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  1. Hugh Hugh says:

    Anna Burns' third book was first published exclusively as an e book but thanks to the success of her brilliant Milkman it is now available in this print miniature thanks to Faber It is a rather curious post modern subversion of fairytale and comic book storytelling As in Milkman the main protagonists are only named indirectly The characters and situations are pure fantasy but the book is an entertaining and often surprising read Probably one for completists only

  2. Jonathan Pool Jonathan Pool says:

    SynopsisThis is a spoof take on the Marvel story tales of superheroes taking on organised crime It’s very funny and features a number of great exaggerated characters‘Hero’ woos “femme” despite the fact that ”he was a legs man and she was not legs” 37 HighlightsThe characterisation is so tongue in cheek The villains are the best and in particular Great Aunt 82 yrs old; “she had not further for this world” 3561and Moniue Frostiue “the ne plus ultra of femme fatale villains” 58 Moniue reminded me of the eponymous lead in Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita a book Anna Burns told me was one of her favouritesLowlightsIt’s a tiny book novella and the final uarter isn’t uite as strong as Hero wraps things up Historical LiteraryThis is a re release as part of Faber Fabers ninetieth year celebration It was first published in 2014 and immediately preceded Milkman Author background ReviewsSince its original publication Anna Burns has achieved worldwide commercial success and fame following the surprise win for Milkman in the Booker Prize 2018I met Anna Burns at the time of her Booker win Oct 2018 and she was in very obvious back pain Meeting her again in December 2019 at a Booker Foundation reading at Brighton University she looks ten years younger and transformedAnna Burns in the Brighton University conversation with her Faber editor Louise Joyner made a number of interesting comments on her style and specifically on MilkmanAnna’s writing style best described as being like a jigsaw She gets the pieces but It always sure how to join them up• sometimes has the end of a sentence then the rest of the phrase comes alongAnnas characters on the page dictate the narrative to Anna” It can be difficult dealing with them” She wanted on the ‘ wee sisters’ but it didn’t comeHearing the words helps Anna used to write while walking to get the rhythm using a dictaphone to recordHard men and their Mums Contrast their violence at large and fear of Mum In discussion about the power of women during the Troubles Anna mentioned Dolours Price The subject of the highly acclaimed multiple prize listed Patrick Radden Keefe’s 2019 Say Nothing non Fiction It sounds as though this is an excellent companion piece to Milkman Psychoanalytical community in Australia focused on addictions This was a surprise to Anna uotationsAll feature Moniue Frostiue “Frostiue had a gun in her hand Such cool advanced flirting”77“MF was looking fabulous and deadly” 77“MF had herself been and probably always would be pure alpha villain material”93Moniue’s suitor is Freddie Ditchlingtonne’ly Freddie shoots Great Aunt ”auntricide not theft was the ualification for marrying Moniue”60 RecommendA great way to get a feel for Anna Burns writing style and highly recommended as a precursor to Milkman Fans of Milkman will enjoy this I think while the many Milkman sceptics will like this much

  3. Fatma Fatma says:

    35 starsA story about intimacy and vulnerability couched in a parody of superheroes and villains just the kind of bizarre but affecting story that Anna Burns excels at

  4. Rob Keenan Rob Keenan says:

    Cute and uick Not my cup of tea You can see in this the bones of what works so well for Milkman but Mostly Hero was a little forgettable

  5. Lee Foust Lee Foust says:

    This is the third Anna Burns text I've read in the last month since I casually picked up Milkman and devoured it in only a couple of sittings Although that novel her previous novel No Bones and this short novel or longish short story all treat of the Northern Irish experience of violence vendetta and the PTSD of their female heroines I find Burns's prose style aplomb and terror based humor really fabulous She is a great stylistAs an added bonus Mostly Hero uses an absurd version of superhero comic language and situation to describe of the Northern Irish civil war experience taking the piss out of that tradition and drawing in my opinion the obvious parallel between humankind's worst idiocy violence and warfare and our so called pop culture really corporatestate propaganda art all that Star Wars and Marvel comix crap that indoctrinates our children into believing in the overly simplistic good guysbad guys scenario that heroes are invulnerable uite useful in garnering recruits for the military that violence solves every problem and that violence and coercion through the threat of violence are the best measures of manhood dignity and prideLet my children read fables of anarcho syndicalism

  6. Bart Van Overmeire Bart Van Overmeire says:

    Hilariously wonderful It's got a superhero aptly called 'hero' a femme fatale called 'femme' and the villains Great Aunt and Moniue Frostiue are even better but it's than just a brilliant spoof on superhero moviesbooks I already adored Milkman so excited to read her other books as well

  7. Amanda Bannister Amanda Bannister says:

    355 rounded up to 4 🌟

  8. Martin Martin says:

    Bold and strong narrative voice and a whole lot of fun and playful imagination

  9. Maeve Winters Maeve Winters says:

    Definitely one of the strangest little books I've ever read'Mostly Hero' is an exceptionally apt title for a parody which chronicles a hero who is strong powerful intelligent brave and above all human It's a hilariously mad exploration of the idea that beneath all of the heroicness and villainy accessible to mankind a hero can end up being a villain and a villain can end up being a heroThe characters are superb particularly Great Aunt A gangster granny and a half The exposure of hero as a wheedling and moody deluded individual and femme as having far heart than she originally appears to is what makes the entire story The whole idea of someone being led their whole life to believe they are one thing and then having an identity crisis when they find out that all is not as it seems is also paramount Only Great Aunt remains true to her outrageous deceitful self all the way through to the very end I also really liked the setting a mad impossible world from the start almost dreamlike it knocks out any limitations our regular world may place on any chain of eventsSo why three stars? Well as previously stated this book is MAD and sometimes incoherently so Despite the whole idea of crazy illogical ideas all having a home in the world of 'Mostly Hero' humans having nine or lives and corpses delivering prophecies and last words still feel like plot devices I even googled 'corpses that speak' to see if I was missing some important historical reference but there were none to be found It's also not the easiest read and I did find I needed just the tiniest amount of stamina in some highly convoluted places to continue Not uite in the realm of 'Milkman' but still a fairly unforgettable little gem of a read Also proof that I can finish an Anna Burns book in a day YayEDIT The whole humans having multiple lives thing is an obvious reference to Marvel superheroes and the likes who are miraculously resurrected numerous times but corpses speaking is still pretty unheard of

  10. Mrs S. Curtis Mrs S. Curtis says:

    Seeds of later work?This fable by the author of 'Milkman' manifests much of the author's tendency to be skittish when dealing with death or acts of violence Her skill is to make the apparent irreverence throw the subject into relief making the reader both suirm and empathiseI gave 'Mostly Hero' four stars for its irony regarding superheroism and its clear acceptance that such phenomena exist at least for these 70 odd pages I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good yarn butwith tongue placed in cheek

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Mostly Hero ❴Read❵ ➱ Mostly Hero Author Anna Burns – Femme is under a magic spell to kill her lover Hero Hero is on a mission to discover if Femme’s Great Aunt the old lady who lives alone in a skyscraper is his own disreputable grandmother Master vil Femme is under a magic spell to kill her lover Hero Hero is on a mission to discover if Femme’s Great Aunt the old lady who lives alone in a skyscraper is his own disreputable grandmother Master villain Great Aunt needs to know whether or not her favourite niece Femme is in love with her arch enemy Hero Meantime Freddie Femme’s lovelorn cousin must seek out and destroy Great Aunt otherwise his sweet natured fiancée Moniue Frostiue absolutely refuses to marry him This novella has it all life death life after death life in spite of death love truth deception good guys bad guys and the guy who considered himself good but now isn’t so sure An entertaining and strangely spiritual tale About the Author Anna Burns is the critically acclaimed author of the novels No Bones and Little Constructions Her first book won the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize and was short listed for the Orange Prize for Fiction Born and raised in Belfast in Northern Ireland Anna now lives by the sea in East Sussex.