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  1. Tony Rogers Jr. Tony Rogers Jr. says:

    This book is a complete how to manual for building muscle or losing weight on a plant basedvegan diet It covers finding your motivation goal setting meal planningprotein intake exercises to build muscle the importance of tracking your progress and also includes many recipes and testimonials from successful plant based bodybuilders and athletes male and female Great resource to have in your libraryTony Rogers JrAuthor of VisionaryMaking a difference in a world that needs YOU

  2. Shailen Shailen says:

    For most people this book will be a revelation Sadly most people won't ever hear of it Even Goodreads doesn't have an image of the cover at the time I wrote this at least The last two or three generations have grown up with the ingrained belief that we need excessive amounts of protein and animal protein in particular to be healthy fit and strong Especially if you're trying build muscle mass As a two time natural bodybuilding champion Robert Cheeke has proven that this is not only a myth but also reveals the limitless possibilty of athletic endeavours without consuming any animal products While this book discusses the specific details of what to eat and how to train it also profiles many bodybuilders and athletes who are living the plant based lifestyle without missing a step As a health care provider I've seen first hand the negative effects of a diet based around meat dairy eggs and refined foods Fortunately there is a healthier way and I applaud Mr Cheeke for sharing this message with the world More people need to be exposed to this information because the health and prosperity of future generations is at stakePlease noteThe only reason I have not given this book 5 stars is because the writing is not amazing but the message intent and content of the book deserves an infinite number of stars

  3. Eleah Neubauer Eleah Neubauer says:

    SO WORDY This book could have easily been about a uarter of its size Also multiple typos which were noticeable for me even skimming it There was some useful info in there but it took awhile to extract it This book is a verbose list of the authors as well as other athletes accomplishments with some fitness and diet tips thrown in

  4. Kerissa Taylor Kerissa Taylor says:

    Extremely motivating and right up my alley regarding nutrition and macronutrient percentages in your diet I love all the stories of other athletes who live this way This will be a book I refer to often I am not a vegan nor do I agree with it ethically I do firmly believe in a whole food plant based diet first and foremost Great information for anyone looking to healthily lose weight build muscle and feel energetic and alive

  5. Matthew Matthew says:

    Great reference book for getting 'shredded' on a plant based diet on top of Robert's biography as a 20 year vegan and champion bodybuilder

  6. Cori McGraw Cori McGraw says:

    Great read on nutrition and fitness on a whole food plant based diet

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Shred It [KINDLE] ❂ Shred It By Robert Cheeke – Robert Cheeke’s newest book Shred It Gaven Press 2014 is a comprehensive guide to setting achievable goals burning fat and building muscle on a whole food plant based diet As one of only a few books Robert Cheeke’s newest book Shred It Gaven Press is a comprehensive guide to setting achievable goals burning fat and building muscle on a whole food plant based diet As one of only a few books to combine a completely whole food plant based menu with detailed training programs Shred It has been endorsed by of the biggest names in the health and fitness industry including Dr T Colin Campbell PhD Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn Jr MD Kathy Freston Rich Roll Julieanna Hever and Rip Esselstyn Shred It will teach you the most important steps to take to achieve your health and fitness goals By reading this book you will once and for all truly understand how to • Set achievable goals that lead to real results • Discover the most effective ways to burn fat • Build muscle efficiently on a whole food plant based diet • Identify what could be holding you back from reaching your fitness potential • Exercise nearly anywhere anytime managing time effectively You will also • Learn from dozens of experts and fitness professionals • read awe inspiring fitness and health transformations • Discover delicious plant based athlete recipes and meal plans • Master dozens of workouts with step by step instructions and photos • Find an exercise and nutrition plan that will really work for you.

  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Shred It
  • Robert Cheeke
  • English
  • 08 June 2016

About the Author: Robert Cheeke

Robert Cheeke is an American bodybuilder motivational speaker and author He is a vegan activist and spends his time touring the United States for speaking engagements and book promotionsCheeke is the co founder of C VEG a Corvallis based Vegan group a former Board Member for non profit groups OrganicAthlete and Northwest VEG in Portland and the founder and president of Vegan Bodybuilding .