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Social Work for Fun and Profit ☃ Social Work for Fun and Profit PDF / Epub ✑ Author Richard Schwindt – From the writer who brought you a social worker who solves murders Death in Sioux Lookout and a psychiatrist who turns into a gorilla to solve a case The Love Duology comes another completely original From the writer who brought for Fun eBook ☆ you a social worker who solves murders Death in Sioux Lookout and a psychiatrist who turns into a gorilla to solve a case The Love Duology comes another completely original work In the early eighties a young social worker named Richard Schwindt decided to do something never done before or since and satirize his profession For ten years writing in Social Work PDF/EPUB or OAPSW Newsmagazine Schwindt regaled and horrified colleagues with classics like Veterinary Social Work Social Work in Hell and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde MSW These articles remain as edgy and funny now as when they were first published Some pieces are fun; some are dark but all are uniue and the output of an innovative mind.

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  • Social Work for Fun and Profit
  • Richard Schwindt
  • 28 June 2014

About the Author: Richard Schwindt

I’m a social worker therapist for Fun eBook ☆ and writer in Kingston Ontario I write serious self help books practical help when you need it and innovative fiction including The Death in Sioux Lookout Trilogy Dreams and Sioux Nights The Love Duology Social Work for Fun and Profit Tony Price Confidential and Herkimer’s NoseMy Emotional Recovery from series includes two books on workplace mobbing an.

5 thoughts on “Social Work for Fun and Profit

  1. Vivi Vivi says:

    I had uite high expectations from this title but it is mostly so sci fi and fragmented that I found it difficult to enjoy it despite its witty humour

  2. C.S. Woolley C.S. Woolley says:

    For those who have already read some of the other works by Richard Schwindt you will not be disappointed by this latest volume in his library For those who haven’t read him before this book is a fantastic introduction to how wonderfully well he understands his field through the telling lens of satireThis book is a refreshing change to many you will find that look at the world of social work and for those who have worked in the field you will find things that hit closer to home than most would admit but presented in a fun and humourous style With a throw back to the time before political correctness became part of standard vocabulary there is a cheeky almost mischievious tone to this book that means that you can’t help but laugh gasp and thoroughly enjoy the different articles that Schwindt has put together in this bookThe difference between how you might expect a social worker to act and how Schwindt behaved back in the 1980s and early 1990s is beyond shocking and ladies and gentlemen of a strict and proper nature may need smelling salts to hand This is definitely not a book to be read by people who take life seriouslySaying that beneath all the humour and the devilish behaviour there is an awful lot of insight into people and their nature as you would expect from a writer of Schwindt’s calibre The book is written in a way that puts me in mind of the stories that people tell each other in hushed voices over coffee and receive “you didn’t” and “no” in response to each little twist the tale takes The glossary that Schwindt includes is extremely helpful as a guide to those who have not spent their lives working in the social work sector and would be unfamiliar with many of the terms that are used and somehow even manages to make these comical This book will have those of us who can remember life before social media and being hounded to the point of having to remove yourself from the internet completely for merely making a sarcastic comment that is misunderstood or simply enjoying the darker threads of humour that often reveal truth in the reaction they receive than in the tellingThat is one of the strengths of this book – though some may find it offensive it is the satirical snarky blunt edged humour in this novel that sheds light on aspects of peoples’ characters not only in the subtext of the book but in how people react when they read itWhat I found most interesting of all throughout this book was setting the book in Canada a country and a people that are stereotyped into being painfully polite and apologetic to the point of ridicule in many modern American sitcoms Yet as you follow Fred through his life as a social worker there you are opened up to a darker side that you can’t help but love especially for moments when Fred refers to official bodies like the Ontario Associaiton of Professional Social Workers as “Terrorist groups like the OAPSW specialized in ideological terror and extortion” Even the names of the characters in this book fall towards the Monty Pythonesue satire that make this book so enjoyable glib and irreverent in the best possible way This book leaves me longer to read of Fred and his adventures in greater depth perhaps even a full novel dedicated to the goings on in Hospital Gray Skull This book captures a side of life that seems to be slowly drained from modern societyEnjoyable from beginning to end and one book that readers will certainly not want to put down

  3. Kevin Oh Kevin Oh says:

    I read Schwindt's The Love Duology about a week and a half ago and really liked it so I decided to give Social Work For Fun And Profit a try I wasn't really sure what I was getting into the topic seemed a bit distant for me and my interests the satirization of social work as a profession Admittedly it was only because of how much I enjoyed The Love Duology that I even gave this title a second glanceBut I'm glad I did This stuff is gold Seriously I was smiling from the first page Schwindt's clever wordplay and writing style makes the entire subject of social work from the 1980's no less accessible to the laymen reader and I mean this literallyIt seems that Schwindt had anticipated some of his readers would be unfamiliar with the topic so he provides a golden hilariously witty glossary of terms right at the start In both the glossary and the rest of the text Schwindt a social worker himself pokes fun at the industry and its practitioners but with a subtlety and tact that demonstrates his sincere interest and love for the field It's satire done right written with the intention not just to slander or insult but to repair reflect and advanceThat said Schwindt's immortal wit doesn't hold back No holds barredFor example there is mention of Kermit The Frog's genitals or lack thereof Yes yes indeed A second example found in the glossary a definition for the Carleton School of Social WorkPerfect for annoying politically correct activists too dumb to get into University of Toronto Of course I know nothing about the either of the schools mentioned but it is wonderfully entertaining to see the minute details and human observations of a scholar poking fun at the sometimes frustrating sometimes beautiful world in which he finds himself It's a fascinatingly foreign snapshot into Schwindt's mind and into the world of the 1980's professional social work sceneEnough about the glossary though For those who can read between the lines the actual text which is composed of a varying series of discrete vignettes anecdotes dialogues and letters is richly encoded with humor and meaning In the first story about Fred Schwindt playfully visualizes a world in which the diaries of a bumbling student in the social work field are among the last surviving remnants of the late twentieth century Using clever wordplay Schwindt gives life to both Fred and to his misadventures We see Fred bicker about having to pay fees to the Ontario Assocation of Professional Social Workers OAPSW a complaint that becomes amusingly and woefully misunderstood by the social work scholars of the future who note Terrorist groups like the OAPSW specialized in ideological terror and extortionSoon follows a punchy and clever correspondence about workplace woes eccentric patients and deception After thatwell it involves a gay flamingoSchwindt's writing is simply a masterpiece of satirical wit Blunt edgy subtly hilarious playful and intellectual Love it love it As with my review on his other book I will conclude by saying JUST READ IT Highly recommended

  4. Lila Collins Lila Collins says:

    Uniue Completely Hilarious and Oddly IntrospectiveSocial Work for Fun and Profit Social Work Satire 1982 1992 is the type of book that manages to make you laugh and make you think at the same time Richard Schwindt does a wonderful job of showcasing the realities hardships excitement and hilariously funny moments that come along with social work in a seriously entertaining and relevant way The writing is sharp descriptive snarky offbeat and filled with characters or rather real world social workers that capture your attention with a truly uniue perspective I found myself laughing and gasping in shock in eual measure Mr Schwindt explored being a social worker in the 80's and early 90's It really was an oddly introspective book that blends satire drama and reality Overall this left me with a smile on my face and a yearning to see what else Richard Schwindt has written because this was a uniuely entertaining read

  5. P Bee P Bee says:

    This book is filled with humor that you don't see in a lot of today's writing because people are so afraid of being called out on social media or even forced to resign just for a controversial social media post I absolutely loved it It's a window back in time to the 80's and 90's as well as a humorous look at the things social workers do to help people help themselves and possibly make everyone miserable in the process I found myself reading through the humor to some of the common sense beneath bureaucratic fluff Even the glossary had me laughing If you've ever done social work or any kind of public service the book is must read It's refreshing not politically correct and is a great showcase for this author's writing ability

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