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  • A Death in the Family Detective Kubu #5
  • Michael Stanley
  • 07 June 2016
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  1. Miriam Smith Miriam Smith says:

    A Death in the Family is the fifth in the Detective Kubu series set in Botswana South Africa and my third foray into these exciting and hugely entertaining stories As international thrillers go you'd be hard pushed in my opinion to find a better series to indulge in The author Michael Stanley South African born writing duo Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip have created a top notch and totally compelling Botswana police series that is both atmospheric gripping and utterly loveable Assistant Superintendent David Bengu affectionately known as Kubu which translates to hippo for his size and tenacity loves his good food and fine wine He is devoted to his family wife Joy children Tumi and Nono and his wonderful loving parents However when his elderly early on set Alzheimer's father is brutally murdered he finds himself sidelined from his most important case so far Grief stricken and frustrated at not being able to participate in investigating his father's death he does his usual trademark policing following his hunches and getting into trouble with the Director of the Botswana CID Jacob Mabaku a regular and likeable character to the Kubu series When Kubu is sent to America to attend a seminar his experiences with the airport security is an absolute hoot and I loved reading his thoughts at being in a different country so alien to what he is used to thoroughly brilliant As always the author incorporates important issues effecting the country including political corruption and in this case mineral and rare earth exploitation whilst keeping the traditional cultures to Botswana in the story too All the characters in this series are so endearing and you can't help but be drawn into their lives and feel totally connected to them immediately I was saddened though that a prominent and likeable character in Wilmon Bengu was killed off but reading how Kubu and the whole community dealt with the trauma and his search for his killer made for an excellent thriller and probably my favourite in the series yetI have the sixth and next book Dying to Live and can't wait to read that one too I highly recommend this series of fabulously written and intelligent thrillers though any can be read as a standalone they are an absolute joy to read and you will instantly fall in love with the very uniue and original Detective David 'Kubu' BenguA massive 5 starsPaperback version reviewed

  2. Christine Christine says:

    Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip known collectively as Michael Stanley bring us a brand new gripping story featuring Detective Kubu A Death in the Family follows on from Deadly Harvest that I read not so long agoThis is a fabulous series with just the right touch of noir The series feels familiar now with Kubu his colleagues and family; plus the gorgeous setting of BotswanaI loved Kubu’s visit to America and see a whole different contrasting colder cultureThis time Kubu is dealing with a personal trauma the murder of his father Of course Kubu cannot officially get involved with the murder investigation and is left on the sidelines waiting for answers Who would want to kill an elderly sick man? There is also tension building as a Chinese company seeks the rights to mine a particular area meaning that some of the local population will be forced to relocate When a connected government official is found in an apparent suicide Kubu is brought in to find answersI adore this series It just gets better with every book I like feeding my Kubu crush Kubu is such a decent stable family man with a good work ethic This contrasts well with the evil he encounters as a police detective We see in A Death in the Family greed corruption and murder in abundance plus a fine detective going through the worst possible tragedy I was rather shocked that Kubu’s father was a murder victim and to see the aftermathThis is a welcome addition to the Detective Kubu seriesThe Michael Stanley partnership is superb and has a very original fresh feeling to it I am hoping for another dose of Kubu very soon I miss him already

  3. Skip Skip says:

    Another excellent addition to the Detective David Kubu Bengu series When his father is stabbed to death Kubu cannot stay away from the investigation with his ego trumping common sense Meanwhile there is trouble in a mining town as the elders consider whether to allow expansion and relocation of residents which went badly the last time antagonizing the young and unemployed When the #2 government mining official ends up dead an apparent suicide Kubu finally finds a distraction from his misery and uickly determines the death was not accidental and he sets off the find the murderer Meanwhile major trouble ensues in the mining town when the elders decide not to accept the Chinese mining company's offer Kubu comes back from a police conference in NY inspired to find the truth and restore his prodigious appetite

  4. Kate~Bibliophile Book Club Kate~Bibliophile Book Club says:

    I am loving this series Detective Kubu is just such a likeable character that it’s hard not to enjoy these books Having read Deadly Harvest I was excited to read the next installmentA Death in the Family opens with a bit of a shock Kubu’s dad Wilmon has been murdered I loved his character in Deadly Harvest so I was a bit sad to read that this stoic strong man had been killed I felt a huge array of emotions for Kubu too It’s not difficult to see the love and respect he had for his father and it’s hard to read about his sadnessOnce I started reading I was hooked Being transported back to Botswana was a welcome change for me and it really is like catching up with old friends when you read books in a series Especially in this one because Kubu Joy Nono and Tumi are such a loving family and the way these books are written almost make you feel like you’re a part of the family too There is a coziness to the Detective Kubu series that you don’t get with other books and I love itA Death in the Family is about Kubu’s grief and anger about his father but there is so much going on in the book There is corruption greed power and retribution also runing through the book Interwoven together beautifully the authors have yet again provided an excellent novel that most certainly ticks the Sunshine Noir boxI thoroughly enjoyed A Death in the Family in the least morbid way possible and I would definitely recommend it

  5. Nerdish Mum Nerdish Mum says:

    I received an advance e book copy of A Death in the Family by Michael Stanley directly from the author in exchange for an honest reviewA Death in the Family is the fifth outing for Detective Kubu and is written by Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip known together as Michael Stanley I always find it mind boggling when than one person has written a book as to how they can get on and make their ideas work together and yet these two are on their fifth book I've never read a Kubu book before but the synopsis sounded great and was exactly what I was in the mood for reading When the weather turns cooler and autumn arrives I love a good crime book This book centres around the murder of Kubu's father and murders related to a mine expansion in a small town called Shoshong We follow Kubu as he deals with the grief of losing his father and trying to keep away from that investigation and failing while trying to concentrate on the murder of an official and the troubles in ShoshongThe story was really well written and full of twists and turns which worked perfectly without feeling shoehorned or pasted together The characters are all really well formed and I really loved Kubu he felt very real and you felt his emotions with him His relationship with his family and his mother is portrayed beautifully as well and it was nice to see a strong family that loved each other and got on with each other Seeing a detective with a wife and family that was together was really good to see for a change I think my favourite character however is Jacob Mabaku the Director of the Botswana CID He is exactly the kind of boss you want someone who respects you but is willing to put you in your place when it's needed He came across as a really nice man but a complete badassBefore reading this my knowledge of Botswana was a complete zero Throughout the book I learnt so much about the country and about its culture and it incredibly interesting I felt that all the cultural references and explanations fit smoothly into a crime novel and it really gave a sense of the country the book is set in I also think the fact the Kubu in Setswana one of the languages spoken in Botswana means hippopotamus is fantastic it fits the character so perfectly I definitely want to look into finding out about this part of Africa in the futureMy only niggle about the book is that the bad guy felt a little stereotypical or cardboard cutout actually I think I might go with panto villain I wanted to scream he's behind you a few times But really this doesn't take away from how well the rest of the book is written and how well thought out and plotted the storyline isOverall a really interesting and enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone even if like me you haven't read a Detective Kubu book before you can very easily just jump in on this book I personally will also be seeking out the earlier books to read in the futureI give this book 45 StarsA Death in the Family is out on October 27th 2015This review was originally posted to my blog

  6. Thebooktrail Thebooktrail says:

    Booktrail locations Death in the FamilyThis is only the second book I’ve read in the series but I feel as if I’ve known Kubu for ages I felt a gamut of emotions with this book from sadness to fear as it was an eye opener in many ways to Botswana culture looking at how death and its aftermath and how the local community come together but are still separated between male and female duties and expectationsI really felt for poor KubuI also really enjoyed learning about the mining storyline – we all have some idea of how local people in countries such as Botswama suffer from the foreign companies and corrupt politicians when it comes to local resources Definately a country in transition as well as a detective in inner turmoilThere’s a lot going on in this novel – it’s not just the mines where there’s digging and buried things being discoveredThe story surrounding Kubu really pulled at my heartstrings and I thought it made for interesting read having two investigations with Kubu at the heart of both albeit in different ways

  7. Rachel Hall Rachel Hall says:

    Despite this only being my second read in this exceptional series set in modern day Botswana the writing duo of Michael Stanley Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip have already established a firm place on my 'must read' list The star of this series is the endearing and passionate Assistant Superintendent David 'Kubu' Bengu a man with a remarkably big appetite for food opera music his family and ensuring that justice is served Kubu's focus is all about improving the lives of his fellow natives and the inherent good of the man ensures he is excellent companyWhen the Director of Botswana CID awakens Kubu with the tragic news that his elderly and frail father Wilmon has been the victim of a murder the Bengu family are grief stricken and the community is shocked to the core When an opportunistic mugging appears unlikely Director of CID Jacob Mabaku's first thought is that this could be a targeted attack to take revenge on Kubu whilst Kubu himself fears the early stages of Alzheimer's could have seen his father become aggressive with the wrong person Director Mabaku assigns the case top priority and the members of Botswana CID are determined to do Kubu proud Before the autopsy is even over a ransacking at the Bengu family home leads Kubu to think that his father clearly had something of value to someone and his refusal to cease his own off the record investigation sees him jeopardising both his career and his sanity The unidentified calls to Wilmon's mobile raise uestions and the knowledge that he met a man in Mahalapye where his ancestors hailed from sends Kubu on the trail of his half uncle Alas with dead ends aplenty will the murderer ever be revealed? Can the Botswana CID triumph without Kubu's trademark flashes of inspiration and honed intuition? In a bid to keep Kubu occupied Mabaku assigns him responsibility for a suspicious suicide of the deputy of the Department of Mines Goodman Kanele What is his connection to the American mining representative and the unidentified deposits that have recently appeared in his bank account? When the American gent is assaulted it leads Kubu to the take a closer look at the proposed mine expansion in the village of Shoshong The decision on which proposal to give the green light to is down to the kgotla an assembly consisting of the tribal chief and elders which attempts to operate on behalf of the community and the tensions between young and old in the village are threatening to boil over When the initial enuiries seem to hint at corruption at the highest level and implicate members of the nations own civil service proving this turns out to be an entirely different matter As inroads are made with this investigation connections to the murder of Wilmon Bengu begin to loom and hint at a web of deceit and intrigue which is far darker than either Kubu or Botswana CID are prepared forThe importance of the older members of society is recognised in Botswana both in terms of the importance of parents to grown adults with their own children and the concept of the extended family Elders are venerated and this is clearly evidenced by the existence of the kgotla the traditional decision making set up in small towns Considering whether this system can work alongside a national legal system based on English law and in contrast to the majority of democratic countries is just one of the points that Michael Stanley touch on in A Death in the Family An intrinsic part of the appeal of this series in the strong focus on characterisation and despite being only my second read I feel such a connection with the Bengu family and Kubu's colleagues With a uirky cast both in the community and the CID department most notably pathologist Ian MacGregor and Detective Samanatha Khama the focus is on realistic individuals complete with flaws and idiosyncrasies that makes them all the believable Despite the dark themes often gritty and eye opening there is a real 'feel good' element to this series which brims with optimism for the future and focuses on tackling problems and promoting understanding The emphasis on wholesome good humour in an often corrupt economy is a great counter The Batswana wear their heart on their sleeves and tensions can often run high and this exceptional series is all the better for itThe included map of Botswana showing the principal placement of towns and the surrounding countries along with the glossary ensures both hardened readers of the series and new readers alike can enjoy A Death in the Family to the optimum

  8. Karl Jorgenson Karl Jorgenson says:

    An amazing book from Michael and Stanley amazing for its contradictions and ironyDetective Kubu is an assistant superintendent with the Botswana police In this mystery Kubu's elderly early onset Alzheimer father is murdered for no apparent reason The village of Shoshong like a lot of small towns in Iowa and Botswana is in decline with no decent employment for your men There's a proposal to expand the local Uranium mine it would be a hog operation in Iowa but there's some uestion whether the expansion will help the village or hurt it Throw in corruption profit secrets a bunch of cardboard cutout greedy Chinese and murder and you have a mystery although not much tension or dramaWait Is this set in Iowa or Botswana? Here's the really amazing thing Michael and Stanley totally eschew description No scenes no scenery no buildings no rooms no streets no people no smells no sounds no sights no nothing It's like evil editing elves EEE like the shoe size grabbed the manuscript and excised every reference that could have set the scene in Botswana instead of say IowaI've never been to Botswana I don't know what it looks like This book made me feel as though I was right there in Cresco Iowa a town I have been to I could see the four wheel drive pickups smell the faint hog manure scent from outside of town watch the government clerks lounge in the shade beside the gothic courthouse on their lunch breakSo that's what my imagination filled in familiar scenes since Michael and Stanley chose to give me absolutely nothing to make me feel like I was Africa What is so bizarre and ironic about this is the mystery is rather ordinary and the prose a bit sub average The only reason this series exists is for the exotic setting which is entirely missing Ha They told the publisher they were writing an exotic setting mystery and the publisher bought it without checkingReally read Tony Hillerman and be transplanted to the Navaho reservation in the southwest Read Kent Krueger and be transplanted to the north woods of Minnesota Read Michael and Stanley and be transplanted to meaningless words on a page landI have to wonder if the other Kubu mysteries are like this or if they left the settings and descriptions out just for this oneI will not need to find out

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Even thought this is the fifth book in the series I do think the books work uite well as stand alone novelsI absolutely love Kubu He come's across as being uite a big gentle giant and the relationship between him and his wife Joy is something I will never tire of reading There is a lot of of love between the two of them and I love how he usually is always in Joy's bad books but that's because she really cares about Kubu and wants nothing to happen to himThe death of Kubu's father totally knocks Kubu as well as leaving him and his family totally devastated especially as he has been murdered Kubu is very much a force to be reckoned with in this story gone is the laid back man as he is hell bent on finding his fathers murderer Obviously as he is uite close to the case he is sent off to investigate the death of a government official This sees Kubu travelling to America What I love about some of the characters in this series is that the authors make them so endearing Reading of Kubu in America was like watching a child waking up on Christmas morning Even though he is there on a case the authors allow us to see through the eyes of someone from uite a rural country coming to America for the first time I have to say it made me laugh as well as my heart going out to this proud manA Death In The Family is yet another highly enjoyable read with a really intriguing story line that keeps the readers interest throughout This really would make a great television series and I love being transported Botswana where it's all setMy thanks to Karen at Orenda for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Gloria Feit Gloria Feit says:

    This latest Detective Kubu Mystery is a gem although the Botswana assistant superintendent of its CID is one frustrated detective throughout most of the novel At the start his father is killed by a lethal knife wound and Kubu is told by his boss to take a week off and stay away completely from the investigation But can he? Of course not Especially when no progress seems likely as the case progresses Will he compromise the case should the culprit be apprehended?Then another case seems to take precedence when a Chinese company seeks to expand a mine by dispossessing most of the inhabitants of the village of Shoshong and razing their homes When the village chief turns down the deal rioting occurs and he is murdered Also the deputy head of the Department of Mines is discovered asphyxiated in his car an apparent suicide Kubu thinks all the events are related and the plot develops from thereThis is the fifth in the series written by these authors who have combined their names as one Each has been an engrossing and intricate mystery while reflecting life in today’s Botswana This latest novel shows Kubu as a troubled son but a professional and able detective deeply involved in his familyHighly recommended

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A Death in the Family Detective Kubu #5❰Download❯ ➵ A Death in the Family Detective Kubu #5 Author Michael Stanley – Thomashillier.co.uk There's no easy way to say this Kubu Your father's dead I'm afraid he's been murderedFaced with the violent death of his own father Assistant Superintendent David 'Kubu' Bengu the smartest detective i There's no easy way to in the PDF É say this Kubu Your father's dead I'm afraid he's been murderedFaced with the violent death of his own father Assistant Superintendent David 'Kubu' Bengu the smartest detective in the Botswana police is baffled Who would kill such a frail old man Kubu's frustration grows as his boss Director Mabaku bans him from being involved in the investigationThe picture becomes even murkier with the apparent suicide of a government official Are Chinese mine owners involved And what role does A Death PDF \ the US Embassy have to playSet amidst the dark beauty of modern Botswana A Death in the Family is a thrilling insight into a world of riots corruption and greed as a complex series of murders presents the opera loving detective with his most challenging case yet When grief stricken Kubu defies orders and sets out on the killers' trail startling and chilling links emerge spanning the globe and setting a seuence of shocking events in motion Will Kubu catch the killers in time.

About the Author: Michael Stanley

Michael Stanley is the writing in the PDF É partnership of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip Michael lives in Johannesburg South Africa and Stanley in MinneapolisWe have travelled extensively in southern Africa and have a special love of Botswana where our detective novels are setDetective Kubu investigates complex murders in his native land justifying his nickname by his size and tenacity Kubu is Sets.