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Damaged (Satans Rebels MC #4) ✤ Damaged (Satans Rebels MC #4) Download ➸ Author Kira Johns – When the love of your life belongs to someone else how do you move forward For Shadow it's not so easy Finding Paige was a godsend and with her help he is beginning to love again Paige wants nothing t When the love of your life belongs to someone else how do you move forward For Shadow it's not so easy Finding Paige was a godsend and with her help he is beginning to love again Paige wants nothing than to hear those three magical words from Shadow but until she can share his heart with another woman it will never work She has lost so much in her past and refuses to let Jade steal yet another man from her Spike knows all about loss He's lived it and knows he will never find another love again like he shared with Greta Until Jenna walks into his life What began as friendship develops into but Jenna's past keeps her from moving forward Tank isn't looking for love He's content with life and the club With the threat of The Skulls he makes a decision that could change everything Britt enters The Satan's Rebels world to accomplish one goal only to meet a man that she desires than anything “The truth is that we all are a little damaged Some of us are just better at hiding it than others”WARNING This book contains graphic content including violence sex and graphic language Proceed at your own riskThis is the final installment of the Satan's Rebels MC Series and is not a standalone.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 332 pages
  • Damaged (Satans Rebels MC #4)
  • Kira Johns
  • 03 February 2016

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  1. ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books says:

    ★ Beta Reader ★ TITLE DamagedSERIES Satan's Rebels MC #4AUTHOR Kira JohnsGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE February 28th 2015 I've had an Author Kira Johns week long marathon and read this series back to back for the second time around if you are into hardcore gritty biker books that know no boundaries it's dark it's raw it's emotional and with hot alpha males to bootI can't recommend this series enough I love my dark gritty books and this delivered exactly what I craved but so much than that the love and heart ache you feel for these characters as you read along is realOnce you start this series you won't be able to put it down it's highly addictive highly emotional and highly recommendedWhat an epic way to round up the ending to this awesome trilogy I got recommended the first book by a friend on Goodreads and from that day forward I was a fanEach book in this whole trilogy landed on my most favourite books for 2014 and this book was no differentWhat I loved about this book is that it wasn't all dark and gritty life for them started to settle down some found new love interests some let old insecurities go and some strived to find that all consuming love that Jade and Viper sharedAnd some actually found itThis whole series was phenomenal amazeballs captivating it is dark it is raw it is emotional it is gritty everything a biker series should be this went way and beyond that it catered to my dark and twisted side but also gave me that HEA that my other half was seekingIt's such a bittersweet feeling to finish this seriesI can not wait to see what is next in the works from this author This series as a whole utterly captivated me and will stick with me for a long time to come The story line the characters and most of all the feels that this author brought out of me were phenomenal

  2. Monica Holloway Monica Holloway says:

    I received this book for a honest review Can I say Kira never disappoints I've been reading her books from the beginning absolutely love her way of writing I really like the closure she brought into all the characters of this series in this book I can't wait to read of her work I hope you add this book to your TBR list and do read it Here are some teasers I made for this book

  3. Tabitha Tabitha says:

    I have read all four of the books in the series and I'm not sure where to even begin to tell you how much I have loved all of them I have laughed and smiled and fell in love with all these characters I had some ugly ugly cries over situations that occurred in book 2 They left me extremely sad and just wasn't sure if I was going to be able to continue reading The next book in the series The books were so good that I jumped right into book 3 and I am so happy that I did I continued on until I finished the series I cannot say enough about how much I loved the series and I am sorry that it has ended The author is magnificent and I will continue to read any and everything that she puts out

  4. Lora Borzelleca Lora Borzelleca says:

    I like seeing everyone get their happy endingLOVED reading about Blake at the endso sweet But again I was put off by this whole Shadow situation I felt really bad for Paige I do not disagree where people would say what she did was wrong with the whole Matt situation I can have sympathy for her there because she was desperate for her son and then she kinda went a little crazy with trying to find someone to love her BUTnot for one second did I think she was wrong in being upset about the whole JadeShadow relationship I think everyone else was batshit fucking crazy Yes Jade loved Shadow but she loved him in the correct way as a very close friend who she would die for But Shadow loved her than that and I think Paige had every right to be upset and jealous I really felt she got the raw end of the deal If Shadow were loving Jade in the correct way that I would understand but nohe kept saying he was in love with her and he would never find anyone else and she was it for himFUCK I would have gone and punch him in his fucking face And sweet baby Jesus when Shadow or Viper said cant remember which one that if you cant share his heart with Jade then you cant have himWHAAAAAAAAAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKI almost threw my Kindle down and broke it Why should ANYONE settle for second best when it comes to loving someone I think Jade and Viper should have taken Shadow aside and said man the fuck up and move on Once Shadow finally did move on you saw the difference in his character towards Jade But then no one was likeohh sorry Paige you were right Shadow was out of line NOOOOOOOOO they just made Paige be the bad guy and finally get over her jealousy DAMMITI really could have gone without the whole Shadow aspect Since I hate love triangles it really ruined the rest of the stories for me I loved Jenna and Spike and Tank and Britt and I was just too pissed off and obsessed with fucking Shadow that I would enjoy them Ugh I really need to get over this hatred of love triangles

  5. CA CA says:

    Hmmmmm this is a hard review to write the strength in the previous books was in my view what let this book down In this I mean I love that we get to read about different characters but instead of getting titbits that could be built upon in future books we were given condensed big stories which changed them from deep and meaningful to shallow Paige and Shadow for instance spoiler alert it was made out by other characters that Paige was selfish by being jealous and not understanding Shadow and Jades relationship but in my eyes what Shadow was doing to her was using her if taken lightly and mental abuse if taken strongly He was not giving her any signs that he felt deeply for her was regularly telling her he loved Jade not in the past but in the present and will continue into the future not sisterly lovetrue love And she is meant to say yeah go ahead I have no self esteem We then hear about the awful part of Paige's past and how it affects the other characters which is described in a page or so then suddenly all forgotten and her relationship with Shadow is all sorted after a chat we don't hear and sex I think each of these couples deserved their own books with us hearing in passing what's happening with the other charactersAll that being said I did really enjoy parts of the book and glad I read it

  6. crashqueen73 crashqueen73 says:

    Yep super romantic being the rebound girl Eww No thank you

  7. Momma Hellmouth Momma Hellmouth says:

    What a great ride Kira takes us on with this book This series is uite different than other MC books I have read and Kira can make me ugly cry with her stories this one I still needed tissues but not like I did in DestroyedWhat can I say other than I was happy to see that Shadow met someone who could make him happy plus show him he could love again even when I wanted to ring Paige’s neck she made me crazy at times but then again so did ShadowI enjoyed watching Spike fall in love again with such a tender yet loving soul just what he needed after losing GretaTank and Britt not necessarily the couple you expect but just as explosiveI loved TankViper and JadeOMG this couple takes the cake there just isn’t another out there like them Viper is a man I would want in real life not just in my book Jade if you could that kind of woman you would have it allSoooo I’m hopeful to see Sheild and Bella’s story as the small glimpse Kira gave us of them Sheild I’m sure is going to blow our minds just as his daddy didWell Viper that isI highly recommend anyone who has read this series to complete it with book 4 and If you haven’t then you damn well better get to reading

  8. Rashida Rashida says:

    As a follow up book to the previous 3 books; this book was excellent So why only 4 starsI had to deduct a star for Paige I just couldn't find it in me to forgive and like her While this book wrapped up the loose ends for all the previous characters I feel like she left the door open for the next generationDamaged was well worth the wait and I am definitely a fan of Ms Johns

  9. Kristy Kristy says:

    I did not love this one The perfection of Jade was too strong for me and it carried on in every story to the point it was just too much I started to skim and then lost interest I like when the male in love stories loves the one female above all else and others The fact everyone loved Jade above and beyond was over the top for me

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    250 stars I loved the first 3 in this series but this one was just ok felt very unfinished to me

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