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  1. Candi Candi says:

    Go back to the before you think to yourself You know that in your own life it’s not something you will ever choose to do35 stars A book about identity the choices we have the power to make and the opportunities to recreate oneself The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty is without a doubt an original story The second person narration is not something you come across freuently in literature and while it was a clever tool in this instance you may find it a bit jarring Or you may very well immerse yourself in the writing and enjoy the ride While I appreciated the brilliance of the narration I was not completely enthralled with it Yet I never wanted to put the book down – despite my hang up with the voice I was hooked and impatient to learn the true identity of the main character We are introduced to an unnamed woman travelling alone from America to Casablanca She seems to be escaping something or someone but we are kept in the dark about this initially Upon checking into her hotel in Morocco her backpack containing her wallet and passport are stolen A frightening prospect to be a solitary traveler in a foreign country without any identification money or credit cards Yikes I would not want to be in this woman’s shoes Perhaps she should have heeded the warning in her guidebook to Morocco which advised The first thing to do upon arriving in Casablanca is get out of Casablanca How she handles this predicament happens to lead her into a series of curious even if somewhat implausible adventures Now using the word “adventures” is a bit of a stretch for me here – because when I hear this word I sense danger and excitement However I never really felt either of these emotions while reading What I did feel was a sense of intrigue and noted uite a bit of dry humor throughout Little by little we learn about this woman’s past as the issue of identity is manipulated and explored in this novel Now I have to mention that I chose this book for a challenge which instructed me to read a book set in Africa or written by an African author As I adore this setting and have never read a book taking place in Morocco previously this one seemed to fit the bill However I was slightly disappointed in that I feel I did not really learn anything about Morocco – except perhaps to keep one’s hand firmly gripped on one’s bag at all times This novel could have taken place anywhere I missed out on the sights and sounds of what I expected to be a vivid and vibrant country It does deliver in other ways and will appeal to those that enjoy a slow reveal of a character as well as a creative look at the idea of self and the ways one can start life anew I enjoyed this enough to want to dip into of this author’s work in the future

  2. Daniel McIlhenney Daniel McIlhenney says:

    It’s a good book by a wonderfully talented authorI posted an overly critical review here and it wasn’t really fair I liked the book a lot and found it interesting It uses a uniue point of view that might take warming up to but I think it adds a layer to the story that we don’t usually get It places the reader in the role of the protagonist Plus it’s set in Casablanca I loved that choice As I’m editing this review 3 years after posting it it’s because I left a snarky review about a book I liked Who knows why I rarely leave reviews on here The review ended up being one of the first to come up on this page The I thought about it the less I liked the idea

  3. Diane Diane says:

    This is a lovely slip of a book the kind of novel you become utterly absorbed in and read in one sittingWe meet our heroine on a plane from Miami Florida to Casablanca Morocco She is running away from something but we don't know what As soon as she gets to her hotel her bag is stolen including her passport and wallet The staff try to help but she suspects they are in cahoots with the thief andor the policeThe woman starts exploring Casablanca using another name and she gets an unexpected job as a stand in on a movie set Each day in Morocco brings another adventure and another story from her backgroundThis was my first experience with Vendela Vida's writing but it won't be my last She has a beautiful style very graceful and clever and I was sad when the book ended I wanted to keep following this woman and her strange journey in a foreign country Highly recommendedFavorite uotesYour mind is rioting now that you know for sure your backpack is gone You see no way out of this You want to go home You have just arrived in Morocco and your backpack your identity has been stolen You think you might cry Don't cry you tell yourself Don't cry And you know you won't A strange adrenaline a forceful calmness overtakes you You have been in situations like these before and you feel this tranuility the green blue of an ocean wash over youThe girls look at each other and for a moment you envy the communication between happy sisters the comfort of having someone who is always with you and who knows what you're thinking When you were young you thought your twinship could be like that; when you were older you thought your marriage might be like that But you were twice mistaken

  4. Esil Esil says:

    A high 4 stars I seem to be binge reading this holiday and Vendela Vida's The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty was perfect for a binge read It's the second book I've read by Vida in the last few days and I'm again impressed by her talent and voice and must say that I liked this one even than Let the Norther Lights Erase Your Name Told from a second person perspective it starts in Casablanca as the main character arrives from the US Immediately a back pack containing her passport and credit cards is stolen And what follows is a captivating and page turning narrative that has the main character stumbling into situations that allow her to claim different identities She toys with the idea of trying to reclaim her original identity but as the story moves forward it becomes obvious that she is trying to get away from some personal nastiness back home and the opportunity to reinvent herself turns out to be convenient and appealing The book becomes especially playful when the main character becomes a double for a famous unnamed American actress in a movie being shot in Casablanca It's clever and original And while the second person narrative may be distracting to some it serves as a nifty tool to reveal only small bits and pieces of the main character's past as the story progresses You should read this book in one sitting if you can You shouldn't worry too much about understanding what's going on or how realistic the narrative is Just go with it and enjoy the ride

  5. LeAnne: GeezerMom LeAnne: GeezerMom says:

    When you've listened to an audio book twice in eight months reveling in it even the second time the cleverness of the author is apparent You choose books based on scant information reading no reviews ahead of time just reading the stars Just the stars You risk a lot this way but since you love being surprised by what the pages hold it usually works You have never read a book where the entire thing uses the second or is it third? person of you but it so completely puts you inside the head of the narrator that you love it The incredibly conversational narration makes you feel an emotional connection to this odd story that really you didn't even see comingOk Enough of my yous I was mesmerized by this story of a woman who goes on vacation by herself to Morocco I'm not going to even mildly spoil the tale for you but here is the gist Having had her wallet and passport stolen in just the first chapter the book seems like it may be a dark comedy where the main character finds herself in one pickle after another In a sense that is true but you gradually learn that the woman is a bit unbalanced in her decision making because she is escaping some unpleasantness at home More and glimpses of her recent past creep into view and her erratic nature which was mildly improbable up front starts to make senseThe first time through on the audio book I found myself cranking up the volume on my speaker so I could listen in the shower I passed out in the bed two nights in a row as the excellent narrator continued the tale I skipped incoming phone calls so I could find out what happened next in the story The second time through I savored every single nuance every teeny tiny clue or brushstroke of foreshadowing that was interesting but not notable the first go roundFinally because I work as a background actor from time to time the scenes based on how movie productions operate were extremely fun for me The wardrobe people really do dress in bizarre ways there is always food food food and candy on set and there are endless hours of waiting Aside from child actors coming to set sans a guardian although in Casablanca who knows? these chapters were spot on While the book of course leads us to explore why the main character does some of the irrational things we see the writer does a superb job with her observational comments She says this about a lone parent whose shrieking child is irritating everyone on an airplane Her mother was almost louder in her soothing as though to reassure everyone around her—look I’m doing my best You suint at her with judging eyes though you know if you ever have children of your own you will do the same—you will soothe too loudly One thing you observed at your all girls school half of parenting is a performance for othersTotally adored this surprising book and will be reading by the author Five stars On my Favorites shelfEDITED TO ADDI found it The poem that inspired the title of this book really exists I loved that the main character had had bad acne as a teen but when she took up diving in school as opposed to say cheerleading or track or volleyball nobody looked at her face as she competed only her body position and she always ended up under the water hidden Then and also as an adult with acne scars this diver was never comfortable in her own skin Shedding her identity apparently felt good and as you read through the story it becomes apparent that she has always been hiding herself This book is far deeper than its surface appeal I adore itThe Diver’s Clothes Lying Empty You are sitting here with us but you are also out walking in a field at dawnYou are yourself the animal we hunt when you come with us on the huntYou are in your body like a plant is solid in the ground yet you are windYou are the diver’s clothes lying empty on the beach You are the fishIn the ocean are many bright strands and many dark strands like veins that are seen when a wing is lifted upYour hidden self is blood in those those veins that are lute strings that make ocean music not the sad edge of surf but the sound of no shore Rumi translated by Coleman Barks

  6. Erica Erica says:

    Is this considered a literary novel? The dustjacket flap says it's a mesmerizing novel of ideas which is probably true if you take idea to mean made up shitHere's my summary This is a story about a sociopath who leaves her Jerry Springer Show life behind and embarks upon a spree of unrealistic situations in which there is no such thing as conseuenceWARNING I'm not going to bother spoiler tagging this review It's not worth my time and effort Please be aware there are potential spoilers from here on out Read at your own riskYou may have heard that this is written from a second person perspective I know that can be effective In this case it reads like a Choose Your Own Adventure and less like Camus Second person narrative is supposed to create a nearly instant bridge of empathy between the reader and the main character right? Maybe this particular tale was meant to sound like a travel guide Whatever the case it didn't workAt first I thought the main character was a woman because everything felt like it came from a female perspective But then I realized I was imposing my own gender on my reading I was actually reading about a male I came to that conclusion when the multi named You went down to a hotel basement in Morocco with an unknown man to look at security footage and felt totally fine and comfortable doing so Then there were suddenly six guys in the computer room and none of them could access and use the security footage so You asks to give it a try and all the guys move aside and let You try So yes obviously this character is a man because a woman would have felt some trepidation at being alone in a basement with a strange guy in a foreign country and where on earth would six men step aside and let a woman try to do computer stuff? Nowhere But then just a bit later You mentions wearing a skirt and purse and while this character could be a man wearing women's clothing I didn't think that was the case because I think a man in woman's clothing would have had as much if not difficulty with this situation as a woman So from the start I had a problem connecting with You because she doesn't act the way I would act as a traveler in a far away country She made no sense to me and she didn't feel realBut it's not just the character who poses a problem it's the premise of the storySee You is running from something in her very recent past something to do with a relationship break up and also something to do with her sister She decides to go to Morocco solo I've never gone to another country all by myself; there's always been someone on the other end whether it be a friend a travel guide or the person who had hired me I was a skilled hitman back in the daythat is a preposterous lie I taught English as a Second Language so I understand that maybe this woman's experiences would differ from mine but I figured they couldn't be that much different maybe just intense or something Right? I didn't expect her to be a complete wet noodle of dumbasserySo she's signing into her hotel and You take your passport from your backpack and you fill out the form using the passport then you go to grab your backpack in order to put your passport away and you find your backpack is gone It's been stolen That's why you have to go to the security office in the basement with the one guy From there she freaks out Her backpack contained her new camera not actually new but never really used and still in the box because she was going to read the instructions on the way over but never did because of reasons her credit cards probably her driver's license and everything else one keeps in carry on luggage She tells the hotel staff that everything is gone her identity her money all of it and they go over footage and find that the backpack was taken by some sneaky guy with a badge so they call up the cops to report her missing backpack and identity and credit cards and she somehow winds up getting a different backpack with someone else's identity and credit cards from the police then freaks out over having a possibly stolen identity of a possibly dead woman Maybe Kind ofBut back up do you notice something?Something glaring?The glue that binds this story? not literally That's a different kind of glue altogetherShe hasn't lost her own passport It is IN HER HAND when the backpack is stolen She has her passport she was using it to fill out all the forms at the hotel But then her backpack is stolen and suddenly her identity is gone?That's what this story runs on her identityAnd yet though it is never acknowledged her passport is sitting there on the desk with the form where all her passport information has been written downI guess there wouldn't have been much of a story had she just picked up her passport went to the police reported the theft then checked in at the American EmbassyAnd maybe this is how you do it when you're flying solo I don't know I just know that I wouldn't have not remembered that my passport had not been stolen I would have noticed it there in my hand I could have taken care of the problem even on my own without the kerfuffle that ensues in this bookFrom there it's one ridiculous and not in the funny sense decision after another switching out names ditching identities becoming a stand in for a famous American actress who is never named actually hardly anyone is named in this story which is somewhat infuriating and then running off from that and embarking on a whole new lie I did not mean to say life I meant lieHaving this written from You's perspective was offensive I am not a stupid traveler I'd have made much better decisions and would have been much aware so I don't want this character to be meThe writing is rather unfortunate as well Some people may find it to be prosetry to their eyes It was torture to mineSentences like in regard to the clerk working at the American Embassy An American woman in her forties with a Sontag gray streak in her hair greets you How can I help you she says You find her formidable and probably attribute intelligence to her because of her Sontag streak her streak of Susan Sontag1 I got the Sontag reference the first time I know who Susan Sontag is Stop using her name over and over in two sentences especially since no one else has really been named by this point2 If you don't think the audience will understand and you know they're too lazyuncaringdumb to look it up just don't use the reference at all Overexplaining kills itBut hold on I have another oneShe's in the souk market looking at the spice stands and she thinks The displays are exactly what you expected of a spice shop here and the shop's popularity with tourists leads you to suspect the shopkeepers have studied pictures in the guidebooks to Morocco Go ahead and think about that You might come to the conclusion that that's super deep and even kinda meta I came to the conclusion that it was outright stupid and kinda disingenuousThe dialogue is nightmarish and beyond awkward Here's a conversation that happens after You sees a smartly dressed woman and a tattooed guy watching her in the eating area of the hotel's lobby She randomly assumes they are CIA and are after her because she is in possession of a possibly stolen passport and credit cards She runs upstairs to her room to pack and leave but then remembers she can't go out through the front doors because the CIA are down there so she goes up to the roof where the swimming pool is kept and then realizes how weird she looks being dressed and carrying her luggage only her backpack was stolen; she still has her suitcase full of clothing at the pool so she goes to the dressing room puts her one piece swimsuit on because her body isn't what it used to be I'm rolling my eyes so hard as I type that both because of what it probably sounds like to you and because of what it actually signifies stashes her luggage and starts swimming in the poolas you do when you've fantasized two CIA agents on the lookout for you And oddly enough they arrive in the pool room just as she's getting out and toweling off The three of them the pale woman in business attire the tattooed guy and You are the only ones there We saw you downstairs the pale practical woman says Did you see us?The tattooed man says We were in the lobby We noticed you across the room Are you staying here at the hotel?I'm sorry the pale practical woman says We're being so crypticWe're making a movie the tattooed man says You might have seen our crew?It's a medium budget film with a major American movie star the pale practical woman saysThis is the uality of the terrible stunted awful fake bad dialogue Seriously who would ever talk like that? It's so unnatural The pale practical woman is American by the way and the tattooed man has a vaguely British accent so it's not like they're speaking English as a second language And yes they're always some variant of The Pale Practical WomanSecretary and The Tattooed Man No names EverBut wait There's She gets randomly and not realistically hired as a stand in for the movie because the other stand in was sent home due to scandalous behavior and since they're in Morocco there are no actresses the right color and shape to stand in for the Famous American Movie Star but our crazy lady here is white and about the right size soshe's hired Turns out she's great at crying on screen Also she meets Patti Smith at a concert which is awesome because it's nice to finally talk to someone with an actual name But then she makes a non mistake and things get blown out of proportion so instead of going to work one day she hops on a tour bus and leaves town as one does when one does not want to deal with drama on the set of a movie She creates some confusion and as a result the tour guide thinks there's an extra person on the bus and this causes a problem when it's time for the tour to return to the hotel area Apparently there is no protocol in place for when someone on a tour goes missing because the guide flips out and makes everyone on the bus partner up and go out to the market to look for the missing person You is put in a group with two American women in their 60's one of whom ends up being part of the reason You ran to Morocco in the first place and that's about the most ridiculous coincidence I've ever read plus it was completely unnatural so I hated it and they realize that no one knows who is missing so they won't know for whom to look After discussing that very thing here is what one of the American 60 year olds says before going on the missing person search We haven't been told who to look for She laughs It's not a funny situation someone being lost in that labyrinth but it's very funny that this entire bus is about to go looking for someone without even knowing a descriptionPro Tip If you have to explain the joke it's not funnyAlso none of this happened in the first place because she had her fucking passport the entire fucking timeOddly the dustjacket told me that this is funny It assured me that this story is Told with vibrant lush detail and a wicked sense of humorIt's not None of that is true at least not for meMaybe you'll have better luck Remember to hang on to your passportAnd if you do wind up loving this? Get off my lawn

  7. Cathrine ☯️ Cathrine ☯️ says:

    4 enthusiastic starsWow I could not stop once I started Addictive Reading I should shout that with upper caseA short fast paced mysterious uirky joy ride told with the promised wicked humor I was captivated What a treat Don't even read the book blurb all aboard the Marrakesh Express Who was that woman?

  8. Gillian Gillian says:

    You can't believe that you actually enjoyed a book written in second person but you did It was like pulling on a beautiful unraveling thread

  9. Julie Christine Julie Christine says:

    The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty because the diver has had her backpack stolen with her laptop wallet passport while checking into her hotel in Casablanca the city her guidebook suggests The first thing to do upon arriving in Casablanca is to get out of Casablanca Come to think of it the only thing the diver has left is her clothing The thief caught on security camera walked serenely out of the hotel her backpack slung over his shoulder He wisely left her suitcase which contained nothing of value only the diver's clothes The diver the title is taken from a poem by Rumi is our nameless protagonist a 33 year old American from Florida who has flung herself around the world to escape the fallout from a painful divorce The reasons for the divorce are revealed in bits and pieces and when the puzzle is fully formed it is bizarre and tragic than we could have imagined Part madcap comedy of errors part Kafka esue nightmare The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty is a cool and clever psychological thriller that displays Vida's signature lonely emotionally disjointed woman traveling abroad The second person narration may irritate or confound some readers; it is not a POV construct we see much outside of the short story form for it's difficult to enter and remain engaged in an extended narrative with all those yous being thrown at us But Vida's novel is slim and this reader found the 2nd person narration pretty brilliant It conveys a sense of everywoman like something written as travelogue or self help article It feels as though our hapless heroine is talking to herself talking herself through this disaster adventure The you allows the author her character and the reader a certain sense of freedom—unburdened by the inner thought of first person the puppet mastery of third person all choices are possible And the woman who becomes Sabine Alyse who becomes Reeves Conway consistently makes the bad choice But it's hers and hers alone to make And after her identity is stolen choices are really all she has left You wouldn't expect to find the woman on a movie set as a stand in for a famous actress a mere two days after the theft or hanging backstage with Patti Smith but that's where this novel leads It leads into deeper territory all the ways we construct and lose and rebuild our identity It's heady stuff this Vida takes us into foreign lands and strands us dizzy and disoriented and without a friend And what a perfect metaphor for the effects of grief and loss The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty is powerful and elegiac absurd and compelling Highly recommended

  10. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Andwe are off to Casablanca Morocco In the first two books that Vendela wrotethe main characters are looking to re invent themselves find their new identityIn this storya woman is stripped her identity A Woman is a robbed of her wallet and passport and she checks into a hotel In a wayVendela is still playing with the same theme though as in her first two books With 'no' identity brings freedom to create newly re inventing again I'm not crazy about this book It's awkward not to give the main character a name I was getting too irritated with the style I wanted to yell outHey YOU what gives?? What's your real name already? Things felt disjointed to me For a short simple plot story I resented having to work so hard Thenall of a sudden we have this uick erupt ending I felt cheated In vendela's first two novels it was easier to relate to the characters I loved the prose the visuals the dreamy feeling AND THE STORIES BETTER Basically I just don't think I have enough of a wicked sense of humor for this book I missed the old Vendela Vida authentic feelings I felt from her past two books There were a few entertaining moments but overall this was too uirky for my taste or mood I might have paid attention to my inner red flag warring I rarely enjoy readinganything to do with 'movie sets' There was a bit too much for me

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The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty ❮PDF❯ ⚡ The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty ✎ Author Vendela Vida – From the acclaimed author of Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name and The Lovers comes a tensely drawn spellbinding literary thriller that gets to the heart of what defines us as human beings—the From the acclaimed author of Let Clothes Lie MOBI î the Northern Lights Erase Your The Diver's PDF or Name and The Lovers comes a tensely drawn spellbinding literary thriller that Diver's Clothes Lie ePUB ☆ gets to the heart of what defines us as human beings—the singular identity we create for ourselves in the world and the myriad alternative identities that lie just below the surfaceIn Vendela Vida’s taut and mesmerizing novel of ideas a woman travels to Casablanca Morocco on mysterious business Almost immediately while checking into her hotel she is robbed her passport and all identification stolen The crime is investigated by the police but the woman feels there is a strange complicity between the hotel staff and the authorities—she knows she’ll never see her possessions againStripped of her identity she feels both burdened by the crime and liberated by her sudden freedom to be anyone at all Then a chance encounter with a film crew provides an intriguing opportunity A producer sizes her up and asks would she be willing to be the body double for a movie star filming in the city And so begins a strange journey in which she’ll become a stand in—both on set and off—for a reclusive celebrity who can no longer circulate freely in society while gradually moving further away from the person she was when she arrived in MoroccoInfused with vibrant lush detail and enveloped in an intoxicating atmosphere—while barely pausing to catch its breath— The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty is a riveting entrancing novel that explores freedom power and the mutability of identity.

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Vendela Vida is the award winning Clothes Lie MOBI î author of four books including The Diver's PDF or Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Nameand The Lovers and a founding Diver's Clothes Lie ePUB ☆ editor of The Believer magazine She is also the co editor of Always Apprentices a collection of interviews with writers and Confidence or the Appearance of Confidence a collection of interviews with musicians As a fellow at the Sundance Labs she developed L.