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10 thoughts on “Trace (CSI Reilly Steel, #5)

  1. Jo Ann Reinhold Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    Reilly is back in Ireland and working another gruesome case as well as the missing person's case she promised her young coworker she would help withe but Reilly just can't seem to get back in the swing not uite fitting back in and her her heart still seems to be somewhere back in the statesAnother great mystery from this writing team

  2. Shannie Shannie says:

    I had a feeling that person was the killer I don’t understand why Reilly keeps doing things without back up She should’ve learned the first time eh? I guess that’s who she is

  3. Mary L. Mary L. says:

    This is another of those books that you can't put down once you are really in to it It was two mysteries and I kept wondering if they were going to be related but they weren't One character Chris said it all when he said that he wished his job would just disappear but it wouldn't because there was always another dead body to find the reason for the death and who did it This is not a direct uote but it is the gist of what he said The characters are believable and so is the story line

  4. Sheila Sheila says:

    Another terrific book in this forensic series Some very creative ways of poisoning people in this one

  5. Ray Moon Ray Moon says:

    An Excellent Change of Direction In The Reilly Steel Novel SeriesThe novel opens with the heroine Reilly Steel arriving at work after a forced vacation During her previous case she had inhaled something that caused her to collapse Now her nose that been one of her best tools seems to be working overtime Normal scents in her workplace are stronger now Then a body of a young woman is found and the material that had affected her previously had been found again at the crime scene The action shifts to the crime scene being processed by her team and with the detectives with whom she usually teams This main storyline proceeds from here with engaging twists and dead ends that uickly captured my attention I read this novel sometimes way into the night when I should be sleepingThe author added a new feature a second main storyline in this novel Grace Gorman the sister of Lucy a technician on the forensics team and the daughter of Jack Gorman a senior forensics team investigator had disappeared ten years earlier but her necklace was discovered recently Before her forced vacation Reilly had promised Lucy that she would push the investigation Now that Reilly was back she started to fulfill that promise Unfortunately the murder by poison is gaining must public attention and Reilly’s boss told her that there was no way she could keep working on Grace’s case during work time not if she wanted to keep her job While this second storyline is intertwined with the main storyline it was easy to followThe B storyline again is rich It has been than three years since I finished the first four novels but I picked up on the B storyline immediately Reilly’s personal life becomes complicated Her growing entanglements were skillfully woven into the main storyline More background on her coworkers also enriched the reading enjoyment of this novel If this is your first novel to read in this series you can enjoy it without having read the previous fourThere were not any sex scenes and only two instances of minor vulgar language so you should not find anything objectionable here While the setting is Ireland I did not have any problems with the use of collouial Irish English Also the murderer in this novel did not use extremely graphic and grotesue methods of murder that occurred in the first four novels Therefore this novel should not be objectionable for readers sensitive to sex violence or languageI did not have any real dislikes in this novel There were two things that I did like very much The author did keep the detailed physiological side of the murderer’s mind as she did in the first four novels Also the author added short commentaries from the murderer throughout the novel Besides providing insight into the murderer’s mind they also were the source of some misdirection in novelOverall I really enjoyed reading this novel even after a three year break In fact I would like to read the rest of the series I rate Trace with five stars

  6. Beth Beth says:

    After falling in love with the Reilly Steel series I was looking forward to reading this one The series follows both the forensic side and the police part of the investigation which I love It can get a bit heavy on the sciency details thoughThere are 2 different storylines running alongside each other in this book The first one is the main murders Single women are being murdered by gourmet food with a poisonous kick Reilly is also investigating a cold case that has been reignited by evidence found at the end of one of the previous books Hidden This case involves the sister of one of the lab techs that went missing many years agoI have to admit this book was my least favourite of the series I found the portrayal of Reilly made her less likeable There was also focus on the personal lives of Reilly and Chris instead of the gritty murders It was definitely less gripping than the rest of the series In fact I found some parts bordering on a tad boring It was a much slower read than the others I also guessed the murdererThat being said I did still enjoy it It's just when you compare it to the rest of the series it's lacking I will still be reading the rest of the series especially with the development in Reilly's life I need to see what happens with that

  7. Carolyn Trim Carolyn Trim says:

    Enjoyable Read I have been reading by this writers team I was extremely disappointed when for number five they pawned off a novella or short story on we readers I totally dispise when writer trying to meet a publishers expectations shortchanges the fans This book is an improved read and is good for what it is However after reading forensic mysteries for yearsI feel like they sit with a glass of alcohol decide on a serial killer story use wikipedia for their references and write the book There is no true DETAILED crime scene investigation forensicsit is just the glossing from a web pageno real indepth research This is ashame for readers based on the series inference I love the characters but forensics it aint I started out giving the series 5 stars Dear team you make me so sad as a reader Sorry not spoiling where they failedthis is just CSI For Dummies

  8. Grace Grace says:

    Loving this series of books This was about a man killing many women with a drug as he wanted people especially mothers to suffer as he was tortured by his aunt who raised him Reilly hurries into the a scene of the man going to kill another victim in a restaurant The man stabs Reilly with some sort of drug and she is left on the ground to die Chris andKennedy come and save the day and get Reilly to hospital where she becomes fine again Reilly Steel becomes pregnant Things seem to stay on friendship terms with her and Chris The book ends by Reilly going to ring Todd to tell him the news that shes pregnant Jack Gorman's daughter Grace's body was also discovered buried under land in an abandoned house Grace died years ago but a body was never found Reilly cracked the case and discovered it was Grace's boyfriends brother at the time

  9. Sapthagiri Sapthagiri says:

    Delicious Food to Savour Na To KillThe best or not so best depends upon the reader as in CSI Reilly series one needs to wait till the end to know the real culprit The wait is worthwhile for every minute of it 3 women are killed while enjoying their food Deadly poisonous ingredients used to cook the food however no traces of who did it It's a dead end for the detectives and the forensic team Just when the police think that the culprit is booked they are embarrassed to know that an innocent is arrested Then who's the culprit?Read this forensic thriller to know the answer

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    Woops forgot to log this book as I read it I enjoyed this mystery but I’m enjoying the threads connecting the books This book was very poorly edited As a copy editor I picked up on some glaring issues Also the ending of the main mystery was foreseeable The whole time I asked myself “Why aren’t they following up on this person?” Oh well I still enjoy the characters and will read the rest of the series

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Trace (CSI Reilly Steel, #5) ❰EPUB❯ ✼ Trace (CSI Reilly Steel, #5) Author Casey Hill – Back at the helm of the Garda Forensic Unit after a short hiatus in the US Reilly Steel is thrust straight into a series of complicated Dublin murders at which the killer leaves minuscule forensic tra Back at the helm of the Garda Forensic Unit after a short hiatus in the US Reilly Steel is thrust straight into a series of complicated Dublin murders at which the killer leaves minuscule forensic trace evidenceThe investigating team discover that the victims have been targeted because of one worryingly common trait and need to outsmart the killer before he makes his next moveBut Reilly is preoccupied not only by new developments in a decades old missing person case but also her own feelings of disconnect since her return from the US Can she get back on top of her game to track down the killer in time.