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The Bane Chronicles ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Bane Chronicles Author Cassandra Clare – This collection of eleven short stories illuminates the life of the enigmatic Magnus Bane whose alluring personality flamboyant style and sharp wit populate the pages of the #1 New York Times bestsell This collection of eleven short stories illuminates the life of the enigmatic Magnus Bane whose alluring personality flamboyant style and sharp wit populate the pages of the New York Times bestselling series The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices.

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  1. Gabby Gabby says:

    Okay I just wanted to say to all those Cassandra Clare Releasing More Shadowhunter Books haters well SHUT THE FREAKING HELL UPClears throat Thank you Now that that's been said let the fangirling beginOH MY GOD Only my favourite character EVER is getting his own freaking series??? This is just the best moment of my lifeOkay the List of titles1 What Really Happened in Peru2 The Runaway ueen3 Vampires Scones and Edmund Herondale4 The Midnight Heir Origionally Titled The Rise of the Hotel Dumort5 The Rise of the Hotel DumortOriginally Titled The Rise and Fall of the Hotel Dumont6 Saving Raphael Santiago7 The Fall of the Hotel Dumort Origionally Titled No Immortal Can Keep a Secret8 The Course of True Love and First Dates What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything9 The Last Stand of the New York InstituteOriginally titled What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything10 The Last Stand of the New York Institute Originally Titled The LetterEDIT 183 Yay They finally have everything in orderOooh and all the covers make one big picture Cover Releases and Blurbs What Really Happened in Peru Blurb view spoilerFans of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices know that Magnus Bane is banned from Peru—and now they can find out why One of ten adventures in The Bane ChroniclesThere are good reasons Peru is off limits to Magnus Bane Follow Magnus’s Peruvian escapades as he drags his fellow warlocks Ragnor Fell and Catarina Loss into trouble learns several instruments which he plays shockingly dances which he does shockingly and disgraces his host nation by doing something unspeakable to the Nazca LinesThis standalone e only short story illuminates the life of the enigmatic Magnus Bane whose alluring personality populates the pages of the #1 New York Times bestselling series The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series This story in The Bane Chronicles What Really Happened in Peru is written by Sarah Rees Brennan and Cassandra Clare hide spoiler

  2. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    I so enjoyed my time reading The Bane Chronicles This is one of the only books from The Shadowhunter Chronicles that I had not previously read than once so it was interesting to re read it 4 years laterI treasured getting to know Magnus better through his lifetime so much It's fascinating how there is a distinct change in his character when comparing the stories where he is much younger and care free to tales of him being older wiser and mature I think the complexity of Magnus Bane is perfectly captured in this group of novellas and would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in gaining a larger history on his character

  3. Laurel Laurel says:

    No you know what? I follow Cassandra Clare on TumblrI do it so I can see all the bullshit first hand The anti bullying post for example was a REAL WINNER and I laugh at how everyone found her so sincere and heartwarming and jesus fucking christ If you knew what she had done in her past how far she went to bring the people she didn't like down This includes fandom wide shunning phone calls to their house and ATTEMPTS TO KICK THEM OUT OF THE UNIVERSITY THEY WERE ATTENDINGNonsense bullying is one thing but you know what really beats me up the most? People will hunt down the kids who tormented an older woman on a bus people will put 2 million dollars into a game version of a pointless and fun web comic in record fucking time but no one can expose Cassandra ClaireBecause Cassandra Claire is really trying that hard to keep it all under wraps Those who try to bring this truth to light ohhhh those who try are told that they are the bullies bringing out the truth about this woman and her absurd pastCassyPantsHow is it that these blogs that have nothing but evidence to the hellish nightmare known as your fanfiction days are considered bullies? I followed those blogs too and they were good people willing to tell the truth when you continue to refuse that it exists And it's finally coming to light Since nastyclare not the greatest name but I'm not complaining came about they've spawned other blogs that wanted to help them including the recent one I follow They are no longer scared of your threats or your ravenous fansI have no respect for you because of this You've basically made your second job into this supreme effort to hide You know what would gain my respect? Three words Nothing muchFucking Own UpHonestly I'd have at LEAST a shred of respect for you if you said You know what? I'm not that great I did this horrible bullying This was my past And I'm ashamed of that past which is why I tried to hide it from you my fansI'm sick of your bullshit and I'm sick of you milking out this nonsense Fucking have a dream and write about it Get a fucking great idea Get some goddamn creativity into your head or step aside so we creative folk can actually get into the business the way you're supposed to get in With hard work and originalitySincerelySomeone who works hard and has at least a speck of originality in herI hardly curse this much in reviews any but dear god I couldn't hold it in for this one I'm just so sick and tired of Clare's bought fame hidden ridiculous garbage and the fact that she can't be mature and TELL IT LIKE IT IS SO HER GUILT CAN GO AWAY Dear god

  4. Melanie Melanie says:

    1 City of Bones ★★★2 City of Ashes ★★3 City of Glass ★★★1 Clockwork Angel ★★★4 City of Fallen Angels ★2 Clockwork Prince ★★★★5 City of Lost Souls ★★★★3 Clockwork Princess ★★★★★6 City of Heavenly Fire ★★★★★I clutched my pearls so very tightly when I found out that there was an anthology that starred Magnus my favorite character in all of Cassie Clare’s works Magnus is the bisexual Asian warlock of my dreams and I love him with every bone in my body I truly believe he is one of the best characters in all of literature Art from the tenth anniversary edition of City of Bones I was a little apprehensive going in to this because I didn’t realize that all of the stories were cowritten with other authors But honestly? They blended together very well and read just like all the other Shadowhunter novels thus far Each of these stories are about fifty pages long but it was so much fun to dip my toes into all these different cities years and adventures The Midnight Heir was easily hands down without uestion my favorite story in this entire collection And I am willing to grovel beg plead maybe even commit a minor felony to be able to learn about James and Grace Oh my gosh my lovely friend Lance just told me about The Last Hours and I’m happier than I’ve ever been But I am going to break down each short story with my thoughts opinions and individual star rating➽ What Really Happened in Peru ★★ “Humans did not live forever They could only hope what they made would endure” This follows Magnus and many of the different years that he spent in Peru In 1791 with Ragnor Fell and taverns and monkeys and pirates Then we get to see Magnus in 1885 with Ragnor and Catarina where Magnus is accepting a mysterious job Then we jump to 1890 when Magnus meets Imasu and we get to see him drinking riding magic carpets mentioning people from TID and falling in love This was my favorite year because there is just something so pure about seeing three very different warlocks coming together to talk about their lives their demon fathers and the expectations that have been placed upon them just by living a life that they didn’t ask for Lastly we see the year 1962 where Magnus meets a person named Kitty who is also a con artist a thief and someone who is looking for love and adventure And even though these little glimpses were fun I was still just let down that we don’t truly know why Magnus was banned from Peru➽ The Runaway ueen ★★★ “A count Named Axel A military man With black hair and blue eyes And in a state of distress Oh the universe had outdone herself” This short story follows Magnus in Paris during the French Revolution in 1791 And apparently Paris is the place to be if you’re a vampire which I highkey love actually Magnus attends a party with Henri de Polignac then meets Axel von Fersen and accepts a difficult mission to smuggle Marie Antoinette and her family out of the city before the desperate people take matters into their own hands Of course nothing goes as planned and Magnus somehow acuires a pet monkey that he names Ragnor but it was still a really enjoyable story and adventure ➽ Vampires Scones and Edmund Herondale ★★★★★ “I was born to be a warrior and I was born to be with her” Holy shit all the stars ALL THE STARS I loved this one so much Not only did we get to see Will’s parents Edmund and Linette which broke and warmed my heart we got to see Woolsey’s older brother Ralf a baby Charlotte Benedict Lightwood yikes some Morgensterns and Camille herself who I have honestly always liked This story surrounds a meeting were the downworlders are trying to make a treaty with the shadowhunters; but like always the shadowhunters are shitty to them But seeing so many faces and so many relatives of people that we know and love from TID – ahhh I just loved it so much This was perfection and give me all the 1857 London Institute stories with Magnus going on adventures with these people and fighting demons Also this story beautifully emphasizes the power of unconditional love and how it is always worth everything ➽ The Midnight Heir ★★★★★ “For one Herondale to be saved by love and another Herondale dammed by it” Oh my gosh I loved this one so much too I mean the Tessa Will and Jem cameos were perfection all on their own but seeing their descendants? It still makes me feel eual parts heartbreak and love Also ever since finishing City of Heavenly Fire I have been obsessed with wanting to know about the Blackthorns In this story Tatiana Blackthorn has called upon Magnus to do a terrible job but before he finds his way to her abandoned garden estate he finds a young James Herondale and has to escort him back to the London Institute Friends I’m not crying over this beautiful co parenting triad; I’m weeping the happiest of tears I loved this story so much and my only complaint is that I hope we get James and Grace in the future Also why does every Herondale just break my heart over and over again? I honestly do not understand➽ The Rise of the Hotel Dumort ★★ “Nothing is permanent Magnus said I know this from experience But you can get new things You can meet new people You can go on” I loved how this short story was set in 1929 New York while Magnus is trying to run a speakeasy And seeing his magic camouflage this secret pub into a tea party was pretty much the best thing ever Sadly that’s all I truly enjoyed about it I mean I guess seeing Hotel Dumort almost become a portal to Hell was pretty cool too But this story and the new characters just didn’t win me over as hard in this one➽ Saving Raphael Santiago ★★★ “Love did not overcome everything Love did not always endure All you had could be taken away love could be the last thing you had and then love could be taken too” My heart my poor broken heart This literally felt like torture to read after finishing City of Heavenly Fire Raphael Santiago was also a character that didn’t hide his pain and anger; and I always respected that But everything he had to go through? Man oh man I will say that this story got pretty dark and trigger warnings for kidnapping murder and maybe even pedophilia Louis is for sure the most evil person I’ve seen in the Shadowhunter world yet Basically in 1953 Magnus is a private detective and Guadalupe Raphael’s mother hires him to find her son This story just made me feel every single emotion I also enjoyed seeing Hotel Dumort start to become the vampire lair But the shining star of this book was obviously Raphael and his mother and the unconditional love that a mother should always have for her child Ah I didn’t ask for these tears all over again➽ The Fall of the Hotel Dumort ★ “Because in the end nothing is worse than seeing the fall of one you loved It was somehow worse than losing a love It made everything seem uestionable It made the past bitter and confused” This was easily my least favorite in the collection Like it read like I was back in elementary school watching police officers tell us about the DARE campaign Basically this one is set is 1977 New York and Camille and her vampires are getting high from drinking the blood of humans on drugs and they get really addicted I did enjoy the ending with the memory spell but that was about it➽ What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything And Who You're Not Officially Dating Anyway ★★★★ “This was love new and bright and terrifying” Firstly I will say that it’s really skeezy that Alec was indeed seventeen when he and Magnus started at least kissing one another I don’t want to make light of that whatsoever and I completely think it was wrong But if you ignore that I really loved this short story and seeing a glimpse in the Shadowhunter world before everything went down in TMI I also really loved the scene with Izzy and Magnus; it was pure perfect and everything I’ve ever wanted Also I love how this heartfelt story was going on with a blue demon just hanging out in the apartment➽ The Last Stand of the New York Institute ★★★★ “It was one of the few things he had to believe in the possibility of beauty when faced with the reality of so much ugliness” The start of this novel and the homophobia really surprised me I actually loved how Cassie Clare blatantly brought it up rather than using metaphors with the oppression of the Downworlders even though it hurt to see But this short story also made me fall even in love with Catarina who is working at an HIV clinic because even people in the medical field can hold hateful prejudices But the middle of this story we got to see the behind the scenes start of Valentine and his mostly brainwashed circle But the end of this story was the shining light Seeing Tessa accept Clary with literal open arms made me tear up Seeing her talk about her loves her losses and giving Jocelyn’s child a new start was really beautiful and made me very emotional I loved this one friends ➽ The Course of True Love And First Dates ★★★★ “And silver though few people knew it was a rarer metal than gold” Oh lord this was adorable This story shows Magnus and Alec’s first date and it was pretty sweet Again I will say that it is incredibly not okay that a 300 year old warlock is dating a seventeen year old but if you take that away from the euation then it was a really sweet and realistic depiction of an awkward and messy first date Well besides going to bar and having to fight a werewolf together➽ The Voicemail of Magnus Bane ★★ “Please don’t ever tell Jace I said he was a badass” This short story is just a transcript of voicemails that the Shadowhunters left for Magnus after the end of City of Lost Souls when he and Alec broke up It just wasn’t enjoyable and was a lot of harassment even though I know that it was coming from a place of good I just thought this was honestly a bit pointless but I know it was supposed to be heartwarming I will also say that I think it was a really poor choice for a concluding story because it for sure finished the entire anthology on a low noteI gave The Bane Chronicles three stars overall because out of a possible 55 stars 5 stars possible for each of the 11 stories this collection accumulated 35 stars 63% But I really do think this is such an important addition to this world and I very much feel like it is a necessary read Even if it just means that you get to meet James Herondale Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch Buddy read with Lea at drumsofautumn ❤

  5. hayden hayden says:

    This book unfortunately did nothing for meI remember Magnus Bane being one of my favorite characters of the original TMI series if you can remember that far back with all of Clare's publications and planned publications since then but it's been so long since I read City of Lost Souls that all of my emotional attachment to him has disintegrated into ashFor someone connected to this series than I am this may be a great addition full of intriguing backstory and uniue Magnus humor But for me this book was minimally funny and minimally entertaining 2 gracious starsOriginal Pre ReviewThis woman will never stopEverNext thing you know there's going to be an e book series about the damn cat And there's going to be a trilogy about when Simon was a ratI am done

  6. Matilda Matilda says:

    I feel like I enjoyed this by reading them all together Woah looking through the comments all I can see is hatefor Cassandra Clare and how she is milking the fanchisefor a startSTOP if you dont want to read another one her books you don't have to we are not making you People who actually want to read her book can buy them and read them and LOVE THEM I love the Shadow Hunter world and I dont think there is any problem with so many books being out I love the world and charaters and there is no end to what I want to read about them If I do one day not want to read about it any I will stop I won't shout and tell everyone how she is milking the series I just wouldn't read them at allStop hating it no ones forcing youSorry for that rant just all the haters rant about it saying how she's milking it when most if not all of them will buy this book I AM SUPER LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS BOOKNow I know everyone will be like Your allowed your own opinion and I agree with that but the amount of hate is like WOAH

  7. Kai Kai says:

    There was also the fact that sometimes vampires commited crimes worse than murder They committed crimes against fashionA few years ago I was super excited about this being released I couldn't wait to get of MagnusToday I'm bored and annoyed Magnus is such a sissy So shallow Such a typical Clare character I honestly can't stand her pretentious plotscharacters any I can't keep from rolling my eyes and groaningsee uote above Which is one of the reasons why it took me half a year to finish this bookI really enjoy short stories that let you see of your favourite books A little preuel there a scene told from another POV But you can also kill a story with too much information I need room for imagination And Clare fills every freaking space with hers It's real she loves her own characters so much she's her own biggest fan and she needs to calm downNow this doesn't mean it was all bad Because there's Alec and then there's Isabelle and they're my favourite characters in this series The cute little scenes between Magnus and Alec made me giggle and smile I'm so glad for their existenceHonestly Cassandra Clare needs to cut the crap and get it over with I just can't deal with self absorbed self loathing tragic secretly good hearted and loving characters with unnaturally beautiful faces and the same boring sass any Because that pretty much sums it all up Every single one of themI doubt it comes as a surprise that I will not be reading the Bane trilogyFind of my books on Instagram

  8. Jeff Jeff says:

    IT HAS MAGNUS BANEMAGNUS BANEWhat do ya want??rereads book for the 6th time

  9. Rayne Rayne says:

    So back in the end of 2007 I was one of 'those' girls You know the ones that built shrines for Clare's writing ability who desperately wanted to live in the world she created and the ones that proclaimed City of Bones as the best book evah? Yeah That annoying chick Trust me I regret itI want to use the I was young and stupid excuse and the I didn't know good uality YA back then and although they are valid and certainly true the thing is I do like The Mortal Instruments minus the last two installments but I'll get to that At first I wasn't that interested in the book but City of Bones grabbed my attention and earned my genuine affection and although I really really want to lower the rating or take it out of my favorites because now I acknowledge how flawed the books are I won't because I would be betraying a part of myself that will always have an appreciation for these books Having said that I really really want Clare to just freaking stop As someone who is somewhat of a fan of all of her books one would think I am eagerly expecting and installments in this franchise But the truth is that I am sick and tired of this I keep spending my money on expensive hardcovers just so that I can feel like I've been slapped in the face with the mediocrity of the storyline and storytelling as was the case with the expansion of The Mortal Instrument City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls or to feel betrayed by the glaring similarities between The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices And now another trilogy is coming? A new compilation of essays? A guide on the world of the Shadowhunters? Another compilation of short stories? No Please just no It's almost like Clare is a one trick pony Move on Prove you can do something else I know it's hard to invest so much time in the creation of such a complex world but you need to let go and improve yourself as a writer JK Rowling built one of the best and most complex worlds in the history of literature She told her story and she was done because she knew that as a writer she can do and it is also her responsibility to do The I think about this the angrier I get and the less I like her books so I'll just leave it a that I might check this out but I won't promise anything After I'm done with Clockwork Princess I don't plan on following any other Shadowhunter any time soon

  10. Kameron B. Moore Kameron B. Moore says:

    WHY IS EVERYONE HATING ON CASSANDRA CLARE BECAUSE SHE HAS A NEW BOOK COMING OUT? There is no reason everyone should be saying the stuff they are saying on here Yes everyone's entitled to their opinion but I've read some reviews that say she bullied people in her past well the things those people have been saying can be considered as bullying And who cares if she did it in her past? Past is past And it's her life; she doesn't have to tell the entire world about what she's done in the past I bet everyone who has been saying she is a bully and is stupid and has done really bad things in the past have done something really stupid in THEIR past Do you go around and tell EVERYONE about it? No So why should Cassandra Clare have to do it? And so what if she is making A LOT of series about her world IT IS HER WORLD She can do with it what she wants She can write 10 different series with the same concept It is not our decision about what she writes So far she's only written three series The Mortal Instruments The Infernal Devices The Bane Chronicles She is planning to write three series The Dark Artifices The Wicked Powers TLH SO WHAT? She can write what she pleases And if no one has realized she is writing a series with her friend Holly Black called The Magisterium WHICH IS NOT A RIP OFF OF HARRY POTTER IT ONLY HAS A SIMILAR IDEA TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXECUTION Ok I think I have made my point Please just stop hating on Cassandra Clare and think about what you write before you post it on Goodreads or anywhere else That is my opinion

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