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Business Writing: What Works, What Won't ➵ [Reading] ➷ Business Writing: What Works, What Won't By Wilma Davidson ➪ – First published by Griffin in 1994 Wilma Davidson's clear practical guide to business writing has established itself as a steady seller and an excellent primer for anyone who writes on the job Newly r First published by Griffin in What Works, Epub â Wilma Davidson's clear practical guide to business writing has established itself as a steady seller and an excellent primer for anyone who writes on the job Newly revised to cover e mail texts and the latest word social media technology the book uses examples charts cartoons and anecdotes to illustrate what makes memos business letters reports selling copy and other types of business writing work.

6 thoughts on “Business Writing: What Works, What Won't

  1. Lorrie Lorrie says:

    I used this book to assist me in writing a curriculum for a course I was teaching I found the concepts to be relevant and it was very thorough I'd recommend using this book if you need direction on how to write emails memos and other writing that is reuired for business communication

  2. Hind Mohmmed Hind Mohmmed says:

    this is a perfect book I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about how to write good emails

  3. R.C. R.C. says:

    I was provided a free copy of this book through a Goodreads giveawayVery clear informative and helpful book for those who aren't sure how to get their point across in a business environment or who have picked up some bad habits along the way It addresses how to be clear concise and grammatically correct There are chapters on how to figure out what you need to say on how to organize the information visually to make it easier to read and how to frame and tone your message depending on what you'd like the recipient to do There were suggestions on how to be concise without being short how to be polite but not too polite etc The book covers a lot of the basics but also includes a lot of the 'tricks' that I often use at work bulleted lists are your friend start off with your main point etc The book provides a lot of examples with revisions which I think is helpful to allow the reader to see what the author's advice looks like in practiceThe book is a tiny bit dated as it was obviously written back when memos were done mostly on paper rather than electronically but updates have been made to keep the advice relevant and applicable to an email culture The pictures are a bit dated and hokey as well as extending the page count but they also help to break up the content and keep the book visually interesting In some places the author's voice comes through a bit too strongly using an incorrect construction when talking about that construction for instance as a jokethis is fine if someone already knows the rule and just needs a reminder but I don't think you can assume that for all readers and if they miss the joke then they might be confused by seeing the wrong construction used The section about using humor in writing also struck me as a bit too contrived but maybe that's just because humor in my workplace writing should only be used very gently and sparingly In general a few suggestions of how to assess your office's existing and accepted writing tone and then adapt the book's advice for that tone would have been welcomeOverall this is a great book for someone who needs a little help with business writing and I think that anyone can take away some points from it I'm going to recommend it to a friend for whom English is a second language because I think she'll find it helpful I have found myself giving her a lot of the advice that this book gives

  4. Novi Bobby Novi Bobby says:

    This book has many good examples Many of the examples and some of the points in the book is presented in a witty funny way I know some of you will roll your eyes after reading my next statement but it makes it fun to learn Business Writing I use this book and Kitty Locker's Business and Administration Communication for my Business writing reference

  5. Tinea Tinea says:

    Skimmed This is just a very basic 'how to write' book for those who really feel they can't communicate well in writing There is some insight on tone and writing to deadlines and the difference between good ideas and good writing and the importance of both but also a lot of filler

  6. Sheila Sheila says:

    I'm using this as the textbook for a writing class I'm teaching I like the style of this It's very easy to read and has a lot of stuff people can use as reference

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