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Now May You Weep (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, #9) ❴Reading❵ ➶ Now May You Weep (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, #9) Author Deborah Crombie – A gripping story of family rivalry romance and sinister deeds set in the haunting Scottish Highlands When Detective Inspector Gemma James is persuaded by her friend Hazel to take a trip to the Scottis A gripping story of family rivalry romance and sinister deeds set in the haunting Scottish Highlands When Detective Inspector Gemma James is persuaded by her friend Hazel to take a trip to the Scottish Highlands land of mists and fine whiskey she jumps at the chance But Gemma soon learns that Hazel has ulterior motives and that her friend has concealed than one dangerous secret At their remote BB Hazel encounters her former lover Donald Brodie now the owner of a well known local distillery Their relationship Now May PDF \ had ended abruptly years before when they had been driven apart by their parents Now he is determined to win her back But the lovers' reunion yields shocking and mortal conseuences Suddenly all too aware of the distance between her and Kincaid Gemma must come to terms with what she has learned.

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  1. Julie Julie says:

    Now You May Weep by Deborah Crombie is a 2005 publication After suffering a personal loss Gemma is trying to move forward with her life She and Duncan are now co habitating and raising Kit and Toby together But a girls’ only get away with her best friend Hazel sounds like fun However Hazel has ulterior motives for taking this trip and may have mislead her friend Soon enough Gemma learns things about Hazel that shakes her faith in the possibility of anyone truly enjoying a long lasting and stable romantic relationship If this weren’t enough to spoil her time away a ghastly murder puts the proverbial nail in the coffin Worse still Hazel has been taken in for uestioning This is the tenth installment in the Kincaid and James series As I’ve stated before this series is very popular and well received For me it’s been a bit like fire and ice Some installments have been simply outstanding while others were way off the mark This one I am happy to report is one of the good ones I enjoyed the change of scenery the historical details and the truly emotional aspects of the story which dares to tamper with a character we’ve long relied on for sound reason and balance This story examines affairs of the heart and the intense emotions love can evoke Love can bring out the best in people but also the worst and can get pretty twisted when there is unreuited love forbidden love and jealousy involved As always Gemma and Duncan have a few domestic issues at play Here Duncan must deal with Kit’s grandmother who continues to pursue custody and Kit’s refusal to submit to a DNA test which would prove his paternity once and for all Overall this was an excellent installment in the series I've been slowly working my way through the series and I do mean S L O W L Y Every year I swear I’m going to finally get all caught up but as another year winds down I still have seven books to go Oh well maybe in 2019 Of course by then there’s bound to be a new release Sigh Such is the life of an overwhelmed reader 😊

  2. Terri Lynn Terri Lynn says:

    This is only the second of the 9 Duncan KincaidGemma James books I have not liked There are several reasons but I will just list these1 The Scottish flavor is thick and overpowering and is something I just don't like I never liked Scotland and find I dislike most books set there I love England Wales and Ireland but somehow never warmed to Scotland though I love many Scottish people I found myself wanting the characters to go home to London 2 The whiskey theme and the deadly dull descriptions about making it were too boring I don't drink alcohol and never did I have toured wineries while researching for travel guide updates and thought that was uite bad enough although touring Napa in California and seeing the grapes growing is just lovely since I can eat grapes like they are going out of style but this was something I had to slog through3 I dislike the breakup of Tim and Hazel's marriage for no real reason than as a plot device The whole point of this book was to break up Hazel's marriage to a man she adored and had a wonderful relationship with the father of her little daughter Holly The marriage of Tim and Hazel was wonderful Why destroy it just because you can? 4 Duncan has known since book 5 that Kit is his son He is still just pussyfooting around with the notion of having a DNA test done to prove it He has had to let Ian run the show as far as Kit is concerned for far too long and then there are the threats from Kincaid's ex Victoria's revolting parents All he has to do is just get the damned test done with cotton swabs to the mouth at the doctor's so why wait 5 or books to do it Just do it man just do it File for your rights to the child Give him stability Instead here he is going on about whether he needs the results to love the child or is trying to prove something He needs to do it for the boy's benefit and to get rid of the insecurities Kit feels about belonging I am sorry not to like it The last book got 5 stars from me and I found myself ordering a copy from I wanted to like it Ah well on to the next one

  3. Joe Joe says:

    This is the ninth installment in the Gemma JamesDuncan Kincaid Scotland Yard series with our heroes on the outside of a murder investigation involving Gemma's good friend and ex landlord as a prime suspect This book has the template of this series' earlier entries the weaving of plots past and present a cast of characters tied together in a murder investigation and Gemma and Duncan balancing police work with their personal relationship and children What is blatantly absent is a gripping story line There are love triangles aplenty than enough information for this reader on the distillery industry and plenty of conversations about food but the murder mystery never gains any traction If you are new to this series start at the beginning for this addition contains none of the subtlety complexity and depth of those very good books

  4. Julie Durnell Julie Durnell says:

    A great installment of the Gemma Duncan series loved the setting in Scotland this time map included is always a plus for me The whiskey distilleries backdrop of the mystery was interesting as well; and the little uotes heading each chapter are such a nice touch I did not solve the murder in this one in fact was completely surprised by the ending Well done Ms Crombie happy there are lots in the series to read yet

  5. Carol/Bonadie Carol/Bonadie says:

    This is why I listen to books Michael Deehy’s Scottish brogue instantly transported me into a country I have long wanted to visit Scotland and a world that intrigued me that of generations old family run whiskey distilleries I could practically taste the whiskey every time someone took a sip because the experience was so well described It sent me to dust off my bottle of port I know port is not whiskey but one works with what one has However to the story Gemma Jones accompanies her BFF Hazel to Scotland for a cooking course run by a college friend in the area in which Hazel was raised Naturally that is only the beginning as Hazel runs into decades old relationships and centuries old conflicts circumstances which threaten her Once again Crombie does a nice job of telling two parallel stories full of interesting characters with hidden motivations

  6. Kirsti Kirsti says:

    About fifty percent Scottishness poetry romance moors drams and bottles and casks of whisky kilties crummy weather whisky salmon thievery alcoholism porridge miserliness oatcakes the occasional nip of gin and grudge holdingAbout forty seven percent murder mystery violence suspicion lots of suspects abscondingAbout three percent paranormal twaddleIn short a guid read

  7. Paraphrodite Paraphrodite says:

    3 starsI enjoyed the Scotland settings but not so much the story view spoiler I'm saddened about Hazel and Tim and I'm not sure I agreed with how Gemma handled the whole thing Also I would have thought Kit deserved attention instead of Duncan going off to support Gemma? hide spoiler

  8. Matt Schiariti Matt Schiariti says:

    Crombie just seems to have a bottomless well of ideas and the ability to spindle them into a fantastic and addicting readThis novel almost reminds me of a Share In Death the book that started this fantastic series A holiday gone wrong Gemma is invited to her friend Hazel's old homeland in Scotland for what seems to be an innocent weekend of cooking school with some of Hazel's old childhood friends What it is in fact is Hazel's excuse to revisit an old lover one she nearly married before an old family feud Hazel's and Donald's families both came from a whiskey making tradition tore them apart causing Hazel to leave her beloved birthplace and move to London get married and have a family Gemma never knew her friend as well as she thought apparently because it turns out Hazel's been unhappy in her life for uite some time In fact she may never have been happy at all always looking to the past and Donald Brodie the Scostman lover who got awayGemma is incensed to find all this out of course feeling betrayed and used as an excuse so Hazel could seemingly carry on an affair behind her husband Tim's back But that's not the least of Gemma's worries One bump in the road turns into many as Hazel's old flame turns up shot dead in the woods and the prime suspect is none other than HazelThis is primarily a Gemma James book and a good one at that Not to say Duncan's not in it He's got his own family trouble to deal with back in London in the form of his son Kit but the focus is on GemmaAlso as has become a staple in this series the novel flashes back giving insight on what happened before any of the characters were even born The flashbacks are a mystery within a mystery shedding light on what lead up to the family feudThis is just a fantastic mystery plain and simple The characters are rich the setting is vivid and Crombie does a wonderful job of keeping you guessing As usual several people have motives but the motive and criminal are never what and who you expect Another great addition to this stupendous series

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    Well again I enjoyed the book because I like reading about Gemma Kincaid and their family However I'm not impressed with the mystery itself The killer Louise was completely unbelievable First of all she is described by others as an ice ueen and yet we only see her as pleasant when she interacts with Gemma so it is very hard to picture her character at all Why are people referring to her as a bitch when she never shows us that side of herself until she kills in the end? Are we really to believe that a woman scorned is going to kill the man she loved decades after the fact? And why when Brodie was such a nice guy that all characters thought the best of are we to believe that he would be such an incredible ass to a woman who professes to love him? That he has been friends with forever no less And why did Gemma give a flip about the Frenchman who was described from the very beginning as looking deceitful and cold? Why were we told Callum wasn't interested in women? The lengths to which the author tries to send us on a misdirect are not something I appreciate as a reader But if you enjoy the series as I do you will like the new Scottish location and the additional development of the main characters

  10. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    This was probably my least favorite book in the Gemma JamesDuncan Kincaid series thus far The plot seemed to hinge on a lot of improbabilities and coincidences plus some woo woo stuff Gemma's friend Hazel is somehow dreaming the dreams of her long dead great grandmother? I also could have done without the faux Scots dialect that some of the characters speak it's stereotypical and intrusive and doesn't really add much to the characterization Still that's not much to complain about in a series that is otherwise very well written and plotted By this the ninth book in the series Crombie has earned the right to a miss

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