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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 769 pages
  • A Cavern of Black Ice Sword of Shadows #1
  • J.V. Jones
  • English
  • 22 November 2016
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10 thoughts on “A Cavern of Black Ice Sword of Shadows #1

  1. Jack Tripper Jack Tripper says:

    Other books can go screw themselves That was me for several weeks back in 2005 after having blasted through the four at the time novels in George RR Martin's Ice Fire saga I needed But I knew it'd probably be another year or two before the next installment ahh you sweet summer child so eventually I decided to catch up on some other highly regarded fantasy works I had read my fair share of high fantasy in my younger days but mostly they were of the Tolkiengood vs evil variety filled with elves and trolls and lots of magic I'd also devoured uite a bit of Howard and Leiber esue sword sorcery Now I wanted all the backstabbing political machinations fully realized morally ambiguous characters and the feeling that no one is safe So I ended up checking out some of the newer grittier fantasy writers that were being hyped Erikson Lynch Abercrombie Rothfuss Bakker Abraham pretty much all the hot new big guns at that time but none uite matched Martin's opus for meThen one day the Tor cover of Ms Jones' A Cavern of Black Ice caught my eye while out book hunting I just had to know why in the world this lady thought that her attire was suitable for the story's sub arctic climate I didn't find any satisfactory answers within but I immediately found myself pulled in by the dark cold setting and the various warring mountain tribes which seemed inspired by both the Inuit and ancient Scottish clans It reminded me a bit of the beyond the wall sections of Ice Fire which was definitely not a bad thing The intertwining mysteries of young Asarhia March who was abandoned as a newborn at the gates Spire Vanis and is now dealing with prophetic nightmares and latent powers while a virtual prisoner in the castle and young clansman also with seeming hidden powers Raif Severence witness to the aftermath of the horrible slaughter of his clan that was so thoroughly devastating and one sided that some sort of unknown black magic seems to have been used kept me absorbed and turning the pages for the most part despite the occasional bloatedness that plagues nearly all modern epic fantasy novelsThat bloat is the only reason I can't uite bring myself to rate this 5 stars on my second read through Yes much of the high page count is needed in setting up this world and its myriad characters but there were a handful of times I wished Jones would just get on with the story already Martin's novels are fat as hell but there was always at least in the first three books some sort of forward momentum each chapter ending in a mini cliffhanger that forces the reader to continue plowing through until that particular character's plot resumes But I had no problem setting this book down for a day or two if I was mired in a particularly slow spotLuckily there aren't many of those and the writing here is a step or two above the typical fantasy fare and a huge step up from what little I've read of Jones' previous saga The Book of Words trilogy with characters I grew to care about and a setting so cold and unforgiving I felt like I needed a blanket around me while reading There's also an adventurousness here that was at times absent from Martin's epic It's definitely of a typical uest story but the relentlessly bleak atmosphere and excellent characterization were than enough to separate it from the packFrom what I recall the second volume was very nearly as good as the first but I never made it to the third as my epic fantasy phase was winding down by the time it was published Plus I wasn't in the mood to re read the previous 1400 pages But now I am And so far I'm enjoying the ride45 Stars It took much much longer than a year or two Thrones fans will know what sweet summer child means basically one who's naivetoo young to have experienced winter since seasons last years in that world

  2. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    I loved this novel It certainly isn't run of the mill especially as far as the setting is concerned It's also a pretty grim book with some rather visceral torture and battle scenes There's a lot of ambiance in here which is always welcome and a lot of world lore and history even though it is revealed in piecemeal and cryptic fashion which I actually thought was a nice touch Being the first in a series it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger albeit a pretty tantalising one I'll be adding the seuel A Fortress of Grey Ice to my to read soon listThe book is deceptively dense and it took me a lot longer to finish than I initially anticipated The fact that it is in fact a page turner didn't seem to make much of a difference There is just so much to assimilate that you would be hard pressed to finish this at a trot I'm actually at a bit of a loss for words to describe my feelings about this book It's just different And really good It's a bit of a whopper to be sure but I highly recommend reading this if you like your fantasy on the gritty and complex side

  3. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    You know what I went into this book not knowing anything much about J V Jones and not even fully understanding what this book was going to be about I had heard very little about Jones as a writer and although there is a uote from Jordan on the front cover saying 'wonderful' I didn't know if I would agree because she does seem to be a very under hyped author Therefore when I did dive headlong into this story and found that the world writing and lot were all wonderfully realised I couldn't give this less than a 5 rating and I will certainly be picking up the next book asap because of the major cliff hanger endingThis is a story which focuses on various different character much like a George R R Martin story with two as the real focus Raif Severance is a young man and member of the Hailsmen tribe He's very close with his father and brother and he loves his life in the Clan because it's his family and custom However when he's out hunting with his brother and he feels a deep sense of wrongness within him he knows that everything has changed and when the two young men venture back to their camp they find a trail of murder that starts a path for bad stuff to comeRaif is a caring and considerate character who has a deep rooted love for his family and fierce loyalty to his Clan however as these are surely tested by the various plot twists he becomes a harder and firm character and begins to see the realities of a world away from the Clan and their protection Raif was a character whom I instantly connected with because his backstory and current plotline was really intriguing and he is a likeable character His strong belief in the Stone Gods and their answer to prayers is the backbone of many decisions he has to make and he's a stubborn but sensible characterThe other major character is Ash who is a young woman living with her adopted father Penthro Iss Iss keeps her locked away most of the time and see has little company but all the luxury she could ask for She's a lonely woman and her life has gradually become darker as she begins to have nightmares which pull her away from reality for minutes hours and even days at a time Iss seems to become intrusive with her as he notices this and she realises that there's something he knows about what is happening to her but he won't tell herAsh was a character whose story was interesting but didn't grip me straight away and it wasn't until later when she took matters into her own hands that I began to see her courage and stubborn streak that I grew to enjoy so much later in the book She's a terrifically strong character who has to battle her demons throughout the entirety of this story and she faces much torment at their hands I didn't like her initially when she was a young pampered lady but as she grew into a woman of adventure she certainly managed to win me overThere are other important character too such as the Nameless One whose story is so dark and filled with agony that I felt as though I was reading an in depth George R R Martin torture scene but better Jones is a phenomenal writer and whilst I would say that her tone is nothing short of deadly in places the reality she manages to create in my mind when detailing a scene of rape or torture is terrifyingThere's also Angus Lok who is a steadfast yet secretive character and one whom I admired straight away for his bold courage and wise words He's Raif's uncle and he's a very intriguing personality who seems much than he appears because many people seem interested in his whereabouts He's a kind figure and a guiding presence for our two main characters and I found myself enjoying their chats even when he didn't reveal muchEffie is Raif's young sister and she's a really interesting character because of her personality She's not a regular child because she doesn't like running around and playing with the others instead she prefers to keep herself to herself and live in a world of shadows corners and dog houses rather than socialising She's a very introverted child and many in the Clan look out for her but she's also very good at disappearing and making herself seem invisibleI particularly loved Effie because of her uirky disposition and outlook on life She's wise beyond her years and she knows all sorts of things which make you ponder about whether there's far to her than meets the eye however it's not only the reader's attention that she catches and with her brothers freuently away on Clan business she has to be alert often I would describe Effie as being very similar to Auri from Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles so if you enjoyed Auri I have no doubt that Effie's another character you'll feel forIn this world there are three main divisions; The Clans The Sull and The Cities Ash is from the city and has never left the city until the adventure she embarks on within this book Raif is from the Clan and he's lived his whole life to the ways of the Clan The Sull keep themselves to themselves and are a mystery to all the characters of the book but they're fearsome powerful and filled with secretsThe Magic within this book is interesting as there are a few different types Sorcery is the most obvious and is clearly linked to a Sorcerer this allows a variety of things such as tracking other Sorcerers healing oneself and weaving magic and Wards The Sull seem to have their own mysterious powers which no one really knows about and they seem to be the Race most in tune with magic and it's properties Then we have the Lores which are special rocks worn by Clan members and these are chosen specifically for each Clan member Sometimes these Lores have magical and mysterious omens which they reveal to certain Clan members and it's believed that this is linked with the Old powers but no one knows for sure Whilst magic is not fully explained in this book it's presence is certainly felt and the power and strength it provides helps create some startling and exciting events Finally I HAVE to mention the beauty and wonder of Jones's writing style once because truly she has a way with words Page 5 'He was aware only of Accomplice's hands on his jaw repositioning his head brushing his hair to one side and pushing his skull hard against the bench The man with no name felt frayed rope and beeswax thrust into his left earAccomplice held the nameless man's jaws wide while Pincer thrust a third wad down his throat The desire to vomit was sudden and overpoweringA thread of animal sinew was stretched between his thumbsthick fingers in his mouthsinew was woven across his bottom teeth binding his tongue in place'The ability that she has to get across the raw emotion of the situation in just a few phrases and sentences captivated me throughout the whole of the story and this is not the only example I could give there are many other sections just as dark beautiful and entrancing There's also a huge amount of backstory surrounding the tribes and their customs which is engrossing to read about and so different from many of the fantasy settings for most books The book is dense due to the description but I found myself enjoying the read and the pacing and I certainly liked the mystery of the plotOverall this is a great book and was such a surprise to me as it's not hugely admired I look forward to in the series as I have the next two books and certainly plan on getting to them soon J V Jones is now one of my new favourite authors and I hope that this review will inspire of you to pick up this book and experience her writing because by goodness it's worth it DLet me know if you've read this series or plan to now and what thoughts you had about it

  4. Cynnamon Cynnamon says:

    A slow but gripping start in a dark and complex tale of war politics and sorceryThis is basically a classic epic fantasy but in an extremely depressive setting in a cold and hostile environment There are only few scenes where the characters are not about to freezeIt took me than 200 pages to find into the story because the situation of the protagonists was described in such a hopeless way that I dreaded to read on But as soon as the plot started moving and I could feel at least a tiny spark of hope for Raif and Ash the story gripped me hard and didn't let me go till the end of the bookI have ordered the three follow up volumes already but in a way I almost regret that I read this book because the author has still not published the final volume of the saga and I fear to be stranded with an open end

  5. Tosh Tosh says:

    The One with Reaching Arms BeckonsDays Darker Than Night Lie Ahead An intriguing if somewhat slow start to the seriesFrom the prologue I was immediately pulled into the bleak harsh arctic landscape Throughout the book you are constantly aware of just how bitterly unforgiving the world can be The snow and ice are a persistent obstacle and the characters are always conscious of the various threats of cold exposure The descriptions were so vivid I found myself wanting to pull out a thick warm blanket despite the summer heat here and snuggle next to a fireplace Except there were also times when I found myself tired of the cold sting of icy air the frostbite chilblains and yellow skin It became a little repetitious after 700 pages and I would have liked details elsewhere in the story but how can I really complain? I couldn’t have been attuned to the frozen world unless I was dropped in the middle of a snowstorm while reading itSo this wasn't a perfect read despite the wonderfully imagined world large cast of characters and numerous interwoven conflicts But regardless of the faults it left me wanting It’s very well written and I couldn’t help but enjoy the traditional fantasy elements

  6. Michael Evans Michael Evans says:

    If you pick up this book be prepared to miss sleep and your train stationA fantasy novel for those who don't want to read about worlds overflowing with magic or crazily powerful good guys who just need to find a magic sword or book to 'win' Jones builds a dark world and against this starkly contrasts the usually very small and very humanly tempered strengths and sparks that each heroic character has and the sickly thoughts and urges that the vile characters have Her attention to detail of story telling leaves few ambiguities and the reader with few frustrations without creating a sense of predictabilityThe beauty of this book lies in the characters which Jones takes chapter upon chapter to build with incredible patience and purity to each persona whilst somehow subtly and seamlessly keeping movement through the plot and smaller story arcs This means the reader does not need any patience at all because they are drawn in each time just as getting to know someone at a deep level is never dull I am uite sure I was useless at work at least 10 times this year because I kept staying up to read 'just another chapter' that turned into about 2 hours of reading Each chapter tends to follow one character at a time and completely immerses the reader in that character's experiences Importantly Jones does not 'back track' to tell the same story from another perspective much at all so the reader does not feel they can predict any given story arc There is a strong sense of 'completeness' to the rules and capabilities of the world and the people and creatures within it that helps ground what would otherwise be uite an incredible story to swallow for the readerOne significant let down the detail that Jones uses becomes slightly cumbersome come the climax of the book which I feel would have benefited from less but punchier writing

  7. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    This one felt like it took me FOREVER to finishTo be honest I had a hard time connecting to the characters except for Effie Her character was written perfectlyBut Raif and Ash I found their roles to be one dimensional which took away from the story a bitThis is a book where while you are readingyou can't believe how slow this story goes and keep wondering if it's going anywhere importantbut then when you put the book down you start going over everything that happened and realize how intricate the details are about the world and everything around itTold from many different POV's there are different stories to followOff to the next book and hoping that the author delves a bit deeper in the relationship between Raif and Ash

  8. Monica Monica says:

    I liked the plot and the world building of this book but most of all I enjoyed Jones' writing The author creates visuals that are so crisp that they seem almost tangible I could see the settings in vivid detail and even feel the bite of the cold that the characters endured The story is a bit dark and pretty engaging but you will definitely be drawn into it by Jones' writing style I would definitely recommend this for readers of dark or epic fantasy

  9. Mark Mark says:

    Thought it was time I read a series that’s been staring at me for over a decadeJV Jones’s series now up to Book Four Watcher of the Dead with Book Five currently being written is initially set in a sub Arctic type world with a culture and a subsistence lifestyle which made me think a la Inuit Raif Sevrance is a young clansman with a secret magic power the ability to guide with his mind arrows to the heart of a living thing whose father and clan group are mysteriously murdered whilst they are on a hunting trip Raif and his brother Drey return to the remainder of the clan to find that the dead clanleader’s foster child Mace Blackhail has not only taken over as tribe leader but also has stirred the tribe into war with the neighbouring Bludd clan blamed for the massacre Raif finds the new leader violent unpleasant and vindictive and also suspects Mace to be the cause for the slaughter wanting to lead the clan into a takeover of the other clan groupsAfter women and children of the Bludd clan are massacred in a revenge ambush Raif runs away from the tribe with his uncle Angus Lok and he ends up in Spire Vanis one of the southern cities There he meets runaway Asarhia March Ash a young step daughter of Penthero Iss a sorcerer and Surlord overlord of the city Raif Ash and Angus escape the city chased by Marafice Eye Iss’s repugnant Protector General of the Rive Watch and at Ille Glaive meet crippled sorcerer Heritas Cant Cant tells them that Ash is a Reach the first person for centuries that can connect the worlds of the underworld called The Blind and AshRaif’s world Ash is under attack by the Bound Men who are trying to possess her through her dreams and use her to return from The Blind to the world of the living Unless Ash discharges her Reach power she will die The characters travel through icy wastes to find the titular Cavern of Black Ice to do this and where Ash’s fate awaits What put me off this one for uite a while is what I thought were the clichés tribespeople and primitive lifestyles of leather and wolfsealbearskin which when combined with shamanistic ramblings and token magic seem to have wandered out of a Jean M Auel novel There’s also a bad guy being evil a shy young hero with a destiny a feisty young heroine under threat with her own destiny to reach a romantic interest and a uest for a token of power Many readers at this point would say “Been there read it and read it and read it”And to start with that’s pretty much what we seem to get Routine uest fantasyBUT after the initial concern that it was a typical uest novel after a rather slow start this is uite a page turner Whilst there was still too much Clan of the Cave Bears at first for me once our hero and heroine meet in the city of Spire Vanis it’s a fast paced and intense read What really works here is the characterisation In particular in the characters of Ash and Raif we see the growing up of two young people who cope with varying degrees of success in situations neither would want It’s a brutal world As the book goes on wider aspects of this world are revealed in an interestingly written rich history and background rather reminiscent of George RR Martin’s rich tapestry of A Song of Ice and Fire We have a long history of different clans and uite different races details of previous rulers and famous people which deepen our knowledge and understanding of Raif and Ash’s world This harsh environment is also reflected in the scenes of battle rape and torture which are throughout The book begins and ends with a character whose life involves perpetual torture In the fighting scenes there are some very gruesome details created which are shocking in their depiction The massacre of women and children by the Blackhail clan is wincingly heart rending and there’s some uite visceral torture scenes Bearing in mind that this book’s over a decade old it’s uite a shocking revelation Whilst it’s not uite in the same league of grue as say George RR Martin or Joe Abercrombie nevertheless it may not be for everyone There’s a couple of very moving cliffhangers at the end of the book I’m pleased to say that although my disinterest in Arctic dwellers was not altered by the end of this hefty tome I was happy to readdress my initial pessimism and even though I could see where this one was going even with the twist I found I really wanted to know what happens nextNot perfect but a book that improves as it goes along until a cracking finale A solidly entertaining start to the series and one that I should’ve read earlier perhaps

  10. Emma Emma says:

    I've accidentally started another fantasy series that looks like it will never ever get finished The series has been on hiatus since 2010 and although the author seems to be getting back on trackit could still be a few years before we get the next bookNever mind I actually found this novel works pretty well as a standalone It's a fantasy novel featuring a young clansmanRaif and an girl named Ash who was adopted as a baby by a powerful and sinister man The pair both have magical powers brewing within them that can really only lead to troubleThe book takes a long time to get goingand we get fully auainted with both Raif and Ash separately before they meet later in the novel I liked this approach as I felt we really got to know them as individuals and understood their motivations before the main plot kicked inThe full cast of characters was very likeable and they all had fleshed out distinct personalities The only characters that persistently bored me were the two Severance brothers Raif and Drey and it was unfortunate they were both given so much focus Ash was a much compelling and likeable lead than Raif but for whatever reason he ended up with the bulk of the point of view chapters I thought the villans of the piece were exceptionally well done I always enjoyed the chapters when Ash's adoptive father Iss was the focus His henchman The Knife was just the right amount of ruthless with underlying loyalty to his men The different clan chiefs were all written in a very balanced way as wellI have every confidence that fans of A Song of Ice and Fire would love this

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A Cavern of Black Ice Sword of Shadows #1[PDF] ❤ A Cavern of Black Ice Sword of Shadows #1 By J.V. Jones – Thomashillier.co.uk HIGH ADVENTURE ON THE SWORD EDGE OF DESTINY A Cavern of Black Ice is the first book in JV Jones's Sword of Shadow seriesAs a newborn Ash March was abandoned left for dead at the foot of a frozen mount HIGH ADVENTURE ON THE SWORD EDGE OF DESTINY of Black Kindle Ø A Cavern of Black Ice is the first book in JV Jones's Sword of Shadow seriesAs A Cavern MOBI :↠ a newborn Ash March was abandoned left for dead at the foot of a frozen mountain Found and raised by the Penthero Iss the mighty Cavern of Black PDF ✓ Surlord of Spire Vanis she has always known she is different Terrible dreams plague her and sometimes in the darkness she hears dread voices from Cavern of Black Ice Sword MOBI :↠ another world Iss watches her as she grows to womanhood eager to discover what powers his ward might possess As his interest uickens he sends his living blade Marafice Eye to guard her night and dayRaif Sevrance a young man of Clan Blackhail also knows he is different with uncanny abilities that distance him from the clan But when he and his brother survive an ambush that plunges the entire Northern Territories into war he yet seeks justice for his own even if means he must forsake clan and kinAsh and Raif must learn to master their powers and accept their joint fate if they are to defeat an ancient prophecy and prevent the release of the pure evil known as the End Lords.

About the Author: J.V. Jones

Julie Victoria Jones was born in Liverpool England of Black Kindle Ø She has been writing for years and is currently working The End Lords She lives in A Cavern MOBI :↠ San Diego CaliforniaAll three books in The Book Of Words Trilogy are national bestsellers and have been bought for publication in England Poland Russia Cavern of Black PDF ✓ Germany France and Holland Her fifth book A Cavern of Black Ice is the first in a new seriesJV.