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Demolition Angel ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Demolition Angel Author Robert Crais – Carol Starkey is a bomb suad veteran now doing time as a Detective 2 with LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section Three years have passed since the detonation that killed Carol's partner and lover but she Carol Starkey is a bomb suad veteran now doing time as a Detective with LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section Three years have passed since the detonation that killed Carol's partner and lover but she is still severely scarred both mentally and physically She can't bear to look in the mirror and she hasn't been with another man since David Boudreaux left her bed that last morning he went to work She gets through the day with the help of Tagamet and alcoholWhen a bomb call takes the life of another colleague Carol begins to investigate a series of explosions that seem to be designed to exterminate bomb technicians She soon realizes that she's the one that got away With the help of an FBI agent whom she loathes professionally for interfering with her job but finds attractive anyway Carol must track down one of the most frighteningly brilliant killers of the modern age.

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  1. Kemper Kemper says:

    Bomb technician Carol Starkey got blown to hell Then she came back Actually that’s not right Starkey got blown up died for a couple of minute was revived and her life has been hell ever sinceThree years later and Carol has never emotionally recovered from the blast that temporarily killed her and permanently killed her partnersecret lover Working as a detective in the LAPD’s Criminal Conspiracy Section Carol is trying to convince the bosses to bring her back as a bomb tech but she’s drinking on the job and prone to panic attacks that she‘s trying to hide She’s also smoking three packs a day can’t sleep than a couple of hours a night even after liberal doses of gin and she changes therapists constantlyAfter another bomb tech is killed by a sophisticated device an ATF agent named Pell shows up with the news that a serial bomber who calls himself Mr Red has come to LA Mr Red’s goal is to make it onto the FBI’s top ten most wanted list and he likes to target the cops who defuse explosivesOverall this was a pretty entertaining thriller Crais has a background in TV writing and he tends to set things up in terms of clichés His Elvis ColeJoe Pike characters are classic examples of the smart ass private detective and his bad ass friend This one follows that pattern because the whole cop traumatized by terrible event working another case that brings back memories is nothing new What Crais does well is to start with a familiar set up and then twist it That’s definitely the case here with the story zigzagging in several directions I didn’t see comingI also liked Carol as a character because she’s a hot mess but she’s got real reasons for being so She’s in pain she’s socially awkward her life is in shambles but she’s still trying to pull it together even if she isn’t doing a great job of itThe main complaint with this is the romantic sub plot between Carol and Pell that gets shoe horned in here Far too many stories in the crime thriller genre feel the need to work these in and they’re generally unbelievable and add nothing to the story An attraction between Carol and Pell might have been a nice complication but having two people talking about loving each other just a few days after meeting made me roll my eyes It felt like Crais put this in just because it’s expected and that he didn’t really buy it eitherStill it’s a tense and entertaining thriller with good twists and turns to it I would have gone a low 4 star on it but the romance dropped it a high 3Bonus feature Dan and I saw Crais do an interview at Bouchercon last year and he had a very entertaining story about how he wrote this book in secret when he should have been working on another Elvis Cole novel You can watch it here

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    An LAPD bomb suad technician is blown up on the job and Detective Carol Starkey former bomb suad tech is on the case Can Starkey overcome her past and bring the bomber to justice?I first heard of Demoliton Angel last year at Bouchercon when Robert Crais mentioned working on it in secret after LA Reuiem It sounded okay but I wasn't in a hurry to read it After Carol Starkey appeared in a couple Elvis Cole books I knew I had to check out her story I was not disappointedAt the beginning of Demolition Angel Starkey is a wreck She's a chain smoker with a drinking problem trying to forget about a bombing that killed both her and her lover years before Starkey was resusitated and has been dealing with the scars ever since When a serial bomber rears his ugly head Starkey has a chance at redemption Awesomeness ensues Starkey's a really good character and I hope Crais uses her as a lead again one of these days Her relationships with the other characters made the book a joy to read even when things were slowThe search for Mr Red takes up most of the book To be honest I wasn't that thrilled with the book at first Then Crais yanked the rug out from under me and crazy things started happening The last 100 pages blew by at a feverish paceWhile being uite enjoyable Demolition Angel isn't perfect The relationship seemed tacked on Also Demolition Angel was first published in 2000 and since technology is featured uite a bit I don't think it has aged as well as Crais' other books written around the same time Other than that I've got no complaints It's right on the line between three and four stars

  3. David Putnam David Putnam says:

    Read this book when it came out and remember it as one of Crais' better ones I've met him several times at book conferences and he is generous and sincere He donated one of his manuscripts to an auction I bid on it and won a signed manuscript of Hostage I still have itd

  4. Anthony Vacca Anthony Vacca says:

    Demonlition Angel starts with a BANG and this review starts with a lame punWhat looks like a routine defusing of some gangbanger’s pipe bomb left in a dumpster turns into a showering of body parts when the explosive ignites suddenly completely annihilating a bomb suad technician Carol Starkey is the detective assigned to the case which uickly turns into a pissing contest with a self aggrandizing lunatic who calls himself Mr Red and who wants to blow up enough places and people so that he gets his fifteen minutes of fame on the Top Ten Most Wanted List Unfortunately for Starkey she is no stranger to being blown up and dying—it kind of happened to her a few years back when she was a technician herself These days she is a nervous alcoholic wreck that can barely keep her shit together While she is actually a good cop everyone on the force knows that she is getting to stick around out of sympathyThis is Crais’s first novel that neither stars nor mentions his two usual leads PI’s Elvis Cole and Joe Pike and is also the first of his books to be written entirely in third person While Crais has dabbled with third person narrative shifts in previous books for the most apart these experiments were unsuccessful Except for the Joe Pike flashbacks in LA Reuiem This time around everything moves along smoothly enough the action focuses almost entirely on Carol’s investigation but will occasionally take breaks to give a spotlight on Mr Red or show a few important scenes involving supporting charactersAll in all Demolition Angel is an entertaining thriller with a few unconvincing “Gee I know we just met and all but my God I am in love with you” scenes But for the most part Crais gets it right and gives us a strong female lead with a hot mess of traumatic hang ups and social anxieties a competent plot with some surprises along the way an appropriately flamboyant and nasty baddie and than a few scenes of shit getting blown up real goodWhat can any good American want?

  5. Labijose Labijose says:

    If it wasn´t for such a forced ending I may have given this novel a five star rating A solid standalone from R Crais but nothing to do with his ColePike series For one it doesn’t have the usual sense of humor and witty dialogues Never matter the story is well built Carol Starkey’s fool mood is uite understandable and the world of bomb making and the techniues of defusing them though uite redundant never made me lose interest The police investigation is very well delivered with a good and interesting plot Robert Crais proves again that he is a very reliable thriller writer

  6. Cathy DuPont Cathy DuPont says:

    Been reading Crais in order and just love Elvis Cole and Joe Pike so I wasn't anxious to read a stand alone Didn't think it would live up to my expections Boy was I wrongThe last hundred pages or so there were so many surprises for meall unexpected all supported by previous events No loose threads at the end either His main character a woman Carol Starkey is flawed flawed to the hilt She's not a character I thought I would end up really liking but as I got to know her the I liked her She showed up in L A Reuiem and played a major part perhaps that's where I decided I didn't care much for her But as her story unfolds here she's understandable real And she knows her business no doubt Put her up against any of the other Crais charactersReally really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading of Crais

  7. Tay Tay says:

    A novel by Robert Crais that doesn't feature Elvis Cole or Joe Pike but nonetheless is an excellent read Some really good twist that I had to keep reading to find out was behind the murder It also has a nice back and forth mouse game between the villian and our hero Carol Starkey If you a fan of Robert Crais you will not be disappointed

  8. Terence M (Restored Disposition ;) Terence M (Restored Disposition ;) says:

    Audiobook 1050 hours Narrator Paul Hecht40 stars out of 50I had just listened to The Forgotten Man by Robert Crais and enjoyed the experience so I decided to hear another Crais book immediately and chose Demolition Angel one of only two stand alone novels in my Robert Crais collection This was a fortunate decision as it introduced the character of Carol Starkey a hardened LAPD detective who later appeared with Elvis Cole in The Forgotten Man In Demolition Angel the key character is former bomb suad detective Starkey who is struggling to rebuild her shattered world after surviving the detonation of a bomb that killed her partner and who is now a detective in the LAPD’s Criminal Conspiracy Section Tense and tightly focussed with a plot to match this novel is another excellent example of Crais's expertise as a crime writer

  9. Carolyn (in SC) C234D Carolyn (in SC) C234D says:

    I really enjoy Robert Crais's books There's humor as well as good characters and interesting stories I read this one back in 2001 and noted that it was excellent Carol Starkey is an LAPD detective formerly on the bomb suad who appears occasionally in other books by Crais She's one of those good characters

  10. James James says:

    Noir livesTaking a break from his famous Elvis Cole protagonist Robert Crais breaks out female bomb suad detective Carol Starkey Everyone in this book is broken in some way Carol survived a bomb explosion that killed her lover Several years later she is the lead investigator in a bombing that killed her colleague Enter Pell of the ATF who insists that this bomber is a serial killer called Mr Red As the case unfolds often based upon persistent gumshoe work on Starkey's part she suspects that there is a copycat at work In the meantime Pell acts weird and the real Mr Red comes to town The ending is predictable but very enjoyableRobert Crais has a way of anchoring the reader into the emotional mind of his protagonists even the female ones In contrast to Virgil Flowers John Sandford's side project Starkey is a emotive and sympathetic character She is tougher scarred and it still hurts to touch many areas of her life The supporting cast is eually nuanced Bet you can't figure out Pell's damage before it's revealed And Red is scary in the way of a psychopath who knows he is a psychopathWhere Sandford's mysteries are creative and the action better drafted Crais's story is immediate and the chain of coincidences logical Only the epilogue is tenuousSandford has said in interviews that he reads Robert Crais when he's kicking back I can see why Highly recommended

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