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Undeclared ❴Epub❵ ➝ Undeclared Author Maris Black – Liam Rush has never ventured too far outside the fences of his family farm so college is a pretty big deal for him Now he can finally claim his own identity– one that doesn’t involve football hunt Liam Rush has never ventured too far outside the fences of his family farm so college is a pretty big deal for him Now he can finally claim his own identity– one that doesn’t involve football hunting farm work or four overbearing brothers But when he finds himself falling for the androgynous dancer at Trybe where he works as a bouncer things get confusing He’s never been attracted to guys before Not really And what would the folks back home say if they knew Japanese American mix Blake Himura has been on his own since he was seventeen with no one to depend on but himself He’s mere months away from realizing his dream of graduating college and becoming a dance instructor Unstable men don’t factor into his plans least of all “straight” boys who don’t mind ruining other people’s lives to keep their dirty little secrets Liam is exactly the kind of complication Blake doesn’t need in his life Unfortunately his heart hasn’t gotten the memo.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 309 pages
  • Undeclared
  • Maris Black
  • English
  • 14 July 2016

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  1. *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time says:

    25 I'm Too Old For This Shit StarsThis one left me pretty much speechless Partly my own faultI found the last two books in this series pretty juvenile ButThis one was ridiculous The dialogueThe MCs behaviorSeriouslyspeechlessSaying adios to this series

  2. Sheziss Sheziss says:

    Now I know why I love Maris Black I feel I'm not reading the same tired old story yet again With her I know I'm getting something innovative and different something new She never ceases to amaze me and after a while reading MM that's saying a lotIt's not that her stories are profound or super angsty or weird It's just that she is good She writes about immature characters but they never rub you up the wrong way just the opposite I honestly don't remember an author that achieves that in the same measure this one does When I read YA or NA books I always connect with the characters because they are nice and seasoned The challenge comes when they are childish and brainless That's when I roll my eyes and kick the book awayBut I can't do that with Maris Black She gives dignity to wild young people and she does it changing the well worn scenes into surprising but real situations with sparkling chemistry and sex and with an almost tangible love that is never artificial and forced She makes me realize I don't need to hear the I love youI liked this book much better than the second one While Dan and Julian form a relationship from an intriguing beginning to a sad ending Liam and Blake seemed a very unattractive couple but surprisingly they fit beyond all expectation The third pair of Trybe is now in high esteem from my partThe characters never act as I expect them to do They break ground and re write the rules and they do so without the awareness that that's not the scheme of things It's liberating reading how situations turn out with people who have their own personalities This is a book written for the characters' sake not for the reader's sake It's so obvious and daring it could be violent but it's not Instead everything is well measured with the rhythm I've learnt to appreciate in the author It looks like she doesn't know what she's writing and why Don't let that fool you she knows perfectly Oh yes I can assure you thatThe only weak point is the ending Not because the scenes are bad chosen but because I have the feeling the author was writing at her own rate and suddenly she realized there were only 20 pages left to reach the 300 and she had to speed up to make ends meet Too many things happen in too few pages That unbalanced the book and broke the pace marked for the whole story It's a pity such a decision was made However I overlook that little detail because I'm not really annoyed at the series of eventsLiam has a twin brother that will be interesting ^^PS I'm aware that for most of people this will be nothing special But for some reason that doesn't apply to me with this author shrugs

  3. Erth Erth says:

    Liam and Blake's story is book 3 of this series and it is a fantastic addition Plenty of reviewers have gone over the deets of the book well I'm just going to say that these guys are sexy as hell their physical interactions are deliciously hot and their emotional bond is sweet volatile and intenseThere's immediate attraction from the moment they meet but they go through the gauntlet of misunderstandings denial and denial before they find their HEA it's all so worth it Blake's beauty vulnerability and strength are like neon signs to Liam 'Love me' 'Keep me' It takes some tribulations but they get it rightLove that the other SSU boys are back but in no way overshadow the MCs Liam's family scenes are warm and you can feel the longing in Blake as he's pulled into their circle Granny the tattoo the pocket watch the boots lots of great moments Really enjoyed this story I'd say though that I was hoping to get Liam's family's reaction to the boys' relationship but that's left out Maybe it will be touched on in depth with the next book IF it's about Sammy Liam's twin brother? In any case too minor to uibble about since the ending was so satisfactory and left me a little teary eyed with joy for these guys The cover doesn't hurt either

  4. Zainab Zainab says:


  5. Dee Wy Dee Wy says:

    Listened to this latest book in the series on audio and have to say first that the narrator Chris Patton did a super job He made the drama really pop and his multiple voices were great I enjoyed this third book in the series really liked the MCs and supporting characters as well Good storytelling Hoping for in this series

  6. Tracy Tracy says:

    The boys of SSU are back Didn't realize how much I missed some of these guysJeremy and Beck and DanLiam Rush lived a bit of a sheltered lifeHe grew up on a farm with his brothersfootball star hunter and farmerAll American type jock gorgeous jock that is He gets a job as a bouncer at Trybe a new club that Beck and Julian opened up and it's there that he comes into daily contact with beautiful Japanese American dancer BlakeLiam and Blake are total oppostiesBlake was kicked out of his house by his mom at a young age for being gay and Liam grew up in a tight knit familyLiam's never really been exposed to different culturesbackgrounds and lifestyles so he's in for an eye opening experience since he's become friends with the guysLiam and Blake meet and it's a combination of instant lust and hate on sightLiam is so conflicted about his attraction to Blake and Blake is set on not getting involved with a straight guyHe's got plans and ambition and doesn't want any complications getting in the wayThe push and pull between Liam and Blake was frustrating in the beginning the good kindI kept wanting to smack Liam in the head and tell him to stop being such a jerkThey have their moments where they verbally spar with each other while Liam tries to hide his growing attraction I really like the part where Liam gets truly honest with Blake while they are in their room at Trybe and Liam admits to being afraid of Blake and the way he makes him feelI enjoyed the sexual tension between the two guys Things start to really pick up when Liam brings Blake home with himThe dynamic of their relationship changes and it's all for the betterI simply do not want to spoil anything about this for other readers but oh about 62% my Kindle went up in flamesmaybe I'll put a spoiler and you can decide if you want to take a peek view spoiler Liam and Blake go to a store and buy Blake some feminine clothes and Blake dresses up for Liam and they have the hottest sex in Liam's truck in the parking lotHoly Hell I truly enjoyed this story and all the little surprises it hasThere are a few storylines that I felt like I needed to know about view spoiler Julian drinking again?view spoiler Blake's father is alive?I hope we get to find out about those storylinesGreat story and great writing hide spoiler

  7. Arch Bala Arch Bala says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Blake but I liked his character enough At first I find it odd that onset of the story Liam’s already hanging out with the rest of the guys – especially knowing that they’re mostly gay and he’s not exactly out but blah blah blah nothing major really The ending wasn’t that strong compared with the first two books – I feel like the proposal isn’t a very good resolution There should have been at least an introduction of Blake to Liam’s family as THE boyfie I’m guessing that we’ll have a gist of that event come Sammy’s Liam’s twin story?Rating 4 out of 5 stars

  8. ☆Monica ☆Monica says:

    Thank you Ms Black for granting my wish This was a great read I hated how wishy washy Liam was but I understand that when you believe you are a certain way and that image in your head changes it can be hard I adored Blake and felt so bad for everything he went through I enjoyed Grams and laughed out loud when she asked for her nickel Absolutely loved the ending only now we need Seth and Sammy winks

  9. Marc | Rainbow Gold Reviews Marc | Rainbow Gold Reviews says:

    35 starsTo be honest I expected book 3 to be about Seth after getting Jeremy Beck as well as Dan's story Blake intrigued me but Liam just seemed to appear out of thin air It seems he was set up as love interest After listening a bit to the audiobook i was uickly pulled into the story though and wanted to know how this story would play out Like all of the SSU boys Liam and Blake have an insane chemistry and are very hot together I really liked the accent in the audiobook it really adds to the story The cover model is HOT AS HELL and just my type As hot as Liam is though I was kind of hoping for Blake to dump his ass and give his brother a shot Some of the things Liam did would have been deal breakers in my book especially as he knew Blake's history He seemed very immature and as wishy washy as Blake says HOWEVER he does have a gentle and romantic side and he can be super sweet Blake is very sexy and sensual and brings some vulnerability and angst into the story I wanted to protect him I loved their time with Liam's family but I was disappointed that there was no real resolution with Gabe and the rest of the family Readers don't get to see how everything turns out in this book even though a lot of this book was about the effects Liam and Blake's relationship would haveOverall though a very hot and fun book

  10. K K says:

    I love the boys of SSU They all hold a special place in my heart but Liam and Blake have just taken the lead I sat down to read Undeclared by Maris Black Book 3 in the SSU series and couldn’t put it down For me this is the best one yet Maris can take her characters and give them life She brings out in her books a realism that has you connecting right away to the characters They could be any of our friends in real life They face real struggles and complications that a lot of us go through at one time or another Not every author has the ability to grasp your full attention nor pull every emotion from you as you read Maris can and does do that with each story she tellsIn Undeclared we meet Liam who is friends with Dan Remember Dan from Smitten Book 2 when he fell head over heels for Julian? Oh yeah I can still remember their first time Liam poor fella is straight or so he tells himself He’s a big country boy with a big heart manners a wicked smile and some pretty big muscles that get a lot of attention Men or women they all like to look Working as a bouncer in the club Trybe that Jeremy and Beck have worked so hard to build puts him in front of a lot of eyes But only one set has his attention Being a male behind those gorgeous eyes doesn’t even factor in for LiamBeing a dancer at the club is something Blake is really good at He should be since he is majoring in Dance and hopes to become a dance instructor when he graduates college He’s been on his own since he was 17 making his way Having rules and goals he set for himself has helped him to stay on target Once Liam comes into his sight some of the rules are about to be broken To the outside world Blake tries to appear confident and he succeeds most of the time He’s known for his smart ass attitude and mouth Secretly he wants a guy who will cherish him A guy who is dominant and not afraid to take what he wants And Liamwow does he fit all of those ualitiesThe guys start off on the wrong foot with each other Hate is a little strong but close to how they feel“I’m straight” he blurted in that same cold tone scooting even farther away from me on the bed if that was possible and building an invisible wall between us Oh hell no he did not just say that “Straight? Is that right?” I surged up out of bed and clicked on the light spearing him with a hard glare my body uaking with anger “Pardon me I must have you confused with someone else I thought you were the same guy who was just eye fucking me on stage a couple hours ago Because that guy? He ain’t straight But whateverI can see clearly Blake jumping up and saying that to Liam He’s a little on the sassyfeisty side but he’s also smitten with Liam He never lets his guard down and he finds himself doing that with Liam It hurts when those same feelings aren’t reciprocated Once they get past their confusion brought on by their own insecurities sparks fly between them Literally it is like the 4th of July with these two They don’t hold back on what they want and even though Liam has never been with a guy he has no trouble taking from Blake what he wants Blake is only too happy to let him and the sex is explosiveThings move at a fast pace both wanting the same thing but so afraid to admit it You will fall in love with both of these guys I was either smiling laughing out loud or crying You can’t help but cheer for them because they need each other They definitely complement each other and make a perfect couple Their banter back and forth is so funny they are uick witted they keep you in hysterics and you don’t even realize how much time has passed because you are completely enad in their world Liam is the perfect gentleman He has those wonderful southern manners and one of many things I loved about himhe never held back on treating Blake like he was the love of his lifeMaris Black has written an award winning book in my opinion This entire series to date has become one of my top favorites ever She has that special ability to create characters that have compassion and understanding Sometimes they may be a little snarky and difficult That’s why the characters are easy to connect with She doesn’t shy away from the romance and it is very erotic at times She can certainly heat up a page uickly What I love about how she does that however is she only does it when it is appropriate When we are on the edge of our seat in anticipation for those moments to happenThe storyline has depth the content intriguing The execution of the plot is spot on the story line is relatable and current and every facet of their journey will keep you fully invested This author is one of my favorites and hopefully will become yours also I can’t wait to see who has a story to tell next I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

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