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  • 14 April 2016

10 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    After reading from Jane Lythell I was so excited to get a copy of her new book After the Storm and get stuck in for a good read As a reviewer I am finding this review hard to write For me it's like a different author wrote this book it was so far from the style of writing I had loved I had no idea what was going on Some secrets destroy youRob and Anna have only just met Owen and Kim Now they've boarded their handsome old boat to travel to a far off island in the CaribbeanWith only the four of them on board it should be paradise lazy afternoons spent snorkelling; long nights enjoying the silence and solitude of the seaBut why does Owen never sleep? Why is he so secretive about his past? And why does Kim keep a knife zipped into her money belt? Anna can usually get people to talk but this time does she want to?This book almost entirely is set on this old boat and apart from mild tension it was so darn boring to read Conversations were weak thoughts were tepid and I felt like it just had no real plot or any direction The characters were so insipid There must be coming? Please? No? I stayed positive finally they dock the boat and hit land It did pick up pace a bit here but apart from a couple of slightly exciting moments again what on earth was the point? It just lacked thrills excitement depth everything and I had loved Jane's last book it was a great mind twisting thriller This was not I just could not get it I read it but did not enjoy reading it at all I lived in hope of things moving up a gear It didn't I so wanted to love it too My rating For Goodreads I am giving this a 3 star review but really feel it's 25 but I don't have that option I will adjust my reviews accordingly One of my first disappointments of 2015 I won't lose hope in Jane as an author and will look for her next novel in the hope it's back up at the level of writing of her previous novel The Lie of you I will have what's mine I received a copy of the book kindly from Jane Lythell at my reuest and it came via her publisher I can't tell you how hard it is for this to not be a positive review

  2. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Soit seems to have been a bit hit and miss with readers this one personally I enjoyed it although it IS a slow burner and very much character driven rather than full of action I found the characters fascinating however and therefore very much enjoyed the read despite it eeking out the drama and slowly drip feeding the suspenseYou basically have a cast of four yes others are involved towards the end when things come to a head but for the majority of the story you spend your time with Rob and Anna who have taken a detour from their holiday to join Kim and Owen on their boat As they face both calm and storm the relationships falter stop and start and it becomes clear that each of our protagonists have issues Some fairly standard some which may become dangerous I was engaged by Anna who always assumes the worse case scenario being a litte like that myself I sympathised with her when others did not take her fears seriously The beauty of the writing for me was in how you could see it from both sides I may have felt for Anna but I was also annoyed by her sometimes constant whining The others all had their thing and I was very much compelled to keep reading and find out what was going to happen to this very eclectic and opposite bunch of peopleThe mystery element is low key Owen doesnt sleep and Kim hides knives and you have to wonder why But even then its not really about that so much as it is a kind of claustrophobic snapshot of the lives of four very different people with very different issues If you like character driven drama then this is for you Whether you like this one or not will very much depend on how you react to the people involved It leads you slowly and inexorably towards a very intriguing final denouement and I found it clever and appealing throughout and occasionally very grippingHappy Reading Folks

  3. Jemma Jemma says:

    I am still in two minds about this book –I found it to be a well written story which did capture my attention throughout but which did not leave me with a powerful impression overall Whilst I understand that ‘After The Storm’ was intended as a thriller I felt that it lacked enough suspense and action to justify this label After being highly intrigued by the blurb I was anxious to immerse myself in this book as it does paint a very captivating picture; an English couple abroad Rob and Anna have taken a risk and given their holiday money to a couple they have just met Kim and Owen in exchange for journeying with them on their old boat for the remainder of their holidays Predictably there is trouble as these strangers shack up together in close uarters and the odds aren’t in their favour for the relaxing vacation they had envisioned Along the way we find out about the foundations of our couples and the stories behind each individual and how this shapes events in the near future of the plot Truthfully I expected excitement from the basis of this description whereas what I found in this book was an ordinary tale of two couples on holiday with some bad luck and half kept secrets thrown into the mixI am by no means suggesting that ‘After The Storm’ is your average book only that I did not perceive it to be anything special I felt the story was underdeveloped but this may be due to my expectations of a thrilling plot; I was lured in with the promise of enigmas and disappointed when they failed to deliver A prime example is when the chief mystery of Owen’s dark past is finally revealed at the end of the book – I found it to be relatively anti climactic and in my opinion a let down after the preceding tension that had been built so abundantly around the subjectDespite my negative words ‘After The Storm’ was certainly interesting enough to keep me reading until the last page and I would definitely consider reading other material by Jane Lythell as her writing was extremely imaginative and detailed The one thing I did truly enjoy were the characters that Lythell created and the varying relationships constructed between them as the story progressed The author was astute in portraying two contrasting but functioning couples and I found the ever changing dynamics between the four of them captivating – essentially this is what kept me reading The secrets and suspicion which kept cropping up created tension and the ensuing conflict did make an interesting read There was no lack of depth in the group’s personalities and each of their actions were highly believable the book successfully pierced the superficial to show a complex view of their motives and their vulnerabilitiesLythell should be praised for her creation of such credible and intense characters especially as she had to juggle all four of them at once in the spotlight Because of this I did initially find that the vast information about their pasts was revealed before I truly had time to process the identities of the characters which did lead to some confusion However once I was confident on distinguishing people the book flowed much naturally There was no predictability with this book either so whilst not particularly exhilarating it was not tedious The idyllic holiday atmosphere is very well executed serving as a mask for the ominous setting which lies on the horizon There were a few plot twists but nothing exceptional – after finishing it my predominant thought was that it could have been just a bit braver to become a gripping novel Not sure if I would recommend this book; it is an adventure lacking excitement a mystery with only a hint of intrigue but still made a pretty good read Many people enjoyed this book though evidently it missed the mark with me; if you favour subtlety and anticipation over action then give ‘After The Storm’ a chance

  4. Karen Karen says:

    I really wanted to like this book the description sounded so enticing but for me it promised far than it delivered It was well written but I found it uite slow and it just lacked tension It had the aspirations of a thriller but didn’t uite make it Things were hinted at which piued my interest but then when the ‘secrets’ were revealed I was just a bit underwhelmed It’s only a minor point but I did get rather irritated with the constant reference to the mole between Anna’s eyebrows and it got to the point that whenever she was in the scene this was all I could see However what was done well was that feeling of claustrophobia when all four characters were on the boat with the lack of privacy and the tensions building between the characters when things didn’t go to plan I haven’t read the author’s previous novel but this wouldn’t put me off reading further books by her This isn’t a bad book by any means I think I was just expecting of a darker psychological thriller and for me this was just a bit tame with a few unanswered uestions I received my copy from the publisher in return for an honest review

  5. Rebecca (StayingUpTillMorning) Rebecca (StayingUpTillMorning) says:

    For the majority of this book I was uite enjoying myself The tension between the two couples seemed to be building and building and I loved the foreignholiday setting Then a few dramatic incidences happen right at the end of the book followed bynothing The book ends and nothing is resolved We never find out who did what and why It's left for the reader to decide who was guilty I guess? Only I don't read thrillers to make up my own story I read thrillers to be taken on an exciting ride But this really just took me to the top of the drop and then left me to find my way back down So I've been left thoroughly unsatisfied

  6. Ana Ana says:

    Originally published on This Chick Reads Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewActual rating 255Writing a review for this book is going to be so hard It's the second book by Jane Lythell but the first one from her I'm reading Bearing in mind I haven't read her previous book I really had no expectations Some of my friends have read her previous book though and they have recommended it to me so when I got the opportunity to review this title I jumped at the chanceSeeing my rating you might think I really disliked this book Which is only partially true however after much pondering over the rating and comparing it to some other thrillers which I've read so far I had to go for 2The story is basically centered around two couples Owen and Kim and Rob and Anna Owen owns an old wooden boat and after meeting Rob and Anna who are on a vacation he suggests renting out their boat to them Rob thinks this is a great idea they could use some adventure on their hols However Anna is not too keen on the idea since the boat is really tiny so not much privacy for them and is not in best shape Not to mention Kim and Owen are total strangersAt the end Rob and Anna decide to do some traveling with Kim and Owen though Anna is still very suspicious about the couple As each day goes by they discover some things about each other and some secrets might be revealedSounds good? Yes but I still have some stuff to say in defense for my rating Basically my problem was the pacing It was way too slow for my liking I kept reading and reading waiting for something to happen waiting for that climax which will turn events into an unexpected direction I mean after all it's everything each of us expects from a psychological thriller However even when the story reached its climax honestly I was too tired to fully enjoy the events Point number two most of the story is happening on the boat and all the characters are doing is chit chat and eventually some stuff that will intrigue you is added Something like why does Kim carry a knife everywhere with her or why does it seem Owen never sleeps? All of this I knew already as it was written in the blurb but I waited and waited for far too long to see some action in the book Point number three which is totally subjective I wish there were characters in this book just to make the book alive ya know? They could maybe add to the story or make things move faster I don't know I was bored to read just about these two couples which in a way made them feel boring than they wereHowever all is not lost and I'm certainly willing to give Jane's other book 'The Lie of You' a chance There were some things which I liked like the characters I didn't love them but I liked them The situations they were in made them feel a bit dull at times but while reading I could close my eyes and imagine Anna standing in front of me Uptight attitude and a big mole between her eyes making her look a bit like Frida Kahlo This I liked the fact these characters differed strongly and one could tell the author really tried and managed to portray them well Having all of this said my problem was the story and it's slowness These characters had potential interesting backgrounds secrets they hide but they needed the situations and setting to show what they've gotI really tried to write a somewhat balanced review as though I didn't enjoy it that much it's certainly not a bad book either Based on the writing it's obvious the author has a lot of potential and suitable writing background

  7. Megan Readinginthesunshine Megan Readinginthesunshine says:

    Having read and loved Jane’s previous book The Lie Of You so I was very much looking forward to starting her latest releaseIn After The Storm Rob and Anna have only just met Owen and Kim and now they’ve boarded their old boat to travel to a far off island in the Caribbean It should be paradise with the sea stretching in front of them and only four of them to enjoy their time together But things aren’t all they seem why does Owen never sleep? Why is he so secretive about his past? And why does Kim keep a knife zipped into her money belt?I was SO intrigued in this from the very beginning The story seems initially like a dream holiday – going off in a boat to an island with another couplebut can everyone be trusted? And what secrets might they be hiding? I was gripped from the opening pages and as the book continued further I was on the edge of my seat constantly wanting to know Just who are Owen and Kim? I NEEDED to know everything about them and I raced through the pagesJane Lythell does an exceptional job of creating an atmosphere and building tension amongst the characters I was never sure who to trust or what secrets were being hidden and Jane cleverly unravels things slowly through her exploration of the characters both individually and through their interactions with each other As I learnt pieces of information I tried to put it all together but Jane had in store for me with surprises twists and turns along the way Wow I genuinely had no clue what way the story would go and After The Storm uickly became a story that was impossible to put down I was up late because I just had to finish it in one sittingAfter The Storm is compelling too not only was I completely fascinated by the characters and their potential secrets but I was very emotionally invested in them too Spending the course of the book with them it felt as though I was on the boat with them as things were unravelling I felt a range of emotions whilst reading I felt real empathy for some of the characters others I really distrusted at times and I must say Jane took me on a real roller coaster ride with them that was sometimes intense sometimes emotional but it was always absorbing and captivating I don’t want to spoil what is a truly fantastic read so please buy it and enjoy this one because it is a true experience After The Storm is an incredible read thrilling and vivid all at the same time Jane Lythell is a brilliant storyteller and one who pulled me in and had me involved and hanging on to every single word

  8. Tripfiction Tripfiction says:

    Thriller set on Roatán Hondurasthe Caribbean – “edgy dark and heady”This thriller caught my eye as it kept popping up on Social Media and of course not many books are set in and around this particular island the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands in the Caribbean It is 77 km long and about 8 km wide with plenty of mangroves and has the real sense of an exotic locationThe author has a feel for maintaining tension and writes in a very natural and fluid way As she ratchets up the pathos the story feels increasingly edgy dark and headyKim and Owen own a rather rickety wooden sailing boat and Anna and Rob are persuaded to join them on the journey from Belize City to Roatán although neither couple knows anything much about the other couple They only met 24 hours previously Anna is not altogether keen but Rob is caught up in the Robinson Crusoe fantasy and embraces the adventure wholeheartedly On the voyage the friendships between the four build although tinted by the beginnings of hostility and suspicion and individual backstories start to emerge Life is generally harmonious for the four young people in their very cramped and at times oppressive lodgings but the stress of storms and other dangers begin to whittle away at the contended – and potentially blissful – lifestyle as they head towards their ultimate destination Plenty of palm fringed islands pop up on the way and some wonderfully tasty sounding food materialises in the capable hands of Kim find out the best way to eat a mango for example Little insights into both the sailing life and local customs make this very much a three dimensional and gripping read But from the cover and title it is clear that this is not going to be an easy ride plenty of literal and metaphorical waves along the wayThe author is clearly very familiar with the island and through her capable hands I felt that I was there with the characters as they explored the enclaves of French Harbour Oak Ridge and Coxen Hole and acclimatise to island life which is idyllic in many ways but also has a dark under culture that is never far away Attend a group baptism laze on a beach or learn some of the ropes of sailing or simply kick back and read this gripping thrillerThis review first appeared on our blog where the author talks about location

  9. FoodxHugs FoodxHugs says:

    Where do I start with this abysmal offering?Okay so I bought this expecting some sort of thriller When one thinks of a thriller certain words spring to mind fast paced danger action mystery dirty little secrets you get the ideaAnd this my fellow humoids has neither of those elementsIt was just plain bad The amount of dross I had to get through in first 90% The story was told in third person omniscient so we were told the story from the four main characters povs This was unusual because I haven't come across many thrillers who go for this narrative form It was a bit confusing at the beginning jumping from one character to another so the story felt disjointed Maybe telling the story from one person's pov either first person or third person limited would have been effective Either that or just abandon this story to the pirates I say ;I expected something in the vein of 'Dead Calm' but it was monotonous English couple charter American couple's boat for a few weeks The character's weren't fleshed out The background history on each of them felt unnecessary because it didn't seem to contribute in any way to the plot I got sick of reading about what Kim cooked each day and Anna's mole The last 10% of the book felt sudden and awkward with the events before so I can't say I enjoyed itAll in all I was extremely happy to finish reading this book I don't think I'll pick up another book of this author's

  10. Alison Alison says:

    A really enjoyable novel full of tension interesting characters and vividly described Caribbean settings Owen and Kim live on a boat off the coast of Honduras Anna and Rob have a few weeks left of their holiday and are persuaded to join them on a trip to an outlying island In the confined conditions of Owen and Kim’s traditional yacht they gradually find out about each other than perhaps they wanted to know Each couple has their own tensions and the dynamics between couples and individuals shift and unfold as do the reader’s sympathies Dark secrets are revealed about the past and shady dealings in the present eventually catch up with them to dramatic effect I was really drawn in and found both the characters and atmosphere stayed with me long after finishing Recommended

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After the Storm[BOOKS] ✫ After the Storm ✵ Jane Lythell – SOME SECRETS DESTROY YOURob and Anna have only just met Owen and Kim Now they've boarded their handsome old boat to travel to a far off island in the CaribbeanWith only the four of them on board it sh SOME SECRETS DESTROY YOURob and Anna have only just met Owen and Kim Now they've boarded their handsome old boat to travel to a far off island in the CaribbeanWith only the four of them on board it should be paradise lazy afternoons spent snorkelling; long nights enjoying the silence and solitude of the seaBut ten days is a long time to spend with strangers Especially when one of them carries a secret.

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