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Vineyard Chill A Martha's Vineyard Mystery [KINDLE] ❥ Vineyard Chill A Martha's Vineyard Mystery ➛ Philip R. Craig – For year round Vineyard residents J W Jackson and his wife Zee winter brings its own beauty with uncrowded streets pristine snowy landscapes and long cozy nights by the fire It can also bring danger T For year round Vineyard residents A Martha's PDF/EPUB è J W Jackson and his wife Zee winter brings its own beauty with uncrowded streets pristine snowy landscapes and long cozy nights by Vineyard Chill Kindle - the fire It can also bring danger There's a chill in the air one January day when JW receives a surprising visit from long ago pal Clay Stockton Thrice Chill A Martha's ePUB ☆ divorced and still living on the edge Clay has come to JW not to relive the reckless days of their youth but to ask JW for help He's in big trouble and needs to lie low on the VineyardAnd it isn't just Clay who needs JW's assistance; JW's pal Bonzo has made a frightening discovery that may lead to the whereabouts of Nadine Gibson a young woman who went missing on the Vine yard almost a year ago Bonzo once took Nadine bird watching and the circumstances connecting Nadine's disappearance to Bonzo are enough to make him a person of interest to the policeWith two friends in trouble and his own family receiving threats JW must summon all of his investigative skills to try to restore order to his beloved island home where fishing and good food should always take precedence over murderFeaturing Craig's trademark mix of wit suspense and Vineyard ambiance Vineyard Chill is a marvelous tribute to a much loved author whose passion for mystery and Martha's Vineyard enriches every page.

10 thoughts on “Vineyard Chill A Martha's Vineyard Mystery

  1. Judi Judi says:

    It is with great sadness that I will read this final book in the Martha's Vineyard Mystery series about JW Jackson and his family I was fortunate to meet immortalize the meeting with a photo and spend considerable time talking with Philip Craig during a book signing at the Brewster Book Shop in June 2004 Good timing on my part no one else was there He was as friendly and laid back as his main character We talked about his plots and settings as well as his recipes specifically the bluefish pate Delish Philip Craig died in May 2007 after a short battle with cancer

  2. Bob Bob says:

    Have read all of Craig's JW Johnson mysteries Sadly this is his last as he passed away May of 2007 uick reads Vineyard history and present insanity and recipies What m could you ask for on the beach or on a rainy afternoon

  3. Carol Jean Carol Jean says:

    I'm very sorry to reach the end of this series Craig's characters are personable and complex and I even forgive him the occasional uncredited citing of a phrase from one of the classics The Martha's Vineyard locations are vivid and the mysteries uite compelling And I've never heard so much about fishing clamming and cooking the fruits of the sea Now for a Luksusowa with an olive in it

  4. Caroline Caroline says:

    I loved all the Martha's Vineyard books by Philip R Craig His death was a great loss to the literary community and I will miss this great series JW Jackson and his family will live forever in my mind

  5. Lois Lois says:

    Because of Mr Craig's death in 2007 this is the last of an excellent series of JW Jackson stories Thanks to his family for publishing the last of his manuscripts There were two story lines in this book one involving JW's long time friend who showed up for a surprise visit and the other about a missing woman and his pal Bonzo JW continues to be the loyal friend good husband father and investigator The is minimal development of the peripheral continuing characters such as Bonzo Dom the Edgartown police chief who did not appear in this episode or Joe Begay but the growth of JW Zee and their children adds to the enjoyment of the tales Three recipes are included in most of the books though I have not tried any The entire series is an enjoyable read if you're planning to spend some time on Martha's Vineyard or even if you're not

  6. Amy Amy says:

    The first time I read this book I was so sad because I knew that it would be the last one in the series Philip R Craig having passed away while the book was in production This time I was able to enjoy spending time with JW his family and Martha's Vineyard I recommend the whole series because the characters are likable though JW has his own approach to things like loyalty and ethics It's also a great description of the Vineyard as seen by the year round people and you're unlikely to guess the ending I would begin either at the beginning or earlier in the series to truly appreciate this one

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    An old friend of JW's appears and later so do some criminals on his tail Add into the mix the resolution of a year old murder and it's a busy time on Martha's Vineyard Sadly this is the last book in the series as the author passed away before this one was released

  8. Brian O& Brian O& says:

    Had to read the last Craig book but nothing special

  9. Thomas Nevins Thomas Nevins says:

    as always an enjoyable read

  10. Pam Pam says:

    Enjoyable read I liked it a lot I may read in the series

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