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Wisdom From My Internet ❰Download❯ ➶ Wisdom From My Internet Author Michael Z. Williamson – Thomashillier.co.uk You learn some amazing things on the internet The War of 1812 was just a dispute over labor and hiring practices Pico de Gallo was not a conuistadore Hugo Chavez is not a line of clothing There was no You learn some amazing things on the internet The War of was just a dispute over labor and hiring practices Pico de Gallo was not a conuistadore Hugo Chavez is not a line of clothing There was no medieval siege engine called the Battering Lamb Americans apparently like debt they keep voting for of it Join SF writer and satirist Michael Z Williamson for a collection of snark comments random typings and alcohol fueled puns that is worth at Wisdom From eBook ð least half the cover price.

10 thoughts on “Wisdom From My Internet

  1. Sean O& Sean O& says:

    NoJust noI got one page into this word salad and had to stop specifically at the point where he compares democracy to gang rape That was than sufficient for me to realize that Williamson is the sort of guy who spends long hours pondering why we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway

  2. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    is a collection of thoughts mostly Tweets and comments to other people's blog posts I think on the ballot for Best Related Work where the slates managed to fill all five available slotsWisdom from my Internet is a really bad book I will admit that I disagree with about 90% of Williamson's political statements; but even in the few cases where I don't his style is just not very funny More objectively I've got a uarter of the way through and if there has been any actual reference to SF I have missed it I prefer my Best Related Works to actually be well related I don't think I will bother with the restHow interesting that the author is a mate of the slatemongers and that it was not recommended by a single contributor to the crowdsourcing exercise which we are repeatedly told was 100% open and democratic yet ended up on both slates anyway It has reinforced my intention to vote No Award for this entire categoryThis nomination really shows up the bad faith of those behind the slates For all their complaints about cliues political messages and works getting nominated which are of poor uality and are't sfnal enough here they have done exactly what they accuse the imaginary cabal of doing It is simply shameful

  3. Sami Sundell Sami Sundell says:

    One liners about multiple topics Possibly tries to be funny and mostly fails even when recycling old jokes Also this being a Hugo nominated work starting with tired material about US party politics was uite a turn off and not being SF related doesn't help I'm assuming the nomination was a failed attempt of a joke as wellThis was part of a Hugo voter packet and the particular version also contains a foreword where the writer complains how some people don't get itshis satire Classy

  4. Lis Carey Lis Carey says:

    This is a Best Related Work Hugo nomineeIt's a collection of tweets from Williamson's Twitter feed It's decently written if you consider it as a collection of tweetsIt's not witty informative or in any way entertaining Fatally for a Best Related Work Hugo nominee it's not sf related The tone of it can pretty fairly be deduced from the fact of it's publisher Patriarchy PressDo I have to say it? Not recommended

  5. Philippe Philippe says:

    AmusingMad Mike as he is known sometimes has compiled many of his uips and comments to regale us and tickle our funny bone If easily offended then piss off Your head might explode Otherwise great fun

  6. Vivienne Vivienne says:

    Funny in places Urgently needs an editor to cut the 80% of unfunny stuff and rename the rest 'Little Book of Extreme Violence' One uote per page and with flame throwers in the page border

  7. A.J. A.J. says:

    Read for the 2015 HugosThis isn't so much a book or even a collection of essays as it is a random collection of Facebook posts I realize that people of won Hugos with collections of blog posts but those at least have a point and are written like essays This is just random thoughts Some of them are funny Most are just sort of there I can understand why Williamson thinks they're funny but his jokes just landed badly for meNow to get really nip picky The digital edition of this book that I read had little separation markers between the posts Sometimes Other times two or three short posts would be grouped together? Why? They weren't always even the same thought If what you're writing is a punchline it needs to be the end of the joke Following it with anything else throws off the reader and the punchline is missedAlso the edition included in the Hugo Voters Packet started with an introduction talking about the book's Hugo nomination insulting some people on Twitter and saying semi complimentary things about the other nominees I think this introduction actually soured me towards the book and it definitely made Williamson come across in a less than positive light Tip Don't introduce yourself to new readers by insulting other readers If the first thing I hear from you is negative then my impression of you will be negative As an afterward it might have been betterThe long and short of it is that there were occasional amusing bits throughout the book but overall it wasn't clever insightful or funny

  8. Катя Czaja Катя Czaja says:

    A collection of witticisms from the internet with no context editorial commentary or anything How is this even a book? Why did anyone think this was one of the 5 most important commentaries on SFF in 2014? The Mesopotamians designated 40% of grain for beer production They were also the first great civilization Coincidence?Mmmmschadenfreude It tastes like someone's tearsMy parents went to a planet without bilateral symmetry and all I got was this lousy F shirtI can so make fun of reasonable peopleHow many reasonable people does it take to change a light bulb? OneUnschooling is the theory that kids will figure life out for themselves just like they did in Lord of the Flies

  9. Kate Kate says:

    Williamson appears to have been saving comments he posts around the internet thinking it is has inherent value of 299 Having Kindle Unlmited it was a free read This book is comprised of one to maybe four line comments he believes are witty and insightful I can't say I found his comments to be either I expected from a published writer William F Buckley Jr he is not let alone NitzscheI have given out very few one star reviews I normally just don't say anything but this book has been nominated for a major award It should not have been nominated as is seriously subpar

  10. Bill Bill says:

    A 2015 Hugo nominee for Related WorksAn example of freedom of speech and freedom of the press

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