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  • 150 pages
  • Free-flowing Stories
  • Sheri J. Kennedy
  • English
  • 09 October 2014
  • 9781503080720

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  1. Rachel Barnard Rachel Barnard says:

    • CAN’T STOP SINGING by Kathleen Gabriel“The music was loud and she had to participate” Page 2She has an earworm that won’t let go and her life is fast consumed by the music in her head that she has to sing and sometimes dance to until she can no longer hear herself Can’t Stop Singing is a whimsical piece of writing that takes a small annoyance to the farthest reaches of the imagination What happens if the songs in your head don’t ever stop? • DARK DESCENSIONS by Kennedy J uinn“When you remove free will you remove restoration and leave vindictive judgment” Page 15“Truth will come but it must be embraced through trust and understanding” Page 23The men of the government of Overseers butt heads with the council of the Sisterhood’s Underseers in the justice against a man who committed the vile act of rape When one Sister sends the man Underneath she starts the political war between the Overseers and Underseers This short preuel to Secret Order of the Overworld tells the story of how the turmoil in the Overworld really began and will pull you into a world of multiple dimensions and variable morals • DESIRÉE by David S Moore“‘RejuveMates rebuilds these women’s bodies but in doing so it steals their souls’ I knew then that I had to do something” Page 38RejuveMates sucks Dr Brown into the allure of the subjects’ spells their eternal beauty and finally their lack of free will Thoughts of Desirée distract Dr Brown from his own wife and family until he is convinced he has to and can do something for her When people become a commercial commodity like RejuveMates has done to these women the company is uestioned regarding its morals and taking away the women’s freedom of choice Their argument is that they’ve given these otherwise destined for poverty and poor life choices women a resurrection and rebirth David Moore describes this moral anxiety within Dr Brown in a fascinating matter and the world he has built around this phenomenal genetic technology is wholly intriguing • A REASON TO SING by Victoria Bastedo“there were times when stubborn men were wrong” Page 66“In Shenandya the trees were the world and the Wildenbury tree was the height of mystic focus And now the Wildenbury trees were singing pouring out their non human voices as if sound was a river draining from a spout All over the village people were stunned with amazement” Page 52Lewolenan has failed to pass the physical testing reuired to be a scout for Shenandya but he is determined not to fail when his overbearing father tells him to find the reason the trees sing This is a short companion story to Roots Entwine by Victoria Bastedo and tells a tale of acceptance and standing up for what one believes and in one’s self Bastedo creates a fairy tale like world in Shenandya that is magical to behold • NIGHT OF STARS by Stephen J Matlock“People in Windmill like people everywhere loved to hear themselves complimented for their perspicacity” Location 2013“Money’s good for one thing buying things but you can’t buy friendship You have to earn it” Location 1660Henry valentine is twelve not a child any but not uite a man in the summer of 1951 He lives in Windmill Texas where people hung on every word of the preacher and the heat of the summer suffocated and turned minds to less acceptable notions This was a time of religion racism and for Henry it’s his coming of age story The POV switches between Henry and Benjamin much like in the novel this short story is a preuel of Stars in the Texas Sky • ATAXIA AND THE GIRL OF LOST DREAMS by Rachel Barnard“Be brave girls Take every opportunity you can” Location 2382The members of the government resistance group Ataxia think that MC – just a girl from a small village – can infiltrate an elite Academy pose as a student graduate with honors be placed in a high up position in the military command and work from the inside to advance the Ataxian cause She wants to do it because she wishes to restore balance to a society in which the government favors the rich and persecutes the poor This short story is the preuel to Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams and tells the story in the days leading up to where the novel begins • MIDDAY’S MADNESS by T Tommia Wright“If someone tells you not to go somewhere be daring Go” Location 2516Jalem Vitalma is young enough to slip away unseen but not old enough to be considered worthy of being taught until she happens upon a wounded stranger who guides her through the art of healing This preuel to T Tommia Wright’s upcoming fantasy novel Escorting in Twilight is full of magic and a young girl who has an inuisitive mind and a yearning for knowledge Get caught up in the fantasy world spun by Wright where magic prevails • DAWN OF STEAM THE RAT KING by Jeffrey Cook“While unlikely to see a much wider circulation the daily chronicling assignments of a small boy along for a great journey provide a perspective eon the trip on the day to day life aboard the airship and on the crew themselves that is not present elsewhere” Location 2580From the assignments of Matthew Fisher Swift ward of the Captain on his attempts to capture the Rat Baronet in a ship in the early 1800’s There are also some accounts from Harriet Wright If the rat continues to live it may well chew through enough to damage the dirigible and threaten the safety of the crew aboard giving much importance to Matthew’s mission This very focused story is delightful to read and tells the story of one minor character from Jeffrey Cook’s Dawn of Steam trilogy

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Free-flowing Stories❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Free-flowing Stories By Sheri J. Kennedy ➟ – Free flowing Stories is a varied collection from eight Pacific NW authors From spicy humor and savory story lines to luscious prose and sweet escapes this banuet of literary treats is sure to whet you Free flowing Stories is a varied collection from eight Pacific NW authors From spicy humor and savory story lines to luscious prose and sweet escapes this banuet of literary treats is sure to whet your appetite for FVP's full course novels and to satisfy the bookish hunger of even the most voracious readers.