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Inherit the Past The Bavarian Woods #1 ❮Epub❯ ❧ Inherit the Past The Bavarian Woods #1 Author Susan Finlay – When laid off California architect Max Hollander inherits his grandparents’ house in Bavaria it seems like the perfect opportunity to start over If all goes well he’ll sell it and make enough mone When laid Past The PDF º off California architect Max Hollander inherits his grandparents’ house in Bavaria it seems like the perfect opportunity to start over If all goes well he’ll sell it and make enough money to tide him over More importantly he hopes taking his antagonistic son Ryan on the trip will help rebuild their trust in each other and maybe even give them a chance to investigate a longstanding mystery that has haunted their family Twenty years ago while Max’s mother was staying at her parents’ house in Riesen Germany she and Inherit the PDF/EPUB ² her father disappeared never to be heard from again Now the Past The Bavarian Woods Epub / as they search unsuccessfully for that same house Max and Ryan become lost until they serendipitously meet three Germans who help them find it But their luck is short lived before day’s end they will get swept back in time with no way to return to the present Realizing the same thing may have happened to his missing relatives Max and companions set out to find them Their uest soon embroils the hapless group in a murder investigation that widens the rift the Past The Epub à between father and son and places both lives in danger Inherit the Past is a story of family loverelationships guilt and redemption.

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  1. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Inherit the Past starts with two old women who don't seem to like each other very much sharing a meal and arguing about a terrible mysterious secret Margrit wants to share the secret with her grandchildren in a tell all letter Lotte seems determined to stop herI was hooked immediately What secret? Why is Lotte so determined to keep Margrit uiet?The next chapter skips forward several years as Margrit's grandson and Lotte's niece explore a legacy left by Margrit's death They find a heavy wooden door in the cellar of her ancient home and when they step through it they are thrown one by one whirling into a rocky cave in medieval GermanyAmerican born Max his rebellious teen son Ryan; Sofie her son Tobias and her old aunt Lotte yes the same Lotte begin an adventure trying to survive They find Max's mother and his grandfather who disappeared through the time portal 20 years ago and have established new familiesYou might think the secret has been revealed But what about Lotte's husband Viktor? And what secret is Lotte still trying to hide?Susan Findley of Columbia writes in a straight forward easy to enjoy fashion As a librarian I would recommend Inherit the Past to anyone who wants to read a good story but doesn't want to see graphic violence or sex

  2. Jesamine James Jesamine James says:

    A great readAn enchanting and engaging story with something for everyoneMagic Time travel History Murder mystery Romance and Travel book readers will all enjoy this tale of an American father and son in search of their inheritance and ancestry Unbeknown to them at the outset of their journey they get than they bargained for when they stumble upon their late grandmother's cottage in Bavaria

  3. Alan Alan says:

    Susan Finlay's Inherit the Past is a totally engaging time travel mystery set in 18th century BavariaFindlay's world building is vivid and three dimensional I can say the same for her characters The plot is believable captivating and imaginativeI recommend Inherit the Past to anyone fond of time travel novels

  4. Dean Lombardo Dean Lombardo says:

    A good time travel adventureInherit the Past takes the main characters and reader on an adventure to Bavaria and then into the past It is of a love story than it is a science fiction novel which provides enough thrills twists and turns to satisfy the explorer in all of us

  5. Kitty Muse Book Reviews Kitty Muse Book Reviews says:

    It was supposed to have been not only a fact finding trip this adventure to Riesen Germany To Max it was supposed to have doubled as a male bonding bridge repairing experience between himself and his son Ryan The divorce had taken away much of the relationship he’d had with his son and he wanted to find his way back to what they had hadRyan’s having nothing to do with it—especially after uite by accident the two of them meet the lovely Sofie and her son Tobias Even so when it seems to his young eyes that his dad is already falling for another woman so soon after leaving his much loved motherA dramatic turn of events happens to them all when they are suddenly thrust through a portal of time while exploring Max’s grandmother’s house The four of them along with another rather odd woman by the name of Lotte are whisked back in time to an earlier Germany From here they do what they can to survive on their ownIt becomes clear to all of them that what had happened to them might have been the same thing that caused the disappearance of Max’s mother Monika and his grandfather Karl A number of years before this the two of them had disappeared while visiting the same house the five of them had been exploringNow this accidental and frightening plunge into time had a purpose—to find Karl and Monika and to bring them homeBut how to get home again? Someone has the key and someone else will kill to keep that secret from being found out Fantastic book Time travel stories are not easy to write; there is a lot of research involved in order to create a believable world The author has done just that Her characters along with old world Germany come alive in a whirlwind of dust and drama I loved the actors in this drama—each and every one of them had a very real very colorful persona The story line never failed from the first page to the lastEverything a reader could want is in this book – love both reuited and unreuited; deception; murder; loss; reconciliation—you name it This book does have a cliffhanger ending—I hope Ms Finlay can get the seuel out soon I just have to know what happens to oh no that would be telling

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    Inteesting story about Max a man who inherits his grandmother's house in Reisen Germany after her death He travels to inspect and hopefully uickly sell his inheritance accompanied by his sullen teenage son but they end up hopelessly lost and unable to find the house He meets a single mom named Sophie and her nine year old son who agree to help them find their way The four journey to Max's grandmother's house now also joined by Sophie's great aunt who seems to know about his grandmother than she lets on While exploring the house they find a door in the basement that is actually a time portal and they all get swept back to 1789 I liked this book and the characters although the story at times dragged for pages with characters obsessing about secrets feelings and basically whining about their situation While I can't give it a 5 star rating I was intrigued enough to want to read the next book in the series to find out what happens to them next

  7. Amelia Amelia says:

    I enjoyed reading this book partly because it was set in Bavaria and I was traveling in Germany at the time I read it The twist on time travel is creative and interesting and the plot is a mixture of contemporary normal and compelling historical The writing is ok but not particularly stellar Enjoyable yes but not stunning writing or beautiful language

  8. Rich Padzik Rich Padzik says:

    Marooned in timeWas it faith or were these people meant to find each other Families reunited in the past to make the future

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