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Level Up [Read] ➵ Level Up ➱ Hadley Quinn – Warning Not suitable for an audience under the age of 18 due to sex and language Military flashbacks may be disturbing to sensitive readers Ava He was like nothing I’d ever known tall muscular tatto Warning Not suitable for an audience under the age of due to sex and language Military flashbacks may be disturbing to sensitive readers Ava He was like nothing I’d ever known tall muscular tattooed rough in every wayexcept with me He’d never had softness in his life; never experienced a woman that loved him like I could After one meeting I couldn’t get him out of my head There wasn’t even an explanation I found for myself as to why I was so drawn to him We were from two entirely different worlds and I couldn’t offer him anything butme Gabe She found a way to chip away years of harsh living I’m not sure what it was that kept her coming back but I couldn’t deny that I needed that from her She begged me to give her a chance but my reluctance had nothing to do with her It was me I was the one that she’d regret I was the one that would shake her peaceful innocent world until there were no tears left But for some reasonshe wouldn't leave my side A romantic summer turns into a life or death mission while first love attempts to heal a troubled soldier Can Gabe escape the demons from his past before he loses the only good thing to enter his life.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 308 pages
  • Level Up
  • Hadley Quinn
  • English
  • 14 June 2016

About the Author: Hadley Quinn


10 thoughts on “Level Up

  1. Jae Jae says:

    Heads up it's a NA story A bit misleading with the cover tho The heroine is 21 and hero is 26 So expect some childish drama

  2. Snow Snow says:

    This was some action build novelit had all passion love action warwhat really appealed to me was the realistic way of description i know it's suppose to be an escapism to dive into a world that is different than the real life but it was uite an escape for me any way cause non of that shit actually happens in my real life although the theme and subject described in it had a real check up with my memories cause it did have a real connection to the war situation close to my homeland; inspite of several strategic and technical inconsistencies I really enjoyed reading this book

  3. Kar210 Thorp Kar210 Thorp says:

    OK 1st off this story is incredible and well written the story line was extremely interesting stayed on point and held your focus from beginning to end was done in a duel pov but at times I still felt like there was a bit of a disconnect with both the main characters Gabe Ava given there characters at times seemed a bit immature specially when Ava was dealing with her parents and even when she was dealing with her best friend Chelsea whom I felt was out of line at times and rude to Avathe sexy and passionate scenes were hot but done in a pg13 kinda of way and very elegantly there was an extremely tense amount of mystery through out the story but the most intense action and suspense was done in the middle and at the end of the story which kept you on the edge of your seat bottom line this story was awesome and beautiful in such a classy elegant way and gets 5 of the brightest and shiniest stars that I highly recommend as a must read 3 3 3 3 3 I like to take this moment to give a huge Thank You to the men women like the main character Gabe a solider for doing all that you do and know that you are extremely appreciated and I from the bottom of my heart give you all my Thanks and Gratitude

  4. Paris Paris says:

    I absolutely loved this book I’m not all that surprised since I haven’t disliked anything that Hadley uinn has written but I really truly loved this book I love that we get to watch Ava and Gabe discover each other and fall for each other before the intense suspense takes over the story I love the chemistry and the back and forth between Ava and Gabe I wanted of that from the first moment they talked I think I was just as impatient as Ava was to get back to GabeWhen we get to the suspense Hadley doesn’t mess around I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I even bit off one of my fingernails while waiting for things to work out I absolutely fell in love with Gabe’s team and I immediately asked Hadley for their stories I cannot wait to read about these guysI look forward to re reading this and I’ve already been spreading the word recommending this to everyone I know This is the way romantic suspense should be written and Gabe is exactly what I want in a hero

  5. Tara Tara says:

    Man this book was just the perfect read for me I just adore Hadley uinn's style It was like reading two different books but in the best possible way When all the sexual chemistry and innuendo's between the main characters had run it's course it flipped round to be an unexpected surprise Your introduced to an array of likeable sub characters and it becomes a military run for your life gun battle hold your breath are they gonna make it? book Great banter between the comrades and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a continuation with the other guysNote to Author WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE now when I chant that what I actually mean is WE is predominantly just an 'I' when I say WANT what I mean is 'desperately need' in fact it's even then a need right now And when I say MORE I want 'AhelluvaLOT MORE' Like books for EVERY guy But I'm really hoping for a book with Chads story There was so much mystery towards the end with that guy and we didn't even get to meet him

  6. Meg Weglarz Meg Weglarz says:

    I enjoyed this book very much honestly than I'd anticipated liking it It's a sweet story with what one review described as PG 13 sex which is pretty spot on featuring likable characters and a good story I liked the heroine and as the book went on liked seeing her develop and grow up into a woman who's a real partner in her relationship with the man she loves He's not an easy man and they don't have an easy relationship even with their mutual recognition of each other as the absolutely Right One for them This book was nearly two stories in one falling in love and then Gabe's real life intrudes Thank you Hadley uinn for making it all work without a cliffhangerI will look for books by this author

  7. Dg Dg says:

    I really liked this book Didnt expect the twist it took but it was freakin awesome and i really got into it and didnt put it down until I finished it I love the connection that Ava had with Gabe from day 1 and how she pushed until they ended it up together and I also loved the way she didnt put with shit from her parents I probably wouldnt have put up with the BFF Chels but its understandable since they grew up together I did love Gabe very sexy very alpha male and I seriously love those characters always in control and when they went to rescue Bobby WOW that was so freaking intense which is why I love this book bcuz it had it all

  8. Darcie Darcie says:

    AmazingI do not know where to begin This book was full of so much emotion and personal struggle I loved how Gabe and Ava worked through things together and always had one another's back Gabe is probably the sweetest most gentle broken soldier I have read about I hope there are books to come; I really want to see Bobby and Kael find their HEA beautiful story

  9. Niña Niña says:

    I loved this book It was filled with action and romance there was never a dull moment Gabe was great His struggles were real and my heart went out to him I loved that there was no magic cure In some books as soon as the main characters hookup everything is good and the man is healed Not in this book they had to battle it but they did it together Very well written

  10. Kimberly Wiley Kimberly Wiley says:

    This was my first book by this author it was a really great read I hope there's to come really got into some of the other sub characters there werethis was a slow but steady read into it at all timesI would recommend this book to anybody

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