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Red Handed (Katerina Carter Color of Money #1) ❀ [EPUB] ✸ Red Handed (Katerina Carter Color of Money #1) By Colleen Cross ❤ – When Katerina Carter and boyfriend Jace Burton accept an impromptu party invitation crime is the last thing on their minds Then a winning wine investment leaves a sour taste in Kat’s mouth and she u When Katerina Carter and boyfriend Jace Burton accept an impromptu party invitation crime is the last thing on their minds Then a winning wine investment leaves a sour taste in Kat’s mouth and she uncovers a million dollar fraud all before dinner Red Handed is the first in the Katerina Carter Color of Money short story series Check out the other Katerina Carter series of full length novels too Exit Strategy and Game Theory.

10 thoughts on “Red Handed (Katerina Carter Color of Money #1)

  1. Mimi Mimi says:

    I'm so happy right now This book might have redeemed the genre for me as this was another cozy mystery without air headed dumb charactersWell written short and to the point Fun uick readWill probably read by this author

  2. Carolina Téllez Carolina Téllez says:

    Entiendo ue es una historia corta pero aún así siento ue el desarrollo del conflicto y su solución fue muy apresurada La única parte en la ue sentí un poco de tensión y suspenso fue cuando la descubrieron en la bodega de ahí ninguna emoción más A parte ue desde el principio se entendía cuál seria el misterio

  3. Sandra Sandra says:

    This fast paced mystery reveals how one astute PI catches the perpetrator “red handed” in ways than one A realistic look into the world of fraud this gripping story is a sure enticement to read the next ones in the collection

  4. Ruby Ruby says:

    I liked the story a lot to be honest way then I thought I would but I have to say I felt it was a bit of a tease not a lot of drama or action but the mystery was short and sweetI would read this again and for sure check out the rest in the series I think the main characters may get on my nerves over time I think I could overlook it like I do for series that have good plots and writing styles

  5. Janice Janice says:

    It took me less than 5 minutes to finish this I enjoyed the books by this author but come onthis short story is way too short Not only was it too short but it was repetitive how is that possible? I am so disappointed I wouldn't waste any money buying books of this author in the future out of fear of being so disappointed

  6. Audrina Audrina says:

    Muy breve delicioso conciso y al puntoSe disfruta desde el inicio hasta el final donde deja esa sensación de cosuilleo e te hace sonreír pues el desenlace tiene un toue de burla adicionado con astuciaEs un tentempié para dar una pausa antes de reanudar con los deberes del día a día

  7. Rodrigo Conde Rodrigo Conde says:

    Pésimo relato flojo y totalmente predecible

  8. Rene Marquez Rene Marquez says:

    Es un libro muy sencillo fácil de leer y comprender; en menos de media hora puede leerse; derivado de su sencillez uizá es ue la narrativa no te atrapa y es muy predecible todo lo ue pasa y pasará aún hasta el final Aún así es entretenido y todo el tiempo me decía ue señora tan meticheue ganas de andar husmeandoue tipo tan tonto mira ue tener todo a la vista ¡En una fiesta donde concurren tantas personas

  9. Emma Emma says:

    Bonne série haute en couleurs Rouge vifNouvelleRouge comme le bon vinKaterina et son ami Jace arrivent en une soirée à mettre en lumière une fraude viticoleKaterina a le chic de se fourrer dans des situations pas possibles et dangereuses par dessus le marché Plus d’une fois le lecteur veut lui crier non fais pas ça Si elle faisait plus souvent confiance à l’avis de son ami ça irait mieux pour elle mais il y aurait moins d’aventures pour le lecteur Ses tribulations sont en général en marge de ses activités professionnelles mais elle utilise néanmoins ses dons de juricomptable pour flairer les mauvais coups et les débusuerIl y a de bonnes scènes de suspenseSérie parfaite pour passer uelues bonnes heures divertissantes see my English review here

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    I was expecting a little than roughly 25 pages compiled into 5 very short chapters When I started reading I found that I did enjoy the plot Even when Kat uickly exposes the deception in 5 chapters I thought it was merely a lead into the next mystery and the chance to get to know the Kat and Jace a little Imagine my surprise when I flipped the page and discovered there wasn't a Chapter 6 but an excerpt for another of her books Surely combining the Color of Money series into one novel would have made for a fun light read I think I'm going to pass on this author

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