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Want It Bad ❮Ebook❯ ➣ Want It Bad Author Melinda DuChamp – Thomashillier.co.uk This blog post confirms that this book was written by JA Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson under the pseudonym Melinda DuChampCarla thought she had it all togetherThen Jake moved in next doorShe never exp This blog post confirms that this book was written by JA Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson under the pseudonym Melinda DuChampCarla thought she had it all togetherThen Jake moved in next doorShe never expected to fall for Want It Epub / someone half her age Especially Jake an escort who specialized in very kinky sexBut Carla was curious And rich And when Jake accepts her as a client they each may have gotten than they'd bargained for.

10 thoughts on “Want It Bad

  1. Rowan MacBean Rowan MacBean says:

    Save your money You can find sexier erotica with likable and relatable characters for free in amateur fanfiction

  2. A Drop of Romeo A Drop of Romeo says:

    Carla is a 41 year old lawyer who has worked hard to get where she is but to do so she’s sacrificed everything else including her sex life Best friend Janet is a air hostess which has gained her enough sexual escapades to last a lifetime and is why she tries to encourage Carla to let go and have fun Carla does not think she has too until she meets her new neighbour is both cute and young and it eventually turns out he’s an escort that prefers his clientele to be elderly ladies Usually he has a no neighbour clause after a previous experience but Carla is persistent and will not take no for an answer However along her sexual discovery forty one year old Carla learns things about herself that she can’t uite wrap her head around especially her feelings for said twenty five year old escort JakeAfter the release of Fifty Shades of Grey erotic fiction has become as mainstream as your crime and romance fiction It’s on your top bestseller list and not hidden away in the back any and it’s no longer something women whisper about Many authors have embraced this and DuChamp’s erotica are some of my favourites Yes they’re a little vulgar and not for a sensitive audience but they’re well written The friendship moments between Janet and Carla are witty fresh and I do actually think DuChamp writes them the appropriate ages which is harder with a heroine over 35 seriously how many do you see? It was refreshing to be in the mind of an older character and the cougar aspect of twenty five year old Jake was a perfect touch The moments between Jake and Carla were hot as well as moving when they had their brief sentimental momentsThere’s not much I can say about “Want it Bad” without splashing the world spoiler all over It’s not a fanfiction favourite “porn without plot” but it’s a smutty love story that I read all in one sitting because it was just too good to put down What’s a real fun fact is that DuChamp is a pseudonym for two authors JA Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson and if this is what their brains can come up with then I’m in for the ride DuChamp you have a massive fan in the reader and I can’t wait to read some of your worksReviewed for A Drop of Romeo

  3. Oleg Shevelyov Oleg Shevelyov says:

    Wow That was fun I don't usually read erotic books But I'm curious and wanted to try a new thing I expected an easy read but nothing special It was an easy read indeed but I enjoyed it very much The book is rather professionally written and made me laugh out loud than once Immersing into BDSMkinky world was curious it was completely new for me I believe it taught me some interesting lessons about women sexuality and the traditional sex as well The whole book is from woman's point of view Not uite surprising but again unusual to me More than once I couldn't tear myself away from the book because I really wanted to know what was going to happen next or the action was very engaging Sex scenes were very well written although sometimes I felt they were a bit long The final was a bit disappointing Too predictable to me Still the book entertained me than I expected Well done

  4. Dominique Dominique says:

    Loved this story It was a fun easy read Not too much drama just enough to to make it interesting The crude best friend was hilarious in the beginning but I ended up being disappointed n the way Carla dealt with her Jake was perfection and the sex was HOT Good summer read while hanging at the beach or poolside while you're checking out the hot young lifeguards Haha

  5. Barbara Ingram Barbara Ingram says:

    Running to change pantiesUnusual storyline with oh so funny laugh out loud dialogue but also very very steamy Did I say steamy? Jake is so unbelievably talented I wish he was real He will be in my fantasies

  6. Jessica Lewenda Jessica Lewenda says:

    The authors claim that this is feminist but it really isn't Carla constantly slut shames her best friend and then when she starts doing sexual stuff she starts slut shaming herselfThe biggest red flag here is that Jake makes Carla do things she's uncomfortable doing and things she actively says no to even going to the point to say that they scare her Like he forces her to say that she wants to be spanked even though she doesn't and then when she gives in he gives her the choice of a paddle or a whip The idea of the whip terrifies her and makes her uncomfortable so she chooses the paddle He uses the whip anyway simply because he wants to despite him telling her that she's always in control yet she feels too scared to use her safeword

  7. Shawna Edwards Shawna Edwards says:

    The details Just OMGI am very impressed with this book The details of everything he does and everything she is thinking about are just out of this world I almost enjoyed this than most reverse harem books that I read

  8. Penny L Mulcahey Penny L Mulcahey says:

    Just okayCharacters are interesting I little slow on the story line Maybe the storyline could have been extended a little

  9. Diane Roberts Diane Roberts says:

    uirky light readThis one was just a little strange going from out there to serious with nothing substantial Ok read for a total no brainer

  10. Rach Lawrence Rach Lawrence says:

    Forty one year old Carla is a successful rich attorney who has just about everything in life she could possibly need—except a satisfying sexual relationship Her best friend Janet continually harps on Carla’s lack of intimacy When Carla’s new neighbor turns out to be a sexy young escort who specializes in pleasing older women Carla finally takes a chance and explores her newfound sexual appetiteJake has shied away from relationships his whole life choosing instead to please women with no attachment But he has rules for his clients they’re not allowed to touch him at all he never gets involved with a neighbor and he never falls in love with a client When Janet pays for a session with Jake for Carla Carla has to convince him to break his rule about neighbors And as time goes on Carla finds she really wants Jake to break his other two rules as wellWant it Bad was an extremely amusing hot read I didn’t think those two ualities could fit together so well but DuChamp was able to make everything about this story work well The banter between best friends Carla and Janet was laugh out loud funny Janet is completely crude and can turn any statement into sexual innuendo so if crude humor is not your thing this book might not be your cup of teaI’ll admit some of the situations in the story weren’t realistic like how often Carla peeps in Jake’s window Jake having “an old friend” whose house he’s living in and who leaves her dog all her money and Jake being a virgin but the rest of the story was so well done that it was easy to overlook these issuesCarla was a strong character who showed growth throughout the story Even with her back and forth indecisiveness she continually made progress in opening up to the sexual experiences and accepting that it was okay to enjoy the things she craved And the heat was off the charts hot I would call this BDSM light since their explorations dealt with safewords and pushing limits yet there was no focus on an actual Domsub relationshipI did think the actual romance took a backseat to Carla’s exploration and realizations but there was enough to the relationship to make it a good story with plot than pornWant it Bad is a must read if you enjoy a hot plot with crude humor I would definitely read by this authorFor of my reviews please visit

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