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Game Theory Katerina Carter Fraud #2 ❮Epub❯ ➝ Game Theory Katerina Carter Fraud #2 Author Colleen Cross – GAME THEORY How the world really worksThe most precious things come at a cost—something fraud investigator Katerina Carter knows all too well She struggles to cope with uncle Harry’s ever worsenin GAME THEORY How the world really worksThe Katerina Carter PDF ´ most precious things come at a cost—something fraud investigator Katerina Carter knows all too well She struggles to cope with uncle Harry’s ever worsening Alzheimer's just as she lands her biggest case ever a massive Ponzi scheme Billionaire Zachary Barron’s business is in free fall somehow connected to the shadowy World Institute Game Theory uncovers how the world really works where an ever smaller pool of winners gain from Game Theory PDF \ the suffering of others leaving the masses to fight over the crumbs remaining And the players will stop at nothing to get what they want.

  • Game Theory Katerina Carter Fraud #2
  • Colleen Cross
  • English
  • 08 March 2016

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10 thoughts on “Game Theory Katerina Carter Fraud #2

  1. Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo says:

    Just as Kat Carter thinks she's happier than she has been in a uite a while things start to unravel Her divorce case has concluded to her client's benefit Jace and Kat are in a good place but her Uncle Harry has been officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's and his finances are in the basement His Flu like symptoms are not any better either And he has begun to talk about Hillary again like she is in town Is she? And is Hillary the reason for Harry's money problems? Will Jace leave her like her father did when Kat's mother was also falling deeper into that horrible disease? Adding to Kat's worries is her client Zachary Barron Winning his divorce case is nothing compared to the job he hires Kat for Zach wants Kat to prove that his father Nathan has been embezzling from the Company he and Nathan own What Kat discovers is major fraud within the company that is the poster child for all Ponzi schemes tied to a secretive global think tank called World institute whose powerful members want a global one currency and are willing to do anything even murder to achieve that goal Jace is only one of WI's victims effectively silenced him Kat races to save her client Harry and Edgewaters' clients before any bodies fall while trying to save the global currency markets She knows all too well that very precious things come at a very high cost Colleen Cross has taken stories in the headlines and created a good suspense novel The suspense builds at a wonderful speed Her writing is good and tight However a couple of scenes do stretch the boundaries of belief hence 12 star deduction I can't wait for the 3rd novel in this series

  2. Marlon Marlon says:

    Good stuff Like the title Ponzi scheme stuff is on point Fan of the strong female character busting bad guys

  3. Tricia Tricia says:

    Game Theory is the second book in this series but it can easily be listened to or read as a standalone The first book in this series was my first time reading or listening to this author's work and I admit that I did wonder if the second book would be as good I need not have worried I enjoyed it immenselyGame Theory has Katerina Carter a forensic accountant and fraud investigator trying to solve not one but two crimes The first has global financial implications and the second has a much personal and heartbreaking implication Kat has been hired to investigate possible fraud by the manager of a multi billion dollar investment fund which leads Kat and her boyfriend Jase who is a reporter into many risky situationsThe personal investigation involves her Uncle Harry who is suffering from rapid onset Alzheimers His money has disappeared he's been robbed and has acuired massive debts who has orchestrated this? Is it someone closer to home?To add to her tasks she has to try to find Jase he's been kidnapped but that's not all she too get's kidnapped I'd love to tell you but that would involve spoilers I don't want to give so I will just say that this is a fast paced enjoyable story which does manage to stretch the boundaries of belief but is no less enjoyable for that There is lots of family and relationship drama mixed in with the mysteries Kat needs to solveThe narration by Petrea Burchard is excellent she also narrated the first book in the series which made the continuity great She is very talented and really brought this story to life If you haven't read or listened to the first book I recommend that you do but that's only because it's so good and for me added to my enjoyment of this oneI was given this audiobook as a gift and am voluntarily writing my review

  4. Melanie Lewis Melanie Lewis says:

    When I read Colleen Cross' first book Exit Strategy I was blown away by the hero working as a forensic accountant We've had all sorts of unlikely professions as heroes and I worried that this was stretching it a bit Two things changed my mind the first being a local 'philanthropist' being jailed for running a Ponzi scheme and all his charity work being at the expense of other people and the second and the reason most relevant was the excellent writing In Game Theory Ms Cross has once again created an all too believable tale and the hero at the centre of it all is the brilliant Katerina Carter Forensic Accountant extraordinaire Coping with the disappearance of her boyfriend death threats a beloved Uncle with dementia and a psychopathic cousin Kat unravels all the threads and neatly ties them in a bow sorted and resolved She has a strong moral code and you have to respect that Ms Cross cleverly entwines Kat's professional and personal life and this is what makes the story so credible I understood the financial shenanigans better in this book than in book 1 maybe because I've just seen this happen in real life How people can do what they do is a constant surprise to me Thank goodness we have real life Katerina Carters to sort out the tangled web of lies these criminals spin Excellent narration by Petrea Burchard I am thrilled to recommend Game Theory a clever and carefully plotted thriller that will keep you absorbed the whole time

  5. Jan Miller Jan Miller says:

    Game Theory by Colleen Cross is the second book in the series featuring Katerina Carter whom is a forensic accountant I loved how this book is both a standalone listen and part of a series This book has several endearing characters and several despicable ones I thought the author wrote the character of Uncle Harry in a very sensitive manner Alzheimer's is such a horrible disease and so difficult to deal with Katerina and Jace are also favorite characters of mine I really enjoyed how the author wove several stories into one in this book I had never really thought of elder abuse before listening to this book and the financial implicationsconseuences Regarding another aspect of this book the Ponzi scheme The author wrote the details with such believability that I could see how people fall for them The currency manipulation was another aspect that is very scary when one thinks about it Petrea Burchard performed this book fantastically I love how she gives distinguishable voices to the various characters I could envision so many things with the vivid imagery in this book I reuested this review copy audiobook and have voluntarily written this review I will definitely listen to books by this author and narrator Blowout by Colleen Cross is the next book in the series

  6. Sandra Leivesley Sandra Leivesley says:

    Before I read Exit Strategy the first book in the series I was very sceptical about how exciting a book about a forensic accountant could be but I was proved totally wrong and was eager to read this book the second in the series It was just as good as the firstIt is a story about fraud on a global scale Kat is a strong protagonist who has to use all her wits to ensure that justice prevails On top of this Kat finds out that her uncle has Alzheimer's along with his own money problems Having had a couple of relatives with this sad disease I felt that it was handled and described sensitively and realistically by Ms Cross The plot is fast paced and well written with all the strands nicely tied up at the end You do have to pay attention when readinglistening though to make sure you understand all the financial stuffIt was nice to hear Petrea Burchard’s flawless narration again I like it when there is continuity of narrators in a series

  7. Jocelyne Jocelyne says:

    This was my first Colleen Cross's book and won't be my last This is the second book a standalone story in the Katerina Carter Fraud Legal Thriller Series Suspenseful action packed and filled with twists and turns This thriller is really captivating There's a lot going on but despite that the story is easy to follow Kat Jace and Uncle Harry are great characters Harry's Alzheimer disease is well described and realistic Petrea Burchard did an amazing job with the narration I enjoyed my listening and I'm looking forward for books written by this author I was given a free review copy of the audiobook — at my reuest — and have voluntarily left this review

  8. Jan Jan says:

    Her mother and now her uncle were struck down with the horror that is Alzheimer's and Kat is afraid of losing her supportive lover the way her own father ran out on them Enter a high profile divorce case which leads to investigation of embezzlement high finance machinations and world finance manipulation Add in a psychopathic killer who turns out to be Kat's cousin and you have the complex thriller that is this book which drew me in and kept me reading Great stuff I have the audio narrated by Petrea Burchard who excels in this multifaceted readI reuested and much to my delight received a free audio copy of this book Thank you

  9. Jo Reason Jo Reason says:

    Another solid book from Colleen Cross This book sees Kat solving a possible embezzlement but I enjoyed the other story in this book the one with Kat and her Uncle Harry not forgetting of cause Hilary who is rather scary Want to know who Hilary is? you might want to read the bookThis book is suspenseful emotional exciting I enjoyed this book than the first Exit Strategy even though that was good I think the details of the characters are developed and as I also just finished the first book recently they are fresh in my mindVery good narration the same person as the first book I received a copy of the audio book in exchange for a review

  10. Trevor Trevor says:

    Game Theory is a suspense charged financial thriller that exposes how the world really works Cross’ second book in the Kat Carter series is even better than the first It takes place in the midst of the financial crisis as she exposes a thinly disguised Bilderberg type new world order As she uncovers the fraud her uncle’s Alzheimer’s worsens and reveals a deadly deception much closer to home If you like John Grisham and Michael Connolly you’ll enjoy this series A smart riveting read

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