltShe reached for the bottom of her camisole next lifting it over her head and tossing it at him He caught it before it hit him in the face pulling it away as his eyes did a slow skim of her body That mouth of his turned predatory as he took in her red bustier and lace panties and black thigh high stockings“Damn Red” The whisper that left his mouth was one of aweFTC Advisory ForeverHachette provided me with a copy of Undressed No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

  4. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    My review cross posted from Wit and Sin Undressed is my favorite Country Roads story to date Shannon Richards has packed a heck of a lot into this sinfully sexy novella – it’s interesting heartbreaking compelling and of course red hotI have a weakness for hockey player heroes and Logan is definitely drool worthy on and off the ice But he’s than a hot bod with skills he’s a man with a generous heart and a heartbreaking secret he’ll do anything to protect Logan hasn’t really wanted to get close to anyone in years because of his past for reasons I won’t spoil but Abby gets under his skin and makes him come alive for the first time in years And it’s easy to see why Abby is a heroine with brains and determination to spare She handles sexist coworkers along with sometimes uncooperative hockey players and doesn’t blink an eyelash Logan however throws her off her game Her contract forbids her from getting involved with any of the guys on the team but there’s something about Logan that Abby simply can’t resist And when she finds out that he wants her as wellwatch out because Undressed gets down and dirty in all the best ways The chemistry between Abby and Logan is fantastic and I simply could not put their story down entranced as I was by these twoOf course even when hero and heroine fit one another perfectly things aren’t going to be easy There’s workplace politics old wounds and the ever present press that will challenge Abby and Logan The only thing that kept Undressed from being the perfect read for me was the inevitable reveal of Logan’s secret to the world You can tell it had to happen for plot point reasons but the how of it left me disappointed Without spoiling what happens I can say that someone as smart and aware as Abby should have seen what was coming That being said it was the only blip in an otherwise superb romance Undressed is part of Ms Richard’s Country Roads series but it can be read as a standalone I’ve been reading this series completely out of order and I had no problems at all Fans of the series should love the cameos made by their favorite characters and of course Abby’s best friend Paige of Undone is a key supporting character As much as I loved the Mirabelle crowd Ms Richard has me even excited to read books about Logan’s siblings characters new to the series I’ve got my fingers crossed in the hopes that Adele and Liam will get books of their own Undressed is fast paced and engaging with characters you have to adore I absolutely loved Abby and Logan and I cannot wait to re read their story FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

  5. Erin Erin says:

    I loved book four in the Country Roads series so I was really looking forward to seeing what Abby and Logan’s story had in store for us He’s the sexy hockey player with a haunted past she’s the former political publicist who represents everything he hates But there was something there a spark that neither one of them could deny and we got to see it firsthand before this story even really kicks off Logan and Abby share a blissful night of passion but the next morning brings new light for hershe isn’t allowed to fraternize with clients and Logan is exactly that Resisting his charms and magnetism became a second full time job for her at that point and it was a steamy sweet emotional journey for both of themDespite the fact that we pretty much jump right into these two having their way with each other there was great chemistry between them They had one intense evening together but it left its mark and you could see why They both needed each other even if they didn’t want to admit it And even as she kept him at arm’s length to protect her career what Abby grew to know of the real Logan over the weeks following made him even harder to resist She was willing to risk her livelihood to see just what they had even though he was holding back from her Logan James he was the real deal the shockingly gorgeous male specimen with a heart of gold and that was before his secret was revealed to his woman What we readers know of Logan is heartbreaking and it was so sad seeing through his point of view what he’d been through It made what he had with Abby that much important because I so wanted her to be his chance at real enduring love and a second chance at true happiness Undressed is a heartwarming addition to the Country Roads series and I for one am hopeful we’ll get a book 5 before it all wraps up uotesShe took a deep breath before she finished off the last of her champagne determined to get her head back in itand her heart? Well who the hell cared about that? Loc 906“So you were jealous when you thought Adele was my date? “Could you be any smug?”“I think I could but your dress is distracting me from it” He moved his hands from their location on her butt traveling back to her hips and running them up to her waist before he slid them back down “Does it make you feel any better that I can’t even think straight when I look at you?” Loc 1004But he’d said it at the very beginning of this whole thing during their night spend in Mirabelle “Simple is overrated I’ll take complicated any day” Loc 1585Find this and of my reviews at

  6. Christi Snow Christi Snow says:

    My ReviewThis book jumped right into the story with a bang and I loved that Abby and Logan work for an NHL hockey teamhe's a player she's in the PR dept They've been at odds for months because he wants to keep his private life private which makes her job difficult The book starts out with them snowed in at his cabin after their flight was cancelled for a PR appearanceand they've been drinking while playing a drinking game Yeah you can see where this book is going But I loved the way that it jumped right in When the book starts they're four drinks and several clothing items into the game It makes for an intense read immediatelyand it really never let up I loved that This book is called a novellabut it's a long novella50k words and it never feels short on story At all First let me just sayhockey If you all have been reading my reviews at all you know I love hockey and sport themed books This was a fun one I liked the premise of it I loved Logan's backstory He's so much than the readerand the heroine Abbyrealizes at first The two of them are snowed in because they are on their way to visit a teenage boy who's having difficulties with his cancer treatments That theme of compassion and kids with cancer flowed throughout the entire book and I did really like that The conflict of the story is that Abby's contract says she can't fraternize with the team She also has issues with one of the other PR execs who's incredibly sexist That means that the two are sneaking around a lot and even though the relationship is going well that adds stress She's an incredibly strong and independent character There's an interesting sub plot with her and her father Overall the book was just really good While I own most of this series I haven't read the others yet I need to go back and do that There were also some incredible members of the hockey team introduced and I really hope the author provides some other stories from that cast of characters But this one is definitely worth picking upI received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review

  7. Kim Perry Kim Perry says:

    Logan is a very private and sexy hockey player He wants to keep his private life private as much as possible as a famous athlete So he often butts heads with Abby who works in PR for the Stampede Abby is brillant at her job but is often underestimated and underappreciated as a beautiful and short woman She's surprised that Logan didn't put up a fight when she broached the idea of visiting a sick teenager as he is one of the less cooperative playersLogan and Abby share an undeniable attraction that finally gets the better of them Any relationship would be impossible for them since they both work for the team but so is staying away from each other What begins as a fling becomes as they get to know each otherUndressed is a fun novella set in the Country Roads world Undresses can be read as a standalone Shannon Richard created a great couple within the sports world of hockey Ms Richard also provided a great cast of secondary characters including some from the Country Roads books Fans of Rachel Gibson and Jessica Lemmon would enjoy Undressed

  8. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    I love this series so I'm always excited when a new book comes out and this author is one I really enjoy reading her work Our girl Abby can be impatient at times especially when it pertains to her man and getting him naked she was working the buttons a moment later but her impatience got the best of her and she ripped it open He grinned against her mouth as buttons scattered across the wooden floor but he didn't break the kiss Logan he appreciates his woman's efforts especially when it's of the teasing nature My bra is I'm not wearing panties Logan's head came up in an instant What was that? I'm going commando The material of this dress is too thin Shows everything So I took a leaf out of your book As I said I enjoy this series and I'm always looking forward to a new book but now that I got a taste of these delicious hockey players I want of them

  9. Christal (Badass Book Reviews) Christal (Badass Book Reviews) says:

    Undressed was the Country Roads story I didn't know I needed I really enjoyed the connection between Abby and her hockey player Logan They had sizzling chemistry and both were working to overcome hardships in their past The hockey setting was interesting and I enjoyed the PR aspects of Abby's job It was also nice to get a little visit from some of the Mirabelle residents of past stories to show that Abby was still connected to the town I think the short format was perfect for this story because it set the relationship up well but limited the amount of drama Abby and Logan could have As they are both mature respectful adults it made sense that their bump in the road would be minimal needing only a chapter or so to overcomeThank you to Forever Yours and Netgalley for providing an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Cee (The Mistress Case) Cee (The Mistress Case) says:

    I have not read any of Shannon Richard’s books before so this is a first for me Undressed is okay Just okay Like many stories I read these days Logan and Abby are trying to fight their attraction to each other until finally one day on Valentine’s Day they give in After this they overcome struggles in order to be together It’s a typical formula to a good romance book but the book makes it nothing special

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