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Bird Box ➝ Bird Box free download ➢ Author Josh Malerman – Romance de estreia de Josh Malerman Caixa de Pássaros é um thriller psicológico tenso e aterrorizante ue explora a essência do medo Uma história ue vai deixar o leitor completamente sem fôlego m Romance de estreia de Josh Malerman Caixa de Pássaros é um thriller psicológico tenso e aterrorizante ue explora a essência do medo Uma história ue vai deixar o leitor completamente sem fôlego mesmo depois de terminar de ler Basta uma olhadela para desencadear um impulso violento e incontrolável ue acabará em suicídio Ninguém é imune e ninguém sabe o ue provoca essa reação nas pessoas Cinco anos depois do surto ter começado restaram poucos sobreviventes entre eles Malorie e dois filhos peuenos Ela sonha em fugir para um local onde a família possa ficar em segurança mas a viagem ue tem pela frente é assustadora uma decisão errada e eles morrerão.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Bird Box
  • Josh Malerman
  • Portuguese
  • 06 November 2014
  • 9788580576528

About the Author: Josh Malerman

Josh Malerman is the author of BIRD BOX and the singersongwriter for the band THE HIGH STRUNG.

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  1. karen karen says:

    this is an incredibly original horrorpsychological suspense novel that reminds us that with all great horror the unseen is so much terrifying than the seen this is why japanese horror movies are so effective they don't rely on graphic special effects to build the suspense and the way they manipulate shadows sounds and background space creates an unparalleled atmosphere that leaves a lasting haunting impression than crazy chainsaw toting psychopath splatter films which don't get me wrong are also super entertaining Bird Box takes place after an eerie phenomenon begins to occur on a global scale starting in russia moving to alaska and eventually making its way to a nice suburb of Detroit where our story picks up people begin to seesomething no one knows what this something is because once it has been seen it drives people to madness and suicide freuently with some homicides along the way people begin boarding up their windows blackening their windshields and staying away from other people there is no way of knowing what this something wants where it came from what form it takes or what the future of humanity will bemalorie is living in a house with two children both only four years old from the time of their birth she has been training boy and girl to live in this new world making them wear blindfolds outside and putting them through rigorous tests to train them until they have the preternatural hearing of bats all this preparation is for the day they will finally leave the house and try to find others to find a safer place to live the story is told in alternating chapters between malorie now and malorie at the beginning of the event finding out she is pregnant just as the world begins to collapsewe don't learn much about the origin of the event but we do get to witness how people respond to the experience which for me and my survival bent is book gold this book does tension and people thrown into isolated community so so well under the dome take noteshow terrifying is it to not be able to see?? to hear a noise right behind you and not know what it is?? to leave a safe house to forage for food and not be certain you will ever find your way back?? to drive a car blindfolded through corpse studded roads and not know if you will hit a pole or fall into a ditch?? to determine what is danger and what is just a leaf falling? this is the best kind of building creeping horror and the writing is perfectly suited to the story it is maddening at times when you want to be able to see what is happening but you are at the mercy of the characters' limited vision impeccably doneand that attic scene?? holy shit that was so freaking intense i still have a handful of minor uestions and one very major one but they don't detract from my overall positive impression of the book the premise alone gives it an edge over most horror novels because it has been a long time since i have come across anything new in that genre and you cannot beat the killer page turning suspensedebut novel from a musician?? uit your day job friendcome to my blog

  2. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    ”Creaturesinfinityour minds have ceilings Maloriethese thingsthey are beyond ithigher than itout of reachout of BUT HERE” Whatever you do DON’T OPEN YOUR EYESMalorie has just confirmed she is pregnant the very day that people begin killing themselves News travels so fast now Something can happen in Cairo Someone can film it load it to the internet and within minutes of the event occurring someone in Des Moines is watching what happened News mostly tragic news from around the world now impacts us instantaneously The world conseuently feels like a much dangerous place than it did 50 years ago So when this new phenomenon starts happening everyone knows about it very uickly Terror escalates exponentially and has reached a highly sustained level long before this catastrophe has contaminated the whole world ”What kind of a man cowers when the end of the world comes? When his brothers are killing themselves when the streets of suburban America are infested with murderwhat kind of man hides behind blankets and blindfolds? The answer is MOST men They were told they would go mad So they go mad”It turns out everyone was right to be afraid There is something out there If you see it you go insane It goes through the world population like a pestilent storm We have windows in our dwellings in our work buildingsand in our schools because we WATCH the world It only takes a moment a need that can’t be ignored one parting of a curtain for us to see one of these creatures and become deranged We do violent things to ourselvesThe lizard inside us meant to fight when flight is not an option turns inward To live we must reside in darkness shrouded by blindfolds tucked in dwellings behind blanketed windows It is maddening to have our world reduced to so little So what are these creatures and do they know what they do to us?After Malorie’s sister Shannon kills herself with a pair of scissors Malorie is all alone Some kook has been offering sanctuary at his house in newspaper ads when this manifestation first started to appear Suddenly with her changed circumstances the kook becomes her best option The kook is dead but the people he sheltered are still alive Tom and Jules are the alpha males who take chances range the farthest away blindfolded and with sticks to guide them to find necessary supplies Don is the weakest the one that has found it hardest to adjust He is also the most cynical ”They’ll eventually get us Don said There’s no reason to think otherwise It’s end times people And if it’s a matter of a creature our brains are incapable of comprehending then we deserve it I always assumed the end would come because of our own stupidity”For a few blissful months Malorie can feel reasonably safe nestled in the routine of this small group of survivors Meanwhile her tummy is getting rounder Then Gary arrives He whispers things to Don Like any good charlatan he can pick the most vulnerable out of a crowd He can sense their doubts before he ever hears them express them Gary thinks he is immune Which begs the uestion if the bindings that keep our minds anchored in sanity have long been shorn away can the creatures do any damage?There are two time lines at play in this book One is during the few months when Malorie is with the sanctuary group The other is four years later when she is raising two children that have never seenwellanything beyond the cramped world of one house ”The same colors The same colors The same colors for years YEARS Are you prepared? And what scares you ? The creatures or yourself as the memories of a million sights and colors come flooding toward you? What scares you ?Josh Malerman does a fantastic job building the suspense allowing the tension to stretch nerves to the breaking point Information is opaue He doesn’t cheat and give the reader information before the characters figure something out I kept thinking of the movie Monsters from 2010 There are monsters; and yet we are not allowed to see them We hear them We see the reactions of the characters and somehow the terror is acute when our brain does not have a shape an entity to project our fear onto Our mounting terror is allowed to gallop unrestrained and each of us conjures our own version of a terrifying specter ”You add the details she thinks It’s your idea of what they look like and details are added to a body and a shape that you have no concept of To a face that might have no face at all”Malerman has created a dystopia that will play on all your fears and will stir up all your insecurities You will uestion whether you can live in a world where one glimpse of a sun dappled street might cost you your life Highly recommended for those that like books that will cost them some sleep As a companion volume read Blindness by Jose Saramago If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    UPDATE 299 Kindle US 102620Holy crap on a cracker y'all This book Creepsville AND I LOVE IT Don't freaking go outside without your blindfold or you might open your eyes I must say if I had to choose what apocalypse I would be in I would pick the zombies because at least you can go outside and see them and kill them Unless you're blind and then your up sh•t creek One day they start getting reports of people seeing things and then turning violent and killing people and themselves And of course you start thinking wth? Malorie was with her sister when these events started happening and she also found out she was pregnant Oh happy day Malorie ends up with some people in a house and they only go outside when they need to look for food They make sure they are blindfolded and stuff Sometimes when you're out there you feel something touch you Or is that your imagination Then of course you freak out some People I would never exist for than a second in this world I liked some of the people Malorie was living with and they were doing okay until that one day they let the wrong person in sigh I mean you have a nice little set up with your dogs and birds and food and then BAM Anyhoo none of that happens until later on during a very crazy night That's all I'm saying Malorie lives in a house for 4 years She raises children Then what happens? Read the book and find out MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading ListMel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  4. Teodora Teodora says:

    55 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺This book this fabulous book that made me cover my windows with some thick curtains when outside is broad daylight and forced me to double check my desire to leave the house and also my sanity just had me hooked until the end Bird Box you did things to my brain I didn’t know something could do Congrats you little biscuitI am going to begin with a fact this book scared the shit out of me sometimes It is this kind of book that uses that extra sensorial capacity of yours of feeling something creepy breathing down your neck Hell it is an apocalyptic dystopian book after all what was I expecting? Nothing but the best right?The way the novel is composed is a bit frustrating because unlike other novels the lack of details at the beginning is present throughout the narration details being revealed later as the plot moves on The chapters are uite short for which I am very grateful and succeed each other in a race of past and present in a time interval of almost 5 years It shows the evolution of the fate of humanity and also an evolution of a particular person Malorie“You are saving their lives for a life not worth living”The book is a mother’s destiny It is every mother’s sacrifice for her children pushed to the extreme because sometimes being a mother means to make the deadliest sacrifices and to make the most dangerous decisions in order to keep your children safe But in an abnormal world what would those sacrifices evolve into? How far must mothers like Malorie go?Everything is constructed around Malorie’s destiny past present and future Everything seems to concentrate on her like the Universe put its own faith on her shoulders Malorie seems like is somehow punished to live in a world where you are warned about the danger you know there is danger but you are not able to see the danger And this makes things difficult because the sight is the most dominant sense of a living creature the one a living creature depends on the most Without it the adaption to life is just so much harder Just think of a world in which you are constantly threatened and you have to learn how to defend yourself without seeing what you are fighting Now take that and add two four year olds Do you know what does that eual? Even a profound danger and fear than before A desire to live but also to die And this is what Malorie has to face To save herself and her two four years old children from something that they can’t name but they know it is there Survival but next level“How can she expect her children to dream big as the stars if they can’t lift their heads to gaze upon them?”How can a mother bear the feeling to desire to save her children when there is no desire for living in a wicked world like that? What kind of internal passion do you need to have to do that? What does it take to never give up hope? To still fight for something? We will never know for sure but we always must keep going There will be always something to fight forBook styled

  5. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    Close your eyes and imagine the basso sound of voiceover icon Don LaFontaine intoning “In a world gone mad” and that is pretty much where Bird Box begins Open your eyes and go mad Kill others yourself Can you keep from peeking? For how long? In Josh Malerman’s post apocalyptic eye opening scare scape something happened An invasion? Some natural phenomenon? No one is really certain But what has become clear is that anyone who steps outside with their eyes open goes insane not just gibbering or confused but violently and destructively homicidally mad From the filmIn the near future today of the story Malorie is a young mother with two small children in her charge She has been training them for over four years to hear with a sensitivity and acuity usually associated with flying mammals They embark on a river journey to what she hopes is a safe haven twenty miles away blindfolded Any noise could be someone or some thing following them She must rely on the skill she has rigorously drilled into the boy and girl every day to help guide them and alert them to danger And we must wonder if the destination she aims for will offer relief or some version of Mistah KurtzChapters alternate mostly between the river journey and Malorie’s back story We follow her from when The Problem began seeing death and destruction in first a few isolated locations then spreading everywhere seeing loved ones succumb then finding a place to live a refuge with others and watch as they cope or fail In horror stories it helps to have an appealing hero I am sure most of us have seen our share of splatter films in which the demise of each obnoxious teen is met with cheers rather than with dismay The other sort is of the Wait until Dark variety in which our heart goes out to the Audrey Hepburn character beset by dark forces Bird Box is the latter type Malorie is a very sympathetic character an everywoman trying her best under ridiculous circumstances the Nancy Thompson Heather Langenkamp of Nightmare On Elm Street or the Laurie Strode Jamie Lee Curtis of Halloween than the Ripley Sigourney Weaver of Alien but Malorie does what she must to survive and to prepare with patience and diligence to sally forth against the unknown Josh Malerman image taken from This Is HorrorMalerman was bitten by the horror bug as an early teen My big introduction was Twilight Zone the Movie the first horror movie I ever saw After that came Saturday Shockers and sneaking in whatever I could at a friend’s house Faces of Death Psycho BlaculaProm Night I was also reading a lot There’s a great period of horror fiction history before the novel boom of the 70’s spearheaded by Rosemary’s Baby The Other and The Exorcist in which the short story ruled the genre That period is golden and completely bursting with ideas I read MR James HP Lovecraft Poe Blackwood Bierce et al When you first approach it the genre it feels infinite but it’s not So come high school I was trying to write my own scary stories weird poems strange tales from Detroit CBS Local news interview He likes to write with horror movie soundtracks on And he is a musical sort as well singing and playing in the band The High Strung In fact fans of Shameless on Showtime have already been exposed to Malerman’s work as the writer and performer of that show’s theme song The dynamics of the house full of refugees in the back story will feel familiar Who to let in or not concerns over sharing limited resources discussions over what adventuresome risks might or might not be worth taking re looking toward the future or in trying to learn about the cause of their situation One might be forgiven for seeing here a societal microcosm but I do not really think this was what Malerman was on about He does offer a bit of a larger thematic view though tied to the central image of the book which definitely adds to the heft of the story A wondering at existential uestions She thinks of the house as one big box She wants out of this box Tom and Jules outside are still in this box The entire globe is shut in The world is confined to the same cardboard box that houses the birds outside Malorie understands that Tom is looking for a way to open the lid He’s looking for a way out But she wonders if there’s not a second lid above this one then a third above that Boxed in she thinks Forever You really want Malorie to reach safety with the children but there is a gauntlet to be run and there is no certainty that any of them will make it The dangers are human natural and eldritch and I mean that in a very Lovecraftian way From the filmYou will definitely not want to put Bird Box down once you pick it up This is a very scary and gripping novel If you are reading on the train you may miss your stop If you are reading at bedtime you will definitely miss a few winks and might want to sleep with the lights on after you finish I think some horror authors are trying to scare you but with me I’m as scared as the reader is of the story I’ve always been that way since watching the Twilight Zone movie — watching Firestarter when my parents were out or sneaking out to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street at a friend’s house because I couldn’t watch it at my house That makes you doubly scared — of the movie and of the possibility of Mom finding out from Metrotimes interview A generic problem I have with the book is that the dark elements here sometimes tend to step back when they have decided advantages failing to make the most or worst as the case may be of their positions It was not obvious to me that there was some point being made by these unexpected choices Nevertheless Malerman takes the notion of the unseen and pushes readers to create the scariest thing of all that which lurks in the imaginationIt is not at all dangerous to see how much fun this book is Usually it is considered a good thing to think outside the box but in this case it is clearly a far far better thing that Malerman has done his thinking inside one The film starring Sandra Bullock is scheduled for release on November 12 2018EXTRA STUFFInterviews Huffington Post Detroit CBL Local News Metro Times JM on FBThe High Strung on FBJuly 23 2020 Crimereads Nice short piece by Malerman on the importance of scenario as at least eual to and maybe important than character What We Relate To When We Relate to Books

  6. Charlotte May Charlotte May says:

    Butbutwhat? No that can’t be the end The disappointment is real They'll eventually get usthere's no reason to think otherwise It's end times people And if it's a matter of a creature our brains are incapable of comprehending then we deserve it I always assumed the end would come because of our own stupidity Ok then so this was going REALLY well I was sufficiently creeped out The world has gone bonkers due to something no one knows what that is causing people to go insane and kill other people and themselves The only thing they know is that peoples minds' become unhinged when they SEE these things So the world has gone into hiding Everyone blocks up their windows and wears a blindfold if they have to go outsideWe follow Malorie a mother with 2 children fleeing her home to find a safer place for her kids We then also have flashback chapters to when she was pregnant and living in a houseshare with 6 othersMy main problem lied with the ending When it comes to thrillers I like everything ironed out but with this ending view spoiler everything is left open We know Malorie and her kids made it to the safe house and the fact that it was a blind school was great But we NEVER find out what the creatures are if they even are creatures we can assume everyone will eventually die anyway hide spoiler

  7. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    Hold on tightthis trip is going to blow your mindHorror is a genre that I normally avoid completely but with the rave reviews from my GR friends for this book I felt I needed to step out and give it a try And it was so incredibly good Oh my God Malorie and her sister Shannon move in together in Detroit Life immediately throws her a curve ball Malorie learns she's pregnant from a brief encounter with someone she didn't know well and thinks this is as bad as it gets Not even close Something is out there causing people from all over the world to take their own lives One look at this unknown entity is all it takes Soon the world around her goes silent Has everyone succumbed to this strange phenomenon? Malorie embarks on a journey to find a safe haven and any survivors What do you fear most the known danger of man or the unknown?Heart pounding reading furiouslyThis book actually scared the crap out of me Yet like a moth to a flame I was drawn back I was so engrossed in this book I barely took a breath was completely caught up in the action My husband sitting next to me uietly reading a tame David Baldacci novel suddenly sneezed He spent the next few minutes peeling me off the ceiling fan I don't know if I have ever felt so spent at the end of a book I just had to sit uietly and digest the whole thing Absolutely speechless and exhausted I recommend to anyone that enjoys a horror post apocalyptic book Even if you have never tried oneventure out over the edge a little I am so glad I didBlindfolds offtake a breathit will be OKwait Did you hear that???

  8. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    35 I feel like this isn't the most popular opinion but I thought this was overall okayA great premise I loved the flashbacks but I hate with a burning passion when things are left opened If it's aliens tell me and I'll love it If you leave things unsaid I'll assume you had no idea how to finish your book The ending wasn't as shocking as others have said Overall a bit underwhelming after seeing all the raveIn light of the movie I thought I would update this review The movie absolutely did justice to the book In fact I liked it than the book The flashbacks are terrifying and the present time scenes are much betterI still think it's worth a read I definitely could feel a sense of dread at times while reading it

  9. Maria Maria says:

    445 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“It's better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces”The ultimate binge worthy experience I read and listened to this whole thing from 9 pm to 1 am on a rainy non work day Yes of course I couldn't sleep afterwards And I fucking loved it Let me guide you through my hefty experience with this book There was a movie in 2018 called Bird Box Very indie shit no one knew about it you know the jazz yes if you haven't got it already I'm being sarcastic I was on a weird binge that year to buy all books from tv shows and movies I liked in paperback media tie in versions I have a bunch of them trying to get through them all after like 2 years of owning them You know how it is with finding good paperback books for like 8 euros Fucking world changing I didn't like the movie a lot and after a while in my mind it was just a meme but i decided to pick it up out of curiosity And I was hookedI truly believe my rating would have been higher if I hadn't seen the movie first I knew mostly everything that would happen At first I had forgotten about it completely and I was glad but you know this little annoying shit that happens where when you forget about something a show or a movie or a book and you deep your fingers into it again you remember the most excruciating details about it? Yup And I mostly love it when it happens but right now not so much So anywayIt started a tiny bit slow The first 100 pages where a process to get through But then you start to get the groove the characters It picks up pace and then you just can't let it go It's fast it's scary it's haunting you FEEL like you're blindfolded like them and you can't see shit The audiobook experience was amazing too in that regard There are some parts especially during the end where SO much shit is happening and having the speed to 25 and the woman speaking fast and fast and fast and everything was happening SO MUCH I couldn't catch my breath It was just so surreal and intense I was there Nothing else existed at that moment I adore dystopian novels I love how prophetic they can be sometimes But they also scare me This book didn't scare me in the regard that this particular situation could happen in our world but I was scared for the characters themselves And I was terrified by the possibility that something similar to this not so sci fi but similar could happen at some point Just fucking petrifying All in all a very on the edge of your seat type of novel with some interesting characters and some not and a very intriguing and haunting subject matter Would totally recommend if you don't want to sleep at night I've heard there's gonna be a next book gonna definitely buy this shit So for now K BYE

  10. Norma Norma says:

    Sister Read Review by Norma BrendaUpdate I watched the Netflix adaptation of this book and absolutely loved it but I was definitely scared and creeped out while reading the book though Holy Shooty Balls this was one heck of a creepy book 5 creeped out Stars for Norma 4 freaking out Stars for Brenda So for the purpose of this Sister Read it gets a combined rating of 45 Stars  BIRD BOX by JOSH MALERMAN is a wonderfully creepy scary eerie and downright terrifying tale that grabbed our attention right from the very start to the heart pounding finish  This book was extremely hard to put down BIRD BOX made us both feel fearful of the unknown and we could definitely feel the eerie presence of the mysterious creatures in all of the surroundings while we were totally engrossed in this novel  We couldn’t even imagine living and carrying on everyday life blindfolded or with our eyes closed         To sum it all up it was an extremely entertaining unsettling interesting and fast paced read that left us both a little fearful of leaving the house without a blindfold Highly recommend  Review written and posted on our themed book blog Two Sisters Lost In A Coulee ReadinghttpstwosisterslostinacouleecomCoulee a term applied rather loosely to different landforms all of which refer to a kind of valley  

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