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Perseguido [EPUB] ✾ Perseguido ❃ Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza – Thomashillier.co.uk When his daughter disappears and a patient emerges as the prime suspect a troubled psychiatrist comes to Espinosa for help in the fifth novel in the beguiling Brazilian crime series A hospital psychia When his daughter disappears and a patient emerges as the prime suspect a troubled psychiatrist comes to Espinosa for help in the fifth novel in the beguiling Brazilian crime series A hospital psychiatrist feels he's being stalked by a young patient For as long as possible he convinces himself that the young man is harmless but when the doctor's daughter disappears and the patient goes missing too he calls on Espinosa for help Soon after the patient turns up dead With his death begins a chain of other deaths each mysterious than the one that preceded it each seemingly linked to the doctor and his former patient As Espinosa learns about the doctor's history it becomes harder to discern the stalker from the stalked reality from fantasy and the sane from the diabolical In this installment of the seductive fascinating The New York Times Book Review series the sultry maze of Rio de Janeiro's streets conspires against Espinosa confounding his judgment stymieing his search and somewhere concealing a murderer.

10 thoughts on “Perseguido

  1. Pattie Pattie says:

    I've been a big fan of the author and have read all of his other books This is the first one that was unsatisfying Spoiler My favorite mystery of all time Michael Dibdin's Dead Lagoon also leaves parts of its core mystery unsolved but it is still satisfying So having everything neatly wrapped up by the end is not a reuirement But we never really find out what was going on through the whole book and when you have an omnicient narrator that's not acceptable We hear from Lucas early on what he's doing what he's thinking and then this voice disappears and we never know what really happened to him or why he was stalking the main character or the main character's daughter and he was stalking them Very irritating Also there are mysteries some by this author where the detective's foibles and side stories are enough to make the book worth reading even with a lame central puzzle But this time Garcia Roza doesn't seem to do much with Inspector Espinoza; the Inspector's usual low level depression is instead simply transferred to the reader

  2. Ruby Ruby says:

    I picked this up off a friend's book swap pile only because the author is Brazilian and I don't think I've ever read a Brazilian author It's a fantastic suspenseful thriller about a bookish police chief who gets challenged by a strange psychologist and his obsession with one of his patients I can't reveal too much without giving anything away but I read this on one busride between Gyeongju and Incheon I was on the edge of my bus seat the whole time and almost jumped out of my bus seat once

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Disappointing Don't let the blurb fool you It's one of those books that I just wanted to get over with Usually after I finish a book with a lot of uestions left unanswered I would either get really frustrated and try to find out what happened by reading other people's theories or make up my own But this one I just didn't care I think the author wants the reader to be curious to a point that he didn't give out the story at all None of the characters stood out that when you try to think of an actual person that could reflect them you can't The police they didn't really do any actual investigation All they did was guess without evidence to support them And yet they turned out to be right Just convenient If you're into real suspense I wouldn't recommend this book

  4. Rhonda Hospedales Rhonda Hospedales says:

    Overall I enjoy the Espinosa series but this book did not cut it for me I am sorry but not solving the case is kind of pointless for a crime detective novel

  5. Bob George Bob George says:

    I've worked with some wonderfully astute Psychiatrists and some suited to sheep farming or antiue collecting; but none as inept and poorly portrayed as the main character in this Inspector Espinosa novel this is the 4th Garcia Roza novel I have read in this series and so far; Inspector Sepinosa has failed to solve a single crime; he does uite a lot of musing; some introspection; and appears to spend his waking hours planning his next meal or eating it I suppose there is some interest in a Psychiatrist who is being stalked; I have known this with a colleague and that story was much interesting than this one So many loose ends with this book; the story starts aroundman called Jonas whom the inept Psychiatrist insists should be called Isidoro; for a large part of the novel it is their interplay that is the main substance of the book until one of them just stops being part of the story; not real explanation as to what happened; we just fall back to the Inspector Espinosa and his search for the next burgerI think this novel offended me with its shallow portrayal of mental illness; Dr Nesse the Psychiatrist saying of Jonas He's Psychotic or he's paranoid with no evidence to support this; description as though it is explanation; even as description it is poor; might as well say he is nice or Intelligent; all meaningless terms unless there is a comparator fear this just perpetuates them and us notions of mental illness; so my 2 star rating is perhaps generous

  6. Chris Chris says:

    Another weird psychological thriller that keeps you turning the pages and then is not really resolved clearly at the end Garcia Roza could probably write a thriller about paint drying but the ending would surely be fuzzy I enjoy the character of Espinoza the book loving detective who is the honest cop and seems the most unlikely cop He thinks too much and so does the author At the end we still don't know who killed who I guess some cases are just that way

  7. Daniel Rocha Daniel Rocha says:

    One of my favorite crime fiction writers and definitely my favorite contemporary Brazilian there's no uestion I'm a big fan of Garcia Roza and his main lead character detectivepolice officer Espinosa Pursuit is a decent book not one of his best but it's still a uick entertaining read as all crime fiction books should be

  8. Marty Marty says:

    Wasn't my favorite of the ones I've read so far in this series I spent too much time in the head of a deranged murderer creepy and didn't get to know other characters very well Still I enjoyed it because the plot was interesting and besides I've committed to the long haul with detective Espinosa

  9. Ann Tonks Ann Tonks says:

    I wish there was a 25 stars position It's not that I didn't like it It's just that it wasn't ultimately that interesting or that satisfying There was a story there that I wanted to know about the daughters the mother but I never did find out enough to make it worth the read

  10. Sherree Sherree says:

    I doubt I'll read any of this series Garcia Roza is an excellent writer and the books are very suspenseful but the endings are a rea let down for me

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