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Provenance ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Provenance By Alex Archer ➶ – When a mysterious man orchestrates an attack on archaeologist Annja Creed and then offers her an assignment Annja is baffl ed But the mission is too intriguing for her to refuse She must fi nd an obje When a mysterious man orchestrates an attack on archaeologist Annja Creed and then offers her an assignment Annja is baffl ed But the mission is too intriguing for her to refuse She must fi nd an object that possesses a sacred and powerful secret offering atonement to anyone who uncovers it—or wreaking havoc on the worldStolen from an ancient order of knights the relic is now in the clutches of a band of pirates sailing the South China Sea When a government leader threatens to destroy the pirate ship—along with the artifact—rather than let it get into the wrong hands Annja must decide at what cost the sacred prize should be protected Destroying it would defi le history But saving it could bring about apocalypse.

10 thoughts on “Provenance

  1. Daelith Daelith says:

    This is the first book of this series that I have ever read It was action packed and kept my attention very well I have to say the end was very disappointing that we don’t get to find out what the artifact is exactly 339 pages leading up to Annja finally get to open the container and the author still leaves his readers hanging Not very nice In fact it was huge let down I was going to give this book 4 star until I got to the end and had the rug pulled out from under me so to speak I would now give it 25 stars but since there aren’t half stars on Goodreads it will get 3 from meI will probably try another book in this series and hope it not as anticlimactic as this one turned out to be in the end

  2. Shelley Shelley says:

    The one problem with this book was it reminded me too much of the Templar series Annya goes from being on a cruise liner that is suddenly hijacked by pirates who are looking to steal a valuable treasure a coffin; to being attacked in her own home by ninja like warriors intent on capturing her because she was on that fated ocean liner; to Panama where she discoves that the coffin has been loaded onto a ship headed towards the Phillippines The nice thing about this story is yes there's a Garin sighting but it's only on the cruise ship Then he disappears not following Annya around trying to take the artificat for himself About timeAnnya has become some what of a protector now vs an archeaologist in this book The overall storyline is that there is a reli that has been hidden since the 6th crusade and protected by a group of Knights On the other side there's a group of terrorists who want that reli for themselves since they believe it weilds major powerIn between Annya finds herself enamoured with a Sultan named Wira and has to fend off numerous assassination attempts The last battle scene when both sides Knights and Sultants men is well written I look forward to reading the action when Annya is actually wielding her swordThe one thing I hate from writers is when they attempt to influence their political beliefs onto readers to get their views across I don't care for it and it forces me to skim over those parts of the storyline If you want to write a political novel do so at your own leasure Just my opinion

  3. Mickey Reed Mickey Reed says:

    This is another one of the better ones even if her relationship with the Sultan was a little hokey He was supposed to be young but not that immature And I guess he wasn't as immature as he was just naive I don't know but I wish Annja would have gotten some ;o It makes me sad that she thinks she can't have a relationship of any kind because of her job Not that there is any character development or anything whatever

  4. Julie Julie says:

    W0w this was bad I have read the previous 10 books so am able to say with conviction that the characters including Annja were flat The story was thin even for a series of books that are formulaic if often enjoyable and seemed to be an excuse to write an implausible number of fight scenes I know that a large part of the appeal of these books is the fiesty powerful Annja and her skills with the broadsword Usually however the fights are key to the plot not overlong and Annja is not invincible merely skilled and courageous In this story because the characterisation is so sketchy she comes off as not better than the pirates she is killing The author's freuent reference to her remorse for this rings false as there is nothing to suggest remorse or dislike of killing in her actions Year 3 children are taught that they need to 'show not tell' in their writing and this is a lesson that Victor Milán needs to re learn Before looking at another in this series I shall check that he is not the one being Alex ArcherThe ony reason that this dd not get 1 star is because however unnecessary most of them were the fight scenes were well written Next time they just need a story to hold them together

  5. Karen Ford Karen Ford says:

    Archeologist and television personality Annja Creed finds herself in the middle of a tug of war between several factions for a mysterious religious relic that was hijacked from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean The relic if brought to light by the wrong party could have world shattering conseuences Annja must decide if she can trust the leader of a tiny Pacific country who has claims to the artifact as she wonders what his motives are toward the relic and to herThe author one of a rotation of writers in the series does a good job in capturing the essence of Annja who is still struggling to deal with her destiny as the descendant of Joan of Arc and inheriting her mystical sword and her semi normal life as the television host of a History Channel like series exploring the paranormal I truly like this series with its mix of action and globe trotting adventure and this edition the eleventh overall lives up to the potential of the series Recommended for adventure fans

  6. Paraphrodite Paraphrodite says:

    35 starsThis one has the tone of a romantic suspense as Annja develops feelings for the rich and handsome Sultan who's trying to recover a religious relic that can change the balance in the world And we have a secretive Templar like sword carrying Brotherhood protecting the relic who are the Sultan's adversary On top of that we have pirates and a fanatical Muslim terrorists group backed by a secret US government agent all keen to get their hands on the relic and to overthrow the Sultan and rule the worldBut what I remember most about this episode is how Annja rejects the overtures of the Sultan because she's an American and I deliberately used the capital and he's a Muslim and a Sultan with responsibilities It's all a bit chessy I am also peeved that we never actually found out what the relic was at least not in the Graphic Audio version

  7. Josette Thomas Josette Thomas says:

    I was kind of disappointed with this book After all the trouble to find the coffin we do not know what is in it I was so excited throughput the whole book then very let down I was glad Aanja did not stay with the Sultan their lives are too different to try and make a relationship work On to the next book

  8. Amy Webster-Bo Amy Webster-Bo says:

    she really has a great characters and love every one of her adventures

  9. Deborah Deborah says:

    This one started out a little rocky but had a good ending Other than that plenty to like about this book I'm not giving away spoilers

  10. pdarnold pdarnold says:

    Grrrr Sometimes Goodreads doesn't register the review and everything written goes up into ethereal cyberspace upon hitting the save buttonOnce again another adventure with Annja Creed There is plenty to like here but not really like A relic is stolen and Annja is reuested in a rather unusual way to recover this dangerous relic Asia Europe the Middle East and America all hold a claim to this relic Beginning with returning a favor for Garin and continued traveling around the world makes Annja one determined woman I found her dealings with the Sultan rather silly She acted like a star struck young teen than a 20 something self confidant woman I think however my favorite point in the book was its self deprecating humor Where Annja tries reading a book and is not able to suspend her belief about and I uote the romantic adventures of an intrepid globe trotting female archaeologist I laughed and laughed when I read this paragraph Talk about poking fun at oneself clever A fun escape read not one of the better Rogue Angel books but fun just the same

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